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#3quotes from Papert

Image from Wikimedia Commons MIT professor Seymour Papert wanted to turn education on its head.He was disillusioned with the idea that we should 'instruct' children and that they would learn solely from content delivery. He was particularly critical of the use of computers as 'replacements' for teachers. There's a clear indication of those sentiments in this quote from his seminal work from 1980, Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas: “In many schools today, the phrase 'com...
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Take a Journey Inside Vincent Van Gogh’s Paintings with a New Digital Exhibition

Vincent van Gogh died in 1890, long before the emergence of any of the visual technologies that impress us here in the 21st century. But the distinctive vision of reality expressed through paintings still captivates us, and perhaps captivates us more than ever: the latest of the many tributes we continue to pay to van Gogh's art takes the form Van Gogh, Starry Night, a "digital exhibition" at the Atelier des Lumières, a disused foundry turned projector- and sound system-laden multimedia space i...
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College Bribery, DoorDash Pay, and Captain Marvel: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

The tech world found itself embroiled in another appalling controversy when a white supremacist gunman entered two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand on March 15 and opened fire, killing at least 50 people and wounding scores of others in an attack apparently calculated for maximum effect on social media and …Read more...
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Is sharing caring? #OpenBlog19

Photo by Krzyboy2o on Wikimedia Commons This is a post for #OpenBlog19. I attended an event in Utrecht, in the Netherlands way back in 2007, at around the time that social media was emerging as a serious learning technology. Together for two days, we discussed how digital technologies and networks could support learning. The event was called 'Show that you Share' and focused on tools such as Creative Commons, personal learning environments and mobile phones as a means of creating, shari...
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Vikram Jandhyala, innovation leader at UW, dies at 47

Vikram Jandhyala, who was the University of Washington's vice president for innovation strategy, was a vital link between UW and the region's technology community.
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The CIA’s Rectal Tool Kit for Spies–Created for Truly Desperate Situations During The Cold War

Though global espionage remains a going concern in the 21st century, somehow the popular stories we tell about it return again and again to the Cold War. Maybe it has to do with the demand those mostly pre-digital decades made upon the physical ingenuity of spies as well as the tools of spycraft. Take, for instance, one particularly ingenious CIA-issued tool kit on display at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. "Filled with escape tools," says the Spy Museum's web site, "thi...
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Buckminster Fuller Rails Against the “Nonsense of Earning a Living”: Why Work Useless Jobs When Technology & Automation Can Let Us Live More Meaningful Lives

We are a haunted species: haunted by the specter of climate change, of economic collapse, and of automation making our lives redundant. When Marx used the specter metaphor in his manifesto, he was ironically invoking Gothic tropes. But Communism was not a boogeyman. It was a coming reality, for a time at least. Likewise, we face very real and substantial coming realities. But in far too many instances, they are also manufactured, under ideologies that insist there is no alternative. But let’s a...
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Artificial Intelligence Identifies the Six Main Arcs in Storytelling: Welcome to the Brave New World of Literary Criticism

Is the singularity upon us? AI seems poised to replace everyone, even artists whose work can seem like an inviolably human industry. Or maybe not. Nick Cave’s poignant answer to a fan question might persuade you a machine will never write a great song, though it might master all the moves to write a good one. An AI-written novel did almost win a Japanese literary award. A suitably impressive feat, even if much of the authorship should be attributed to the program’s human designers. But what abo...
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Intel Reveals Ideas on Promoting AI in U.S. as Chinese Growth Looms

Even as the executive order President Trump issued last month on artificial intelligence furthered the conversation about a developing national strategy for the sector, it was met with certain criticism. A common complaint was that the plan won’t implement itself.“The administration’s American AI Initiative includes all of the right elements; the critical test will be to see if they follow through in a vigorous manner,” Jason Furman, who helped compile a report on AI for the Obama administratio...
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Private firm defends school factsheet on Momo hoax

Charities say parental guidance about scary-doll challenges may have worsened issueA private company that provides schools with internet safety material has insisted it behaved responsibility by issuing factsheets on the Momo challenge hoax, despite concerns it may have exacerbated the panic surrounding the issue.National Online Safety produced a factsheet entitled “What parents need to know about Momo”, which many UK schools sent home with children. Continue reading...
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A brief history of concrete: from 10,000BC to 3D printed houses

