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"Supreme Court says Montana program aiding private schools must be open to religious schools."

WaPo reports.Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., writing for a conservative majority in the 5 to 4 ruling, said the Montana Supreme Court was wrong to strike down the program because of a provision in the state constitution that forbids public funds from going to religious institutions. The U.S. Constitution’s protection of religious freedom prevails, he said.“A state need not subsidize private education,” Roberts wrote. “But once a state decides to do so, it cannot disqualify some private school...
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A Professor Told His Students ‘OK Boomer’ Is as Offensive as the N-Word. His Employer Disagrees

The University of Oklahoma president said recent comments by a journalism professor who compared the phrase “OK boomer” to a racial slur were “fundamentally offensive and wrong.” “Today a professor stated in his senior journalism class that there is an equivalence between the offensiveness of ‘OK, Boomer’ and the use of the ‘N-word,’ using the actual word itself. While the professor’s comments are protected by the First Amendment and academic freedom, his comment and word choice are funda...
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Here’s why these bridge-building San Fernando Valley girls call themselves Chicks with Sticks

High school. What a special time. Meeting new friends. Prom. Sports. And bridges. That’s right. Bridges. And a trio of girls from Taft Charter High School in Woodland Hills are building them. “Chicks with Sticks” Taft Charter High School student engineer team members Winona Roulston from left, Srishti Hazra and Ava Badie conduct a presentation of their model bridge built from balsa wood and glue as a prep for the upcoming National Bridge and Structure Competition to a panel of engineers and...
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‘I Wish You Bad Luck.’ Read Supreme Court Justice John Roberts’ Unconventional Speech to His Son’s Graduating Class

"I hope you will be treated unfairly, so that you will come to know the value of justice"
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The Supreme Court Struck Down One of Neil Gorsuch’s Decisions During His Hearing

One of Neil Gorsuch’s decisions about an autistic child’s education was struck down unanimously by the Supreme Court Wednesday morning during his confirmation hearing. The 8-0 ruling, which Gorsuch said he learned about on a brief five-minute bathroom break, overturned his 2008 decision in Thompson R2-J School District v. Luke P., which found that a…
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Justice Breyer joins the conservatives in staying an order requiring schools to allow a transgender student to use the bathroom that fits his gender identity.

"Breyer wrote that he joined in granting the stay, as well as recalling the mandate of the appeals court decision, 'as a courtesy' because four other justices — Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, and Samuel Alito — were voting to grant the stay and 'granting a stay will preserve the status quo (as of the time the Court of Appeals made its decision).'" [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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