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Forbes Offers Reasons to Avoid Reverse Mortgages

There are at least four major reasons that potential borrowers should avoid taking a reverse mortgage, according to economics professor Teresa Ghilarducci of The New School based in New York, N.Y. in a new column at Forbes. While admitting that reverse mortgages may work for some, she says that is not true of everyone. However, at least one reverse mortgage expert finds flaws in the reasoning behind some of the stated points. The first of her stated reasons to avoid reverse mortgages revolves...
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Want Better Tech Employees? Give Students More Data, Educators Say

San Antonio—Developers, analysts, and data scientists: Every tech company needs them, particularly in hot areas like cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that computer and IT jobs would grow 13 percent by 2026 from 2016, which is faster than the average of all occupations.Even though there’s demand for workers, educators say the companies that need them are holding back something that would help universities and coding schools train potential employee...
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How to ask for a raise as a millennial

Millennials objectively have it harder than past generations. Wages are stagnant while housing, healthcare, and education costs soar.Ask for a raise every year. Hobbes frames it like this: "If your company is employing you they are making money off of you, and you are entitled to some percentage of that money."Advice for millennials: Don't plead poverty to get a raise. State your value, or job hop to a company that will pay you more.
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New York Times: Volatile Stock Market Hits Retirees Hardest

A turbulent stock market is already stressful for investors, but that stress can easily increase for older investors that are on the cusp of retirement. This is according to an article in the New York Times, written by personal finance reporter Tara Siegel Bernard with contributions by Dr. Wade Pfau of the Funding Longevity Task Force at the American College of Financial Services. The activity of the market in the early days of retirement investing can have a pronounced impact on the health o...
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Forbes: The Upfront and Ongoing Costs of a Reverse Mortgage

Prospective reverse mortgage borrowers looking to determine if the product is right for them can find a series of new pieces offering information on the upfront costs (origination fee, mortgage insurance premium and closing costs), ongoing costs related to the accrual of interest, spending options for a variable-rate Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and details on the growth of a HECM line of credit in a series of new articles at Forbes. Dr. Wade Pfau, a principal at McLean Asset Manage...
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Most Googled tech questions state-by-state

See which tech questions each state is searching for the most, and which oft-googled tech myths are actually true.
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Home Equity, If Used, Offers Big Boost to Retirees’ Income

If converted to income, untapped home equity for seniors in the United States and 10 European countries could make for a significant supplement to retirement income, according to data released by the Urban Institute and highlighted in a blog post at the Boston College Center for Retirement Research (BCCRR). “The typical retired U.S. household has the potential to increase its retirement income by 35 percent,” the blog post writes, based on research conducted by Stipica Mudrazija and Barbara B...
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Puget Sound school districts are trying to recruit — and keep — more teachers of color. Here’s how.

Seattle, Bellevue and Highline school districts have launched ambitious efforts to recruit more teachers who represent the backgrounds of their students. But these glimmers of hope could be blunted if challenges around retention persist.
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Scam preys on Chinese students at schools in WA: tells them to pay up or face prison in China

A group of scammers claiming to be members of various Chinese law-enforcement agencies have extorted about $500,000 from Chinese citizens living in Washington on student or work visas, according to the FBI.
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Dilemmas of the Age of Innovation

We live in the age of scientific optimism. Tomorrow’s new knowledge will vastly expand our understanding of ourselves and our mastery of the world. The flip side of scientific optimism, however, is that today’s knowledge is fraught with gaps and errors of which we are not yet aware. Furthermore, knowledge and understanding do not always grow gradually like the rings of a tree. Conceptual jolts and surprises fill the history of discovery, invention and innovation: the world is not flat; the heave...
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M.I.T. Computer Program Alarmingly Predicts in 1973 That Civilization Will End by 2040

In 1704, Isaac Newton predicted the end of the world sometime around (or after, "but not before") the year 2060, using a strange series of mathematical calculations. Rather than study what he called the “book of nature,” he took as his source the supposed prophecies of the book of Revelation. While such predictions have always been central to Christianity, it is startling for modern people to look back and see the famed astronomer and physicist indulging them. For Newton, however, as Mat...
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For sale: Survey data on millions of high-school students

