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What to Wear to a Work Conference

You’ve just been invited to your first work conference and now you’re wondering, “What do I wear?” Read on because we have the answer.
Tags: Travel, Career, Networking, College, Career Tips, Fashion Tips, Workwear

3 Outfits Inspired by the Charmed TV Show Reboot

This series is giving us 2000s nostalgia -- and some modern fashion inspo.
Tags: TV, College, Fashion Tips, TV fashion, 2000s

5 Cute Mini Skirt Outfits to Rock This Season

Consider yourself a trendy fashionista? Your closet should be full of stylish skirts.
Tags: College, Skirts, Fashion Tips, Casual Outfits, Mini Skirt

Class to Night Out: White Fila Sneakers

You've seen these sneakers all over your Instagram feed. Now we're showing you how to style them.
Tags: College, Sneakers, Fashion Tips, Class to Night Out, Outfits For Class, Party Outfits

Capsule Wardrobe: Gemma Chan

Gemma Chan has a gorgeous sense of personal style. Here's how to get her elegant vibe yourself.
Tags: Celebs, College, Celebrity Fashion, Gemma Chan, Fashion Tips, Classic Style

Three Looks to Wear to Music Festivals and Beyond

Whether you're headed to a music festival--or just want to dress like you are--you'll love these fun, on-trend looks!
Tags: College, Summer, Music Festivals, Shorts, Sandals, Summer Outfits, Tie Dye, Fashion Tips, Festival fashion, Spring Outfits, Cowboy Boots, Fanny Pack, Midi Dress, Spring 2019

Class to Night Out: Colorblock Jeans

Colorblock jeans are one of the most fun denim styles around right now. Here’s how to rock them anywhere. L-R: Fashion Nova, Macy's, Revice Denim.You've probably seen these types of jeans around before, but you might not have known what to call them. Now you do. Colorblock jeans, as the name suggests, are jeans that are two different shades/colors. They are sometimes known as “two-tone jeans” but a majority of the time, they’re called colorblock jeans. These jeans are so fun to wear because the...
Tags: College, Asos, Jeans, Night Out, Macy, Fashion Tips, Class to Night Out, Colorblocking, Outfits For Class, JC Penney Hoop Earrings Macy s Watch Kohl

3 Ways to Layer Turtlenecks Under Any Outfit for Warmth & Style Points

The perfect way to add turtlenecks to any outfit! View the original article to see embedded media. Growing up, I always hated having to layer clothing when it was cold out. I always felt way too hot and super stiff. Never would I have guessed that as I got older, I would love layered clothing, let alone have it on my wish list. Today, I am all about layering turtlenecks. It's a current trend and I am super supportive of it. One of the main reasons I love layering turtlenecks is that it keeps me ...
Tags: College, Chicago, Layering, Fashion Tips, Turtleneck, Pink Dress American Eagle White Turtleneck Topshop, White Tank Brandy Melville

How to Stay Colorful in the Winter: 5 Outfits That Incorporate Cheerful Yellow

Yellow is one of the happiest colors in the world, and it's a great way to liven up your winter wardrobe. Yellow has been a popular fashion color for the past few seasons and a perennial favorite for the warmer months. While the color is seen as cheery, upbeat, and the definition of a hot summer day, yellow can still be a killer winter shade. In fact, adding a pop of sunny yellow to your winter wardrobe might be just what you need to get through the rest of the chilly season. Let's take a look ...
Tags: Winter, College, Colors, Yellow, Cher Horowitz, Fashion Tips, Macy s Earrings Astley Clarke Set Fashion NovaTo

A Fashion Guide to Super Bowl LIII

Because fashion and football are the perfect pair. Hey girls! How are you all doing? Can you believe that the Super Bowl is less than a week away? I'm SO excited to watch the game and of course for all the events associated with it. Whether you're a huge football fan, are in it for the watch party, or just can't wait to see the halftime show, this Sunday's game is going to be epic! And of course, we're here with our fashion guide to the game, with an outfit and info on each team as well as some...
Tags: College, La, Sports, NFL, Los Angeles, Super Bowl, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland, St Louis, AFL, NFC South, New England, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Georgia

