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Hear the First Japanese Visitor to the United States & Europe Describe Life in the West (1860-1862)

“Oh, would some Power give us the gift / To see ourselves as others see us!” wrote poet Robert Burns. “It would from many a blunder free us, And foolish notion.” I cannot vouch for a being blunder-free, but reading historical accounts of our nation from foreign visitors does help to increase our worldly perspective, and hopefully question what often we take for granted. The 19th century was a particularly ripe time for the narratives, as oceanic commerce (and on its tail tourism) was mak...
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G7 nations to agree on global plan to help 40m girls into education

Talks between US secretary of state and Dominic Raab come as Britain cuts foreign aid to the sectorThe US secretary of state is to hold talks with his British counterpart, Dominic Raab, while the UK is on the back foot over plans to set new global targets to help girls’ education at a time when London is drastically cutting aid to the sector.Antony Blinken’s trip to London for the G7 meeting will include discussions with other foreign and development ministers on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is the...
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Watch Colorized 1940s Footage of London after the Blitz: Scenes from Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Buckingham Palace & More

“Regular features of the time: neatly swept-up piles of glass, litter of stone and splinters of flint, smell of escaping gas, knots of sightseers waiting at the cordons.” — George Orwell What was it like to live in London during and after the Blitz? George Orwell’s notebooks from the time contain a “fascinating account of everyday life in London during the Second World War,” full of journalistic detail, the British Library writes. In Orwell’s estimation, the city was riven with class di...
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Musa Okwonga: ‘Boys don’t learn shamelessness at Eton, it is where they perfect it’

The writer and podcaster talks about his private school days, and why a system that prides itself on creating leaders is selling Britain shortRead an extract from his memoir One of Them belowIt’s 1996 in a perfectly ordinary suburb just north of Heathrow airport. A teenage boy and his sister are on their way to the optician. Walking under a railway bridge, they pass a man who slows down and gives the boy a stare “as startling as scalding water”. He can’t stop thinking about it all through the ap...
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5 Free Online Courses on Marx’s Capital from Prof. David Harvey

Geographer and Marxist scholar David Harvey did not set out to become a Marxist. He didn’t even know what a Marxist was. He simply started to read Marx one day, at the age of 35, because all of the other social science methods he had applied in his study of the housing market and social unrest in US cities “didn’t seem to be working well,” he says in a Jacobin interview. “So, I started to read Marx, and I found it more and more relevant…. After I cited Marx a few times favorably, people pretty ...
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Historian David Olusoga joins academic criticism of No 10's race report

Broadcaster says report seems to want to brush history under the carpet, as others attack ‘distorted’ use of researchOne of Britain’s foremost historians of slavery has accused the authors of a controversial racial disparities report commissioned by Downing Street of giving the impression they would prefer “history to be swept under the carpet”.Broadcaster David Olusoga, professor of public history at Manchester University, made the comments in an article for the Guardian, as hundreds of experts...
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Prof. David Harvey Makes 5 Courses on Marx’s Capital Available for Free

Geographer and Marxist scholar David Harvey did not set out to become a Marxist. He didn’t even know what a Marxist was. He simply started to read Marx one day, at the age of 35, because all of the other social science methods he had applied in his study of the housing market and social unrest in US cities “didn’t seem to be working well,” he says in a Jacobin interview. “So, I started to read Marx, and I found it more and more relevant…. After I cited Marx a few times favorably, people pretty ...
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The 27 best beach reads to dive into this summer

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Amazon; Alyssa Powell/Insider Beach reads are highly entertaining books that you can't put down. No matter the genre, these beach reads are an immersive escape, whether you're on vacation or not. Below are our 27 best beach read recs, including YA, romance, thriller, and non-fiction books. Beach reads used to be known as mindless, mass-market paperbacks with shirtless men on the cover that we&#...
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The Irish Aristocratic Woman Who Almost Assassinated Mussolini in 1926: An Introduction to Violet Gibson

By 1926, Benito Mussolini had become one of Europe’s most popular leaders after consolidating power through violence, turning Italy into a police state, and providing a model for budding dictator Adolf Hitler. Mussolini’s received positive recognition from the press, celebrities, and governments around the world, as well as the imprimatur of the Roman Catholic church. None of this mattered to onetime Irish socialite and fervent Catholic convert Violet Gibson. She knew he must be stopped,...
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A rightful re-examination of Winston Churchill’s reputation | Letters

Paul Burden, Tim Devas, Dr John Morrison and Jane Haywood respond to Priyamvada Gopal’s article on the murkier side of the wartime prime ministerAs someone who believes strongly that Britain and the world owe a huge debt of gratitude to Winston Churchill, I find little to disagree with in Priyamvada Gopal’s take on the current re-examination of the reputation of one of our greatest prime ministers (Why can’t Britain handle the truth about Winston Churchill?, 17 March).There is no doubt that Chur...
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John Cleese’s Very Favorite Comedy Sketches

