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The 11 best MCAT courses, based on your studying style

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Kaplan; Magoosh; The Princeton Review; Blueprint; Alyssa Powell/Insider A Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) score is required for entry to medical school. Online courses and practice tests can help you study and even raise your MCAT score. Below are some of the best options from The Princeton Review, Kaplan, Magoosh, and Blueprint. Anyone with med school plans probably knows about the Medical Colleg...
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Over half a million people signed up for this free Princeton course on the science behind Buddhist meditation practices. I took it and came away with a better understanding of myself.

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Table of Contents: Static Robert Wright, a lecturer at Princeton, teaches Buddhism and Modern Psychology on Coursera. The class explores how Buddhist practices like meditation can scientifically improve mental health and wellbeing. I signed up and learned how mindfulness and meditating can make me a happier and healthier person. Alyssa Powell/Insider One of the biggest aspects of Buddhism is meditation...
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The 9 best GRE prep programs, courses, and webinars to sign up for, even if you only have a month to study

If you buy through our links, we may earn money from affiliate partners. Learn more. Magoosh; The Princeton Review; Kaplan; Udemy; ETS; Alyssa Powell/Insider The GRE is similar to the SAT, testing your math and verbal skills for entrance to graduate school. Depending on how much time you have, there are self-paced and structured online prep courses. Below, find answers to FAQ and courses from Magoosh, Kaplan, The Princeton Review, and Udemy. What is the GRE? The GRE (Graduate Record Ex...
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The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge: Part 2

Editor’s Note: This month, MIT Open Learning’s Peter B. Kaufman has published The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge, a book that takes a historical look at the powerful forces that have purposely crippled our efforts to share knowledge widely and freely. His new work also maps out what we can do about it. In the coming days, Peter will be making his book available through Open Culture by publishing three short essays along with links to corresponding sections of his book. Today,...
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America's oldest college debate society votes to strip Ted Cruz of a prestigious Princeton honor for public service

Princeton University's American Whig-Cliosophic Society has voted to rescind its highest honor from Sen. Ted Cruz Getty Images Princeton's American Whig-Cliosphic Society voted to strip Sen. Ted Cruz of a public service award. Society members voted 37-32 in favor of rescinding the honor, The Daily Princetonian reported. Cruz is facing criticism for his role in the insurrection on January 6 and an ill-timed Cancun trip. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. America's o...
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The 20 best US schools for business and management studies

Steven Senne/AP QS Quacquarelli Symonds just released its annual world ranking of the best schools for 51 subjects. Harvard University ranked at the top of the business and management ranking. The following are the top 20 US schools from this ranking and where they placed on the global list. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Global higher education research company QS Quacquarelli Symonds just released the 11th annual World University Rankings by Subject.QS published...
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The 20 best US schools for computer science and information systems

SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images QS Quacquarelli Symonds published its World University Rankings by Subject on Wednesday. MIT ranked at the top of the computer science and information systems ranking. These are the top US schools for computer science and information systems. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Global higher education research company QS Quacquarelli Symonds just published its 11th annual rankings of the best global colleges and universities for 51 differen...
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A Princeton professor warned students not to take his class while in China amid the country's tightening grip on dissent

Blair Hall at Princeton University. Loop Images/ UIG/ Getty Images. Rory Truex, an assistant professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton University, told students not to take his course on Chinese politics if they currently reside in China. Truex told the Daily Princetonian the course covers subjects the Chinese government may consider sensitive and could endanger students. American academics fear for their Chinese students in the wake of China's increasingly bold crackdow...
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Discover the First Illustrated Book Printed in English, William Caxton’s Mirror of the World (1481)

The printing history of early English books may not seem like the most fascinating subject in the world, but if you mention the name William Caxton to a book historian, you may get a fascinating lecture nonetheless. Caxton, the merchant and diplomat who introduced the printing press to England in 1476, was an unusually enterprising figure. He first learned the trade in Cologne and was pressured to begin printing in English after the success of his translation of the Recuyell of the Historyes of...
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Coursera offers affordable computer science courses from companies like Google Cloud and schools like UC Santa Cruz - and a bunch of them are free until the end of the year

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. iStock; Gilbert Espinoza/Business Insider Coursera is a popular online learning platform that offers computer science courses, many of them taught by schools like UC Santa Cruz and Vanderbilt or companies like Google Cloud.Below, you can find nine affordable or free computer science courses, some of which offer certificates of completion to add to your LinkedIn or resume.Read more: 31 free Harvard ...
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13 e-learning sites where you can learn to code online for free or an affordable price

