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Forbes: Forward vs. Reverse Mortgages in Retirement

Using a reverse mortgage to refinance an existing mortgage will create more financial flexibility for fixed-income retirees, according to Dr. Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at the American College of Financial Services and a member of the Funding Longevity Task Force, in a new piece at Forbes. “The general idea is that a reverse mortgage used primarily to refinance an existing mortgage creates more flexibility for distribution needs from the investment portfolio by removing a fixed...
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Invest in AI’s ethical future

Kriti Sharma Contributor Kriti Sharma is the vice president of AI and Ethics at Sage Group, based in the United Kingdom. Kriti was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2017 and the inaugural Recode 100 list of influencers in Technology, Business and Media. I spent a recent Saturday morning talking to a group of grade school kids about artificial intelligence. Many of them had never coded before, let alone heard of AI. During the session, one exercise required...
Tags: Google, TC, Column, Education, Linkedin, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Industry, Infosys, Forbes, Sage Group, Kriti Sharma Contributor Kriti Sharma, United Kingdom Kriti

Confronting Four Reverse Mortgage Misconceptions

An opponent of reverse mortgage products recently wrote two columns at Forbes discussing reasons that the business should be avoided, and that potential borrowers searching for ways to fund their retirements would be better served by exploring other financial options. RMD reached out to Professor Teresa Ghilarducci from The New School’s department of economics to expand on the points she made in a January Forbes article saying that reverse mortgages are “a bust” because a senior’s average hom...
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Forbes Offers Reasons to Avoid Reverse Mortgages

There are at least four major reasons that potential borrowers should avoid taking a reverse mortgage, according to economics professor Teresa Ghilarducci of The New School based in New York, N.Y. in a new column at Forbes. While admitting that reverse mortgages may work for some, she says that is not true of everyone. However, at least one reverse mortgage expert finds flaws in the reasoning behind some of the stated points. The first of her stated reasons to avoid reverse mortgages revolves...
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Forbes: Managing Costs and Credit of a Reverse Mortgage

For prospective reverse mortgage borrowers, there are strengths and weaknesses to be found either in immediate or delayed leveraging of the line of credit, and the borrower’s decision concerning a package of costs should be a conscious part of the equation. This is according to the latest in a series of pieces at Forbes by Dr. Wade Pfau, professor of retirement income at the American College of Financial Services and a member of the Funding Longevity Task Force. When examining the benefits to...
Tags: Featured, Education, Finance, Forbes, HECM, Wade Pfau, Pfau, Funding Longevity Task Force, American College of Financial Services

Forbes: The Upfront and Ongoing Costs of a Reverse Mortgage

Prospective reverse mortgage borrowers looking to determine if the product is right for them can find a series of new pieces offering information on the upfront costs (origination fee, mortgage insurance premium and closing costs), ongoing costs related to the accrual of interest, spending options for a variable-rate Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and details on the growth of a HECM line of credit in a series of new articles at Forbes. Dr. Wade Pfau, a principal at McLean Asset Manage...
Tags: Featured, Education, Finance, Data, Forbes, HECM, Wade Pfau, McLean Asset Management, Pfau, American College of Financial Services

Turning Your Passion into a Global Brand

wegg® wants to help women everywhere transform their passions into global brands. Making the dreams of women entrepreneurs a reality is wegg®’s purpose. We are here for you.  You might be wondering, “How could anyone change their hobby into an international business?” Well, we recently read about one woman’s success story in this Forbes article. Becky […]
Tags: Networking, Education, Inspiration, Sales, E-commerce, Passion, How-to, Global Economy, Innovation, Global Growth, Economic Growth, Women In Business, Outsourcing, Forbes, Becky, Global Impact

How to Build a Skincare Routine: Dry Skin

Product suggestions and tips to help you build your very own skincare routine and take care of your dry skin. Building your own personal skincare routine can be a difficult task to do on your own. So, I am here to help you. This is the first post in our series on How to Build a Skincare Routine. Over the weeks ahead, I will be addressing different skin types and showing you exactly how to create a routine for your skin. First up is a dry skin routine.In this post I will be providing product rec...
Tags: College, Beauty, Skin Care, Skincare, Dry Skin, Sephora, Forbes, Skin, Burt, Beauty & Hair, Tony Moly, Peter Thomas Roth, Murad Hydrating Toner, Rose Toner, Beauty Routines, Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

