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Education nonprofit Edraak ignored a student data leak for two months

Edraak, an online education nonprofit, exposed the private information of thousands of students after uploading student data to an unprotected cloud storage server, apparently by mistake. The nonprofit, founded by Jordan’s Queen Rania and headquartered in the kingdom’s capital, was set up in 2013 to promote education across the Arab region. The organization works with several partners, including the British Council and edX, a consortium set up by Harvard, Stanford and MIT. In February, researche...
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‘Swiss cheese model’ of precautions allows schools to open safely despite coronavirus, experts say

Rewind one year: Fresh finger-paintings dry inside silent classrooms. Half-read books gather dust on shelves. The plant on the teacher’s desk is starting to wilt, but still alive. If we knew then what we know now, schools wouldn’t have closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic — or at least, not for very long, said George Rutherford, professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UC San Francisco. “We were working on the playbook for Influenza A — the first things to close are elementary schools b...
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Help your kids, but not too much, says new Stanford study

A new study at Stanford finds that giving too much direction to children can be counterproductive.Children that are given too much advice display more difficulty regulating their behavior and emotions at other times.The researchers suggest a balance between being involved while allowing children to figure things out on their own. In a scathing indictment of the growing influence of money in the private school educational system—and therefore on education, opportunity, and social mobility in Am...
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State makes it official: LA County in red tier, will reopen businesses Monday

Los Angeles County will officially move into the state’s less restrictive red tier on Monday, March 15, signaling the reopening of a wide range of indoor activities such as in-school learning for grades 7-12, indoor dining at restaurants, plus movie theaters, gyms, museums, zoos and aquariums, all with limited capacity. The county will be allowed to advance quicker into the red tier as the state announced Friday, March 12, that it reached a benchmark of administering at least 2 million vaccine d...
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The 20 best US schools for business and management studies

Steven Senne/AP QS Quacquarelli Symonds just released its annual world ranking of the best schools for 51 subjects. Harvard University ranked at the top of the business and management ranking. The following are the top 20 US schools from this ranking and where they placed on the global list. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Global higher education research company QS Quacquarelli Symonds just released the 11th annual World University Rankings by Subject.QS published...
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The 20 best US schools for computer science and information systems

SeanPavonePhoto/Getty Images QS Quacquarelli Symonds published its World University Rankings by Subject on Wednesday. MIT ranked at the top of the computer science and information systems ranking. These are the top US schools for computer science and information systems. Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Global higher education research company QS Quacquarelli Symonds just published its 11th annual rankings of the best global colleges and universities for 51 differen...
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What Are the Real Causes of Zoom Fatigue? And What Are the Possible Solutions?: New Research from Stanford Offers Answers

The technology we put between ourselves and others tends to always create additional strains on communication, even as it enables near-constant, instant contact. When it comes to our now-primary mode of interacting — staring at each other as talking heads or Brady Bunch-style galleries — those stresses have been identified by communication experts as “Zoom fatigue,” now a subject of study among psychologists who want to understand our always-connected-but-mostly-isolated lives in the pan...
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Dance With An Admissions Officer: Eight Steps to Get You Admitted to College

One of the great myths about college admission is that the process is merely a matter of doing your best in high school, getting good scores on some tests, writing a decent essay, and then simply submitting your application to the admissions office.  Then you just sit back and pray that a college admissions officer will love you enough to give you the keys to the gate. Not true. If you want a college admissions officer to love you, you have to love them back. Admissions officers are people, too....
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Behold an Interactive Online Edition of Elizabeth Twining’s Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants (1868)

Of all the varied objects of creation there is, probably, no portion that affords so much gratification and delight to mankind as plants. —Elizabeth Twining “Who owned nature in the eighteenth century?” asks Londa Schiebinger in Plants and Empire, a study of what the Stanford historian of science calls “colonial bioprospecting in the Atlantic World.” The question was largely decided at the time by “heroic voyaging botanists” and “biopirates” who claimed the world’s natural resources as their ow...
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It can be extra hard to make a career change during a pandemic, but right now could also be the perfect time to explore the possibilities. Here are 15 great resources to help you find a more fulfilling career or make your current job a little better.

