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Milton Glaser (RIP) Explains Why We Must Overcome the Fear of Failure, Take Risks & Discover Our True Potential

Milton Glaser died last week at the age of 91, a long life that included decade upon decade as the best-known name in graphic design. Within the profession he became as well-known as several of his designs did in the wider world: the Bob Dylan poster, logos for companies like DC Comics, the Glaser Stencil font, and above all  I ? NY. Glaser may have become an icon, but he didn't become a brand — "one of my most despised words," he says in the interview clip above. He also acknowledges tha...
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Milton Glaser (RIP) Presents 10 Rules for Life & Work: Wisdom from the Celebrated Designer

“None of us has really the ability to understand our path until it’s over,” the celebrated graphic designer Milton Glaser (RIP) muses less than a minute into the above video. Glaser’s many contributions to pop culture---the  I ? NY logo, the psychedelic portrait of a rainbow-haired Bob Dylan, DC Comics’ classic bullet logo---confer undeniable authority. To the outside eye, he seems to have had a pretty firm handle on the path he traveled for lo these many decades. Aspirant designers would d...
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Exquisite 2300-Year-Old Scythian Woman’s Boot Preserved in the Frozen Ground of the Altai Mountains

Shoes and boots, show where your feet have gone. —Guy Sebeus, 10 New Scythian Tales  In the age of fast fashion, when planned obsolescence, cheap materials, and shoddy construction have become the norm, how startling to encounter a stylish women’s boot that’s truly built to last… …like, for 2300 years. It helps to have landed in a Scythian burial mound in Siberia’s Altai Mountains, where the above boot was discovered along with a number of nomadic afterlife essentials—jewelry, food, weapons, an...
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Construct Your Own Bayeux Tapestry with This Free Online App

A wise woman once quoth that one man’s adult coloring book is another’s Medieval Tapestry Edit. If taking crayons to empty outlines of mandalas, floral patterns, and forest and ocean scenes has failed to calm your mind, the Historic Tale Construction Kit may cure what ails you. Programmers Leonard Allain-Launay and Mathieu Thoretton and software engineer Maria Cosmina Etegan created the online kit as a tribute to a late, great, early 21st-century application designed by Academy of Media Arts Co...
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Why This Font Is Everywhere: How Cooper Black Became Pop Culture’s Favorite Font

You know Times New Roman, you know Helvetica, you know Comic Sans — and though you may not realize it, you know Cooper Black as well. Just think of the "VOTE FOR PEDRO" shirt worn in Napoleon Dynamite (and in real life for years thereafter), or a few decades earlier, the cover of Pet Sounds. In fact, the history of Cooper Black extends well before the Beach Boys' mid-1960s masterpiece; to see and hear the full story, watch the Vox video above. It begins, as narrator Estelle Caswell expla...
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DEVO Is Now Selling COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment: Energy Dome Face Shields

According to DEVO's co-principle songwriter and bassist Gerald Casale, the experimental art band turned early MTV pop-punk darlings were “pro-information, anti stupid conformity and knew that the struggle for freedom against tyranny is never-ending.” Their singular performance garb also set them apart, and none more so than the bright red plastic Energy Dome helmets they donned 40 years ago this month, upon the release of their third album, Freedom of Choice. The record, which the ba...
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Experience New York City’s Fabled Mid-Century Nightclubs in an Interactive, COVID-19-Era, Student-Designed Exhibit

It’s been over a month since public health precautions led almost every school in the United States to switch to online instruction. While there are obviously much greater tragedies unfolding daily, it’s hard not to empathize with students who have watched countless special events—proms, commencements, spring sports, performances, hotly anticipated rites of passage—go poof. In New York City, students in Parsons School of Design’s Narrative Spaces: Design Tools for Spatial Storytelling co...
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Vintage Book & Record Covers Brought to Life in a Mesmerizing Animated Video

The state of virtual and augmented reality technology has reached the threshold of a time in which VR meetings will be the norm. Apart from other applications, this may soon allow consumers to stroll through virtual aisles rather than clicking boxes on a screen, picking up products and viewing them from every angle. Still, designers recognize that an essence of the human experience is lost without the sense of touch. There may even be a future in which we wear clothes with haptic feedback s...
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Japanese Designer Creates Free Template for an Anti-Virus Face Shield: Download, and Then Use a Printer, Paper & Scissors

A few years ago we featured the Japanese art of chind?gu, or the invention of amusingly "useless" inventions. The chind?gu canon includes such simultaneously sensible and nonsensical objects as miniature toecap umbrellas (to keep one's shoes dry in the rain) and chopsticks fitted with miniature fans (to cool down ramen noodles before consumption). Today we present a Japanese invention that may at first glance look chind?gu-like, but would never qualify due to its simplicity and sheer useful...
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10 Covid-busting designs: spray drones, fever helmets, anti-virus snoods