3 UK-Based Websites That Sell the Absolute Best Party Dresses for College

Some British Style inspiration for all your party outfits.The United Kingdom is known for its bold, daring sense of fashion, and justifiedly so. Many trends over the decades originated in England. Punk fashion, Teddy boys and miniskirts all came from the UK, and today, London is still one of the fashion world hotspots.After moving to the UK from France, I really experienced the difference in fashion in both countries. I realized there was much more freedom than in France, in terms of how people ...
Tags: Usa, UK, London, College, France, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Selfridge, Polly, Fashion Tips, Fashion Inspiration, Pia Mia, Party Dresses, Absolute Best Party Dresses for College, England Punk, Miss Selfridge Products L R

Here's Exactly How and Where to Rock Faux Fur Pieces

You bought a faux fur coat but you're not sure how -- and most importantly, when -- to wear it? Relax, we gotchu!Faux fur, one of the biggest trends happening right now, can be tricky to style. On the one hand, it looks super fancy, but on the other, it can give off a casual vibe. If you want to try the look out but aren't sure exactly how to make it work, here's your go-to guide. 1. Wear a Faux Fur Coat Over a Fancy Dress and High Heels Wearing an oversized faux fur coat over a fancy mini dress...
Tags: Accessories, College, High Heels, Denim, Fashion Tips, Faux Fur, Boyfriend-inspired

These Are the DIY Clothing Hacks Every College Woman Should Know About

Not all DIYs are impossible! Here's how to make the most of your closet.How many times have I stared into my closet wishing for something new and then thought about my bank account and promptly shut the door? Too many. Not only is buying new clothes all of the time unsustainable, it's unnecessarily expensive... especially when you're in college. This is why I'm a fan of DIY.I'm not talking about those awful Instagram DIY videos that end up ruining more things than they create. Nor am I going to ...
Tags: Diy, College, Clothes, Jeans, Fashion Tips, Distressed, Crop Tops, Instagram DIY

Not Gonna Lie, We Low-Key Want to Dress Like North West

Here's how to look just as chic as the Queen of Instagram's famous daughter.For more than a decade, Kim Kardashian and her fashion-forward sisters have been in the spotlight. Today, we look to them for beauty tips, interior design ideas, and -- of course -- fashion inspiration. Given that the girls are so stylish, it's only natural that their kids would grow up to be just as fashion-forward as their famous moms.Kim has three kids: North, Saint, and Chicago, and has just announced plans for her f...
Tags: Kim Kardashian, Style, College, Chicago, North West, North, Kim, Celebrity Fashion, Martens, Saint, Tarzan, Fashion Tips, Queen of Instagram, Inspired by, Northy, Asos Fringe Midi Dress Asos

Edgy Style 101: 6 Best Shoe Styles for Edgy Girls

These shoes were made for walking (with style)!Over the past few weeks, we've been talking about edgy style and everything you need to nail the edgy look. Now that your edgy outfit is all picked out and you have your edgy accessories, you may be looking for the final addition to your outfit. That is: edgy shoes.If you're looking to add edge to your look, these shoes will be the perfect additions to your wardrobe. They’re comfortable and chic and best of all, low price! Here are the shoes every e...
Tags: Booties, Boots, College, Shoes, Converse, Heels, Sandals, DSW, Fashion Tips, Ankle Boots, Strappy Sandals, Edgy, Edgy Style, Studded Booties

How to Stay Colorful in the Winter: Adding Pink to Your Wardrobe

Don't let the winter blues get you down this season! Add some colorful accents to your wardrobe and watch your life transform from gloomy to glamorous.It's time for the next part in our series on adding more color to your winter wardrobe. (ICYMI, last time I shared some ways to wear red in winter.) With spring approaching, it’s almost time to dig through the closet to pull out the light and airy colors of the season. However, before we jump into the pastel greens and baby blues, let's start with...
Tags: College, Colors, Pink, Don, Fashion Tips, Winter Outfits, DSW Boots Gap Jeans Gap Top H MI, Shoes Amazon Top

3 Non-Traditional Outfits Under $150 to Wear to Job Interviews

Dressing to impress can be tricky business. Look here to find all the outfit inspiration you need to crush your next interview.Dressing to impress can sometimes be a lot of pressure, especially when it feels like your entire world is riding on a single forced interaction with someone who is most likely a complete stranger. One way you can circumvent the nerves and put a few of your worries to rest is by wearing an amazing outfit. Like it or not, how you present yourself gives people the first im...
Tags: Work, Interview, College, Job Interview, Chanel, Asos, Fashion Tips, Interview Outfits, Professional Outfits, What To Wear To Interview

