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Chili Peppers drummer brings his spice, advice to Paramount middle schoolers

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith stopped by Zamboni Middle School on a rainy Thursday morning, Jan. 17, to ignite the Paramount student’s creative side and show them that a future in the arts is a viable and obtainable career path. Chad Smith in action during a recent concert. Photo: AP file As part of the Turnaround Arts program, founded in 2011 by the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities and former First Lady Michelle Obama, Turnaround Arts: California provides supp...
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‘We’re in Uncharted Waters.’ Schools Brace for Lunch Funding Challenges if Shutdown Continues

"We’ve never gone through anything like this before"
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Second Lady Karen Pence Faces Backlash for Teaching at Christian School That Bars LGBTQ Students and Staff

The school describes homosexuality and transgender identity as "moral misconduct"
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This is what class was like at El Sereno Middle School during the LAUSD strike

The LAUSD’s chief academic officer, Dr. Frances Gipson organizes students in the hallway between classes at El Sereno Middle School in Los Angeles on Monday, Jan. 14, 2019. Gipson is a former principal at the school and helped out Monday as the teachers were out on strike. Only about 25% of the students at El Sereno came to school Monday. (Photo by Scott Varley, Daily Breeze/SCNG) The LAUSD’s chief academic officer, Dr. Frances Gipson distributes paperwork to a group of students she was teach...
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Why You Should Pre-Order Digital Minimalism

A copy of my new book, hot off the presses, on the custom-built minimalist library table I use to find focus in an otherwise noisy world. My new book, Digital Minimalism, which comes out on February 5th, is available for pre-order. If you live in the US, you can pre-order from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a local bookstore (as well as many other retailers). If you live in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India or Africa, you can pre-order the UK edition at Amazon UK. (The book is also ...
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Renee Moilanen: The weight of the world on our kid’s shoulders

As much as I support the idea of children walking to school, I cringe every time my third-grade son hefts his gargantuan bookbag onto his shoulders and trudges hunchbacked toward campus. Loaded up with his required laptop, lunchbox and textbooks, my son’s bookbag weighs 14 pounds. That’s nearly 25 percent of his body weight, a hefty addition on his half-mile trek to school, which is – I swear I’m not exaggerating – uphill both ways. If I had to haul an extra 30 pounds on my back to get to work, ...
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How the Debate Over Charter Schools Is Fueling the Looming Los Angeles Teacher Strike

"Do we still believe in funding public education," one teacher said, "or have we given up?”
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LAUSD strike update: Day 2 of renewed talks go nowhere, union president says

The second round of last-ditch talks between Los Angeles Unified and the teachers union as they try to avert a strike stalled Wednesday, according to union officials. The strike is now planned for Monday, Jan. 14, union officials announced earlier Wednesday. The strike was scheduled for Thursday. “Today in bargaining,” union President Alex Caputo Pearl said Wednesday evening, “we did not see seriousness on the part of the school district to try and resolve our contract struggle.” Related Artic...
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Answers to 7 questions parents may have about possible LAUSD teachers strike

Will they or won’t they? That’s the question parents, among others, have asked for the past week as a planned Los Angeles Unified teachers strike nears. The strike, currently planned for Thursday — though that could change — would mean the school district’s teachers would be out picketing rather than in the classroom. In response, district officials have been planning how to keep instruction going. But there are certainly challenges: L.A. Unified is massive, comprising more than 60,000 employees...
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​As LAUSD teachers strike nears, here are 7 things parents should know

Will they or won’t they? That’s the question parents, among others, have asked for the past week as a planned Los Angeles Unified teachers strike nears. The strike, currently planned for Thursday — though that could change — would mean the school district’s teachers would be out picketing rather than in the classroom. In response, district officials have been planning how to keep instruction going. But there are certainly challenges: L.A. Unified is massive, comprising more than 60,000 employees...
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Are Smartphones Necessary Anymore?

When I was researching Digital Minimalism, I came across an interesting article written by Vlad Savov for The Verge. It was titled: “It’s time to bring back the dumb phone.” I’ve both read and written numerous articles about the negative aspects of the modern smartphone, and have interviewed many people who have returned to a simpler alternative with few regrets. But what caught my attention about Savov’s piece was the following new (to me) argument he made in favor of stepping back ...
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LA teachers union, district set to get back to bargaining table on Monday

LOS ANGELES – The union representing Los Angeles Unified School District teachers confirmed Friday its labor negotiators will meet with district officials Monday for a bargaining session, just days before the union is scheduled to begin LAUSD’s first teachers’ strike since 1989. UTLA bargaining chair Arlene Inouye said union officials spoke with the district Friday and confirmed the two sides will meet Monday. She said the meeting “is good news,” but she said the union needs “to see a real offer...
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When To Talk to Kids About Student Debt

I had a conversation today with a young man about his major. Interestingly, it led us to talk about his student loans and how much student debt he might have to pay off upon graduation. This was his first discussion about what his student debt might cost him. To this point, perhaps he thought of it as “free money.” By the end of the discussion, he was equating his loans to slavery. Or at least indentured servitude. Apparently his parents did not have the money talk with their son bef...
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‘You Can’t Teach Dead Kids.’ Safety Report Warns Florida Schools to Do More After Parkland Shooting

"There must be a sense of urgency — and there is not," the report states
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Community Service for the College Application? Look at the YMCA.