Asked by Time magazine to name his favorite sketches among all those he has written or performed in, John Cleese deliberately excluded most of his Monty Python work. Instead he turned deeper into his back pages, all the way to At Last the 1948 Show, which originally aired on ITV in 1967. (Its title referenced the long delays inflicted by television’s executive decision-making processes.) The program was conceived at the behest of broadcaster David Frost, who’d previously engaged Cleese a...
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It’s never too late: elderly high-achievers

Joe Biden may have become US president at 78, but imagine becoming a comedian at 89 or writing your first book at 94. We talk to six senior high-flyers…It’s fair to say I didn’t expect, aged 93, to become Britain’s oldest debut author. My story is just my life, really. It never crossed my mind that anyone else might care to know more. Continue reading...
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‘Children are not pets, society has to help parents bring them up’

As she prepares to leave office, children’s tsar Anne Longfield says families should be at the heart of MPs’ plansParents have had to become teachers, a footballer has helped expose the plight of deprived families, and local groups across the country have been on the frontline in providing emergency advice and supplies. As a result, the pandemic’s extraordinary impact has helped shift Britain’s attitude to a community’s role in bringing up children, the children’s commissioner for England has sa...
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How far right uses video games and tech to lure and radicalise teenage recruits

After a 13-year-old was sentenced last week, a young victim of radicalisation talks about how white supremacists target childrenCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageJohn was 15 when a member of his Facebook group volunteered to become Britain’s “first white suicide bomber”. Another advocated attending Friday prayers at the local mosque and “slaying people where they stood”. Another wanted to firebomb the place of worship.Ultimately, no blood was spilt. Police soon raided s...
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When the Frequency for Tuning Instruments Became a Grand Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy theories are like blockbuster Hollywood movies. Instead of the painful, confusing tedium of historical detail that meets us when we try to understand the world, they offer spectacle, clear dichotomies of good and evil, the promise of redemptive resolution. If only, say, we could rid ourselves of scurrilous figures behind the scenes, we could get back to the garden and make everything great. Or, if only we could change the frequency o...
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The First American Cookbook: Sample Recipes from American Cookery (1796)

Image via Wikimedia Commons On the off chance Lin-Manuel Miranda is casting around for source material for his next American history-based blockbuster musical, may we suggest American Cookery by “poor solitary orphan” Amelia Simmons? First published in 1796, at 47 pages (nearly three of them are dedicated to dressing a turtle), it’s a far quicker read than the fateful Ron Chernow Hamilton biography Miranda impulsively selected for a vacation beach read. Slender as it is, there’s no shortage...
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Beverley Bryan: the British Black Panther who inspired a generation of women

After her friend Olive Morris was assaulted by police in 1969, Bryan joined her in the civil rights group. Then she decolonised her classroom – and contributed to a groundbreaking bookIn the mid-60s, Beverley Bryan was a prefect at Lavender Hill secondary modern in south London. One of her responsibilities was to stand at the school gates and scribble down the name of any student who was late. One such girl was Olive Morris, who would become one of the country’s leading anti-racism activists. Br...
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After Covid, will digital learning be the new normal?

Schools have embraced apps and remote classes in the past year. Some see benefits in virtual learning but others fear the impact on disadvantaged children and privatisation by stealthHistory is likely to record that Britain’s teachers were better prepared for Covid-19 than government ministers. With cases rising in Europe, 14 schools in England had already closed their gates by the end of February 2020. When senior staff at Barham primary school began drawing up contingency plans on 26 February,...
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New local coronavirus strain may be contributing to surge, Cedars-Sinai says

More than one-third of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles may have been caused by a new, locally-distinct strain of the coronavirus, researchers from Cedars-Sinai said on Monday, Jan. 18. They believe it may have contributed to the virus’ devastating resurgence in recent weeks, but don’t yet know for sure. Researchers designated the strain CAL.20C, a Monday evening news release said. Their “findings did not indicate whether the strain is more deadly than current forms of the coronavirus.” Los Angeles...
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Behold an Interactive Online Edition of Elizabeth Twining’s Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants (1868)

Of all the varied objects of creation there is, probably, no portion that affords so much gratification and delight to mankind as plants. —Elizabeth Twining “Who owned nature in the eighteenth century?” asks Londa Schiebinger in Plants and Empire, a study of what the Stanford historian of science calls “colonial bioprospecting in the Atlantic World.” The question was largely decided at the time by “heroic voyaging botanists” and “biopirates” who claimed the world’s natural resources as their ow...
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Antonio Gramsci Writes a Column, “I Hate New Year’s Day” (January 1, 1916)

