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The L.A. teacher strike may be over, but observers warn there’s no ‘clear path forward’ for how LAUSD can afford its new contract

By Taylor Swaak | LA School Report The L.A. Unified school board has approved a contract with its teachers union that officials admit they can’t fully afford, calling the deal’s sustainability into question as the district receives repeated warnings from the county that it’s in severe financial straits. To shoulder about $840 million in added costs through 2021, district officials say they’re largely relying on more state funding and a 2020 California tax referendum — neither of which are guaran...
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The Case for Why Ringo Starr Is One of Rock’s Greatest Drummers

As far as I’m concerned, debate over whether or not Ringo Starr is a good drummer is over, done with, settled. How is it possible that some of the greatest recorded music of the 20th century, with some of the most distinctive rhythms, fills, and drum breaks in pop music, could have come from a mediocre musician? The standard response has been to allege that Starr’s best parts were played by someone else. In a handful of recordings—though I won’t argue over which ones—it seems he might ha...
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Chili Peppers drummer brings his spice, advice to Paramount middle schoolers

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith stopped by Zamboni Middle School on a rainy Thursday morning, Jan. 17, to ignite the Paramount student’s creative side and show them that a future in the arts is a viable and obtainable career path. Chad Smith in action during a recent concert. Photo: AP file As part of the Turnaround Arts program, founded in 2011 by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and former First Lady Michelle Obama, Turnaround Arts: California provides supp...
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Every Spider-Man Movie and TV Show Explained By Kevin Smith

Look, I’ve never been a fan of Kevin Smith’s ooooooov-rah, per se, but I will never criticize his ability to spin a bloody good yarn. He’s funny, engaging, charming, and knows his pop culture. WIRED also knows this, so when on the eve of the (apparently very good) Spider-verse movie, they called on Smith to sit down and run through every Spider-man Movie and TV Show and opinionate all over that mess. (And because Sony’s contract with the Marvel superhero is up, this might be a nice demar...
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The “Most Secretive Library in the World”: The Future Library Will Collect 100 Original Manuscripts by Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell & More, to Be Read for the First Time in 2114

Should intelligent life of some form or another still inhabit the planet in the year 6939, such beings might come upon an “800-pound tube of an alloy of copper and chromium called Cupaloy” that was buried 50 feet beneath what was once Queens. The first time capsule, lowered under the Westinghouse exhibit at the 1939 New York World’s Fair contains “35 items one might find in any run-of-the-mill Smith family household,” as Jinwoo Chong writes at Untapped Cities, “including copies of Life m...
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Patti Smith’s Award-Winning Memoir, Just Kids, Now Available in a New Illustrated Edition

Hard to believe it’s almost a decade ago now since Patti Smith’s Just Kids took over Barnes & Noble displays, topped bestseller lists, won the National Book Award, and sent Wikipedia searches for “Patti Smith” into the stratosphere. A memoir of her gritty New York salad days with roommate/lover/best friend/soulmate/photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, the book immediately entered “that golden canon of classic New York stories about young people coming to the city to find out who they were meant to...
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When Andy Warhol Made a Batman Superhero Movie (1964)

Each of us has a favorite Batman movie. My own allegiance still lies with the one Tim Burton directed in 1989, a prototype of the modern dark superhero blockbuster in which Jack Nicholson made quite an impact as the Joker. But Heath Ledger made an even bigger one in The Dark Knight, an especially beloved entry in Christopher Nolan's acclaimed Batman pictures of the 21st century. These days, with enough distance, some even admit to enjoying Joel Schumacher's ultra-campy takes on Batman fr...
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How Joan Jett Started the Runaways at 15 and Faced Down Every Barrier for Women in Rock and Roll

These are dark days for everyone who cares about equality. After decades of painful progress and some hard-won victories for women in the U.S., the guardians of patriarchy seem hellbent on undoing modernity and setting the clock back decades to keep power. The misogynistic spectacle is nauseating. One remedy, Rebecca Traister recommends in her new book of the same name, is to get “good and mad.” The voices of women resisting the current wave of political attacks can guide righteous outra...
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The Talmud Is Finally Now Available Online

In South Korea, where I live, the Talmud is a bestseller. Just a few years ago the New Yorker's Ross Armud reported on the improbable publishing success, in this small east Asian country, of Judaism's "dense compilation of oral laws annotated with rabbinical discussions, consisting of about two and a half million words." Some of those words dealing with such pressing questions as, "If you find a cake with a pottery shard in it, can you keep it? Do you have to report the discovery of a pile of f...
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Frida Kahlo’s Passionate Love Letters to Diego Rivera

The truth young idealistic lovers learn: relationships are messy and complicated—filled with disappointments, misunderstandings, betrayals great and small. They fall apart easily and cannot be put together again. It’s easy to grow cynical and bitter. Yet, as James Baldwin famously wrote, “you think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read.” You read, that is, the life stories and letters of writers and artists who have experienced outsized r...
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A TV Binger's Guide to The 2018 Emmys