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Finding your ideal career path is less about looking for a "dream job" and more about assessing the day-to-day tasks you enjoy doing.Below are 15 online courses, books, and free resources to help you find what you like, take steps towards a career transition, or improve a current job.Read more: At the start of this year, I could barely sell my writing. These 10 online...
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How Martin Luther King Jr. Got C’s in Public Speaking–Before Becoming a Straight-A Student & a World Class Orator

How many Americans have never heard the name of Martin Luther King Jr.? And indeed, gone more than half a century though he may be, how many Americans have never heard his voice, or can’t quote his words? Long though King will doubtless stand as an example of the English language’s greatest 20th-century orators, he once showed scant academic promise in that department. Tweeting out an image of his transcript from Crozer Theological Seminary, where King earned his Bachelor of Divinity, Harvard’s...
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A Free Online Course from Yale University Explains How the World Lapsed into the Politics of Fear & Resentment

“How did we get from the huge euphoria that followed the fall of communism in the early 1990s to our present politics of fear and resentment, and what are the prospects going forward?” These questions and more get answered in Yale’s free course, “Power and Politics in Today’s World.”  Taught by Professor of Political Science Ian Shapiro, the course “provides an examination of political dynamics and institutions over this past tumultuous quarter century, and the implications of these changes for ...
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A Free Stanford Course on How to Teach Online: Designed for Middle & High School Teachers (November 21 & 22)

This past spring, teachers and students everywhere got an abrupt introduction to online learning. When classrooms moved online in March, many teachers experimented with online pedagogy for the first time, often without much training or support. To help ease this transition, the Stanford Online High School–an independent high school that operates entirely online–launched a free course designed to help teachers get comfortable teaching in this new medium. 7,000 teachers signed up. To continue pro...
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As edtech crowds up, Campuswire bets big on real-time learning

Campuswire was in a fortuitous spot when colleges and universities across the world shut down on short notice because of the threat of coronavirus. Founded by Tade Oyerinde in 2018, Campuswire is a virtual solution for any teacher who wants to digitize their internal classroom communications, from Q&A time to the lecture itself. The strategy, for the most part, has worked. Campuswire is now used at more than 300 universities among 200,000 students, Oyerinde tells me. While Campuswire’s pitch ...
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13 e-learning sites where you can learn to code online for free or an affordable price

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Coding can be a valuable hard skill for workers in an increasingly digital economy.Below, you'll find 13 sites with resources for learning to code online — from MIT's free coursework to an IBM Data Science Professional Certificate — that span categories and popular programming languages such as Python and JavaScript.See more: 9 online computer science classes that are...
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Udacity raises $75M in debt, says its tech education business is profitable after enterprise pivot

Online education tools continue to see a surge of interest boosted by major changes in work and learning practices in the midst of a global health pandemic. And today, one of the early pioneers of the medium is announcing some funding as it tips into profitability on the back of a pivot to enterprise services, targeting businesses and governments who are looking to upskill workers to give them tech expertise more relevant to modern demands. Udacity, which provides online courses and popularized ...
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The Secret to High Performance and Fulfilment: Psychologist Daniel Goleman Explains the Power of Focus “Concentration is one of the happiest things in my life,” says novelist Haruki Murakami in a 2011 New York Times Magazine profile. “If you cannot concentrate, you are not so happy.” In this, the author of A Wild Sheep Chase surely has the agreement of the author of Emotional Intelligence, the psychologist and writer Daniel Goleman. But Goleman expresses it a bit differently, as you can hear — in detail and at length — in “Focus: The Secret to H...
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FAR Enters Into Educational Program With Stanford Center on Longevity

Finance of America Reverse (FAR) announced on Thursday that it has entered into an educational program with Stanford University research arm the Stanford Center on Longevity (SCL), an organization designed to foster thinking and action on issues related to longer life by pooling the resources of academic, business, government and nonprofit leaders. FAR has joined the SCL’s Corporate Affiliate Program, in which the company will support research that helps retirees and pre-retirees to more effe...
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Engageli comes out of stealth with $14.5M and a new approach to teaching by video remotely

Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have become standard tools for teachers who have had to run lessons remotely since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. But they’re not apps necessarily designed for classrooms, and that fact has opened a gap in the market for those looking to build something more fit to the purpose. Today, a startup called Engageli is coming out of stealth with an app that it believes fills that need. A video conferencing tool designed from the ground up as a digital learnin...
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LAUSD removes eugenicist from name of L.A.’s Jordan High

David Starr Jordan High School in Watts has been renamed Jordan High School to reflect the community’s desires that the school sever ties with its namesake, who was a prominent eugenicist, on Thursday, October 8, 2020. (Photo by Axel Koester, Contributing Photographer) David Starr Jordan High School in Watts has been renamed Jordan High School to reflect the community’s desires that the school sever ties with its namesake, who was a prominent eugenicist, on Thursday, October 8, 2020. (Photo b...
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The 1937 Experiment in Distance Learning: When Chicago Schools Went Remote, Over Radio, During a Polio Outbreak

