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YC-backed Blabla raises $1.5M to teach English through short videos

Short, snappy, entertaining videos have become an increasingly common way for young people to receive information. Why not learn English through TikTok-like videos too? That was what prompted Angelo Huang to launch Blabla. Originally from Taiwan, Huang relocated to Shanghai in 2019 to start Blabla after working in Silicon Valley for over a decade. A year later, Blabla was chosen as part of Y Combinator’s 2020 summer cohort. The coronavirus had begun to spread in the U.S. at the time, keeping mil...
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Live captions come to Meet in four new languages

This year has marked a dramatic shift in how many of us work, learn and stay in touch with one another. And as many of us learn to embrace remote tools and virtual communication for the first time, it’s incredibly important to have inclusive, accessible and fair virtual meetings, whether you’re planning a return to the office, going fully remote or using a hybrid model, with some people together in person and some remote. For years, Google has focused on building products that help level the pla...
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Henry picks up cash to be a Lambda School for Latin America

Latin America’s startup scene has attracted troves of venture investment, lifting highly-valued companies such as Rappi and NuBank into behemoth businesses. Now that the spotlight has arrived, those same startups need more talent than ever before to meet demand. That’s where one seed-stage Buenos Aires startup wants to help. Henry has created an online computer science school that trains software developers from low-income backgrounds to understand technical skills and get employed. The company ...
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AllRight, an English language learning app for children, raises $5M from Genesis Investments

AllRight is a platform for English language learning, aimed at children four years or older, which combines lessons with real teachers and homework with “AI-powered” tutors. It’s now raised a $5 million Series A round led by Genesis Investments, with participation from TMT Investments, TerraVC and existing investors Flashpoint and Misha Lyalin. The Ukraine-based startup will now enter new markets and strengthen its positions in Poland, Russia, Spain and Latin America. AllRight’s competitors incl...
Tags: Startups, Apps, Europe, Education, Tech, Cisco, Ukraine, Latin America, TMT Investments, Recent Funding, Allright, Genesis Investments, Misha Lyalin, Poland Russia Spain, Oleg Oksyuk, Vitaly Laptenok

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative backs Indian education startup Eruditus in $113 million fundraise

Mumbai-based Eruditus, which works with top universities globally to offer more than 100 executive-level courses to students in over 80 nations, said on Monday it has raised $113 million in a new financing round as it looks to further scale its business to reach more learners. The Series D financing round for the 10-year-old startup was co-led by Leeds Illuminate and Prosus Ventures . Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and existing investors Sequoia India and Ved Capital also participated in the ro...
Tags: Apps, Asia, Education, India, Funding, Tech, Nus, Mumbai, Latin America, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, India China, Avendus Capital, Sequoia India, Eruditus, Vivian Wu, Prosus Ventures

Peruvian Singer & Rapper, Renata Flores, Helps Preserve Quechua with Viral Hits on YouTube

Ten years ago, a study by David Harmon and Jonathan Loh showed that in 30 years’ time, the world had seen a twenty percent decline in linguistic diversity. Indigenous languages and local dialects have continued to dwindle, in the U.S. and around the globe. “There are a lot of pressures in the world that are enticing or even forcing people to switch from generally smaller, more geographically restricted languages, to larger languages,” Harmon told National Geographic, “especially global l...
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Peruvian Scholar Writes & Defends the First Thesis Written in Quechua, the Main Language of the Incan Empire

We hear many tragic stories of disappearing indigenous languages, their last native speakers dying out, and the symbolic and social worlds embedded in those languages going with them, unless they’re recorded (or recovered) by historians and archived in museums. Such reporting, sad but necessary, can sometimes obscure the millions of living indigenous language speakers who suffer from systemic neglect around the world. The situation is beginning to change. The UN has called 2019 the Year ...
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Download 91,000 Historic Maps from the Massive David Rumsey Map Collection

Three years ago, we highlighted one of the most comprehensive map collections in existence, the David Rumsey Map Collection, then newly moved to Stanford University. The Rumsey Collection, we wrote then, “contains a seemingly inexhaustible supply of cartographic images”—justifiable hyperbole, considering the amount of time it would take any one person to absorb the over 150,000 physical artifacts Rumsey has amassed in one place. By 2016, Rumsey had made almost half the collection—over 67,000 im...
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Around the world and back with Google for Education