All the television that's fit to stream.School is underway, fall is nearly here, and you know what that means: It’s Emmys time! Whether you’re an awards show junkie like me or not, you probably care more about the Emmys than, say, the Oscars. That’s because historically, the Emmys are more, well, fun and relatable.The nominees at the Emmys are more likely to be things you’ve seen, whereas the Oscars, and even the Golden Globes, tend to award movies and TV shows that are #art.If you like TV (and...
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Patti Smith Reads Oscar Wilde’s 1897 Love Letter De Profundis: See the Full Three-Hour Performance

In her landmark study The Body in Pain, Elaine Scarry describes “the annihilating power of pain,” which is “visible in the simple fact of experience observed by Karl Marx, ‘There is only one antidote to mental suffering, and that is physical pain.’” Marx’s comment defines a class distinction between types of pain: that of the overtaxed body of the worker and the mind of the bourgeois subject with the liberty for morbid self-reflection. His pronouncement, Scarry writes, is “only slightly ...
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Hear the First Recorded Blues Song by an African American Singer: Mamie Smith’s “Crazy Blues” (1920)

Historian John Hope Franklin once described the decades from the end of slavery through the advent of Jim Crow as “The Long Dark Night" because of the legislative chicanery and extreme violence used to disenfranchise and dispossess African Americans after the failure of Reconstruction. It is during these years that the blues emerged from the rural South into the cities, and the age of the “race record” brought black music into popular culture in ways that irrevocably defined what the cou...
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What you see is what you do

Image from Public Domain Pictures In a previous post, I wrote about the Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) and the challenges it faces as a technology for education. I also published a second post in which I listed 6 ways IWBs could be used to engage learners in the classroom. IWBs have been around since 1991, when the first was developed by SMART Technologies. And yet, as I discussed in my previous posts, some teachers struggle to use them for more than simple projection or display activities....
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The History of Rock in 100 Guitar Riffs and 100 Bass Riffs

Rare exceptions may only underline the rule: a good rock riff should be simple, primal—two, three, maybe four notes. What makes a riff so distinctive you can’t stop humming it in the shower? Personality. Bends, slides, double-stops, etc, put in exactly the right places. How do you write such a riff? Given how most famous guitar players talk about it: entirely by accident, a frustrating answer for would-be hitmakers, though it shouldn’t stop anyone from trying. The best riff-writers wrote hu...
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The History of Rock Musically Told in 100 Guitar Riffs and 100 Bass Riffs

Rare exceptions may only underline the rule: a good rock riff should be simple, primal—two, three, maybe four notes. What makes a riff so distinctive you can’t stop humming it in the shower? Personality. Bends, slides, double-stops, etc, put in exactly the right places. How do you write such a riff? Given how most famous guitar players talk about it: entirely by accident, a frustrating answer for would-be hitmakers, though it shouldn’t stop anyone from trying. The best riff-writers wrote hu...
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Re-Imagining Collegiate Music Education

Among the rolling treetops and mountains of western Massachusetts, the large dome of Sweeney Concert Hall stands proudly atop monstrous Grecian columns. The building itself, Sage Hall, houses the Smith College Department of Music. Its four floors boast numerous practice rooms, grand pianos, and a state-of-the-art Digital Music Room. Newspaper articles detailing the accomplishments of alumnae are prominently displayed on various bulletin boards in the hallways. In the basement, where the college ...
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Despite progress, California’s teaching force far from reflecting diversity of students

By LOUIS FREEDBERG, EdSource California has a far more racially and ethnically diverse teaching force than it had 20 years ago — and a more diverse one than is the case nationally. About about 1 in 3 of the state’s 305,000 teachers are teachers of color, compared to 1 in 5 teachers across the nation. But during the same period, California’s public school student population has also become more diverse. As a result, the diversity gap between teachers and students has barely narrowed, and in some ...
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Patti Smith’s 40 Favorite Books

Image of Patti Smith performing in Rio de Janeiro by Daigo Oliva As a little girl, Patti Smith found liberation in words -- first through the bedtime prayers she made up herself, and later in books. "I was completely smitten by the book," she writes in her memoir, Just Kids.  "I longed to read them all, and the things I read of produced new yearnings." Smith found a role model in Jo, the tomboy writer in Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. "She gave me the courage of a new goal," writes Smith, "...
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The Fall’s Mark E. Smith’s (RIP) Creates a List of His Favorite Books, Films & Music, Circa 1981

Some of us are still reeling from the death this last January of Mark E. Smith, the frontman and acerbic brains behind The Fall, surely one of post-punk’s finest groups, and definitely its longest lasting. The band might not have scored that many Top 40 singles, but Britain’s music press loved and feared Smith in equal amounts. He was always good for a belligerent quote, or a beer-fueled interview down the pub. To paraphrase DJ John Peel, Smith was the yardstick against which other musicians we...
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For Canada’s Jackson Rowe, Cal State Fullerton was the perfect fit

