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Psychology Around the Net: January 19, 2019

Within this week’s Psychology Around the Net, you’re going to meet a psychiatrist who uses social media for good, get a plethora of self-care tips (many of which I guarantee you haven’t thought of), find out just exactly how many happy facial expressions we have, and more. Enjoy! You Have 17 Different Facial Expressions to Show Happiness (and That’s Reason to Smile): After a recent study involving more than seven million online images and 30 countries, Aleix Martinez, a cognitive scientist an...
Tags: Psychology, Technology, Instagram, Incarceration, College, Study, Happiness, Alabama, Social Media, Research, Self-help, Jail, Inmates, College Students, Stigma, Psychology Around The Net

Vintage Geological Maps Get Turned Into 3D Topographical Wonders

What good is an old-fashioned map in the age of apps? One need not be a mountaineer, geoscientist, or civil engineer to get the topographical lay of the land with a speed and accuracy that would have blown Lewis and Clark’s minds’ right through the top of the lynx and otter toppers they took to wearing after their standard issue army lids wore out. There’s still something to be said for the old ways, though. Graphic designer Scott Reinhard has all the latest technological advances at his di...
Tags: Google, Maps, Design, Technology, College, New York City, History, United States, K-12, Jason Kottke, Lewis, Facebook Twitter, Clark, U S Geological Survey USGS, U S Geological Survey, Hoosier State

Oxford places ban on donations and research grants from Huawei

Decision on Chinese telecoms firm comes as national security concerns mount in the westThe University of Oxford has placed an indefinite ban on accepting research grants or donations from the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei, which is already facing mounting concerns from several governments about whether it poses a risk to national security.The decision emerged the day after the US prosecutors reportedly opened an investigation into Huawei for alleged theft of trade secrets from American firms. Con...
Tags: Technology, Education, China, US, UK News, World news, US news, Asia Pacific, Higher Education, Oxford, University of Oxford, Huawei, westThe University of Oxford

Spilt milk

Photo by Newtown Graffiti on Flickr  Accidents will happen. And occasionally, maybe they should. Accidents are not welcome in most schools. Children are usually told to be more careful and 'not to do it again' when mishaps occur. Yet accidents can often be just as important in our education as learning knowledge and skills. What's more, they probably prepare students for a world of work where mistakes may not necessarily be a bad thing. Reflect for a moment on some of the serendipitous ...
Tags: School, Technology, Learning, Education, Accidents, Failure, Teachers, Assessment, Canon, eLearning, Serendipity, Spencer, Raytheon, Alexander Fleming, Steve Wheeler, Plymouth England

Byju’s buys Osmo for $120M to add blended learning to its $4B digital education business

Weeks after it raised a massive $540 million funding round, Indian education unicorn Byju’s is on the M&A path. The company announced today it has snapped up U.S-based Osmo, a startup that develops apps for kids that use offline input, in a deal worth $120 million. Osmo has raised over $30 million from investors that include Mattel, Sesame Workshop, Upfront Ventures, K9 Ventures and Accel. They were offered a cash option but elected for an all-stock payout, Osmo CEO Pramod Sharma told T...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, TC, Asia, Technology, Education, India, Funding, Kindle, Tech, Ceo, Ipads, United States, Tencent, Bank, Cosmo, TechCrunch

Most Googled tech questions state-by-state

See which tech questions each state is searching for the most, and which oft-googled tech myths are actually true.
Tags: Technology, News, Education, Entertainment, Data, Local News

Excavating knowledge

Photo by Steve Wheeler Theories of learning can be useful in helping us to understand the possibilities of learning, and also to guide teachers in their pedagogical practice. But to which theories should we subscribe? Furthermore, in the digital age where every aspect of our lives is governed by technology, do the theories from the last century still have relevance? The following exploration of the theory known as 'constructivism' may present some clues:Learning relies on the individual...
Tags: Technology, Learning, Education, Knowledge, Web, Teaching, Accommodation, eLearning, Piaget, Bruner, Vygotsky, ZPD, Jerome Bruner, Steve Wheeler, Plymouth England, Assimilation

Emeritus, which develops online courses with universities, raises $40M

The funding streak for educational startups in Asia continues into 2019 after Emeritus, a U.S-Indian company that partners with universities to offer digital courses, landed a $40 million Series C round led by Sequoia India. The deal includes participation from existing investor Bertelsmann India Investments, and it takes Emeritus — founded in 2010 as offline management program company Eruditus — to around $50 million from investors to date. It also follows notable rounds in December for Indi...
Tags: Fundings & Exits, TC, Asia, Technology, Education, Boston, Singapore, India, Funding, Tech, Mit, Dubai, Bertelsmann, Mumbai, Columbia, Coursera

It’s 2019, When Will Sex Toys Deliver on Their High-Tech Promises?

