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What Are We Going to Do About This Disaster of a School Year?

As difficult at the spring was, with having our kids home with us all day as we ourselves tried to keep working, it did have a finite feel about it. At the most, it could only go on as long as the rest of the school year, which in my case was just shy of three months. And while they did have online assignments and…Read more...
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Learn to think like an engineer with the help of these courses

Engineering is the foundation of society, from physical infrastructure to every device in your possession.Electrical engineering is one of the most in-demand occupations in the technological age.The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle teaches you how to think like an engineer. Have you ever felt like you're just not good at math? Many people feel they don't have the intuitive sense needed to grapple with mathematical concepts. Yet no one is born a math genius. As with everything, it takes tim...
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Education vs. learning: How semantics can trigger a mind shift

The terms 'education' and 'learning' are often used interchangeably, but there is a cultural connotation to the former that can be limiting. Education naturally links to schooling, which is only one form of learning.Gregg Behr, founder and co-chair of Remake Learning, believes that this small word shift opens up the possibilities in terms of how and where learning can happen. It also becomes a more inclusive practice, welcoming in a larger, more diverse group of thinkers.Post-COVID, the way we t...
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Changing the way we grade students could trigger a wave of innovation

Schools are places where learning happens, but how much of what students learn there matters? "Almost all of our learning happens through experience and very little of it actually happens in these kinds of organized, contrived, constrained environments," argues Will Richardson, co-founder of The Big Questions Institute and one of the world's leading edupreneurs.There is a shift starting, Richardson says, in terms of how we look at grading and assessments and how they have traditionally dictated ...
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Here's What Pediatricians Recommend for School This Fall

Parents everywhere are holding their breath this summer, waiting to see what school in the fall might look like. Sending kids into school everyday seems so risky for everyone involved; and yet, the thought of more weeks or months of remote learning is also emotionally daunting. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)…Read more...
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Grades are like grenades

Photo from Flickr  Grades are grenades exploding in the mind like waves and wounding little children as they try to find a place to avoid the flying shrapnel of sarcasm and hide behind the walls they build and weep within a chasm of silence their faces contorted with confusion at the verbal violence. Grades are like grenades With remnants of regret they strive to avoid the bottom set while aspiring to be the teacher’s pet which is something many grasp for but few will re...
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Gadgets That Are Set to Shape Education and How They Are Useful in Learning

With the advancement in technology, many gadgets are used in class, and their advantages are enormous. To point… The post Gadgets That Are Set to Shape Education and How They Are Useful in Learning appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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The student-teacher relationship is one of the big keys to education. Let’s innovate.

Relationships are important for all learners, says strategic education advisor Jackie Jodl, but they are particularly important to those who are at risk. When it comes to promoting engagement and sustained performance, the research shows that boys are more dependent on these student-teacher relationships than girls.An important question in the wake of COVID is how technology can enrich these relationships and contribute to learning in remote and hybrid settings?Jodl sees this "disruption" as an ...
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The insane problem of US standardized testing

When it comes to elements of the US education system that simply don't work, there is one controversial topic that educators always come back to: standardized testing.For Rosalind Wiseman, best-selling author and founder of Cultures of Dignity, using standardized tests as the ultimate barometer of a student's worth (and of the quality of education provided by an institution), and perpetuating that system for profit, is not only problematic and inaccurate, it is "criminal" and "irresponsible."The...
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Turn your YouTube channel into a career with this 8-step course bundle

Over 1.3 billion people use YouTube regularly and 30 million visit the site daily.Over 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. The Become a Professional YouTuber Bundle can show you how to leverage the platform and make money. YouTube is the primary platform for capturing an audience. Since launching in April 2005, the video-sharing site now services over 300 hours of content every minute. With over 10,000 YouTubers amassing over one billion views, traction is possible. You just need...
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From day trading to penny stocks, here's your complete guide to investing

The stock market can be unpredictable, but understanding its patterns makes you a better investor.Learning technical analysis and trading strategies is possible for anyone willing to invest some time, thanks to this bundle.Staying cool under pressure is a skill transferrable from the stock market to everyday life. All eyes have been on the stock market over the last few months. While many people have pulled their investments out, smart traders recognize that market fluctuations dictate that ther...
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What if education was engaging for every student?