Female Entrepreneurs Are the Engine of Global Growth

Bonnie Chui, contributor for Forbes, writes a thoughtful piece about how female entrepreneurs are going global and that new policy attention may close the gap. At wegg®, we are closing that gap — whether there is new policy attention or not. We not only serve women entrepreneurs by educating them on how to go global, […]
Tags: Education, Sales, Equality, Global Growth, Economic Growth, Global Trade, Forbes, Female Entrepreneurs, Exporting, Gender challenges, Global Women Entrepreneurs, Women Business Owners, Enlighten Me, Beyond Borders, Bonnie Chui, Wegg®

Hautelinks: New Glossier Products, Ariana Grande's News, Hello Kitty x Pottery Barn & More

And the rest of the things we're reading this week. How to master your post-workout primping, via Lauren Conrad.Business Insider has a great budget-friendly Father's Day gift guide with everything under $25.Omg, yes please: Colourpop is releasing 42 shades of foundation and they're only $12 each. Can't wait to see if these are good!Smashbox has also announced an increased shade range for their 24 hour foundation.
Tags: News, Mac, College, US, Harry Potter, Aaliyah, Ava Duvernay, Mindy Kaling, Pete Davidson, Forbes, Hilary Duff, Longreads, HILARY, Gilmore Girls, Lizzie, Lizzie McGuire

How Sampling Transformed Music and Created New Tapestries of Sound: An Interactive Demonstration by Producer/DJ Mark Ronson

We know the origin story of hip hop as the product of an enterprising subculture of young, mostly African-American, West Indian, and Latino tastemakers in the Bronx (or first in Brooklyn, according to an alternate history). We’ve seen at least one of the dozens of documentaries and dramatizations centered on this pivotal moment in musical history in the late 70s/early 80s—when pioneers like DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash began using two turntables and a mixer to splice together bars ...
Tags: Google, Music, College, Netflix, Brooklyn, Mark Ronson, Bronx, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Forbes, Ronson, PAUL, Facebook Twitter, Rick, Josh Jones, DJ Kool Herc

Hautelinks: What Fashion Jobs Really Pay, The Death of Vetements, Minimalist Perfume & More

Plus the rest of our favorite links this week. Lauren Conrad chatted with Goop's senior beauty editor. Must read for those who'd like to work in the industry.Also from Lauren Conrad, the best tips for packing jewelry so you don't, like me, end up with a huge tangled mess.According to The Cut, happiness has a specific smell -- who knew?Is anyone else addicted to Poshmark? Apparently resale is going to overtake retail soon and this doesn't surprise me at all.Apparently Vetements is dead. Still wa...
Tags: Lana Del Rey, News, Mac, College, Kaley Cuoco, Aldi, Gwen Stefani, Aaliyah, Anna Wintour, DHL, Harper, Bazaar, Jenner, Forbes, Lauren Conrad, W Magazine

Feel Strangely Nostalgic as You Hear Classic Songs Reworked to Sound as If They’re Playing in an Empty Shopping Mall: David Bowie, Toto, Ah-ha & More

"…if he went away, as he had once upon a time, other voices, other rooms, voices lost and clouded, strummed his dreams." - Truman Capote, Other Voices, Other Rooms Is there a word for the emotional floodtide that wells up when a song from the past catches us alone and unawares? The sensation is too private to be written off as mere nostalgia. Whatever chemical phenomenon explains it, “Cecil Robert,” a 20-year-old from Kaukauna, Wisconsin, has tapped into it in a big way, by messing with ...
Tags: Psychology, Google, Music, California, NYC, Youtube, College, Life, Africa, Radiohead, David Bowie, New Yorker, Forbes, Mac Demarco, Ucsb, Jia Tolentino

Hautelinks: KKW Concealers, Selena x Coach News & More

Plus the rest of our favorite links this week. We lost one of the greats this week: Stephen Hawking has passed away and the world will never be the same.Also, rest in peace Hubert de Givenchy. Legend.Vox covers National School Walkout Day in powerful photos.The Cut has a guide to meeting people without dating apps -- anyone single and looking, take notice!Reese Witherspoon's reaction to a writer's "Legally Blonde" dissertation will make you cry.
Tags: Amazon, News, Instagram, Reese Witherspoon, College, America, Austin, Netflix, Vogue, Stephen Hawking, Harry Potter, Kate Middleton, Zayn Malik, Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, Chanel

Hautelinks: Week of 1/4/18

Plus the rest of our favorite links this week. My Year of No Shopping, via NYT. Could you possibly do this?The 8 Best Tips I've Learned from Cookbooks, from Cupcakes & Cashmere.I think everyone can relate on some level: Ask Polly: Why Am I So Lazy?Refinery29 has your ultimate list of fashion industry insiders to know in 2018.In a similar vein, Fashionista lists the up and coming fashion influencers to watch this year. Also from Fashionista, how publications go about choosing the "sneaker of the...
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Apple Chicago: Don’t Call It a Store, It’s a Town Square