Companies the world over are directing their ingenuity at the fight against the coronavirus. Here are the front-runners, from sanitising robots to a 3D-printed hospital wardDesigners, engineers and programmers have heard the klaxon call. The last few weeks have seen a wave of ingenuity unleashed, with both garden-shed tinkerers and high-tech manufacturers scrambling to develop things that will combat the spread of Covid-19.Many of their innovations raise as many questions as they answer, though....
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A profile of a successful education system, international art news, paramedical tattooing and more The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while tattooing fingernails on a man that lost the tips of two fingers in …
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Scandinavia’s Successful Education Model

Favoring a more comprehensive educational model that emphasizes humanistic and technical training, studies conclude that Nordic nations raise citizens that are intelligent (in the traditional sense), more internally aware, prideful for their nation, and capable of viewing a situation from another’s eyes. Governments in countries like Sweden, Denmark and Norway aim to make “lifelong learning a part of the natural fabric of society,” and it …
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What Designers can do to design irresistible products

Hi, I am Kelly from Knack, where we help mobility brands make their products irresistible. I’ve come to realize that designing irresistible products feels elusive. High hopes and good intentions pour into one end of the product development pipeline and mundane products squirt out the other.You see plenty of seductive product designs on Pinterest and here on Yanko, so you know it’s possible. But what exactly do the designers of these products do differently in order to achieve irresistibility?If ...
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Master digital creation with this low-cost, high-value Adobe CC training bundle

The Ultimate Adobe CC Training Bundle includes courses in using Adobe's most popular apps.Students learn basic to advanced features in Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator and four other Adobe CC programs.The $1,800 training package is now only $39. None It’s good to be the king. Just ask Adobe. With its uber-popular Creative Cloud app suite, the tech titan’s hall of fame apps like Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator have become common industry shorthand for assembling any project involving tex...
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The Amazing Artistry & Ingenuity of the Furniture Enjoyed by 18th Century Aristocrats

Whatever did people do with themselves all day before social media and streaming video? Before TV, film, and radio? If you were most people in Europe, before various revolutions, you worked from dawn to dusk and collapsed in bed, with rare holidays to break up the monotony. But if you were an aristocrat, you not only had the pleasures of juicy gossip, lively correspondence, and bawdy novels to look forward to, but you might also—just as millions do now—encounter such pleasures while gami...
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How a Philip Glass Opera Gets Made: An Inside Look

Most fever dreams require very little pre-planning and coordination. All it takes is the flu and a pillow, and perhaps a shot of Ny-Quil. A fever dream on the order of composer Philip Glass’ 1984 opera, Akhnaten, is a horse of an entirely different color, as "How An Opera Gets Made," above, makes clear. For those in the performing arts, the revelations of this eyepopping Vox video will come as no surprise, though the formidable resources of New York City’s Metropolitan Opera, where the p...
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LEGO Education’s Dynamic New SPIKE Prime for STEAM Learning

Produce and program a robot from a multi-port hub, bricks, sensors and motors Everyone’s earliest LEGO experiences begin with stacking bricks. This is an observation documented by the team at LEGO Education, an entity within LEGO Group that builds kits and classes to coincide with the STEAM learning system. Founded in 1980, LEGO Education signifies the toy brand’s expansion from pieces and puzzles to lesson plans. Their latest release, SPIKE …
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Gift loved ones with classes that teach and build nature skills

Rather than gifting a material object this holiday season, opt to give an “experience” gift. Not only will it help minimize waste and clutter, but an experience gift can also be wonderfully green and intrinsically fulfilling. How so? Experience gifts, for instance, lead to quality bonding time, new skills and shared memories, all of which are priceless. Here are our top suggestions for nature courses and classes for the whole family, and be sure to check locally for nature courses near you. Wi...
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Download Hellvetica, a Font that Makes the Elegant Spacing of Helvetica Look as Ugly as Possible

Among typography enthusiasts, all non-contrarians love Helvetica. Some, like filmmaker Gary Hustwit and New York subway map creator Massimo Vignelli, even made a documentary about it. Created by Swiss graphic designer Max Miedinger with Haas Type Foundry president Eduard Hoffmann and first introduced in 1957, Helvetica still stands as a visual definition of not just modernism but modernity itself. That owes in part to its clean, unambiguous lines, and also to its use of space: as all the aforem...
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Costa Rica hopes to end selfies with wild animals

Costa Rica, renowned for its wildlife, has recently launched a campaign to dissuade people from taking selfies with wild animals. Despite being banned in the country more than 10 years ago, large numbers of selfies are still being taken with wildlife anyway. To spotlight animal rights, promote wildlife safety and minimize animal selfies, Costa Rican authorities instead recommend taking photos with a stuffed toy. As an animal lover’s utopia, Costa Rica sees many instances of selfies being taken w...
Tags: Design, News, Education, Animals, Wildlife, Animal Rights, Costa Rica, World Animal Protection, Eco Tourism, Humane Society International, Nature / Wildlife, Animal Selfies, Animal Biodiversity, Wildlife Safety, Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and Energy, Maria Revelo Costa Rica

Learn about polar bears during a free virtual field trip to the Arctic Tundra this November

Discovery Education and Polar Bears International have once again partnered to host an exciting, immersive and free virtual field trip to the Arctic tundra. Students from K-12 and teachers everywhere are welcome to virtually observe the polar bears of Canada’s Hudson Bay in their natural habitat. Registration is now open for this engaging, educational webcast, where audience members will be transported beyond classroom walls to the site of the annual Canadian polar bear migration. Students and e...
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A Collection of Vintage Fruit Crate Labels Offers a Voluptuous Vision of the Sunshine State