6 Interview Outfits That Are Anything but Typical

First impressions are everything!The real world seems like a scary place, and what’s worse is that at our age, everyone seems equally qualified for every job. So often, two candidates have similar grades and are equally knowledgeable, with similar work experience and brilliant resumes. So, what sets one apart from the other? How could anyone possibly pick between the two? This is where the interview comes in; the chance to meet a member of the company face to face and show them what a wonderful ...
Tags: Interview, College, Job Interview, Suit, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, Will Rogers, Blazers, Steve Madden, Fashion Tips, Interview Outfits, Jumpsuits, Neckerchief, Business Formal, What To Wear To Interview, Metropolitan Museum of Art StoreThis

4 Quick Ways to Reinvent Your Wardrobe for the New Year (On a Budget!)

For when you just need a little bit of a refresh but you don't have the extra cash.We've all been there: You're standing in front of your closet for what feels like a million years, waiting for that perfect outfit to jump out at you, but for some reason, the magic isn't happening. You're sick of everything you own and want to change things up. Obviously you don't have the money to go out and buy a full new wardrobe, so what is a girl to do? I had this problem this week, so I brainstormed a few s...
Tags: College, Wardrobe, Fashion Tips, Poshmark, Capsule, Thrifting

Edgy Style 101: The 6 Accessories Every Edgy Girl Needs in Her Closet

Make your outfit go from basic to edgy with these extras.Accessories can make or break an outfit. They can instantly turn any old boring look into one that is adventurous and fashionable. Any fashion aesthetic has common accessories that are often paired with general outfits in order to complete the look. These accessories can be worn with a simple t-shirt or with a gorgeous dress. Accessories can also be easily interchanged in order to fit your personal style. Edgy style is no exception to this...
Tags: Accessories, College, Sunglasses, Tights, Lulu, Belts, Hats, Outfit, Necklace, Fashion Tips, Outfit Ideas, Outfits, Bralette, Edgy, Fedoras, Edgy Style

How to Stay Colorful in the Winter: 3 Ways to Wear Red in Cold Weather

Winter can be a dreary and cold season. Bring a little joy (and color) into your life with these basic shade additions.Red is one of the most popular and flattering colors in the fashion world. Whether it's a bold lip, a mini dress, or a staggering pump, red has been an it fashion color for decades, and continues making a statement on the runways and the streets. The winter season can bring a colorless combination of black, white, and denim, but it doesn't always have to be so bland. If you're l...
Tags: College, Red, Cold Weather, Gucci, Fila, Fashion Tips, Cold Weather Outfits, Crop Top, Winter Outfits, Gucci Earrings Kendra Scott Dress Gap Boots, Dress Charlotte Russe Purse Forever

Preppy Back to School Outfits: Spring Semester Edition

Kicking off the semester in true preppy fashion.Hello ladies! How are you all doing? Can you believe that the Spring semester is already upon us? Classes at UPenn start tomorrow and I am beyond excited to see my friends and start my new courses! What are you most excited about for the new semester?By now you know that I love preppy style. So for my latest preppy themed post, I'll be sharing 3 fabulous preppy outfits that you can wear for the new semester. Whether you're going to class, out to lu...
Tags: College, Valentine's Day, Lulu, Asos, Petra, Fashion Tips, Outfits, Preppy, Ralph Lauren Macy, Clutch Nina Aneka Nordstrom, Madden Kohl

If You Live Somewhere Cold, Here Are the 3 Winter Items You Need to Spend More On

If you're battling against snow or rain this winter, you can't afford to cheap out on these three essentials. Every year, when wintertime rolls around, millions of college students are faced with the same dilemma: style or warmth? Indeed, it isn't easy to combine the two, especially when you're on a college budget. That said, that adorable Forever 21 faux leather bomber probably won't keep you warm when the wind chill is in the negative digits. Oftentimes you need to spend a bit more to get som...
Tags: Boots, College, Gloves, Coats, Fashion Tips, Winter Fashion, Hunter Chelsea, Ugg Benson, Chelsea Boots Hunter

Styling My Wishlist: Puffer Jackets and Platform Shoes

Social media influencers are wearing them and here's how you can rock them as well.Scrolling through my Instagram, I see two things constantly making an appearance: puffer jackets and platform shoes. View the original article to see embedded media. After seeing them everywhere, I'm dying to snag these items for myself. So, naturally, I'm blogging about it. Below, I'll share the jacket and pair of shoes I'm coveting most, and I'll show you exactly how I'd style them. Let's Start with the Puffer J...
Tags: Instagram, College, Shoes, Nike, Jackets, Fashion Tips, Puffer Jackets, Puffer Jacket