Editor’s note: This week, we’re joining thousands of educators and students at BETT in London. Visit us at booth C230, where you can demo a range of Chromebooks designed for education, including the brand new Chrome OS tablet. Follow along on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news and updates. It started with an idea in 2006: how might teaching and learning improve if we brought Google’s suite of productivity tools to schools? 13 years later, there are 80 million educators and students arou...
Tags: Google, Facebook, Europe, Japan, UK, London, Education, Australia, Mexico, Asia Pacific, Dartmouth, New Zealand, Brazil, Google Docs, Canberra, North America

Byju’s targets global expansion for its digital education service after raising $540M

India-based educational startup Byju’s was widely reported to have raised a massive $400 million round and now the company is making things official. The ten-year-old company revealed today it has pulled in a total of $540 million from investors to go after international opportunities. The round is led by Naspers, the investment firm famous for backing Tencent that also includes educational firms Udemy, Codecademy and Brainly among its portfolio. The Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board (CP...
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Oral History and Writing the Business History of Emerging Markets

Oral history is a valuable resource to explore how businesses developed and functioned in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, regions with a growing share of global economic activity and the majority of the world’s population. While oral history is not uncritical, it provides openings for opinions, voices, and judgements on events on which there was often silence. [Author: by Geoffrey Jones and Rachael Comunale]
Tags: College, Latin America, Africa Asia, Geoffrey Jones, by Geoffrey Jones and Rachael Comunale, Rachael Comunale, Business History of Emerging Markets

Wikipedia Leads Effort to Create a Digital Archive of 20 Million Artifacts Lost in the Brazilian Museum Fire

The staggering loss of a possible 20 million artifacts in the fire that consumed Brazil’s Museu Nacional in Rio boggles the mind—dinosaur fossils, the oldest human remains found in the country, and, as Emily Dreyfuss reports at Wired, “audio recordings and documents of indigenous languages. Many of those languages, already extinct, may now be lost forever.” Former Brazilian environment minister called the destruction of Latin America's biggest natural history museum "a lobotomy of the Brazilian...
Tags: Google, College, Wikipedia, Unesco, Museums, Brazil, Rio De Janeiro, Wikimedia, Taipei, Latin America, Rio, Facebook Twitter, Wikimedia Foundation, Maher, Josh Jones, Dreyfuss

Why You Should Read One Hundred Years of Solitude: An Animated Video Makes the Case

Maybe we read some celebrated literary works the way we eat kale or quinoa—you don’t exactly love it but they say it’s, like, a superfood. Not so Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. When I first started reading the novel, I couldn’t stop. Twelve hours and a couple pots of coffee later, I wanted to read it again right away. It’s a page-turner—not something one often says of literary fiction beloved by highbrow critics and academics—but I mean it as the highest possible...
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Study of Portuguese and Spanish explodes as China expands role in Latin America

Thousands more Chinese students are taking up Latin American languages with an eye to improved employabilityWhen Zhang Fangming started learning Portuguese, it was with an eye to becoming a top Chinese diplomat in Brazil. Continue reading...
Tags: Education, China, Americas, World news, Asia Pacific, Brazil, Peru, El Salvador, Latin America, Zhang Fangming

Sustainability and Green Business in Latin America During Globalization Waves

Capitalism has created much wealth but at the cost of massive ecological destruction. This has been particularly severe in Latin America over the past century. Yet the last three decades have also seen a wave of businesses across sectors ranging from beauty to eco-tourism aimed at greater sustainability. Research by Geoffrey Jones. [Author: by Geoffrey Jones]
Tags: College, Latin America, Green Business, Geoffrey Jones, by Geoffrey Jones

A Weekend Getaway to St. Croix with Spirit Airlines

I always have preconceptions about the destinations I visit, and St. Croix was no different. I visited the Florida Keys because of Bloodline and Fire Island because of Baby-Sitters Club #76: Stacey’s Lie. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil brought Savannah to life for me. Hell, I went to Budapest to see the white chocolate statue of Michael Jackson. St. Croix, though? Well, that’s a bit of a different story… I always knew St. Croix was a Caribbean island, but I didn’t really think about it...
Tags: Verizon, Florida, Usa, New York, Featured, College, Massachusetts, US, Blog, Budapest, United States, New Hampshire, Spirit, Kate, Central America, Latin America