I want every morning to be a new year’s for me. Every day I want to reckon with myself, and every day I want to renew myself. No day set aside for rest. I choose my pauses myself, when I feel drunk with the intensity of life and I want to plunge into animality to draw from it new vigour. “Everyday is like Sunday,” sang the singer of our mopey adolescence, “In the seaside town that they forgot to bomb.” Somehow I could feel the grey malaise of post-industrial Britain waft across the ocean when I...
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Southern California likely to remain on stay-home orders, Gov Newsom says

The regional stay-at-home order affecting Southern California until Monday Dec. 28 will likely be extended, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said during a midday briefing from his residence where he was quarantining. Newsom was said to have entered a 10-day mandatory quarantine after a staffer tested positive for the coronavirus. Given the skyrocketing number of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths in recent weeks, Newsom said the stay-at-home orders for Southern California and San Joaquin would l...
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COVID-related school closures could shorten life spans, study says

Elementary-aged children in the United States whose education was disrupted by school closures during the 2019-20 academic year due to the coronavirus pandemic could face shorter life spans, according to an article this month in JAMA Network Open, a journal published by the American Medical Association. Researchers from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and the University of Washington analyzed the relationship between school closures and reduced educational attainment over the lifetime ...
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National curriculum in England ‘systematically omits' Black British history

The Black Curriculum report says England’s ‘white, Eurocentric curriculum’ fails to reflect UK society The national curriculum in England “systematically omits the contribution of black British history in favour of a dominant white, Eurocentric curriculum” which fails to reflect the UK’s multi-ethnic society, according to a new report.It accuses the current history curriculum of dissociating Britain from a legacy that has oppressed black people in favour of a “romanticised, filtered legacy that ...
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40,000 Early Modern Maps Are Now Freely Available Online (Courtesy of the British Library)

Most of us do not, today, live in desperate need of maps. On the internet we can easily find not only the current maps we need to navigate most any territory on Earth, but also an increasing proportion of all the maps made before as well. You can find the latter in places like the David Rumsey Map Collection, which, as we wrote last year here on Open Culture, now boasts 91,000 historic maps free to download.  It will surely add even more, as humanity seems to have only just begun digitizing its...
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“The Dark Side of the Moon” and Other Pink Floyd Songs Gloriously Performed by Irish & German Orchestras

The idea of an orchestra performing 1970s progressive rock sounds at first like the stuff of purest novelty. And while the excesses of that movement bent on the artistic “elevation” of rock-and-roll quickly became easy targets, its music has undeniable resonances with the classical canon, broadly defined. In a piece on the modern reevaluation of “prog-rock,” The New Yorker‘s Kelefa Sanneh quotes a Rolling Stone critic labeling the ambitious new sound “jazz-influenced classical-rock” in a...
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The Fall of Civilizations Podcast Engagingly Explores the Collapse of Civilizations & Empires Throughout History

Now the country does not even boast a tree. —Robert Browning, “Love Among the Ruins” Every empire seems to think (as much as empires seem to think) that it will be the one to outlast them all. And all of them have ended up more or less the same way in the end. This isn’t just a gloomy fact of human history, it’s a fact of entropy, mortality, and the linear experience of time. If imperial rulers forget—begin to think themselves immortal—there have always been poets to remind them, though ...
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UK coronavirus live: Johnson says Britain prepared for more 'wretched Covid' as some pupils return to school

PM also claims workers heading back to offices ‘in huge numbers’; Gavin Williamson to face MPs after exams fiasco Downing Street lobby briefing - SummaryDecision due soon on exam delayGap between rich and poor pupils in England ‘grows by 46% in a year’Little room for manoeuvre as UK Covid cases increaseLatest global coronavirus updates 3.16pm BST 3.14pm BST NHS England has announced nine further coronavirus hospital deaths this afternoon. Seven were in the north west, one was in the sou...
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How Stevie Nicks Wrote “Rhiannon” & Embodied the Medieval Witch Character Onstage

It seems as inevitable as bell bottoms and shoulder-wide collars that Stevie Nicks would transform into the New Age priestess who greeted the 70s with a wave of a billowy, shawl-draped arm. “It makes sense,” Bill DeMain writes at Classic Rock, that her “signature song was inspired by a kind of ancient magic” of the kind that everybody was getting into. That song, “Rhiannon,” takes its name from “an old Welsh witch,” as Nicks would often announce onstage. During Fleetwood Mac's heyday ons...
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UK coronavirus live: France could quarantine British travellers in retaliation over new rules

French move comes after UK added country to quarantine list as well as Netherlands, Malta, Turks and Caicos, and Aruba UK adds France to 14-day quarantine listWhat should I do if I have a holiday booked to France?Government quietly drops 1.3m Covid tests from England tallyTheatres, music venues and beauty salons in England to reopenGlobal coronavirus updates – live 1.22pm BST Nicola Sturgeon has dismissed concerns about the academic appointed to lead an independent review of the exam grading...
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