Cal State Fullerton forward Jackson Rowe, right, grabs the rebound before UC Irvine forward Jonathan Galloway during the Big West Tournament mens final in Anaheim on Saturday, March 10, 2018. (Photo by Paul Rodriguez, Contributing Photographer) Cal State Fullerton’s Jackson Rowe during practice at the Titan Gymnasium in Fullerton on Tuesday, Mar. 13, 2018. The Titans play Purdue Friday in the first round of the NCAA Tournament in Detroit. (Photo by Kevin Sullivan/Orange County Register/SCNG) ...
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Cal State Fullerton tops UC Irvine to reach NCAA Tournament for first time since 2008

Cal State Fullerton guard Kyle Allman Jr. shoots in traffic during the first half of the Big West Tournament championship game against UC Irvine on Saturday night at Honda Center. The tournament MVP had 26 points in the title game. (Photo by Paul Rodriguez, Contributing Photographer) Cal State Fullerton forward Arkim Robertson, right, and UC Irvine center Brad Greene can’t come up with the rebound during the Big West Tournament mens final in Anaheim on Saturday, March 10, 2018. (Photo by Paul ...
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Teacher charged with child abuse after "dragging" boy who sat for pledge

Details have emerged about Karen Smith, the teacher who allegedly assaulted a boy who did not stand for the pledge of allegiance. The BBC reports that she was charged with "child abuse - recklessly and with injury" and with third-degree assault after picking him up by the clothes and dragging him out of class. Local school officials say students can sit or stand during the pledge. Federal law permits students to sit. The school district released a statement to parents after the arrest saying t...
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A medical student was discriminated against by a patient

On my outpatient family medicine rotation, I met a patient I will never forget. She was a white middle-aged woman — a new patient to the clinic — there to establish care. When I walked in and introduced myself, she looked me up and down with a glazed expression. Within two minutes, while I was trying to gather a history from her, the patient interrupted to say, “Dr. Smith (name changed), isn’t he the best? It’s so refreshing to finally find an all-American doctor.” I knew from that statement tha...
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Watch the Making of the Dymaxion Globe: A 3-D Rendering of Buckminster Fuller’s Revolutionary Map

Last year, we shined a light on Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion Map. Unveiled back in 1943, the Dymaxion Map (shown below) revolutionized map design, allowing us to see our world in an entirely new way. As the Buckminster Fuller Institute describes it: Also known as the "Dymaxion Map," the Fuller Projection Map is the only flat map of the entire surface of the Earth which reveals our planet as one island in one ocean, without any visually obvious distortion of the relative shapes and sizes...
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Watch Santa Claus, the Earliest Movie About St. Nick in Existence (1898)

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, The Santa Clause, Santa Claus: the Movie, Bad Santa, the unforgettable Santa Claus Conquers the Martians: we all have a preferred depiction of Saint Nicholas on film, the selection of which grows larger each and every Christmas. The tradition of Santa in cinema goes back 120 years to a couple of obscure 1897 shorts, Santa Claus Filling Stockings and The Christmas Tree Party, made by a company called American Mutoscope, but it finds its fullest early express...
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Hear a Complete Chronological Discography of Patti Smith’s Fiercely Poetic Rock and Roll: 13 Hours and 142 Tracks

Patti Smith has always aligned herself with artists who were outsiders and experimentalists in their time, but who have since moved to the center of the culture, where they are often reduced to a few biographical notes. Arthur Rimbaud, Virginia Woolf, William Blake…. As much motivated by art and poetry as by the aggression of rock and roll, Smith’s 1975 debut album reached out to people on the margins of popular culture. “I was speaking to the disenfranchised, to people outside society, ...
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A place for music in the emergency department

The emergency department is a place of unpredictability. Some days are a whirlwind, others drag, but both can be interesting. On a calmer day, I found myself, a fourth-year medical student, working with a physician I will call Dr. Smith. We discovered that we shared a common love for music, and between patients, we discussed everything from opera, to banjo, to Indian music. I am a composer and amateur classical pianist, and he often takes the train to New York City to catch an opera at the Met. ...
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The Women of the Blues: Hear a Playlist of Great Blues Singers, from Bessie Smith & Etta James, to Billie Holiday & Janis Joplin

Everybody gets the blues but not everybody gets the blues the same. Women get some serious blues. Black women get some very serious blues. Bessie Smith maybe had the most deep and soulful blues anyone ever had: “Crazy Blues,” “Down Hearted Blues,” “Careless Love Blues,” “Empty Bed Blues,” “Black Water Blues,” “Gulf Coast Blues,” and “St. Louis Blues,” which also happens to be the title of her only known film appearance, as well as one of the earliest talkies in cinema history. (See a tra...
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Ralph Steadman’s Wildly Illustrated Biography of Leonardo da Vinci (1983)

It is for good reason that we forever associate illustrator Ralph Steadman with the delirious work of Hunter S. Thompson. It took the two of them together to invent the gonzo style of journalism, which we may almost call incomplete now if published without the requisite cartoon grotesques. Steadman conjures visions of devils and demons as deftly as any medieval church painter, but his hells remain above ground and are mostly man-made. Whether illustrating Ambrose Bierce’s Devil’s Dictionary, Ge...
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