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LAUSD board hears arguments for and against cuts in police department

Activists supporting the Black Lives Matter movement took their arguments once again to the Los Angeles Unified School District on Tuesday, June 30, urging board members to “defund” the school district’s independent law enforcement agency. This time, the proposal aimed to slash funding for the district’s police force by 50%. The board had not taken a vote on the matter as of about 3 p.m. Tuesday, after going into closed session about 2:30 p.m., following hours of public testimony on the police i...
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LAUSD will open family hubs to serve students amid schools closure

Los Angeles Unified officials were working on launching 40 family resource centers to serve the legion of students who are now at home in an effort to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. The decision is expected to assist thousands of low-income students in the district, which includes roughly 900 campuses, thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of students — 18,000 of whom who are unhoused, living in cars and shelters with their parents. In addition, the district is working on ...
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The Shifting Power of the World’s Largest Cities Visualized Over 4,000 Years (2050 BC-2050 AD)

"When Rome fell…." The expression seems designed to conjure the Tarot card Tower that illustrates it, a sudden attack, a reckoning. “Fell,” in the case of most ancient empires, means declined, changed, and transformed over centuries. As all great cities do, Rome suffered many violent shocks during its fall, as it transitioned from a pagan to a Christian empire. The sacking of Rome in 410 left Romans reeling, trying to make meaning from upheaval. They found it in the pagan religion of their ance...
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The L.A. teacher strike may be over, but observers warn there’s no ‘clear path forward’ for how LAUSD can afford its new contract

By Taylor Swaak | LA School Report The L.A. Unified school board has approved a contract with its teachers union that officials admit they can’t fully afford, calling the deal’s sustainability into question as the district receives repeated warnings from the county that it’s in severe financial straits. To shoulder about $840 million in added costs through 2021, district officials say they’re largely relying on more state funding and a 2020 California tax referendum — neither of which are guaran...
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The Ideal Answer for Advanced schooling Coursework Which You Can Find Out About Without delay

Highest Choices of Advanced schooling Coursework Prepare your work schedule at the start of the semester, therefore you know what’s coming in the future. Through a wintertime system, you should create three credits in a couple of weeks! All aspects are less demanding when you’ve got a strategy. The College Training Action Be certain to also label lower any crucial schedules or program changes in relation to your task, whenever you haven’t pretty much. You have to have the capacity to concentr...
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University Training Functionalities

Where to shop for College Coursework A common university training is five credits so you may imagine 8 to 12 a lot of time of homework daily from 1 class. Only over here you’re free to decide to buy training about the highest top quality in just 2 or 3 days and nights. The hardest daytime of my advanced schooling job, without any doubt, was wanting to learn what credits transferred, reports essay help Crotty. The Grubby Actuality About Higher education Training If experiencing internationall...
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Stream Online the Complete “Lost” John Coltrane Album, Both Directions at Once

Expectations ran high when it was announced last month that a lost (!) John Coltrane album, Both Directions at Once, had been discovered by the family of his ex-wife Naima, and would finally be released for fans to hear. Would it prove worthy of Sonny Rollin’s comparison to “finding a new room in the Great Pyramid”? Such discoveries can lead to dead ends and disappointments as often as to revelations. In this case, the album yields neither, which is not to say it isn’t, as Chris Morris w...
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Dancing in Movies: A Montage of Dance Moments from Almost 300 Feature Films

Someone went through a great deal of effort to stitch together a montage of dance scenes from some 300 feature films. Below find a list of films in order of their appearance, and with the appropriate timestamp. 00:00:06 - Tropic Thunder (2008) 00:09:17 - 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) 00:10:10 - Frank (2014) 00:11:02 - Deadpool (2016) 00:12:02 - Girlhood (2015) 00:13:10 - West Side Story (1961) 00:16:18 - Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) 00:18:00 - Big (1988) 00:18:14 - Risky Business (1983) ...
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Grateful for William Seymour, N L. Robinson, One Community Church Awards, Arkansas Baptist College Trustee, & Life Action Advisory Board Appointments

In the past three months, I have been chosen to receive three distinguished awards and given an opportunity to serve on the Board of Trustees of a Historically Black College and on the Advisory Board of an evangelical revival ministry with an incredible vision. There are numerous awards, certificates, plaques and tributes I have received across a forty-year span of public life and ministry. I am equally thankful and godly proud of all those as well. Typically, I am not one who desires or broadca...
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Underrated Albums That You Want the World to Know About: What’s on Your List?

This is not an easy post to write. I am going to talk about something personal. Yes, it’s time to discuss underrated albums, a term that can mean so many things to so many people that we might as well talk about underrated dreams. But dreams can be shared, at least in pop culture and the subcultural caverns beneath it. And people can share opinions about an underrated album, especially in the disparate communities of the internet, where devotees can find each other easily. When I was you...
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College center raises awareness of national fellowship, research opportunities

Joe Joseph spent months last year applying to the prestigious Harry S. Truman Scholarship. The rigorous process involved crafting a well-articulated personal statement and a detailed public policy proposal—one which offered a “fresh approach” to a pressing social problem—in just 500 words. “It was grueling,” said Joseph, a fourth-year student in the College. “One of the most difficult application processes I have ever undergone.” Joseph is one of hundreds of UChicago students who received help...
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The King’s University Will Now Accept Credits from Charis Bible College

The King’s University is a ministry training school founded by preacher Jack Hayford and later moved to Southlake, TX to be housed at Robert Morris’ Gateway Church. In May, I reported that TKU was losing students and considering the closure of several branch campuses around the country.  Nonetheless, Morris and the school leadership continue to promote [Read More...]
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Oscar-Winning Filmmaker Errol Morris Creates a Commercial for Depend Adult Diapers

There’s a gender assumption for every stage of life these days. From gender-coded Lego play sets and teen magazines, we progress to lightweight, pink tool sets or their more traditional, apparently “masculine” counterpart. After that? Adult diapers. Physically, it makes sense that the latter would divide along assigned gender lines. Biology may not be the trump card it was once considered to be, but, in general, it continues to visit wider hips on those born female organs than those rocking...
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Bob Geldof Talks About the Greatest Day of His Life, Stepping on the Stage of Live Aid, in a Short Doc by Errol Morris

I remember being a teen in the UK when the news broke that Bob Geldof was assembling a group of pop stars to record a Christmas single to help the starving in Africa, particularly Ethiopia, which had been ravaged by famine since 1983. It was presented like “breaking news” around tea time—possibly during one of the music shows airing then—and made to sound like something world changing was about to happen. The super group of British pop singers was dubbed Band Aid. I’ll never know whether...
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