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Coding can be a valuable hard skill for workers in an increasingly digital economy.Below, you'll find 13 sites with resources for learning to code online — from MIT's free coursework to an IBM Data Science Professional Certificate — that span categories and popular programming languages such as Python and JavaScript.See more: 9 online computer science classes that are...
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The oldest college in every US state

Harvard University is the oldest college in the entire country — it dates back to 1636. Jay Yuan/Shutterstock The oldest college in each US state includes some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country and several flagship state universities. The oldest college in the United States is Harvard University, founded in 1636. Meanwhile, the most recent state to get a college for the first time is Alaska. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The United States is...
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How Ivy League financial aid packages stack up, even amid the coronavirus pandemic

Ivy League schools aren't curbing their high tuition prices amid the pandemic, but most already offer free tuition for students from families with a yearly income under $65,000. Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Ivy League colleges are by and large not reducing tuition this fall, even though instruction will mostly be online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Full tuition at an Ivy League college typically falls between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. All eight Ivy League s...
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To reach scale, Juni Learning is building a full-stack edtech experience

 Juni Learning connects kids with math and science tutors, but co-founder Vivian Shen would prefer not to be lumped in with other edtech startups, despite the sector’s pandemic-born boom. “We’re not just in the middle to take a few percentage points off of each side and pretend like we’re delivering value,” said Shen. “That’s not scalable.” Semantics aside, Shen’s words underscore a truth about live tutoring businesses: Anyone can start one. All it takes is smart friends, eager students and a pl...
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Demand for tutors skyrockets as pandemic lays bare inequalities in education

By Ryan Gorcey, Correspondent Nathan Castillo awakes nearly every day to a barking dog and a crying cousin before he begins his six-hour shift helming the cash register and cleaning at Emy Burgers in Florence-Graham. When the COVID-19 pandemic shut down in-person schooling in mid-March, the 17-year-old Linda Marquez High School junior had a choice: Attend his Zoom classes or help keep the restaurant his grandfather founded 32 years ago in business. Though Castillo wants to become the first perso...
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Princeton to remove Woodrow Wilson's name from school over racist history

University president cites ‘thorough, deliberative’ process to reach decision amid nationwide movementIvy league Princeton University has announced it will remove president Woodrow Wilson’s name from the institution’s School of Public and International Affairs due to his history of racism.In a statement released Saturday, the university president, Christopher Eisgruber, said the decision came after a “thorough, deliberative process” five years after a group of student activists occupied his offi...
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The Shakespeare and Company Project Digitizes the Records of the Famous Bookstore, Showing the Reading Habits of the Lost Generation

Great writers don’t come out of nowhere, even if some of them might end up there. They grow in gardens tended by other writers, readers, editors, and pioneering booksellers like Sylvia Beach, founder and proprietor of Shakespeare and Company. Beach opened the English-language shop in Paris in 1919. Three years later, she published James Joyce’s Ulysses, “a feat that would make her—and her bookshop and lending library—famous,” notes Princeton University’s Shakespeare and Company Project. (Infamo...
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After 274 Years, Princeton Will Have Its First Black Valedictorian

Given Princeton’s troubled history with slavery, the valedictorian said he hoped the achievement “serves as inspiration to black students coming up behind me.”
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Take Hannah Arendt’s Final Exam for Her 1961 Course “On Revolution”

After her analysis of totalitarianism in Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hannah Arendt turned her scholarly attention to the subject of revolution—namely, to the French and American Revolutions. However, the first chapter of her 1963 book On Revolution opens with a paraphrase of Lenin about her own time: “Wars and revolutions… have thus far determined the physiognomy of the twentieth century.” Arendt wrote the book on the threshold of many wars and revolutions yet to come, but she was n...
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Albert Einstein’s Grades: A Fascinating Look at His Report Cards

Albert Einstein was a precocious child. At the age of twelve, he followed his own line of reasoning to find a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem. At thirteen he read Kant, just for the fun of it. And before he was fifteen he had taught himself differential and integral calculus. But while the young Einstein was engrossed in intellectual pursuits, he didn't much care for school. He hated rote learning and despised authoritarian schoolmasters. His sense of intellectual superiority was resent...
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This is What Richard Feynman’s PhD Thesis Looks Like: A Video Introduction

