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Denver Teachers Are Preparing to Strike Over a Pay Dispute

They'll strike for the first time in 25 years after failed negotiations
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The Golden Rules of Minimalist Fashion, According to This Stylish College Girl

Minimalism is SO in. Here's how to make it work for you, according to one of the most fashionable students at UM.Whenever I spot my friend Delaney on campus at the University of Miami, I always think to myself, “This girl really understands the ins and outs of style.” In a time where trends change week by week, it is rare to find someone who values a sustainable closet and shops clothes that will last, not just end up in the back of the closet. Delaney dresses in a very minimalistic style with n...
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Cheap ski resorts in famous areas

Skiing is a notoriously expensive hobby. The equipment, the clothing, the $12 beers — all in addition to the cost of getting on the hill. For those lacking a season pass, planning a trip to the mountain is an intimidating prospect. Getting on the gondola at Aspen can cost you over $150. Lift tickets at some resorts have gotten so expensive that prices are hard to even find on their websites. Fortunately, there are more affordable options, some even leaving enough in your wallet to splurge on ...
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Quizlet hits 50M monthly users

Most students in the U.S. have used or at least heard of Quizlet, the website for creating digital flashcards. The company leverages machine learning to predict in which areas its users need the most help and provides 300 million user-generated study decks, maps, charts and other tools for learning. Roughly eight months after closing a $20 million financing, Quizlet chief executive officer Matthew Glotzbach has disclosed some notable feats for the emerging edtech: it’s reached 50 million monthly...
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Hear the Last Time the Jimi Hendrix Experience Ever Played Together: The Riotous Denver Pop Festival of 1969

You know it’s got to be bad when you quit the Jimi Hendrix Experience just months after the revolutionary, expansive Electric Ladyland hit number one on US and UK charts, but if you’re Noel Redding, you’re plenty fed up with the psychedelic circus. “The recording sessions were ridiculous,” Redding told Rolling Stone in a 1969 interview, “and on stage, it was getting ridiculous.” The last straw for Redding had come a few months earlier at the Denver Pop Festival in June. After tear gas fo...
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See a Full Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert on Restored Footage Thought Lost for 35 Years

Maybe there’s truth to the old joke about the 60s—“If you remember it, you weren’t there”—but it's hard to believe anyone could forget seeing Hendrix. If you caught him in Stockholm in 1969 however and it somehow slipped your mind, you can relive it again for the first time in the well-preserved, newly restored concert film above: a full hour of “electric church music” from the Jimi Hendrix Experience. The event was not meant to have been preserved at all. As Catarina Wilson of Sweden’s ...
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Catholic high school suppressed student newspaper article, drawing wide attention to it

I have no idea why teenage girls would be suddenly removed from certain roles at a Catholic high school in a Denver suburb. But now I'm wondering, like many others, because the school administrators removed an article about it from the school's low-circulation newspaper, suppressed publication of the newspaper itself, threatened and then removed a newspaper advisor from her post, and sent principal Matt Hauptly to go out in public and explain why this isn't technically censorship and to lecture ...
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$2 million for CS & STEM education for aspiring women and student technologists

In 1993, I moved from India to the United States to enroll as an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder. The transition to the U.S. was overwhelming. I wasn’t prepared for the culture shock of being both a first-generation college student and one of very few women in my computer science department. I also wasn’t totally confident that a career in computer science was right for me—I didn’t have access to a computer until my late teens and didn’t have much of an interest in co...
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Is LA Unified too slow to help its neediest students?

By Esmeralda Fabián Romero | LA School Report Two reports released Tuesday, June 7, urged the Los Unified School District to start making tough choices to boost student achievement and to move faster in delivering more funds to the schools serving the neediest students. The first study found that LA Unified has been slow to get increased state funding to the schools serving students with the highest needs, particularly in elementary and middle schools. The fourth annual “Report Card Progress in ...
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Bishop Bernard’s Pastoral Letter on Vocations

To read . June 1, 2018 To the Very Reverend, Reverend Fathers and the Reverend Messrs., and my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus our Lord: ¡Viva el mes de junio! That’s Spanish for “Long live June,” “Hurray for June.” Hurray, indeed! And welcome to the month of vocations in the Polish National Catholic Church: June is Sacred Vocations month for us. June is the month we focus on our great need for priests, and on the need for significant donations throughout the PNCC to be made to the...
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Teachers in Arizona, Colorado rally to protest funding, pay