It’s 2019. We’ve reached the age of Back to the Future and Blade Runner. But if you take a look outside, it looks nothing like those dystopian movies have promised. And while we don’t know what the sex toys of the fictional future are supposed to look like, I can’t help but wonder if it would measure up. I know that I personally am a bit disappointed at how sex toys have failed to reach their potential by now. Why? I’m glad you asked. Bluetooth Isn’t Body Compatible As long as we rely on wirel...
Tags: Apps, Technology, College, Articles, Innovation, Vibrators, Sex Toys, Redditor, Kegel, LELO, Smarttoys

The “David Bowie Is” Exhibition Is Now Available as an Augmented Reality Mobile App That’s Narrated by Gary Oldman: For David Bowie’s Birthday Today

Maybe it’s too soon to divide pop music history into “Before David Bowie” and “After David Bowie,” but two years after Bowie’s death, it’s impossible to imagine pop music history without him. Yet, if there ever did come a time when future generations did not know who David Bowie is, they could do far worse than hear Gary Oldman tell the story. Luckily for them, and us, Oldman narrates the new David Bowie augmented reality app, which launches today on what would have been the legend’s 72n...
Tags: Google, Fashion, Music, Technology, Film, College, Dave, David Bowie, South London, Rolling Stone, Gary Oldman, Brixton, Bowie, Gary, Facebook Twitter, Julian Schnabel

2019: Year of human renaissance?

A key message I'm seeing already at the start of 2019 is that the 'next industrial revolution' will be about people. Joe Kaeser wrote a recent article for the World Economic Forum on the subject, and it has been echoed in publications by several others who have their fingers on the pulse.Although I'm not convinced that the term 'revolution' is apt - most technological developments feature long processes of evolution rather than sudden disruption or revolution - the argument that humans are at t...
Tags: Business, UK, Technology, Learning, Education, Future, Skills, Development, eLearning, World Economic Forum, Joe Kaeser, Steve Wheeler, Plymouth England, Kaeser, Change agency, Richard Gerver

A 3D Animated History of Paris: Take a Visual Journey from Ancient Times to the World’s Fair of 1889

“And this too,” muses Marlow as he floats down the Thames in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, “has been one of the dark places on earth.” Whole theses have been written on the meaning of this statement. We can simply take it to mean that before London was London, it was just another obscure, humble town of ordinary farmers and artisans. That is, before the Romans came. So too Paris. One of the world’s most famous cities got its start as a cluster of humble huts, walled compounds, and l...
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Social media has made Gen Z less engaged in the classroom, says math lecturer Clio Cresswell

Mathematics lecturer noticed the changes in her students after returning to teaching after a five-year break.She says her students are noticeably less engaged, increasingly on their smartphones or computers, and ask more "stupid questions."A batch of results from an ongoing National Institutes of Health study recently showed alarming results about the impacts that screen use has on developing brains. None Clio Cresswell, a mathematics lecturer at the University of Sydney and author of Mathematic...
Tags: Google, Math, Technology, Education, Brain, Innovation, National Institutes of Health, Mind, Nih, University of Sydney, Cresswell, Dowling, Tristan Harris, Gaya Dowling, Clio Cresswell

Artificial Intelligence Creates Realistic Photos of People, None of Whom Actually Exist

Each day in the 2010s, it seems, brings another startling development in the field of artificial intelligence — a field widely written off not all that long ago as a dead end. But now AI looks just as alive as the people you see in these photographs, despite the fact that none of them have ever lived, and it's questionable whether we can even call the images that depict them "photographs" at all. All of them come, in fact, as products of a state-of-the-art generative adversarial network, a type...
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See You in the New Year for our wegginar® with Laurel Delaney!

wegg® wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday! We will see you in the New Year, with wegginar® NO. 34 on Wednesday, January 9, 2019. This wegginar® will be presented by  Laurel Delaney, President, wegg® and Founder, Join us at 11:00 am CST, noon Eastern for Laurel Delaney’s Global Trade Trends Report 2019. wegginar® […]
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Researchers Recreate the Sounds Worshippers Heard in the Mosque of Cordoba Over 1,200 Years Ago