As shopping increasingly becomes a retail experience, and online commerce challenges in-store, brands are jockeying to elevate the customer journey. Few brands are setting the bar as high as Apple, which is pioneering a new retail model that aims to transform the notion of what a “store” means in 2017 (and beyond). Apple, Interbrand’s reigning “Best Global Brand,” has passed 500 retail stores worldwide, generating more than $42 billion in revenue. In 2013 hired Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts as S...
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Fender Strums Up Demand With Guitar Lessons

“Give a man a guitar and you give him an afternoon’s amusement. Teach him to play guitar and you give him a lifetime of amusement.” – Ancient Chinese proverb Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, U2 and Billy Corgan have all played Fender guitars. The brand, of course, has always figured everybody should play one. Now it is doing something about it. Using what it calls a micro-learning strategy (“Hear it, Learn It, Play It”), Fender is looking to create a new generation of guitarists ...
Tags: Music, Education, Entertainment, Uncategorized, Advertising, Digital, US, Jimi Hendrix, Canada, Billy Corgan, Fender, Ethan Kaplan, Forbes, Albert Hammond, Brand Extensions, Andy Mooney

Pay off Student Loan Debt by Going Back to School

If you are currently struggling with student loans, you’re not alone. According to Forbes, 44.2 million Americans struggle with student loan debt. For many people, the financial burden of debt infringes upon their quality of life. Thus it is important to pay off loans as soon as possible. One of the best ways to escape student loan debt is to pursue a degree that will get the highest return on your investment. If you have already graduated college with a bachelor’s degree, you may find that you’...
Tags: Money, College, Lifehacks, Forbes, Georgetown, Georgetown University, Dave Ramsey

Essential Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids

As a conscientious parent, you are dedicated to teaching your children the sorts of skills they’ll need to get by as adults. Lessons learned at a young age tend to stick for life. You teach your kids the right way to eat and you offer advice with homework, too. How about financial lessons? Your kids have a better chance of succeeding if they grow up understanding a few essentials about money.   Never too young to learn about money Believe it or not, most kids have the capacity to grasp a number...
Tags: Fashion, Kids, Money, Parenting, Finances, Money Management, Homeschooling, Forbes, Money Lessons

The Hobo Ethical Code of 1889: 15 Rules for Living a Self-Reliant, Honest & Compassionate Life

Who wants to be a billionaire? A few years ago, Forbes published author Roberta Chinsky Matuson’s sensible advice to businesspersons seeking to shoot up that golden ladder. These lawful tips espoused such familiar virtues as hard work and community involvement, and as such, were easily adaptable to the rabble—artists, teachers, anyone in the service industry or non-profit sector… It must pain her that so many billionaires have been behaving so badly of late. Let’s hope so, anyway. While there’...
Tags: Google, College, Life, New York City, History, Stephen Fry, Forbes, Facebook Twitter

A Degree in Life: Your Real College Major

Welcome back, college students. Before you have even memorized old glory’s fight song, you are greeted with a question more dreadful than any Business Calculus exam. “What do you want to do with your life?” family, friends, and career counselors prod. The implication: Your major determines your career prospects. And if you select the incorrect field, you are doomed to an unsatisfying career and life. Society mandates that you decide your career path in college. You are a business major earmar...
Tags: Psychology, General, Students, College, Failure, Success, Personal, Harvard, Nelson Mandela, Higher Education, Bill Gates, Silicon Valley, Underemployment, Gates, Forbes, Personal Growth

Designer Spotlight: Tory Burch

Get to know the designer behind everyone's favorite flats. Tory Burch with a model via ELLE Have you ever borrowed something from your Mom’s closet? Tory Burch did, and it led her to fashion fame. It all began with the Reva flat (named for Tory's mother), a simple ballet flat with a double T medallion on the toe. You probably know this piece: After all, it was fashion’s “it” shoe when it came out. I remember first hearing of Tory Burch in Oprah’s final “Favorite Things” episode, when Oprah gav...
Tags: Asia, Europe, New York, College, Morocco, University of Pennsylvania, Tory, West Coast, Hermès, Oprah Winfrey, East Coast, Oprah, Forbes, Tory Burch, Louis Vuitton, Flats

Psychology Around the Net: September 24, 2016

Well, it’s finally fall, y’all! Though my neck of the woods is still squeezing out every last drop of 90-degree weather it can. If you’re chilling at home like I am (and hey, even if you’re not you can check them out later!), take a minute to catch up on the latest about a possible connection between internet addiction and mental health issues, how to cure your fear of flying, a new plan for schools to support students’ mental health problems, and more. Internet Addiction May Signal Mental H...
Tags: Psychology, Books, Technology, Money, Students, College, Relationships, Happiness, Book, Research, Disorders, Relationship, Mental Health, Brain, Depression, Bipolar