By MELISSA DANIELS The Associated PressPHOENIX — A wave of red-clad teachers was poised to flood the Arizona state Capitol on Thursday for an unprecedented walkout that closed most of the state’s public schools, part of an educator uprising that’s also bubbled up in Colorado. Around 30,000 to 50,000 teachers and their supporters were getting ready to march through Phoenix for a rally at the Arizona state Capitol to demand a 20 percent raise for teachers, about $1 billion to return school funding...
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Nine Tips from Bill Murray & Cellist Jan Vogler on How to Study Intensely and Optimize Your Learning

Photo by Gage Skidmore, via Wikimedia Commons Would you take study tips from Bill Murray? After high school, he did spend some time as a pre-medical student at Regis University in Denver — before dropping out to return to his hometown of Chicago and get his start in comedy with the famed improv group Second City. Still, Regis did eventually award him an honorary Doctor of Humanities a decade ago, and you have to admit that the fame-and-fortune path worked out for him. In fact, it worked out and...
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Bob Dylan Plays Tom Petty’s “Learning to Fly” Live in Concert (and How Petty Witnessed Dylan’s Musical Epiphany in 1987)

While performing in Denver this past weekend, Bob Dylan paid tribute to Tom Petty, playing a cover of his 1991 track, "Learning to Fly." Most will remember their time together in the Traveling Wilburys. But really their relationship was cemented before that, when the musicians embarked on the long True Confessions Tour in 1986. That's when Dylan lost his mojo and nearly ended his career, then suddenly found new inspiration again, all while Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers shared the same ...
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The 7 Summer Pieces You Need in Your Life ASAP

All for under $38! For most college students, summer has begun. Time to meet back up with hometown friends, take a three-month break from essays, and spend time with family. Oh, and did I mention - the adorable summertime fashion? As I write this, I am not quite to summer yet (two more weeks - got to love the quarter system!). But, naturally, I have been doing a lot of stress shopping to combat the awareness of the looming finals that await me. CF Readers: I am truly so excited for the unique f...
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Asking Right Questions of Unsuspecting People

It’s important to know about students and the general student life of a college before you plan to join it. The admissions people will often be biased in providing these answers. So who to ask then? Watch out this small video and hear Mark speak about the right people to approach for this as he visits  Sewanee University of the South or read the following transcript: Mark Montgomery Educational Consultant ***************** I’m sitting here in the bookstore in the café of Sewanee University of...
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The untold story of Match Day emotion

It’s Match Day.  Standing with my medical school class in the lobby of our medical education center, there is a palpable energy. It had been a long journey. After reluctantly leaving CA for NY I had finally completed four grueling years. The entire time I was laser focused on doing well enough to make it back to California. The four years came and went in a flash, and without hesitation, I will say that the last two years had been some of the most rewarding and fun years of my life. Working hard...
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Finding Oneself in the Liberal Arts

In a striking opinion piece published in the New York Times, Joshua Kam describes the angst of being a cosmopolitan international student in Middle America. After finding the right college and finding the right major for him, he often found himself struggling to explain his origins to people he met, and justifying a liberal arts major that helped him find context in his life. This is another example of how the liberal arts are truly “liberating.”  This young man’s foray into history and the Clas...
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Ivy League Early Admissions Statistics for Class of 2021

Each December, for countless ambitious students across the country and around the world, the holidays take a back seat to something much more nerve-racking: the release of early admission decisions at their first-choice colleges! This past week was a busy one for us here at Great College Advice as many colleges publicly released their early admission statistics. Here we’ve put together a table of the statistics released by the eight Ivy League colleges, along with a few other great schools, for ...
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Partying Around the U.S.: A New Year's Eve Party for Every State!

