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The L.A. teacher strike may be over, but observers warn there’s no ‘clear path forward’ for how LAUSD can afford its new contract

By Taylor Swaak | LA School Report The L.A. Unified school board has approved a contract with its teachers union that officials admit they can’t fully afford, calling the deal’s sustainability into question as the district receives repeated warnings from the county that it’s in severe financial straits. To shoulder about $840 million in added costs through 2021, district officials say they’re largely relying on more state funding and a 2020 California tax referendum — neither of which are guaran...
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In the 1920s America, Jazz Music Was Considered Harmful to Human Health, the Cause of “Neurasthenia,” “Perpetually Jerking Jaws” & More

These are some interesting stories about the Nazis and jazz, including one about a very bad jazz propaganda band created by Goebbels himself. But we need not mention these at all, or even leave the shores of jazz’s birthplace to find examples of extreme reactions to jazz by authoritarian figures who hated and feared it for exactly the same reasons as the Nazis. Chief among such American enemies of jazz was raging anti-Semite Henry Ford, who feared that jazz was, you guessed it, a Jewish ...
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Video games can turn university graduates into better employees | Matthew Barr

Video games improve communication, adaptibility and critical thinking – just the attributes that employers are looking forIn recent years, Boris Johnson has excelled at making ignorant pronouncements and illiterate blunders. From offensive remarks on burqas to reciting Kipling in Myanmar and his ludicrous statements on Brexit, Johnson has perfected the art of getting it wrong. It feels like he’s managed to offend just about everyone. For video game educators like myself, that moment arrived way ...
Tags: Games, Science, Students, Education, Higher Education, Games consoles, Myanmar, Universities, Boris Johnson, Lecturers, Johnson, Academics, Brexit Johnson, Matthew Barr

Anticipated LA Unified strike has some parents planning to pull their kids out of school

It was nearly 30 years ago when Yanina Nunez was a student during the last Los Angeles Unified School District strike. She was a third grader at Harbor Elementary School. Nunez remembers the nine-day strike in 1989 as chaotic. “They would send us from one class to another,” she said. “There wasn’t a lot of supervision, they would just cram us in the auditorium. We would just get there and do nothing.” Now a parent of two, Nunez doesn’t want her children to go through the same experience she did,...
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California cheerleaders fight CIF Sunday rule that stops them from competing in national championships

Costa Mesa High cheerleaders listen as coach Kori Johnson, center, shows them the new stunt they will be doing during a practices in the school’s gym in Costa Mesa on Monday, December 3, 2018 as they prepare to compete in the National High School Cheerleading Championships in Orlando in February. Pictured, from left, coach Kori Johnson, Lola Brough,14, Brooklyn Soto 15, Kyra Johnson 14 and Natalie Arzmanians, 15, (Photo by Leonard Ortiz, Orange County Register/SCNG) Costa Mesa High cheerleade...
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Rule prohibiting sports on Sundays has Southern California cheerleading coaches unsure how they’ll compete in national championships

Costa Mesa High cheerleaders listen as coach Kori Johnson, center, shows them the new stunt they will be doing during a practices in the school’s gym in Costa Mesa on Monday, December 3, 2018 as they prepare to compete in the National High School Cheerleading Championships in Orlando in February. Pictured, from left, coach Kori Johnson, Lola Brough,14, Brooklyn Soto 15, Kyra Johnson 14 and Natalie Arzmanians, 15, (Photo by Leonard Ortiz, Orange County Register/SCNG) Costa Mesa High cheerleade...
Tags: News, Education, California, Sport, Soccer, Johnson, Local News, Orlando, Southern California, Orlando Fla, Costa Mesa, Whittier, California Interscholastic Federation, Klock, Kyra Johnson, Top Stories OCR

Azusa Pacific launches games and interactive media degree

Want to major in games and interactive media? Azusa Pacific University has got your number. The school is gearing up to launch a bachelor of arts and minor program in those areas to prepare students for an industry that’s ramping up fast and generating billions in revenue. The program — the first of its kind among the 140 universities that comprise the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities — will begin in the fall of 2019. It will offer courses that extend beyond the elements of game dev...
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California’s for-profit college watchdog fails to police as feds back down