'90s Throwback: The "Big Five" Supermodel Style

Credit: Screenshot The '90s were a time of big trends and even bigger personalities. Denim overalls, navel rings, *NSYNC, the Spice Girls — it seemed everyone and everything could achieve immediate fame and subsequent short-lived success. Looming over the multi-faceted and diverse fashion scene, however, was a headliner act that topped all others: the supermodels of the decade, collectively known as the "Big Five". The Era of the Supermodel Back when print magazine covers featured models rathe...
Tags: New York, College, Inspiration, Models, Paris, Spice Girls, Kate Moss, Calvin Klein, Vogue Italia, Elle, Naomi Campbell, Big Five, 1990s, Forbes, Nyu, 90s Fashion

Revamp the Match? Yes, but here’s an idea to try first.

In the 2014 Forbes article “How A Nobel Economist Ruined The Residency Matching System For Newly Minted MD’s,” Amy Ho argues the way we place new medical school graduates into residency positions needs to be reassessed. She calculated the cost of applying to residency to be greater than $7,500 when taking into account loans and interest. If you have not participated in the U.S. medical educational industrial complex, this may seem like an astonishingly high number for job-seeker whose salary pro...
Tags: Health, Education, Forbes, Ho, Medical School, Residency

Lifting children’s economic prospects through technology

 In 2016, Forbes reported there were 159 technology billionaires, and four of the 10 richest people in the world made their money in the tech sector. We believe there are opportunities for these technology developers to play a differential role in philanthropy — one that brings together their ability to invest wisely and their acumen for using technology to change the world. Read More
Tags: TC, Column, Education, Tech, Philanthropy, Forbes, Early Childhood Education

Edwin Land’s Deep Research

The Deep Life of Edwin Land Edwin Land is famous for co-founding the Polaroid Corporation, but he’s also known as one of the twentieth century’s most innovative inventors. In addition to his famed work on instant film development, his research on polarizing filters led to many breakthroughs. “What was Land like?…He was a true visionary,” is how his friend Elkan Bout described him. What interests me most about Land, however, was his work habits. Here he is in a 1975 interview with Forbes magazin...
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Discover Harvard’s Collection of 2,500 Pigments: Preserving the World’s Rare, Wonderful Colors

If modern paint companies’ pretentiously-named color palettes gall you to the point of an exclusively black-and-white existence, the Harvard Art Museums’ Forbes pigment collection will prove a welcome balm. The hand and typewritten labels identifying the collection’s 2500+ pigments boast none of the flashy “creativity” that J. Crew employs to peddle its cashmere Boyfriend Cardigans. Images by Harvard News The benign, and wholly unexciting-sounding “emerald green” is —unsurprisingly—t...
Tags: Google, Art, Science, College, Harvard, Museums, Van Gogh, Benjamin Moore, Forbes, Facebook Twitter, Bob Ross, Narayan Khandekar, Harvard Art Museums ' Forbes, Harvard News

Moving Parts of Reverse Mortgage Costs, More ‘Education Week’ Details

Reverse Focus Weekly Podcast Episode #404 In this week’s Reverse Focus podcast, Shannon Hicks discusses next month’s reverse mortgage “Education Week” sponsored by the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association. The inaugural, week-long event is an attempt to facilitate conversations about reverse mortgages among non-industry professionals, including financial advisers, Realtors and home care professionals. Education Week takes place April 18-22, with more details to come from NRMLA.  Also di...
Tags: Podcast, Florida, News, Education, Retirement, Houston, Forbes, National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, Education Week, Hicks, HECM, Reverse Mortgage, Wade Pfau, The American College, Reverse Focus Weekly Podcast Episode, Shannon Hicks

What Can I Do With a Business Administration Degree?

According to a recent USA Today article, business administration is one of the top 10 most popular college majors. But what exactly can you do with a business administration degree? There are many different career paths you can take in the areas of marketing, finance, management, transportation and logistics, general business, economics and more, depending on what your interests are. Check out these eight possible business administration career paths. Business analyst: Simply put, business ana...
Tags: College, Careers, Usa Today, Glassdoor, Forbes, U S Bureau of Labor Statistics, Payscale, Choosing a Major, College Majors, Adult Learners, Business Administration Degree, Business Degree, International Institute of Business Analysis, U S Bureau of Labor Statistics General, U S Bureau of Labor Statistics Marketing, U S Bureau of Labor Statistics Personal

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