Families often ask me for guidance on selecting the best community service and leadership development programs for their students. I recently came across a program organized by the local YMCA in my area that illustrates how easy it really is for students to get involved in community service. However, too often community service is just a notch in the belt or a box to be ticked. Students do it, but most just put in the hours without actually accomplishing or learning much of anything. Som...
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16-Year-Old Kansas Student on Track to Graduate High School and Harvard in Same Month

"He's not just gifted. He's really, really gifted"
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Join Analog Social Media

A phenomenon I noticed when researching Digital Minimalism is that many people are confused by the creeping unease they feel about their digital lives. This confusion is caused in part by problems of scope. When you take an activity like social media, for example, and zoom in close, you isolate behaviors like commenting on a friend’s picture, or encountering an interesting link, that seem mildly positive. What harm could their possibly be in clicking a heart icon? When you zoom out, h...
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From the Hyperlink to the Stream: Hossein Derakshan’s Critique of the Internet in the Age of Social Media

The Six Year Transformation A friend recently pointed me toward an essay published on Medium in 2015. It’s written by Hossein Derakshan, a Canadian-Iranian blogger who helped instigate the Persian-language blogging revolution during the first decade of the 21st century, and whose online truth-telling eventually lead to his imprisonment in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison from 2008 to 2014. In his essay, Derakshan explores the radical shift in internet culture that occurred between when he ente...
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Trump’s School Safety Commission Is Targeting Obama Anti-Discrimination Rules and Not Guns

The school safety commission established by President Donald Trump in the wake of February’s Parkland shooting barely addressed guns, but recommended rolling back Obama-era guidelines aimed at making sure minority students aren’t disproportionately targeted for discipline. That recommendation has emerged as one of the most controversial aspects of the report, which was released Tuesday —…
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‘I Didn’t Think Playing Bingo Was Up to My Speed.’ This 84-Year-Old Texas Woman Is About to Earn Her College Degree

"I didn't have anything to do in retirement and I didn't think that playing bingo was up to my speed," she said
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Is YouTube Fundamental or Trivial?

The YouTube Conundrum As a public critic of social media, I’m often asked if my concerns extend to YouTube. This is a tricky question. As I’ve written, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram didn’t offer something fundamentally different than the world wide web that preceded them. Their main contribution was to make this style of online life more accessible and convenient. My first independently owned and operated web site from the 1990s, for example, required me to learn HTML and upload f...
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Pierce College ‘free speech zone’ will expand after LA Community College District settles free speech lawsuit with student

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Community College District has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by a Pierce College student against the school over student free speech rights, it was announced Thursday. In the March 2017 lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles federal court, plaintiff Kevin Shaw alleged that the community college in Woodland Hills violated his civil rights when he was barred from passing out copies of the U.S. Constitution because he wasn’t in the school’s “free speech” zone — an outdoor ...
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1 Teen Dead After Shooting at Indiana Middle School

A teenage suspect has died after a shooting at an Indiana middle school, police said. The shooting took place at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, Ind. No other students were injured in the shooting, according to police. Indiana State Police said the shooting resulted in the death of a teenage suspect. The suspect ran into…
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Columbia University Denounced a Student’s ‘Racially Charged’ Rant

A video showed a white student shouting at a group of minority students
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Chicago Teachers Union Ends Strike Against Charter School Operator After Tentative Deal Struck

It was the U.S.'s first teachers' strike against a charter school operato
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Taft students shower Telfair Elementary in gifts, holiday spirit

Sitting cross-legged in rows along the classroom carpet, second-graders at Telfair Elementary School in Pacoima squealed in unison to find festively wrapped gifts in their lap, hand delivered by Santa’s elves from the North Pole. Yet the elves were actually 60 towering teens from Taft Charter High School in Woodland Hills who had collected almost 1,000 gifts for Friday’s fourth-annual holiday event with Telfair, a fellow LA Unified campus that has taken a spotlight after widespread reports of st...
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On Blogs in the Social Media Age

Twitter Defector Earlier this week, Glenn Reynolds, known online as Instapundit, published an op-ed in USA Today about why he recently quit Twitter. He didn’t hold back, writing: “[I]f you set out to design a platform that would poison America’s discourse and its politics, you’d be hard pressed to come up with something more destructive than Twitter.” What really caught my attention, however, is when Reynolds begins discussing the advantages of the blogosphere as compared to walled garden so...
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Fewer Students Are Majoring in History, But We’re Asking the Wrong Questions About Why

The number of history BAs awarded each year has dropped more steeply than any other degree measured, but not for the reason you may think
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2 Dead, 8 Hurt After Wrong-Way Truck Hits Illinois School Bus Head-On

Two adults were killed and eight students were hurt after a tractor trailer truck driving the wrong way on an Illinois highway struck a school bus carrying a high school girls basketball team Wednesday night. The driver of the truck and an adult volunteer on the bus were killed in the Bloomington, Illinois, crash, according…
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1 Student Killed After Truck Crashes into Indiana School Bus

The boy died after the truck rear-ended the bus near the town of Argos
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