As we know from conversations in subway tunnels or singing in the shower, different kinds of spaces and building materials alter the quality of a sound. It’s a subject near and dear to architects, musicians, and composers. The relationship between space and sound also centrally occupies the field of “Acoustic Archeology." But here, an unusual problem presents itself. How can we know how music, voice, and environmental sound behaves in spaces that no longer exist? More specifically, writes Eurek...
Tags: Google, Technology, College, History, Architecture, Cordoba, David Byrne, Sofia, Atlas Obscura, Facebook Twitter, Sophia, Josh Jones, Hester, Durham NC Follow, University of Seville, Atlas Obscura Related Content

Historic Console Used to Record “Stairway to Heaven” and Other Rock Classics Goes Up for Auction Today

The amount of money one is willing to spend—should one have amounts of money—for a vintage recording console will vary greatly depending on who one is. The average person will see an enormous, heavy, wonky, wood and metal space hog with no apparent purpose. The musician, engineer, producer, or studio owner, on the other hand, will see a finely-tuned instrument, whose preamps, EQs, compressors, meters, and circuitry promise worlds of sonic warmth and depth. In the case of one particular recordin...
Tags: Google, Music, Technology, London, College, Pink Floyd, Britain, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Bob Marley, Rolling Stone, Brian Eno, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Facebook Twitter, Josh Jones

Amy Winehouse on tour as a hologram: Chips with Everything podcast

Jordan Erica Webber explores the sometimes controversial world of holograms, from lessons taught by absent academics, to celebrities returning to the stage, even after their deathIn November 2018 Imperial College Business School announced that its students will be the first in the world to have live lectures delivered to them via hologram.Just a month before that, it was announced that Amy Winehouse would be going on tour in 2019. The singer, who died seven years ago, will appear on stage as a h...
Tags: Music, Technology, Education, Amy Winehouse, Jordan Erica Webber, Imperial College Business School

In 1964, Isaac Asimov Predicts What the World Will Look Like Today: Self-Driving Cars, Video Calls, Fake Meats & More

Painting of Asimov on his throne by Rowena Morill, via Wikimedia Commons Isaac Asimov's readers have long found something prophetic in his work, but where did Asimov himself look when he wanted to catch a glimpse of the future? In 1964 he found one at the New York World's Fair, the vast exhibition dedicated to "Man's Achievement on a Shrinking Globe in an Expanding Universe" that history now remembers as the most elaborate expression of the industrial and technological optimism of Space Age Ame...
Tags: Google, Facebook, New York, Technology, College, History, United States, New York Times, Clarke, Sci Fi, Arthur C Clarke, Ibm, Seoul, General Electric, United States of America, Facebook Twitter

How hands-on learning fires up your brain

Learning is a mental and physical pursuit, says retired astronaut Leland Melvin. Recalling his childhood, Melvin explains how working with his dad to turn a $500 bread truck into a family RV camper ultimately made him a better astronaut, able to maneuver the $2-billion dollar Columbus Laboratory out of the payload bay of a shuttle and attach it to the International Space Station. Experiential learning — like hands-on DIY, engineering kits, and Duplo games — wires your brain for problem solvi...
Tags: Space, Science, Technology, Learning, Education, Parenting, Children, Nasa, Play, Brain, Creativity, Engineering, Innovation, Mind, Melvin, Leland Melvin

See the Complete Works of Vermeer in Augmented Reality: Google Makes Them Available on Your Smartphone

No museum could ever put on a complete Vermeer exhibition. The problem isn't quantity: thus far, only 36 works have been definitively attributed to the 17th-century Dutch painter of domestic scenes and portraits, most famously Girl with a Pearl Earring. But they all hang in collections scattered around the world, not just in places like Amsterdam and The Hague but London, New York, Paris, and elsewhere besides. Some have become too fragile to travel, and one, The Concert, was stolen in 1990 and...
Tags: Google, Art, Technology, College, Amsterdam, Johannes Vermeer, Gizmodo, Seoul, Florence, The Hague, Facebook Twitter, Vermeer, London New York Paris, Mauritshuis, Colin Marshall, Jan Vermeer

Anatomy of a Fake: Forgery Experts Reveal 5 Ways To Spot a Fake Painting by Jackson Pollock (or Any Other Artist)

In the old days, determining an art forgery was mostly a matter of narrative deduction, a la Sherlock Holmes. Thiago Piwowarczyk and Jeffrey Taylor, founders of New York Art Forensics, employ such techniques to establish provenance, tracing the chain of ownership of any given work back to its original sale by researching catalogues, title transfers, and correspondence. But they also bring a number of high tech tools to the table, to further prove—or in the case of the alleged Jackson...
Tags: Google, Art, Science, Technology, College, History, Chemistry, Taylor, Jackson Pollock, Facebook Twitter, Galileo, Pollock, Jeffrey Taylor, Ayun Halliday, Greg Kotis, Truth About Santa