The Romans used concrete in everything from bath houses to the Colosseum. Our modern concrete structures will never last as longFind the rest of our Guardian concrete week pieces here“Unlike the Pantheon … virtually all the concrete structures one sees today will eventually need to be replaced,” writes Robert Courland is his weighty tome Concrete Planet, “costing us trillions of dollars in the process.”While there is some debate over when and where the first concrete was used – the Göbekli Tepe ...
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Why the school-college-job pathway is about to go extinct

The automation age will render the traditional concept of "jobs" obsolete. Human work is about to undergo an historic shift. Is the education system ready? Lumina Foundation is partnering with Big Think to unearth the next large-scale, rapid innovation in post-high school education. If you have an idea that could empower learning beyond high school, enter the Lumina Prize. You could win flights and accommodation for two nights in New York City, media training from Big Think's producers an...
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#3quotes from Bruner

Photo by Crabchick on Flickr In my #3quotes series I have been citing directly from the texts of education thinkers, because it is important to apply ideas and theories in context. Too often, writers cite from theorists using secondary sources instead of delving into the original texts. In this post I will featuring direct quotations from legendary American psychologist Jerome S Bruner, whose work focused on the psychology of learning, pedagogical methods such as instructional scaffoldi...
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What a European education project can tell us about Brexit – podcast

When the writer Peter Pomerantsev was a teenager, he was sent to a school that was part of the European Schools network, which counts Boris Johnson among its alumni. He discusses what the project can tell us about the EU. Plus: the Guardian’s UK technology editor, Alex Hern, on AI advancements The writer Peter Pomerantsev was 15 when his parents moved to Germany and enrolled him at the European School in Munich. The schools were set up in 1956 with the aim of educating the students to be “in min...
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March of the robots

Photo by Steve Wheeler Anyone who has ever attended the BETT Show will tell you it is vast, chaotic and very commercial. The latter is inevitable, because BETT is a free-entry event, and someone has to pay to make sure the four day education show happens. BETT was bigger than ever this year, with more vendors and more visitors, overspilling into an additional space across the corridor from the usual trade show venue.As I wandered around the show this year, skilfully sidestepping the min...
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Canoga Park fifth-graders meet a COD-E, a robot designed to get them excited about tech

Code’E, right, takes part in Genein Jefferson’s fifth-grade class Tuesday. The Òlife-sizedÓ robot, courtesy of PWC professional services, took part in the Canoga Park New Academy Charter School 5th grade class as part of their education initiative to get kids interested in technology. (Photo by David Crane, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) Code’E takes part in Genein Jefferson’s fifth-grade class Tuesday. (Photo by David Crane, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG) Sound The gallery will re...
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Pioneering Sci-Fi Author William Gibson Predicts in 1997 How the Internet Will Change Our World

"What's the one thing that all great works of science fiction have in common?" asks a 1997 episode of The Net, the BBC's television series about the possibilities of this much-talked-about new thing called the internet. "They all tried to see into the future, and they all got it wrong. Orwell's 1984, Huxley's Brave New World, Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: all, to some extent or other, wrong. And there's another name to add to this list: William Gibson." But then on strolls Gibson himself, fre...
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Starting Up and Taking a Personal Care Product Global with Jacqueline Smith

On Wednesday February 6th at 11:00 am CST,  Jacqueline Smith will be leading our first weggchat™ of 2019 on Twitter. Smith is the CEO of Kiesque, and her chat will cover “Starting Up and Taking a Personal Care Product Global.” Why should you participate? Glad you asked. Not only are all of our weggchats™ free […]
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A History of the Entire World in Less Than 20 Minutes

Thanks for watching history. I hope I mentioned everything. - Bill Wurtz Here at Open Culture, we happily acknowledge that learning is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The internet may be doing a number on our attention spans, but as the world has grown smaller, the educational buffet has grown richer, more varied, and vastly more affordable. Take for example the History of the World. Geography fans can approach the subject via Ollie Bye's year-by-year animated map. John Green’s play...
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Want Better Tech Employees? Give Students More Data, Educators Say

San Antonio—Developers, analysts, and data scientists: Every tech company needs them, particularly in hot areas like cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. The U.S. Department of Labor projects that computer and IT jobs would grow 13 percent by 2026 from 2016, which is faster than the average of all occupations.Even though there’s demand for workers, educators say the companies that need them are holding back something that would help universities and coding schools train potential employee...
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Investing, Real Estate, In-Game Ads: Sputnik ATX’s Third Accelerator