Jana Bergevin’s dream was as elusive as it is common: a career in Hollywood. Growing up near Sacramento, she didn’t imagine herself in front of a camera or even behind one. She wanted to be an animator, able to turn her imagination into stories for screens big and small. Admissions officers at The Art Institute of San Francisco convinced her the for-profit college could all but guarantee her a job in the industry if she graduated from its expensive program. They talked about their connection...
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To Boris Johnson, the truth really is an alien concept | Bobby McDonagh

Brexit will have real-world implications for millions of people, yet Johnson can’t even grant them basic honesty and respect• Bobby McDonagh is a former Irish ambassador to the UKI have a confession to make. Boris Johnson and I have a quite a bit in common. We attended the same Oxford College (Balliol). We studied the same subject (classics). We were presidents of the same debating society (the Oxford Union). However, a crucial difference is that for my part I gave up being an undergraduate when...
Tags: Europe, Politics, London, Education, European Union, Conservatives, UK News, World news, Ireland, Foreign Policy, Higher Education, Boris Johnson, University of Oxford, Johnson, Article 50, Brexit

Science of Sex: Mindfulness as a Treatment for Sexual Dysfunction

This month’s Science of Sex post is directly inspired by the book that I reviewed by Dr. Lori Brotto and, in fact, will draw from several of her studies. Mindfulness at first times to be new agey– more hype that hypothesis. But multiple studies have shown that mindfulness can have a positive impact on many facets of life, sex among them. So this month’s Science of Sex post focuses on that. Check out previous Science of Sex posts here. Dr. Brotto does a good job of explaining what mindfulness is...
Tags: College, Time, Mindfulness, Arousal, Therapy, Ed, Johnson, Desire, Sexual Dysfunction, Lori Brotto, Science of Sex, Brotto, Illustrated Manual Group Mindfulness

Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire

Better Sex Through Mindfulness: How Women Can Cultivate Desire $13.86 from Amazon Some of you may not read as many educational books about sex as I do, so you may not realize that this year has been pretty active with releases (this does not actually include my last book review, Becoming Cliterate, which was released last year). It’s why I’ve been reading about sex non-stop for the past several months. It’s been a few years since this has been the case; although, the break from reading abo...
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Science of Sex: How Sex Research Is Done

A few months ago, I took a look at some of the awesome women who are researching (and writing about sex). Now, I want to touch on just how that research is done. Someone somewhere is taking the time to study people in a lab as they watch porn or have sex or to hand out questionnaires to anyone who is willing to check a few boxes (or click a few links). Thus, this week's Science of Sex post is all about how that research is performed. Remember, if you like this post, I update Science of Se...
Tags: College, Research, Ed, Johnson, Bloomington, Kinsey, MSM, Kinsey Institute, Mary Roach, Bonk, Science of Sex, National Survey of Sexual Health, Kinsey Institude, University of Indiana Bloomington

On Social Media and Its Discontents

Split Reactions As someone who has publicly criticized the major social media platforms for years, I’ve become familiar with the common arguments surrounding this topic. One of the more interesting trends I’ve observed about this conversation is the split reaction to social media I used to hear from the political left before the 2016 election scrambled everything. This split was defined largely by age. Younger progressives were fiercely in favor of social media and were often appalled that peop...
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Boris Johnson clashes with Emmanuel Macron over Brexit

Foreign secretary hits back at French president’s invitation to Indian students, boasting of numbers coming to UKBoris Johnson has publicly clashed with Emmanuel Macron over Brexit, rebutting the French president’s invitation to Indian students to “gain access to Europe” by boasting of the increase in their numbers arriving in the UK.Macron, who has also made overtures to financial firms seeking a possible exit from London once Britain has left the EU, made his comments during a three-day trip t...
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Max Hazzard’s late jumper caps UC Irvine’s stunning comeback win against Hawaii in Big West tourney

UC Irvine’s Eyassu Worku shoots over Hawaii’s Drew Buggs during the first half of their quarterfinal game of the Big West Tournament at Honda Center in Anaheim on Thursday, Mar. 8, 2018. (Photo by Kevin Sullivan/Orange County Register/SCNG) UC Irvine’s Tommy Rutherford reacts after fouling Hawaii’s Mike Thomas during the first half of their quarterfinal game of the Big West Tournament at Honda Center in Anaheim on Thursday, Mar. 8, 2018. (Photo by Kevin Sullivan/Orange County Register/SCNG) ...
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Read A Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, a Hilarious & Informative Collection of Early Modern English Slang (1785)