The Technology of Teaching (Holiday Giveaway #2)

This holiday season, I’ve decided to share twelve books with you. At the bottom of this post, you can enter for a chance to win a copy of this book. You can also visit this page to find the entire list of books and giveaways. The second book that I would like to share with you is Dr. B. F. Skinner’s “The technology of teaching.” This book is a collection of essays by Dr. Skinner about teaching and education. Some of the chapters were written specifically for the book, while others were first wri...
Tags: Technology, Education, Pets, Solomon, Skinner, Book and DVD Reviews, Hooke, Central Standard Time Winner, 12 Days Of Books - 2018, Skinner Foundation Enter

Fantasy and reality

Image from Pixabay Here are some of my recent (and random) thoughts about the future, science fiction and technology reality. It's not meant to be an essay, but is more a free flow of ideas around these themes. My lifelong interest in technology has almost certainly been inspired by reading science fiction novels. When I was still at school, I read voraciously - Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, Robert Heinlein, A. E. van Vogt, Arthur C. Clarke, Philip K. Dick - books from all of these write...
Tags: Science Fiction, Technology, Learning, Education, Future, Training, Research, Development, Artificial Intelligence, Pedagogy, Robotics, Philip K Dick, eLearning, Connection, Heinlein, Isaac Asimov

Hope for male 'pill' breakthrough after huge cash injection

Dundee University researchers receive $1m funding boost from Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationResearchers at a Scottish university hope to make a breakthrough in the long hunt for a male pill, thanks to a grant of more than $900,000 that will allow them to screen thousands of existing drugs to see if they have potential. Related: Male pill could be on horizon as trials yield positive results Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Science, Technology, Education, Scotland, Society, UK News, World news, Medical Research, Higher Education, Bill Gates, Dundee, Contraception and family planning, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill, Dundee University

Search for male contraceptive pill gets $1m cash injection

Dundee University researchers receive funding boost from Bill and Melinda Gates FoundationResearchers at a Scottish university hope to make a breakthrough in the long hunt for a male pill, thanks to a grant of more than $900,000 that will allow them to screen thousands of existing drugs to see if they have potential. Related: Male pill could be on horizon as trials yield positive results Continue reading...
Tags: Health, Science, Technology, Education, Scotland, Society, UK News, World news, Medical Research, Higher Education, Bill Gates, Dundee, Contraception and family planning, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill, Dundee University

Boston Tech Watch: Gradifi, Numerated, Jibo, Corvus, Botkeeper

A wave of cash for finance and insurance tech startups, a robotic assistant goes dark, and a medical transportation startup’s move across the Bay State make up the latest in Boston technology news. Read on for details.—The former head of PayPal’s (NASDAQ: PYPL) Boston office, David Chang, has been named CEO of Gradifi, a Boston-based employee benefits startup offering student loan refinancing and college savings plans. Gradifi was bought by First Republic Bank (NYSE: FRC) two years ago for $32 ...
Tags: Deals, Startups, Balderton Capital, Technology, College, Boston, Trends, Insurance, Paypal, Vc, Ford, Gm, Venture Capital, Fiat, SEC, Toyota

Meet wegg®’s Design and Technology Lead, Laura Fairman

“I am in pursuit of global reach and purpose. I’m continually asking myself… Is my work helping our world become a better place?”  -Laura Fairman, Design and Technology Lead for wegg® Meet wegg®’s Design and Technology Lead, Laura Fairman! She has had the pleasure of being involved with our organization since wegg®’s inception in 2008. […]
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Weapon of choice

Me with an incredible weapon What is your weapon of choice? As an educator, what tool or technology would you never be without in the classroom or learning space?For me, it is quite simple. My one weapon of choice is a dry wipe board and some pens. If there was nothing else, I could still conduct all my lessons using a board and pen. At a push, a chalkboard would do just as well.There are so many things you can do with a whiteboard and pens. One of my methods is to provoke a discussion ...
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Everything You Need to Know from Our wegginar® with Cristina Bandal

This past Wednesday, wegg® had the pleasure of hosting the Industry Segment Manager of Retail and Consumer Goods for UPS, Cristina Bandal. Bandal lead one of our free online wegginars®, which provide monthly, accessible education to women entrepreneurs everywhere. Bandal’s talk covered how to overcome the obstacles that people face when trying to sell their […]
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