Austin—Startup accelerator Sputnik ATX has a picked five startup companies for its newest program, the third Sputnik has run. That includes software makers and entrepreneurs focused on investing, commercial real estate, advertising for gaming, and building websites.Founded in 2017, Sputnik ATX runs two programs annually, selecting a group of five startups that are seeking help with product development, mentorship, sales, and more. The accelerator gives each selected startup $100,000 to particip...
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Crayola Colorcycle initiative offers free recycling for markers used in K-12 classrooms

In the blur of school activity, students read, write, calculate and doodle. With that vision in mind, no company has created a bigger connection with the educational world than Crayola, monarch of colored pencils, crayons and markers. With that title comes a wave of concern regarding toxins and waste. After all, Crayola manufactures 465 million plastic markers alone each year, which begs the question of corporate responsibility. Fortunately, Crayola’s ahead of the curve on this one with the int...
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Watch a New Virtual Reality Production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: A Modern Take on a Classic Play

Often compared to The Tempest, Samuel Beckett's Endgame may have as much of Shakespeare’s Hamlet in it, though the author was unwilling to acknowledge the influence to Theodor Adorno. Beckett's central character, the blind, aged Hamm, spends all of his time in a throne haranguing the other three, in a gloomy place, The New York Times’ Brooks Atkinson wrote, “somewhere between life and death.” Hamm might have been the Danish prince grown old and bitter, left with nothing but what Beckett ...
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Nick Cave Answers the Hotly Debated Question: Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Be Able to Write a Great Song?

Photo by Bleddyn Butcher via Wikimedia Commons Spike Jonze’s AI love story Her offered a sort of an answer to one of the critical questions posed about Artificial Intelligence: Can machines feel love? Maybe, and maybe deeply, in a certain sense, but maybe not for just one person and not for very long before they take off to explore limitless others, which makes them sound like very seductive but also very shallow lovers. Maybe it helps to keep that metaphor in mind when we read Nick Cave’s answ...
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People at #BETT2019

Photo by Steve Wheeler I'm just back from another BETT Show, and I intend to write some reflections on what I saw, heard and experienced in future posts. Watch this space. But first, I want to write about the most important element....For me, the highlight of every BETT Show is not the vendors, nor is it the shiny technology - it's the people. The London Excel centre is a vast warehouse of space, and it takes a long time to wend your way across its acres of carpet. But at just about eve...
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Educating Millions – Story of Indan EdTech NPTEL

I started with NPTEL in Jan 2015. It was still very early. They were gearing up towards the launching many courses. I was introduced to NPTEL by my manager as the platform that to educate engineering1 students across India by the professors from the best institutes for free. By then they had done at least two rounds and they were trying to launch 10 courses that semester. They wanted engineering help. Till then I had not heard about the NPTEL but then I was kicked to contribute considering the...
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Geekdom Co-Working Space Opens Six-Week Entrepreneurship School

San Antonio—Co-working space Geekdom is starting a short-term night program for people interested in learning about entrepreneurship.The school, to be called The District, is accepting 36 students for its first six-week session, which begins Feb. 4. The program will run three times a year, Geekdom says. Classes will take place Monday through Thursday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. so that people who work a typical day-job schedule can attend, the organization says.Geekdom is developing the curriculum wi...
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Psychology Around the Net: January 19, 2019

Within this week’s Psychology Around the Net, you’re going to meet a psychiatrist who uses social media for good, get a plethora of self-care tips (many of which I guarantee you haven’t thought of), find out just exactly how many happy facial expressions we have, and more. Enjoy! You Have 17 Different Facial Expressions to Show Happiness (and That’s Reason to Smile): After a recent study involving more than seven million online images and 30 countries, Aleix Martinez, a cognitive scientist an...
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Vintage Geological Maps Get Turned Into 3D Topographical Wonders

What good is an old-fashioned map in the age of apps? One need not be a mountaineer, geoscientist, or civil engineer to get the topographical lay of the land with a speed and accuracy that would have blown Lewis and Clark’s minds’ right through the top of the lynx and otter toppers they took to wearing after their standard issue army lids wore out. There’s still something to be said for the old ways, though. Graphic designer Scott Reinhard has all the latest technological advances at his di...
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Oxford places ban on donations and research grants from Huawei

Decision on Chinese telecoms firm comes as national security concerns mount in the westThe University of Oxford has placed an indefinite ban on accepting research grants or donations from the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei, which is already facing mounting concerns from several governments about whether it poses a risk to national security.The decision emerged the day after the US prosecutors reportedly opened an investigation into Huawei for alleged theft of trade secrets from American firms. Con...
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