Ah, Florida… The Sunshine State. Tourists began flocking to it in earnest once the railroads expanded in the late 19th century, drawn by visions of sunset beaches, graceful palms, and plump citrus fruit in a warm weather setting. The fantasy gathered steam in the 1920s when citrus growers began affixing colorful labels to the fruit crates that shipped out over those same railroad lines, seeking to distinguish themselves from the competition with memorable visuals. These labels offered lover...
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A tour of Seattle Chocolate elicits a deep appreciation for cacao

In 1900 BCE, Mesoamericans used cacao beans to make a bitter, fermented drink. By 1400, Aztecs traded cacao as currency. Spaniards later thought to add sugar. Nowadays, we just go to the store when we want to buy chocolate, divorcing the exquisite substance from its historic origins. But a tour of the Seattle Chocolate factory helps visitors deepen their appreciation of one of the world’s favorite treats. This woman-owned, Rainforest Alliance-certified company has put decades of thought into how...
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Girl Scouts build bee hotels to help save wild bees

Wild bee populations in the United States face catastrophic collapse from climate change, habitat loss, shrinking food supply, disease and pesticide exposure. Of the 4,000 native U.S. wild bee species, 40 percent face extinction. To help save these vital pollinators, a Denver-based Girls Scouts day camp built miniature hotels to house and protect solitary wild bees. The sustainable endeavor was part of the Think Like a Citizen Scientist Journey initiative, encouraging young girls to create posit...
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Retro Charm at Negril’s Skylark Hotel

With a decidedly laidback atmosphere, this property encourages guests to take it easy Located on Negril, Jamaica‘s iconic Seven Mile Beach—between moored glass-bottom boats and palm trees—sits Skylark, the sister property to the town’s beloved stalwart, the Rockhouse Hotel. With a decidedly retro and tropical design, the 28-room resort proves more casual and more affordable than its sibling property, but still provides plenty of delights …
Tags: Travel, Design, Education, Hotels, Schools, Jamaica, Beaches, Negril, Social Awareness, Rockhouse, Inclusivity, Negril Jamaica, Rockhouse Foundation, Skylark Hotel

The Politics & Philosophy of the Bauhaus Design Movement: A Short Introduction

This year marks the centennial of the Bauhaus, the German art-and-design school and movement whose influence now makes itself felt all over the world. The clean lines and clarity of function exhibited by Bauhaus buildings, imagery, and objects — the very definition of what we still describe as "modern" — appeal in a way that transcends not just time and space but culture and tradition, and that's just as the school's founder Walter Gropius intended. A forward-looking utopian internationa...
Tags: Google, Art, Politics, Design, College, Germany, Nazis, Berlin, History, Seoul, Anderson, Facebook Twitter, Walter Gropius, Colin Marshall, Gropius, Oskar Schlemmer

How Magazine Pages Were Created Before Computers: A Veteran of the London Review of Books Demonstrates the Meticulous, Manual Process

The London Review of Books is celebrating its 40th anniversary, but somehow the magazine has always felt older than that: not like the product of a stuffier age, but of a more textually and intellectually lavish one than the late 1970s. Pick up an early issue and you'll see that, as much as it has evolved in the details, the basic project of the LRB remains the same: publishing essays of the highest quality on a variety of subjects literary, political, and otherwise, allowing their writ...
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This calculator is the love child of the iPod Classic and a vintage rotary telephone!

With technological designs getting more and more advanced by the minute, nobody would expect industrial designers to actively seek inspiration in the past, but they are and they’re succeeding at it! One such designer Marco Schembri created the Xiaomi Mi08, which may seem like an ordinary calculator but with a twist; here the past meets the present to create the future. Instead of your usual calculator with a number keypad, Schembri took inspiration from the vintage rotary telephones and adopte...
Tags: Gadgets, Design, Technology, Education, Xiaomi, Product Design, Calculator, Marco Schembri, Schembri, Xiaomi mi08

Talking Heads Songs Become Midcentury Pulp Novels, Magazines & Advertisements: “Burning Down the House,” “Once in a Lifetime,” and More

Do you like Talking Heads? Writer and visual artist Douglas Coupland once proposed that question as the truest test of whether you belong to the cohort named by his novel Generation X. Coupland's contemporary colleague in letters Jonathan Lethem summed up his own early Talking Heads mania thus: "At the peak, in 1980 or 1981, my identification was so complete that I might have wished to wear the album Fear of Music in place of my head so as to be more clearly seen by those around me." What makes...
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Space for exploration

Photo from RosanBosch website I like the idea of schools without classrooms. Classrooms tend to restrict and contain, and they are a remnant of the Industrial Age. Watching the 2018 documentary Bauhaus Spirit on Sky Arts this week brought this idea back to life. The documentary, directed by German film makers Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch, traces the history of the Bauhaus Art movement and its current impact on the built environment and contemporary culture. It's a must watch for an...
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