Edgy Style 101: 5 Go-To Outfits for Edgy Girls

The beginner's guide to edgy fashion. Edgy style is back and better than ever. Not only is it a way to push boundaries on what is expected, but it also lends itself to some killer outfits.Dressing in edgy outfits can elicit feelings of rebelliousness, fearlessness, and confidence, so I've created five edgy outfit ideas to get you started. As a bonus, the pieces required are timeless and simple; you probably already have them in your closet!So what exactly do you wear if you're trying to go for ...
Tags: Class, College, Formalwear, Fashion Tips, Outfits, Style Inspiration, Date Outfit, Casual Outfits, Formal, Edgy, Leather Jackets, Outfits For Class, Formal Attire, Party Outfit, Edgy Style, Comfortable outfits

How & Why to Dress Like You're Going to Run Into Your Worst Enemy

How five extra minutes could make your day so much better! Coco Chanel was a true icon, and amongst the many pieces of wisdom she left us with is one of my favorite quotes of all time: "Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today."And, why wouldn’t you? It has been proven time and time again that the way we dress affects the way we feel, and feeling amazing in your clothes is a simple way to boost your self-confidence on a daily basis.Say it’s been a rough week, and on Thursday morn...
Tags: Jewelry, Accessories, College, Confidence, Colors, Coco Chanel, Fashion Tips, Sam EdelmanDoes, Dooney Bourke Backpack KC

These Kardashian-Inspired Workout Outfits Will Motivate You to Crush Your Fitness Resolutions

Gym style inspiration from Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney that will motivate you to meet your fitness goals."This year, I'm going to go to the gym!" - Everyone We've all been there. At the start of each year, we all set our New Year's resolutions and more often than not, they include fitness goals. However, in true New Year's form, after about a week we start to tire of daily gym sessions and the motivation begins to fizzle out. Losing that motivation is so disappointing!! You didn't set a goal for no...
Tags: Fitness, College, America, Kardashians, Kardashian, Kim, Kourtney Kardashian, New Year's, Koko, Khloe, Kourtney, Kim Khloe, CAMI, Fashion Tips, Khloé Khloé, Kourtney Kourtney

Winter Vacation Outfits for Wherever Winter Break Takes You

If you're one of the lucky ones, you might get to travel over winter break. Here are some style ideas for every region you find yourself in this winter! Winter break can mean lots of food, crazy family members, and chaotic holidays at home. However, a lot of families travel for the holidays, and if you're one of the lucky ones, you might find yourself looking out over a crystal clear beach this New Years! Wherever you end up over break, we have a look for you! Here are some winter vacation outf...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Winter, Colorado, College, Canada, Vacation, Cold Weather, Beach, Packing, Beachwear, Fashion Tips, Steve Madden Top Romwe Hat PenguinFor

The 5 Hottest New Years Eve Outfit Trends for 2018

Here are the hottest trends to enter 2019 with style!New Year's Eve is one of the best times of year to show off your personal style. You'll probably be dressing up to celebrate, meaning you can go a little crazier than normal with your look. And of course, you can take part in the fabulous trends of the year as you count down the seconds to 2019. Here are some New Year's Eve fashion trends that you'll be seeing at every party, all available for ultra low prices at your friendly neighborhood For...
Tags: College, New Years Eve, New Year, New Year's, Night Out, Fashion Tips, Winter Trends, Trendy, Outifts, What To Wear On New Years, Faux Fur Coats Oversized Faux Fur Coat Faux

What to Do, What to Wear: 3 Outfit Ideas for Visiting the Zoo

Beat boredom over break with a trip to your local zoo. Classes are over, break has begun and, lest we admit it, you might soon start to feel a bit bored (gasp!). Before you begin longing for classrooms and hours of studying, I’m here to give you some ideas for fun activities that will help you to beat that lingering weariness and enjoy your relaxation before classes start up again.First up in this series? Your local zoo, the perfect place to keep you thoroughly entertained for the day. Nothing ...
Tags: College, Zoo, Levi, Sharon, Fashion Tips, Outfits, Animal Print, Fun Activities

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