Let's all celebrate this year finally being over!I honestly don't even want to talk about 2016 anymore. I suppose I should be giving it props for determination, because every time I think it can't get any worse, it comes back and surprises me. Therefore, New Year's Eve is going to be twice as exciting as usual - not only do we have an excuse to wear glitter and party till midnight, we also get to celebrate the fact that this disastrous year has finally come to an end! In case you don't have plan...
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8 Cute Pairs of Snow Boots to Get You Through Winter

You'll never get cold feet again. Unless your home state is unreasonably warm, you probably know the struggle that is walking across campus in a tremendous amount of snow. The cold that makes a college student rethink even leaving their dorm. For the longest time, I was resistant to the idea of wearing snow boots. I wanted to look super put-together with my leather ballet flats or sneakers. However, when I got to college, I knew I had to get serious. Snow in your shoes is seriously no fun-and s...
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Stanford University Won’t Release Early Admissions Data

Standford University won’t release its early admissions data this December, as it has done the past several years. Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Richard Shaw told Stanford’s newspaper, the Stanford Daily, that the releases of data in the last several years were informal acts, and that Stanford’s official policy has always been to release the data publicly once all applicants have been notified of their decisions. Read more here.
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Yale University Offers Early Admission to 871 Students

Yale University just released its early admission data for the Class of 2021, and its acceptance rate is unchanged from last year’s 17.1%. The number of early applications received increased 9% to 5,086. The Yale Daily News describes the elation of accepted students and their parents in their press release.
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Princeton: Soaring Early Applications Leads to Sinking Acceptance Rate

Princeton University‘s early application pool leapt 18.3% compared to last year. Accordingly, 15.4% of the 5,003 early applicants to the Class of 2021 were admitted, compared to 18.6% of the 4,229 early applicants to the Class of 2020. The 770 accepted students hail from 45 countries, and 60% received financial aid with an average grant of $48,000. More details from Princeton’s web site.
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Brown University Admits 695 Early Applicants

Look at Brown University‘s early admissions statistics over the years, and you see that nearly everything is going up: the proportion of students accepted, the sheer number of students accepted, the number of applicants, the proportion of accepted students who are students of color. Of 3,170 early applicants to the Class of 2021, 695 (22%) were accepted. Another interesting statistic this year: Almost 60% of accepted ED applicants are female. Click here to read the press release.
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MIT Grants Early Admission to Less Than 8% of Applicants

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in keeping with its reputation for selectivity, admitted 657 out of 8,394 early applicants to the Class of 2021, for an acceptance rate of 7.83%. Last year’s ED acceptance rate, 8.45% of 7,767 applicants, was a tad more generous but still pretty daunting. The lesson: if you’re planning on applying to MIT, keep those grades up! More info from MIT’s web site here.
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Dartmouth College Releases Impressive Early Admissions Data

Dartmouth College‘s early decision applicant pool for the Class of 2021 was its largest ever at 1,999, up 3.7% from last year’s 1,927. The 555 accepted students made up a diverse group: 31% are students of color, 8.3% come from abroad, and 10% are first-generation college students. And if you think great Ivy League schools like Dartmouth are too expensive for you to attend, don’t forget that 52% of the students accepted ED applied for financial aid, and 11% qualify for federal Pell grants. Read ...
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Cornell University Early Admission: Huge Jump in Applications

Following a trend seen with other Ivy Leagues this year, the number of early admission applications to Cornell University jumped an amazing 10.3% compared to last year. Unfortunately for many applicants, the number of early applications accepted did not jump accordingly: at 1,378, it was similar to last year’s 1,340. Read more details here.
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Early Decision at Harvard: Applications Up, Acceptance Rate Down

Harvard just released its Class of 2021 early application data. Early applications received by the College are up 5% compared to last year. While the College accepted 938 early applicants compared to the Class of 2020’s 918, the acceptance rate was lower due the increase in applicants. In fact, the acceptance rate of 14.49% is the lowest since the College reinstated early admissions in 2011. Read the press release here.
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University of Pennsylvania Breaks Early Application Record

Hopes were high this year among applicants to the University of Pennsylvania‘s Class of 2021: 6,147 applied in the Early Decision round, the highest number to date. The Early Decision acceptance rate was accordingly down a bit from last year’s 23.2%, at 22%. Another record broken for UPenn: half the students admitted Early Decision to their School of Engineering and Applied Sciences were female, a higher proportion than ever before. Click here to read UPenn’s press release.
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Is a Particular College a “Suitcase School”? Here’s How to Find Out

A NY Times article mentions that according to a 2012 end-of-year survey by the Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles, 39% of first year students at less selective campuses said they had gone home frequently. As the article indicates, this is a concern at regional campuses and is a trend and culture that many educators are trying to reverse. College educators and administrators are concerned that too many students heading home each weekend will drain so...
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