Business, Governments, and Political Risk in South Asia and Latin America Since 1970

Geoffrey Jones and Rachael Comunale show how perceptions of political risk by business leaders in emerging markets have differed between regions. [Author: by Geoffrey Jones and Rachael Comunale]
Tags: College, Latin America, South Asia, Geoffrey Jones, by Geoffrey Jones and Rachael Comunale, Rachael Comunale

Business, Governments and Political Risk in South Asia and Latin America since 1970

Geoffrey Jones and Rachael Comunale show how perceptions of political risk by business leaders in emerging markets has differed between regions. For Latin Americans, macroeconomic and policy turbulence were the biggest sources of risk. For South Asians, excessive bureaucracy was the biggest source of risk. The study is based on a unique Harvard Business School oral history database. [Author: by Geoffrey Jones and Rachael Comunale]
Tags: College, Latin America, South Asia, Harvard Business School, Geoffrey Jones, by Geoffrey Jones and Rachael Comunale, Rachael Comunale

Our 17 favorite education moments from 2017

Editor’s Note: Happy New Year from all of us on the Google for Education team! We know you count on Google for Education in your classrooms, and we take that responsibility seriously. We remain deeply committed to bringing the best of Google to education, and to expanding learning for everyone. As we look to the year ahead, we’re looking back on our 17 favorite moments from 2017. In 2017, we... 1. Did an hour of code with Chance the Rapper for Computer Science Education Week, surprising ...
Tags: Google, Texas, London, Sweden, Education, Australia, Mexico, US, CS, Chicago, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Google Doodle, Lenovo, Chromebooks, Latin America

New Gabriel García Márquez Digital Archive Features More Than 27,000 Digitized Letters, Manuscript Pages, Photos & More

Unidentified photographer. Gabriel García Márquez in Aracataca, March 1966. Courtesy Harry Ransom Center. When Gabriel García Márquez died in 2014, it was said that only the Bible had sold more books in Spanish than the Colombian writer’s work: Love in the Time of Cholera, The Autumn of the Patriarch, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, The General in His Labyrinth… and yes, of course, One Hundred Years of Solitude, the 1967 novel William Kennedy described in a New York Times review as “the first pi...
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How the CIA Funded & Supported Literary Magazines Worldwide While Waging Cultural War Against Communism

Over the course of this tumultuous year, new CIA director Mike Pompeo has repeatedly indicated that he would move the Agency in a “more aggressive direction.” In response, at least one person took on the guise of former Chilean president Salvador Allende and joked, incredulously, “more aggressive”? In 1973, the reactionary forces of General Augusto Pinochet overthrew Allende, the first elected Marxist leader in Latin America. Pinochet then proceeded to institute a brutal 17-year dictatorship ch...
Tags: Google, Asia, Europe, Politics, London, College, Berlin, Africa, US, History, Peter Matthiessen, Literature, Cia, Whitney, Lebanon, Louis Armstrong

Crime and Violence: Desensitization in Victims to Watching Criminal Events

Findings from an experiment by Rafael Di Tella and colleagues show that victims of crimes become desensitized to violence in biological and cognitive ways. These results may help explain a troubling contradiction in Latin America: rising crime along with decreasing public concern about it. [Author: by Rafael Di Tella, Lucia Freira, Ramiro H. Gálvez, Ernesto Schargrodsky, Diego Shalom, and Mariano Sigman]
Tags: College, Latin America, Rafael Di Tella, Ernesto Schargrodsky, Mariano Sigman, by Rafael Di Tella, Lucia Freira, Ramiro H. Gálvez, Diego Shalom, and Mariano Sigman

Emerging Markets and the Future of Business History

This paper by Geoffrey Jones and colleagues argues that there are important commonalities about the business history of countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America despite differences between countries and within regions of each country. [Author: by Gareth Austin, Carlos Dávila, and Geoffrey Jones]
Tags: College, Latin America, Africa Asia, Geoffrey Jones, by Gareth Austin, Carlos Dávila, and Geoffrey Jones, Gareth Austin Carlos Dávila