As all of us have noticed in recent months, living in a viral pandemic really messes with your sense of time. A few months feels like a decade. Time slows to a crawl. If you’re a parent, however, you have before you walking, talking, growing, complaining reminders that no matter what’s happening in the world, children still grow up just the same. They need new experiences and new clothes just as before, and they need to keep their brains engaged and try, at least, to build on prior knowledge. M...
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Blockbuster Courses on the U.S. Presidential Election Getting Started at Stanford Continuing Studies This Week

This fall, Stanford Continuing Studies presents 150+ courses in the Liberal Arts & Sciences, Creative Writing, and Professional Development, including two major courses on the U.S. presidential election. Taught by Pamela Karlan (Stanford law professor) and James Steyer (CEO, Common Sense Media), Election 2020: A Panoramic View of America's Decisive Election will feature a lineup of distinguished guest speakers--from Bill Clinton and Kara Swisher, to Steve Schmidt, David Plouffe and Andrew Yang....
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LAUSD rolls out coronavirus testing, contact tracing program

LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner speaks to the media during a press conference held at Harry Bridges Span School in Wilmington on Monday, September 14, 2020. Following months of planning and preparation and weeks of trial testing, LAUSD has launched its COVID-19 testing program for students and staff with results in less than 24 hours so.(Photo by Brittany Murray, Press-Telegram/SCNG) LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner takes a COVID-19 test prior to speaking at a press conference held at ...
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What Did the Roman Emperors Look Like?: See Photorealistic Portraits Created with Machine Learning

We can spend a lifetime reading histories of ancient Rome without knowing what any of its emperors looked like. Or rather, without knowing exactly what they looked like: being the leaders of the mightiest political entity in the Western world, they had their likenesses stamped onto coins and carved into busts as a matter of course. But such artist's renderings inevitably come with a certain degree of artistic license, a tendency to mold features into slightly more imperial shapes. Seeing the fa...
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Our 11 favorite companies from Y Combinator’s S20 Demo Day: Part I

Startup incubator and investment group Y Combinator today held the first of two demo days for founders in its Summer 2020 batch. So far, this cohort contains the usual mix of bold, impressive and, at times, slightly wacky ideas young companies so often show off. This was Y Combinator’s second online demo day, its first all-virtual class and the first time that it held live, remote pitches. The event largely went well, with founders dialing in from around the globe to share a few paragraphs of...
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When is it considered safe enough to reopen California’s classrooms?

As nearly all of California’s schools forge into the new academic year with virtual learning, everyone wants to know how soon it’ll be safe for students and teachers to return to real classrooms. While some experts — from Stanford researchers to the Centers for Disease Control — say the sooner schools can reopen for in-person instruction with proper precautions the better, many teachers and their unions across the state are advocating for more cautious approaches. Accounts and images from other ...
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Why now is the time for schools to change how they teach about race and diversity

How will schools look on the other side of this, the largest social revolt in U.S. history that has laid bare disparities throughout American culture, from law enforcement and beyond? Should new classes be added, history and social studies texts augmented? Or, in this moment, can the whole system be rebuilt in the name of a new awareness, the sudden realization by the majority population that what we have been taught wasn’t always the full story — starting with the myth that the Americas were no...
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New Digital Archive Opens Access to Thousands of Digitized African American Funeral Programs (1886-2019)

Funeral rites, burials, and other rituals are held near-universally sacred, not only due to religious and cultural beliefs about death: We preserve our connection to our ancestors through the records of their births and deaths. For many Black Americans in the U.S. south, grief and loss have been compounded by centuries of violence and tragedy, but funerals have still tended to be “celebrations of life” rather than mournful events, says Derek Mosley, archivist at the Auburn Avenue Research Libra...
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A Free Stanford Course on How to Teach Online: Watch the Lectures Online

Earlier this month, Stanford's Online High School offered (in partnership with Stanford Continuing Studies) a free, five-day course "Teach Your Class Online: The Essentials." With many schools starting the next academic year online, this course found a large audience. 7,000 teachers signed up. Aimed at middle and high school teachers, the course covered "general guidelines for adapting your course to an online format, best practices for varied situations, common pitfalls in online course de...
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A Free Stanford Course on How to Teach Online: Designed for Middle & High School Teachers (July 13 – 17)

This fall, many teachers (across the country and the world) will be asked to teach online--something most teachers have never done before. To assist with that transition, the Stanford Online High School and Stanford Continuing Studies have teamed up to offer a free online course called Teaching Your Class Online: The Essentials. Taught by veteran instructors at Stanford Online High School (OHS), this course "will help middle and high school instructors move from general concepts for teaching on...
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