A deep appreciation for profanity may rate high as a mark of a sophistication and authenticity. Cognitive psychologist Steven Pinker has made the neuroscience of swearing an object of study; legendary comic actor, writer, and “language enthusiast” Stephen Fry declares the practice a fine art; studies show that those who swear may be more honest than those who don’t; and if you have any doubt about how much swearing contributes to the literary history of the English language, just do a search on...
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An Animated Introduction to Epicurus and His Answer to the Ancient Question: What Makes Us Happy?

These days the word Epicurean tends to get thrown around in regard to things like olive oil, cutting boards, and wine aerators. The real Epicurus, an ancient Greek philosopher of the third and fourth century BCE, might not have approved, knowing as he did that happiness doesn't come from products that signal one's appreciation of high-end comestibles. But where, then, does happiness come from? Epicurus devoted his school of philosophy to finding an answer to that ancient question, and th...
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A Brief History of Making Deals with the Devil: Niccolò Paganini, Robert Johnson, Jimmy Page & More

When the term “witch hunt” gets thrown around in cases of powerful men accused of harassment and abuse, historians everywhere bang their heads against their desks. The history of persecuting witches—as every schoolboy and girl knows from the famous Salem Trials—involves accusations moving decidedly in the other direction. But we’re very familiar with men supposedly selling out to Satan, dealing—or just dueling—with the devil. They weren’t called witches for doing so, or burned at the sta...
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Science of Sex: The Women of Sexology

Welcome to the seventh installment in a feature on Of Sex and Love: Science of Sex. In this monthly segment, I discuss the science of sexuality in an easy-to-digest format that’s accessible to the casual reader. I will also follow up with some extended reading material for people who want to know more about the subject of each post. I try to update Science of Sex every second Saturday of the month, so check back soon.  This month’s incredibly late Science of Sex post is a departure from previous...
Tags: England, College, Sexology, Women, Research, Feminism, Davis, Female Sexuality, Scientists, Marie Stopes, William, Johnson, Orgasm, Whipple, Indiana University, Burns

The Case for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts & Doing Valuable “Deep Work” Instead, According to Prof. Cal Newport

A familiar ding comes from your pocket, you look up from what you’re doing and reach for the smartphone. Before you can think, "it can wait," you’ve disappeared into the screen like little Carol Anne Freeling in Poltergeist. Taken by a ghostly presence with designs upon your soul—your time, emotional well-being, creativity—Facebook. Someone has requested my friendship! You like my video? I like you! Why, I’ve got an opinion about that, and that, and that, and that…. All the little perfor...
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Ray Bradbury Reveals the True Meaning of Fahrenheit 451: It’s Not About Censorship, But People “Being Turned Into Morons by TV”

Even those of us who've never read Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 know it as a searing indictment of government censorship. Or at least we think we know it, and besides, what else could the story of a dystopian future where America has outlawed books whose main character burns the few remaining, secreted-away volumes to earn his living be about? It turns out that Bradbury himself had other ideas about the meaning of his best-known novel, and in the last years of his life he tried publ...
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How Information Overload Robs Us of Our Creativity: What the Scientific Research Shows

Flickr Commons photo by J Stimp Everyone used to read Samuel Johnson. Now it seems hardly anyone does. That’s a shame. Johnson understood the human mind, its sadly amusing frailties and its double-blind alleys. He understood the nature of that mysterious act we casually refer to as “creativity." It is not the kind of thing one lucks into or masters after a seminar or lecture series. It requires discipline and a mind free of distraction. “My dear friend,” said Johnson in 1783, according to his b...
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11,700 Free Photos from John Margolies’ Archive of Americana Architecture: Download, Use & Re-Mix

