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An Animated History of Cats: How Over 10,000 Years the Cat Went from Wild Predator to Sofa Sidekick

Dogs sees us as their masters while cats sees us as their slaves. - Anonymous The next time your friend’s pet cat sinks its fangs into your wrist, bear in mind that the beast is probably still laboring under the impression that it’s guarding the granaries. Anthropologist Eva-Maria Geigl’s animated Ted-Ed Lesson, The History of the World According to Cats, above, awards special recognition to Unsinkable Sam, a black-and-white ship’s cat who survived three WWII shipwrecks (on both Axis and...
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November 2018 Media Recommendations

The last month has really flown by. I feel like I was just writing last month’s media recommendations. Yet, I’m unsure exactly what I’ve done since then. It hasn’t been writing reviews. Nor did I watch anything to include in this month’s recommendations. I’ve been reading — but no books I haven’t already mentioned. I did listen to some fantastic podcasts this month, however. UnErased: The History of Conversion Therapy in America is a project in part by Jad Abumrad of Radiolab fame. The four-par...
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Two Cats Keep Trying to Get Into a Japanese Art Museum … and Keep Getting Turned Away: Meet the Thwarted Felines, Ken-chan and Go-chan

Paging director Hayao Miyazaki. A compelling subject for a feature length animation is hanging around the sliding glass doors of Hiroshima Prefecture’s Onomichi City Museum of Art. In June of 2016, a black tomcat started showing up at the museum on the regular, for reasons unknown. Those open to the sort of narrative whimsy at which Miyazaki excels might choose to believe that the beast was drawn by a cat-themed exhibit of work by noted wildlife photographer and filmmaker Mitsuaki Iw...
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Test Your Literary Mettle: Take a 50 Question Quiz from The Strand Bookstore

Image by Beyond My Ken via Wikimedia Commons Think you know literature inside and out? If you’re feeling confident, then we’d suggest taking the literary matching quizzes that the great Strand Bookstore (located in New York City, of course) has given to its prospective employees since the 1970s. Click here, and you can take a series of 5 quizzes (each with 10 questions) where you’re asked to match authors and titles. When you’re done, let us know how you did in the comments section below. Best ...
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The Ladder of Success is Different for Different People

“Welcome to the neighborhood. You will love our cozy cul-de-sac. See you at the annual block party!” the Jones’s pastel invitation coos. Don’t know the Joneses? In reality, you have known them your entire life. The Joneses represent homecoming Barbie and Ken, doting college sweethearts, first-time homebuyers, the ascending professional couple, and the glitzy “it” couple living in the tree-shrouded corner home. Which, incidentally, is where you and your family will be mingling awkwardly at the Fr...
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