Students answering a college-planning questionnaire, called MyCollegeOptions, or surveys that come with the SAT or the PSAT tests administered by the College Board, ended up signing away personal details that were later sold and shared.
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Explore Meticulous 3D Models of Endangered Historical Sites in Google’s “Open Heritage” Project

One brisk thumping by a natural disaster, totalitarian regime, or terrorist group is more than enough to reduce an awe-inspiring heritage site to rubble. With that sad fact in mind, Google Arts & Culture has paired with CyArk, a non profit whose mission is using the latest technologies to digitally document and preserve the world's significant cultural heritage in an easily shareable format. The resulting project, Open Heritage, is a massive browsable collection of 3D heritage data, ...
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Download 240+ Free eBooks on Design, Data, Software, Web Development & Business from O’Reilly Media

Last year we highlighted for you 20 Free eBooks on Design from O’Reilly Media. Little did we know that we were just scratching the surface of the free ebooks O'Reilly Media has to offer. If you head over to this page, you can access 240+ free ebooks covering a range of different topics. Below, we've divided the books into sections (and provided links to them), indicated the number of books in each section, and listed a few attractive/representative titles. You can download the books in PDF for...
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Smartify, a Shazam for Art, Lets You Use Your Phone to Scan, Identify & Learn About Major Works of Art

Not so long ago, art museums were known as temples of quiet contemplation, despite daily invasions by raucous school groups. Now, the onus is on the museums to bring the mountain to Mohammed. Those kids have smartphones. How long can a museum hope to stay relevant—nay, survive—without an app? Many of the museums who’ve already partnered up with Smartify—an app (Mac-Android) that lets you take a picture of artwork with your phone and instantly access information about them—have existing a...
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The Colors of Mister Rogers’ Hand-Knit Sweaters from 1979 to 2001: A Visual Graph Created with Data Science

Writer Owen Phillips may be a solid data analyst, but I suspect he’s not much of a knitter. The software he used to run a scientific analysis of 22 years worth of Fred Rogers’ sweaters ultimately reduces the beloved children’s television host’s homey zip-front cardigans to a slick graphic of colorful bars. A knitter would no doubt prioritize other types of patterns - stitch numbers, wool weight, cable variations…the sort of information Mister Rogers’ mother, Nancy, would have had at her fingert...
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Ask the Experts! What Are the Most Successful Exhibits?

Exhibits – they come in many shapes and sizes. Large exhibits, small exhibits, exhibits that “wow,” and exhibits that educate. But what exhibits are the most successful? We decided to ask those who know best – the experts who run our nature centers and parks!   We brought short, informal surveys to a recent industry conference, the Association of Nature Center Administrators (ANCA) 2017 Magnolia Summit in late August. Our survey wasn’t holistic and we didn’t go into too much depth, but we asked ...
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Compare Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino County school test scores with this database

Southern California students showed modest improvements or held steady in standardized tests scores in the third year of state math and English tests, but scores remained more or less flat statewide, according to data released Wednesday, Sept. 27, by the California Department of Education. Statewide, 48.56 percent of all students met or exceeded English standards on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress, while 37.56 percent did the same in math. Use the following database...
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Our obsession with data – Symptom or Trap?

It’s hard to pinpoint when the word ‘data’ slipped into everyone’s conversation. Was it around the time we became aware that search engines were using data to understand user behavior? When data became their currency for pricing ads? Data gathering amounted to accountability. data bestowed scientific accuracy. In some of the industries I used to […]
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DataCamp Nabs $4M for Data Science Courses, Moves to NY

Data scientists remain in high demand. But these days, many types of professionals can boost their career prospects if they have at least a basic level of “data literacy,” says Jonathan Cornelissen. That’s part of the reason why he says his online education company, DataCamp, has been growing over the past couple of years. DataCamp, which recently raised $4 million from investors, offers approximately 80 short training courses that teach data science skills to beginners and help experts s...
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Animated GIFs Show How Subway Maps of Berlin, New York, Tokyo & London Compare to the Real Geography of Those Great Cities