Richard Feynman wasn’t just an “ordinary genius.” He was, according to mathematician Mark Kac “in his taxonomy of the two types of geniuses,” a “magician” and “a champion of scientific knowledge so effective and so beloved that he has generated an entire canon of personal mythology,” writes Maria Popova at Brain Pickings. Many a Feynman anecdote comes from Feynman himself, who burnished his popular image with two bestselling autobiographies. His stories about his life in science are extr...
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Digital Archives Give You Free Access Thousands of Historical Children’s Books

It is no arbitrary coincidence that Margery Williams’ classic The Velveteen Rabbit involves a terrifying brush with scarlet fever. Published in 1922, the book was based on her own children. But all of its first readers would have shuddered at the mention, given very recent memories of the global devastation wrought by “Spanish” flu. The story earns its fairy-tale ending by invoking catastrophe, with images of the poor rabbit nearly thrown into the fire and then tossed out with the trash. The Ve...
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Edtech startups prepare to become ‘not just a teaching tool but a necessity’

As Stanford , Princeton , Columbia and others shutter classrooms to limit the coronavirus outbreak, college educators around the country are clambering to move their classes online.  At the same time, tech companies that enable remote learning are finding a surge in usage and signups. Zoom Video Communications, a videoconferencing company, , and Duolingo, a language teaching app, has had 100% user growth in the past month in China, citing school closures as one factor.  But Kristin...
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Study Business in the Ivy League – Expert Advice

So, you want to study business in the Ivy League? If you want to major in business at an Ivy League university, you may need to broaden your horizons. First, a bit of history The Ivy League universities are among the oldest in the country. Five of the eight are among the 10 oldest universities in the country: Harvard – 1636Yale – 1702Penn – 1740Princeton – 1746Columbia – 1754 Brown and Dartmouth were founded a little bit later (in 1746 and 1769, respectively). Cornell is...
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Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save Available as a Free AudioBook and eBook: Features Narrations by Paul Simon, Kristen Bell & Stephen Fry

In 2009, Princeton philosopher Peter Singer published his practical handbook/manifesto The Life You Can Save: How to Do Your Part to End World Poverty. Bill and Melinda Gates called it “a persuasive and inspiring work that will change the way you think about philanthropy"--a book that "shows us we can make a profound difference in the lives of the world’s poorest.” Now, on its tenth anniversary, Singer has released an updated version of The Life You Can Save. And he's made it available as a fre...
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Why Buying Real Estate in Princeton is a Great Option

If you’re interested in living in one of the most highly rated and popular cities in the entire country, you have to have Princeton on your list. Deciding to settle in this exciting city is going to benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. You will be part of a community of around 30,000 people, but make no mistake about the vibrancy of this city. That is mainly because it maintains its suburban charm that adds to its character. It’s the perfect location if you still need to keep connecte...
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Find Out Why Moving to Princeton is a Great Option

If you’re interested in living in one of the most highly rated and popular cities in the entire country, you have to have Princeton on your list. Deciding to settle in this exciting city is going to benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. You will be part of a community of around 30,000 people, but make no mistake about the vibrancy of this city. That is mainly because it maintains its suburban charm that adds to its character. It’s the perfect location if you still need to keep connecte...
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Illustrations from the Soviet Children’s Book Your Name? Robot, Created by Tarkovsky Art Director Mikhail Romadin (1979)

As we approach three full decades of a world without the Soviet Union, certain details about life in the societies that constituted it inevitably begin to fade from living memory. But nobody who grew up Soviet could ever forget the children's books they grew up reading, and recent efforts to digitally archive them — such as Playing Soviet at the Cotsen Collection at Princeton’s Firestone Library, previously featured here on Open Culture — have ensured that future generations will be able to enj...
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Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy is looking for engineering, social science, law, and policy "visitors" for interdisciplinary one-year positions

Princeton's Center for Information Technology Policy is a marvellous interdisciplinary research center, and it is advertising for "visitors" for one-year stints: postdocs, policy fellows and visiting IT professors. The positions are onsite at Princeton; as Laura Cummings-Abdo writes on Freedom to Tinker: "For all visitors, we are happy to hear from anyone working at the intersection of digital technology and public life, including experts in computer science, sociology, economics, law, poli...
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Do commenters who ask things like "Does anyone at the Post review these stories before they are printed?" actually read the text they think is so wrong?

Here's the top-rated comment on a Washington Post column by Christine Emba titled "The new SAT score will identify barriers — but it won’t remove them":Does anyone at the Post review these stories before they are printed?The author's conventional wisdom comment that "the Ivy League, Stanford, MIT. These schools also tend to be white and wealthy, the ones left standing after a generation of disinvestment in secondary public education that’s been driven by racial self-segregation and poverty." see...
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