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LAUSD teachers went on strike in 1989. But are the stakes higher in 2019?

Whether they were stuck in an auditorium or playing long-term hooky, many a school kid old enough to remember the 1989 Los Angeles teachers strike recalls the period as nine days of good old-fashioned lawlessness. Quoted in a New York Times article at the time, LAPD Lieut. Frank Valdez expressed his concern about “little predators” roaming LA’s downtown streets. “The problem kids are not going to go to school and it’s going to create problems all over, not just on campus,” he said during the str...
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The Lenny Bruce Archive: Brandeis Digitally Preserves the Legacy of the Pathbreaking Comedian

Edgy, smart, aggressive, unapologetically Jewish, Lenny Bruce mixed Yiddishisms, hipster slang, colorful terms for various sex acts, and social, political, and religious satire in a high-wire improvisatory act he thought of as verbal jazz. Marketed as a sick comedian, Bruce got his start playing strip clubs, and ended upbitter, defeated, blacklisted, and addictedranting and reading court transcripts from his various obscenity trials. It was a sad end to a brilliant and too-short ca...
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Hear the Famously Controversial Concert Where Leonard Bernstein Introduces Glenn Gould & His Idiosyncratic Performance of Brahms’ First Piano Concerto (1962)

Something highly unusual happened during the New York Philharmonic's concert of April 6, 1962. After the intermission, just before starting the second half with the First Piano Concerto of Johannes Brahms featuring Glenn Gould, conductor Leonard Bernstein stepped onto the podium and said a few words to prepare the audience for what would come next: You are about to hear a rather, shall we say, unorthodox performance of the Brahms D Minor Concerto, a performance distinctly different from ...
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