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Students file lawsuit against colleges in bribery scandal

SAN FRANCISCO — Two college students have filed a lawsuit against the University of Southern California, Yale University and other colleges where prosecutors say parents paid bribes to ensure their children’s admission. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in federal court in San Francisco and alleges the students were denied a fair opportunity for admission. Erica […]
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Art Institute of Seattle students plan next steps after school’s abrupt closure

Administrators at other schools hope to accommodate former Art Institute of Seattle students, but many students worry the school's sudden closure will cost them in time and money.
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Los Angeles braces for teachers strike this week

Barring a last-minute settlement, Los Angeles teachers plan to go on strike Thursday. A lot is at stake for educators, their union and the nation’s second-largest school system.
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Strangling death of UW research monkey prompts federal warning; activist calls for stiffer punishment

The incident marks the third primate death since February 2016 at the UW lab, which conducts studies related to human health and neuroscience on hundreds of monkeys in a newly-built $142 million underground facility.
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Trump pick for acting defense secretary brings a knack for complex issues honed at UW, Boeing

Little is known of Patrick Shanahan’s political views, but his early six-year stint on the University of Washington’s board of regents offers a glimpse into how he approached an array of challenges, from an ambitious campus expansion to student unrest.
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48 US college students awarded Marshall scholarships to study in UK

Forty-eight U.S. students have been awarded the 2019 Marshall Scholarship, the largest class of scholars in the program’s 65-year history. The U.K. government mainly funds the scholarships and announced them Monday. Recipients come from across the U.S., and next year’s group includes more women than ever before. The scholarships enable intellectually distinguished young Americans to […]
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Seattle’s Holocaust Center works with teachers to curb hatred as anti-Semitic attacks surge

Anti-Semitic incidents in Washington rose almost sevenfold last year, according to a report by the Anti-Defamation League.
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Teachers: How are you talking to your students about the Kavanaugh hearings today?

Are you a teacher watching the hearings with your students today? Why or why not? If you're not watching the hearings, how are you addressing them with your classes? We want to hear about the discussions you and your students are having.
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School workers donate sick days to help Florida teacher

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — A Florida teacher who burned through his sick days fighting colon cancer last spring was forced to plan chemo treatments around his class schedule for the fall semester. That was until some 60 teachers and employees of the Palm Beach County School system stepped up when world history teacher Robert […]
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Colorado college reprinting up to 9.2K diplomas to fix typo

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) — A Colorado university is offering to reprint up to 9,200 diplomas after the outgoing editor of the school newspaper found a big typo. Alec Williams was checking to make sure his name was spelled correctly on his Colorado Mesa University diploma when he noticed it said “Coard of Trustees” instead […]
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For sale: Survey data on millions of high-school students

Students answering a college-planning questionnaire, called MyCollegeOptions, or surveys that come with the SAT or the PSAT tests administered by the College Board, ended up signing away personal details that were later sold and shared.
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Colleges offer to pay tuition for part of grads’ future salary

Unlike with standard education loans, students with income-share agreements pay back a percentage of their salary for a set period. Advocates say colleges then have more incentive to help students find high-earning jobs after graduation.
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Ignore race in school admissions, Trump administration says

The Justice and Education departments will encourage the nation’s schools and universities to adopt race-blind admissions policies.
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White House to propose merging education, labor agencies

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is planning to propose merging the education and labor departments as part of a broader government overhaul. That’s according to a person familiar with the plans who was not authorized to speak publicly so spoke on condition of anonymity. Soon after he took office, President Donald Trump charged the Office […]
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University of Chicago drops SAT, ACT requirement for U.S. students

The University of Chicago’s announcement was a watershed, cracking what had been a solid and enduring wall of support for the primary admission tests among the two dozen most prestigious research universities in the nation.
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Oregon high school faces state hearing on allegations of anti-gay acts

NORTH BEND, Ore. (AP) — A coastal Oregon high school is facing anti-gay discrimination allegations as the Oregon Department of Education is planning a hearing and may impose sanctions. Two young women who were an openly gay couple cited several incidents. They were walking in the school parking lot when the principal’s son drove up, […]
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Sheriff: Active shooter reported at Texas high school

SANTA FE, Texas (AP) — Law enforcement responded to a high school near Houston after an active shooter was reported on campus Friday, with at least one student saying she saw a man with a gun enter her classroom and start shooting as the class evacuated. The Santa Fe school district issued an alert around […]
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School walkouts across U.S. to remember Columbine, keep up push for change

The self-named “mass shooting generation” plans to walk out of school to commemorate that dark day, and to protest about how little has changed in 19 years. Two students murdered 13 victims before killing themselves at Columbine High School in Colorado.
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Nation’s Report Card shows flat results in students’ reading, math

The results of the latest Nation’s Report Card are in and the news isn’t good. Overall, only roughly a third of American eighth-graders are proficient in reading and math, along with about 40 percent of fourth-graders.
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After going to class without a bra, Florida student is told to cover her nipples

Lizzy Martinez, 17, decided not to wear a bra under her gray long-sleeve shirt last Monday, and school officials felt she became a target of her classmates’ stares.
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Howard University students end occupation of administration building

Howard University students and officials announced Friday afternoon an end to a lengthy occupation of the administration building at the historically black college in Northwest Washington, a student protest that put a spotlight on long-simmering grievances. Students took over the administration building March 29, hanging a banner that read “Student Power” by elevators. Throughout the […]
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5 Pi Day deals to help you celebrate the famous, irrational number

There are plenty of places to get some inexpensive pie in the Seattle area on Pi day, celebrated predictably on March 14.
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T. Berry Brazelton, pediatrician who soothed generations of parents, dies at 99

T. Berry Brazelton, a pediatrician whose best-selling guides to child-rearing soothed generations of parents, assuring them that they need not seek perfection and that the answers to many of their questions lay before them in their children’s behavior, died March 13 at his home in Barnstable, Massachusetts. He was 99. His daughter-in-law, Jennifer Brazelton, confirmed […]
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Britain playgrounds: learning to accept risk, and occasional ‘owie’

After decades spent ratcheting up safety measures, many British educators say the pendulum has swung too far. Bring on the scissors, bricks and mud pits.
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Teacher finds gun in Florida kindergartner’s backpack

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A teacher found a gun inside a kindergartner’s backpack at a Florida charter school, but it is unclear how it got there. Somerset Academy Lakes Elementary Principal Clint Duvo said in a statement posted on the West Palm Beach school’s Facebook page that the gun was found Thursday morning and […]
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Seattle University to overlook high-school suspensions for peaceful activism

In the wake of national student activism on gun laws, Seattle University joined a growing list of colleges and universities that pledged to overlook a high-school suspension if it results from peaceful activism.
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Trump comments points to deep divisions over arming teachers

Teachers wondered about scenarios in which they could face shooters on a hectic campus — or even, potentially, draw a gun to confront an armed and dangerous student.
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‘Draconian and unreasonable’: College Republicans file suit seeking to invalidate UW security fee for Saturday rally

The lawsuit filed by the UW club asks the court to issue an injunction invalidating the fee and seeks an unspecified amount for monetary damages and attorneys’ fees.
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Arno Motulsky, a founder of medical genetics, dies at 94

Dr. Arno G. Motulsky, a refugee from Nazi Germany who taught at the University of Washington and became a founder of medical genetics, recognizing the connection between genes and health long before mainstream medicine did, died on Jan. 17 at his home in Seattle.
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Yale’s most popular class subject ever: happiness

With nearly 1,200 students signed up, a course that tells students how to lead more satisfying lives may be the largest in university history.
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