In 2012, I founded OpenStax as a then-radical solution to the Great Recession: Why not make college textbooks free for students? And why not make them open-licensed?Now we are faced with COVID-19, another crisis of enormous scale—and one that is once again underscoring the harsh inequities in our communities and accelerating the existing gap between the haves and the have-nots.Student engagement and open education are the next frontiers that innovators must address if we want education to live u...
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This is how you overcome a language barrier

Learning a language can be a tricky process, but it's important to remember that it is a process.Having learned 20 languages so far, Canadian polyglot and LingQ founder Steve Kaufmann's advice is to not focus on the grammar. Constantly thinking about the rules while attempting to speak only makes it harder. Investing time (often several months) into listening, reading, and practicing words before trying to speak a language will help you feel more comfortable with it. You will make mistakes, but ...
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How COVID-19 will destroy and rebirth education

When considering what the future of learning post-COVID-19 will look like, you have to start with a strong foundation. Daniel Kinzer, educator and founder of Pacific Blue Studios, looks at it like a seed that has to be grown. Informed by the culture and geology of Hawaii, Kinzer explains the concept of kipuka: a patch of land, untouched by flowing lava, that provides the DNA to restore life to the landscape. Applying that idea to the reshaping of education, he says that we must identify those ki...
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Engaging online learners 5

Photo from Pixabay This series is about how teachers can improve engagement for online learners (see links below for previous posts in the series). All forms of education require learners to engage, but when teachers and their students are separated by geographical distance, the challenges increase.This post is about improving student engagement in asynchronous modes - which can be forgotten in the rush to connect with video. And yet asynchronous modes of online learning can be as equally...
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The school curriculum has stopped breathing. Let’s bring it back to life.

The role of curriculum planners is to ensure that what students are being taught doesn't become stale and rigid. "The minute curriculum stops breathing, it gets really boring fast," says Heidi Hayes Jacobs, president of Curriculum Designers Inc.Jacobs says there are three necessary questions that designers have to ask while moving forward during and after COVID-19: What should be cut that isn't working, what essential components should be kept, and maybe most importantly, what will be created? S...
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Engaging online learners 4

Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels In previous posts in this series (see links below), I explored some of the nuances of engaging online learners in creative writing and critical thinking. It's not an easy prospect, especially when you are some distance away and all your communication is being mediated through technology.The next two posts will focus on some of the methods used to engage students for other purposes, for example, reflection on practice, problem solving, creating content an...
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Engaging online learners 3

Photo by Steve Wheeler In previous posts here and also here, I wrote about how to engage learners in online collaborative writing. I developed a 5 step model based on the work of Lani Gunawardena (1995) which I used to promote deeper and more critical engagement for online learners working in wikis. Here's a snapshot of the model: The model starts with Exploration (where students are finding out about their new learning environment, discovering the do's and dont's and generally orientati...
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Living with ADHD: how I learned to make distraction work for me

Even today, 20 years after my childhood diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), I am still keenly aware of how my attention wavers, lapses or holds differently from that of most people. I'm prone to experiencing 'blank' patches in conversation, when I suddenly realise I have no recollection of the past 30 or so seconds of what's been said, as if someone has skipped forward through the video feed of my life (occasionally, I resort to 'masking', or feigning comprehension – wh...
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Engaging online learners 1

Photo by Steve Wheeler Engaging learners can be difficult in any context. Engaging them in online environments can amplify the problem. You're not in the room to intervene, and behaviour management is much more of a concern when you're separated from your students. It's not as if you can run down the corridor and bang a few heads together. All you have is your voice. And perhaps your social presence, if you know how to invoke it. From my experience in traditional classrooms lack of...
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Here’s a new way to do study abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

With the U.S. and much of the world engulfed in the COVID-19 pandemic, travel restrictions and health risks have threatened to make study abroad difficult, if not impossible. But that doesn't mean students won't still want to learn about other cultures and see how people in other parts of the world approach different issues, such as climate change, income inequality or human rights. Ideally, students would learn about these things in different cultural contexts by actually going to other c...
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This is the superpower teachers need to flex

Teachers have arguably the most important job on Earth. It's their responsibility to help shape who young people will become by inspiring them and connecting with them as human beings.Trust has to be earned before any meaningful learning can happen.The superpower that poet and children's fiction author Kwame Alexander learned from his mother is the ability to connect emotionally with his audience first so that they are open and interested in tackling heavier subjects and having challenging conve...
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What should schools teach? Now is the moment to ask.