You can't make a perfectly accurate map, as Jorge Luis Borges so succinctly told us, without making it the exact same size and shape as the land it portrays. But given the utter uselessness of such an enormous piece of paper (which so frustrated the citizens of the imaginary empire in Borges' story that, "not without some pitilessness," they tossed theirs into the desert), no mapmaker would ever want to. A more compact map is a more useful one; unfortunately, a more compact map is also, by it...
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The Library of Congress Makes 25 Million Records From Its Catalog Free to Download

Image by Carol Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons A quick fyi: According to Fortune, The Library of Congress announced that it “will make 25 million records from its catalog available for the public to download.” They add: Prior to this, the records—which include books and serials, music and manuscripts, and maps and visual materials spanning from 1968 to 2014—have only been accessible through a paid subscription. These files will be available for free download on [the Library of Congress site] ...
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Urban Institute Study: Why Aren’t Seniors Getting Reverse Mortgages?

A new report from the Urban Institute claims that Americans aged 65 or older are reluctant to tap into their staggering amount of collective home equity, and a fear of reverse mortgages is part of the problem. Two researchers working under the auspices of the Washington, D.C. think tank — Karan Kaul and Laurie Goodman — take a deep dive into the problems and potential solutions in a report released this week. The pair first lays out the massive amounts of equity available to older Americans: Adu...
Tags: News, Education, Washington, Finance, Data, Social Security, Hud, MetLife, Urban Institute, Fannie Mae, Goodman, Kaul, Laurie Goodman, HECM, Reverse Mortgage, Wells Fargo Bank of America

Modern Personal Defense Weapon Calibers 005: The 5.56x30mm MARS

Today on Modern PDW Calibers we’re going to look at what might seem like a humdrum round, but which represents an important performance band for the modern personal defense weapon. That round is the 5.56x30mm MARS, a purpose built “micro assault rifle” cartridge from Colt designed to fill a similar niche to the WWII-era .30 […] Read More … The post Modern Personal Defense Weapon Calibers 005: The 5.56x30mm MARS appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Book Review: Global Sex Workers: Rights, Resistance, and Redefinition by Kamala Kempadoo

is a book that I was curious in reading because I ran across it in a Google Book excerpt. I curious about one thing, and that lead me to find this book to be an impressive source of new information. So I bought this book and learned quite a few things. I don’t know where to start. I guess I should start that I took a class in college about Women and it discussed many things that are difficult for women. The difference in pay and other culturally challenging things that women face. There were t...
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TradingView, a community for chart-obsessed investors, moves into new markets

 Data-driven investor community TradingView has hit one million monthly active users and is expanding globally to under-served markets. TechCrunch last covered TradingView in 2012 when the site was seeing 2,000 visitors per day. The site differs from other investor communities like Seeking Alpha because of its emphasis on visuals. TradingView takes a chart based approach to supporting investing. Read More
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West Seattle’s Sanislo Elementary: most racially diverse public school in the state

Using a common calculation to measure diversity, Sanislo Elementary in West Seattle turns out to be the most racially mixed public school in the state.
Tags: News, Education, Data, Local News, West Seattle

What if school was out, forever?

Today a future without schools. Instead of gathering students into a room and teaching them, everybody learns on their own time, on tablets and guided by artificial intelligence. Flash Forward: RSS | iTunes | Twitter | Facebook | Web | Patreon | Reddit In this episode we talk to a computer scientist who developed an artificially intelligent TA, folks who build learning apps, and critics who wonder if all the promises being made are too good to be true. What do we gain when we let stude...
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Seattle schools have biggest white-black achievement gap in state

Among the 200 biggest school districts in the U.S., Seattle has the fifth-biggest gap in achievement between black and white students. Seattle’s white-black gap is also the biggest in Washington.
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