Many connoisseurs of architecture are enthralled by the modernist philosophy of Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, and I M Pei, who shared a belief that form follows function, or, as Wright had it, that form and function are one. Others of us delight in gas stations shaped like teapots and restaurants shaped like or doughnuts. If there’s a philosophy behind these insistently playful visions, it likely has something to do with joy…and pulling in tourists. Art historian John Margolies (1940-201...
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London in Vivid Color 125 Years Ago: See Trafalgar Square, the British Museum, Tower Bridge & Other Famous Landmarks in Photocrom Prints

"When a man is tired of London," Samuel Johnson so famously said, "he is tired of life." Of course, P.J. O'Rourke later added that "he might just be tired of shabby, sad crowds, low-income housing that looks worse than the weather, and tattoo-faced, spike-haired pea brains on the dole," but then, everyone experiences the English capital a bit differently. Johnson's London, the London of the eighteenth century, looks to some like a city at its zenith; others might even think the same about the L...
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Discover the “Lost” Final Scene of The Shining, Which Kubrick Personally Had Recalled and Destroyed

When we think of Stanley Kubrick, we can’t help but think of perfectionism, a quality he brought even to the making of what he called a “ghost film” — a genre for which he seemed to have little respect — with 1980’s The Shining. So much did he want to get his adaptation (or rather, near-total reimagination) of Stephen King’s novel of the haunted Overlook Hotel just right that he actually had the first set of released prints recalled and destroyed because he didn’t think he’d quite nailed...
Tags: Google, Jack Nicholson, Film, College, Stephen King, Los Angeles, Roger Ebert, Stanley Kubrick, Kubrick, Warner Bros, Johnson, Jack, Seoul, King, Wendy, Facebook Twitter

How to Dress Like Zoey Johnson from "Black-ish"

Here's how to master this new style icon's eclectic vibe. Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, while obviously still iconic, have long ended.  This summer Pretty Little Liars will come to a close. The time has come, ladies: We need to find a new, fearless TV style icon. And I don't think we need to look much further than ABC's sitcom Black-ish.The hit show is currently in its third season. It's hilarious, quirky, and unafraid to tackle hot-button political issues. It stars the Johnson family and c...
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Noam Chomsky’s Wide-Ranging Interview on a Donald Trump Presidency: “The Most Predictable Aspect of Trump Is Unpredictability”

Last May, during the contentious presidential primaries, Noam Chomsky spoke about the mounting resentments in America, the opening they’ve created for a figure like Donald Trump, and the parallels to 1930s Germany. Six months later, Trump has apparently won the election. So what does Chomsky, one of America’s leading public intellectuals, make of it all now? The MIT professor presciently warned back in 2010 that a Trump-like figure was coming. (See his comments pasted below.) But he coul...
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Our public services depend on EU migrants | Alan Travis

The Brexiters are sending out mixed messages on what would happen to the 600,000 EU migrants who work in Britain’s public sector if the UK votes to leaveAlan Johnson, a leading Labour campaigner to stay in the EU, likes to tell a joke that “if you bump into an east European in A&E, it is more than likely that they’re there to treat you.”With more than 40,000 EU migrants working in the NHS, it is a joke with more than a grain of truth. At the latest count more than 600,000 of the 2.1 million EU m...
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"Montana quarterback receives $245K settlement for university’s ‘unfair and biased’ rape investigation."

This is the Missoula case that Jon Krakauer wrote a book about.Missoula was labeled the “rape capital” of the country. Investigative reporter Jon Krakauer turned the town, and Johnson’s trial, into the centerpiece of a book on America’s college campus rape epidemic....After a tear-filled [criminal] trial, during which Johnson decided to take the stand to defend himself, a jury took less than two hours to find him not guilty.On Tuesday, the former quarterback’s comeback was complete when a court ...
Tags: Education, Law, Montana, America, Rape, Johnson, Jon Krakauer, Missoula, Krakauer, Ann Althouse

Archives of two giants of economics donated to UChicago Library

The University of Chicago has a long history of field-defining scholarship in economics. Thirty scholars affiliated with the University have won Nobel Prizes for their groundbreaking research in economics—ranging from the study of society to the intersection of law and economics. Recent gifts to the University of Chicago Library, including the papers of Nobel laureate George Stigler, PhD’38, and international trade expert Harry G. Johnson, will expand scholars’ understanding of the legacy of the...
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