Meet the sixth graders who built a potable water dispenser

Schools in Latin America and around the world are searching for ways to take student impact beyond the classroom. In Mexico, we wanted to explore how teachers and students are using technology to empower a rising generation of innovative changemakers—and this week, we’re sharing some of the stories we found. Tune into the hashtag #innovarparami to see how education leaders in Latin America are thinking about innovation.For Enrique Cordero, a GEG (Google Educator Groups) teacher and IT administra...
Tags: Education, Mexico, Latin America, Puebla, Rodrigo, Enrique, PACO, Ariel Koren, Enrique Cordero

Meet the fifth grader turning water bottles into light bulbs to brighten communities

Schools in Latin America and around the world are searching for ways to take student impact beyond the classroom. In Mexico, we wanted to explore how teachers and students are using technology to empower a rising generation of innovative changemakers—and this week, we’re sharing some of the stories we found. Tune into the hashtag #innovarparami to see how education leaders in Latin America are thinking about innovation.Twelve-year-old Bryan Gonzalez was traveling through a neighborhood near his ...
Tags: Education, Mexico, Latin America, Bryan, Ariel Koren, Bryan Gonzalez, Doña Sofía, Bryan Bryan

Meet a teacher helping indigenous women in Mexico get online

Schools in Latin America and around the world are searching for ways to take student impact beyond the classroom. In Mexico, we wanted to explore how teachers and students are using technology to empower a rising generation of innovative changemakers—and this week, we’re sharing some of the stories we found. Tune into the hashtag #innovarparami to see how education leaders in Latin America are thinking about innovation.Miroslava Silva is a teacher, social scientist and activist who has dedicated...
Tags: Education, Mexico, Google Cardboard, Latin America, Angelica, Ariel Koren, Miroslava Silva, Miroslava, University of Querétaro, Otomí Angélica Ruiz, Angélica Miroslava

Cuban Fashion: 3 Outfits Inspired by the #1 Country We're Dying to Visit

Spice up your wardrobe with a Cuban flare. Ever since travel restrictions against the country were relaxed in 2016, Cuba's stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and picturesque landscapes have gained national attention. The fashion industry has taken notice, too. Chanel held their Resort 2017 show in Havana, making it the first Chanel show to ever take place in Latin America. Though travel restrictions were tightened up again a few months ago, we still have the country on our minds, and today...
Tags: Fashion, College, Inspiration, US, Summer, Vacation, Chanel, Colorful, Cuba, 1950s, Latin America, Havana, Caribbean, Tropical, 1960s, Ruffles

#GraciasALosProfes: Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day in Mexico

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, or Día del Maestro, in Mexico, where 30 GEG (Google Educator Groups) leaders are at the helm of the movement to transform education through technology in Latin America. Our Mexican GEG leaders empower their fellow teachers to harness tech to meet students’ needs. We are amazed at the innovative and inspiring ways these teachers and leaders are building their movement across Mexico—from Guadalajara to Mexico City to Monterrey. In Quéretaro, Nay Belaunzaran t...
Tags: Chrome, Google, Education, Mexico, Mexico City, Chromebooks, Latin America, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Veronica, Gabriela, Nay, G Suite, G Suite for Education, Adriana TenaAriel Koren, Quéretaro Nay Belaunzaran

75 Fun (and Incredible) Gap Year Ideas for High School Students

You’re on the verge of graduating high school and beginning to think about the future, but what if you want to see a bit of the world before being tied down to a college degree program? That’s where a gap year comes in! A gap year is an increasingly popular way for students and young adults to take several months to grow and develop through experiences. Whether you stick close to home and commit to a local volunteer effort or you pack a backpack to travel across Europe, a gap year is unique for ...
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An Animated Introduction to Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent and How the Media Creates the Illusion of Democracy

For nearly as many years as he’s occupied the public eye, famed linguist and anarchist philosopher Noam Chomsky has made claims that might have discredited other academics. Perhaps his many books, articles, lectures, interviews, etc. carry such weight because of his “famed linguist” status and his longtime tenure at MIT. But there’s more to his longevity as a respected critic of U.S. state power. His voice carries authority because he substantiates his arguments with erudite, granular an...
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