The coronavirus pandemic has left many at an interesting crossroads in terms of mapping out the future of their respective fields and industries. For schools, that may mean a total shift not only in how educators teach, but what they teach.One important strategy moving forward, thought leader Caroline Hill says, is to push back against the idea that getting ahead is more important than getting along. "The opportunity that education has in this moment to really push students and think about what ...
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Why we must teach students to solve big problems

Asking kids 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' is a question that used to make sense, says Jaime Casap. But it not longer does; the nature of automation and artificial intelligence means future jobs are likely to shift and reform many times over.Instead, educators should foster a culture of problem solving. Ask children: What problem do you want to solve? And what talents or passions do you have that can be the avenues by which you solve it?"[T]he future of education starts on Monday and...
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Imagine learning empathy at school. Global Oneness Project does just that.

Stories are at the heart of learning, writes Cleary Vaughan-Lee, Education Director for the Global Oneness Project. They have always challenged us to think beyond ourselves, expanding our experience and revealing deep truths. Vaughan-Lee explains 6 ways that storytelling can foster empathy and deliver powerful learning experiences. Global Oneness Project is a free library of stories—containing short documentaries, photo essays, and essays—that each contain a companion lesson plan and learning ac...
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LIVE AT 2 PM ET | Lead your team toward collaborative problem solving

Add event to calendar In this Big Think Live session with Keith Ferrazzi, moderated by Bob Kulhan, Ferrazzi will dive into management and leadership methods, explaining what it means to "lead without authority." How can we rethink the organizational structures that keep us in unproductive silos and learn to build true teams instead? How can we be more emotionally intelligent in meetings? And, as an exclusive for Edge subscribers, Ferrazzi will teach a lesson on collaborative problem solvin...
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Lead your team toward collaborative problem solving

In this Big Think Live session with Keith Ferrazzi, moderated by Bob Kulhan, Ferrazzi will dive into management and leadership methods, explaining what it means to "lead without authority." How can we rethink the organizational structures that keep us in unproductive silos and learn to build true teams instead? How can we be more emotionally intelligent in meetings? And, as an exclusive for Edge subscribers, Ferrazzi will teach a lesson on collaborative problem solving. Keith Ferrazzi is the f...
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The world and workforce need wisdom. Why don’t universities teach it?

Many university mission statements do not live up to their promise, writes Ben Nelson, founder of Minerva, a university designed to develop intellect over content memorization.The core competencies that students need for success—critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and cross-cultural understanding, for example—should be intentionally taught, not left to chance. These competencies can be summed up with one word: wisdom. True wisdom is the ability to apply one's knowledge appropriate...
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Foresight is 2020. Let’s talk about the future of learning.

Today is the launch of The Future of Learning, a series by Z-17 Collective in collaboration with Big Think.Over the next several weeks, we will be releasing interviews and articles with education thought leaders, examining how the coronavirus era will forever change the way we teach and learn.How can we future-proof our schools so that they better serve our children and our communities? We are in the throes of the greatest learning moment in the history of education. COVID has forced all of us—...
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Hyper-innovation: COVID-19 will forever change the way we teach kids

Long-held structures in the education system, like classroom confines and schedules, have held back innovation for a long time, says education leader Richard Culatta.In the coronavirus era, we have been able to shake some of those rigid structures loose, making way for creativity and, ultimately, a more open mindset. When creativity and technology combine, learning can become so much more than delivering content to a student. Culatta gives two stunning examples: one of a biotech class, and anoth...
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