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Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty: A Free Course from the University of Pennsylvania Resilience Skills in a Time of Uncertainty. Who could use a course on resilience these days? To get you through this winter of discontent, the University of Pennsylvania has created a free version of Dr. Karen Reivich’s “Resilience Skills” course. (It’s part of the Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization offered through Coursera.) This course teaches students to 1.) understand the protective factors that make one resilient, 2.) make u...
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How to Talk with a Conspiracy Theorist: What the Experts Recommend Why do people pledge allegiance to views that seem fundamentally hostile to reality? Maybe believers in shadowy, evil forces and secret cabals fall prey to motivated reasoning. Truth for them is what they need to believe in order to get what they want. Their certainty in the justness of a cause can feel as comforting as a warm blanket on a winter’s night. But conspiracy theories go farther than private delusions of grandeur. They have spilled i...
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How to Talk with a Conspiracy Theorist (and Why People Believe Conspiracy Theories in the First Place): What the Experts Recommend Why do people pledge allegiance to views that seem fundamentally hostile to reality? Maybe believers in shadowy, evil forces and secret cabals fall prey to motivated reasoning. Truth for them is what they need to believe in order to get what they want. Their certainty in the justness of a cause can feel as comforting as a warm blanket on a winter’s night. But conspiracy theories go farther than private delusions of grandeur. They have spilled i...
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As a TEFL-certified teacher, here are the 12 online courses and apps I recommend for learning English as a new language

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider English is the world's most common second language, and learning it can open up new career opportunities.Below are 12 online courses, apps, and resources to improve your English listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.Read more: The 8 best apps, courses, and books to start learning SpanishSign up for Insider Reviews' weekly newsletter for more buying advice a...
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MED SCHOOL PREP: The ultimate guides to getting into the top medical schools in the world

Harvard Medical School. ThePhotosite/Shutterstock Frontline workers and public health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci are inspiring a new wave of medical school hopefuls: The number of applicants is up 18% this year over last year, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC).  A more competitive pool of applicants will require candidates to shine throughout the recruitment process if they want to get accepted into the top medical schools in the world. These guides sho...
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UPenn offers 5 online courses that teach you how to lead a happier and more fulfilled life, and they're free for anyone to audit

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Coursera; Alyssa Powell/Business Insider The University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League school and one of the oldest higher learning institutions in the US, offers a series of five courses about positive psychology on Coursera. Anyone can take it and it's free to audit. Foundations of Positive Psychology aims to equip you with both theoretical knowledge and practical tools to live a happier and more...
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Financial Advisor: Reverse Mortgages Are Getting ‘Another Look’ During Pandemic

Reverse mortgages are getting a notable amount of new interest from American seniors due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, according to a newly-published column in Financial Advisor magazine. “Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (aka, reverse mortgages) allow those 62 and older to take equity out of their homes without monthly repayments; the homeowners don’t have to pay this money back until they die as long as they stay in their houses, and the money can be taken as ...
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The oldest college in every US state

Harvard University is the oldest college in the entire country — it dates back to 1636. Jay Yuan/Shutterstock The oldest college in each US state includes some of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country and several flagship state universities. The oldest college in the United States is Harvard University, founded in 1636. Meanwhile, the most recent state to get a college for the first time is Alaska. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The United States is...
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10 online courses that teach you how to be happier — most are free and taught by Ivy League universities

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Alyssa Powell/Business Insider Positive psychology is the study of happiness and meaning, and there are several courses you can take online to learn more about the topic.Below, I've compiled a list of 10 courses from popular online learning platforms that are free or affordable to enroll in.They teach students how to be happier using a blend of abstract and concrete ideas and research-backed habit ...
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I paid only 17% of the cost of my Ivy League education by starting out at a community college. Now I'm responsible for 400 employees and will graduate debt-free — here's how I did it.

Brittany Halbsgut. Brittany Halbsgut Brittany Halbsgut is a human resource professional, and will be a debt-free graduate of the University of Pennsylvania in December 2020. When she was 18, she opted to go to trade school and become a licensed cosmetologist. At age 25, she enrolled in community college, and graduated with an Associate in Arts degree. She then transferred to University of Pennsylvania as a third-year student, and, because of how her credits transferred and her nontradition...
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How Ivy League financial aid packages stack up, even amid the coronavirus pandemic

Ivy League schools aren't curbing their high tuition prices amid the pandemic, but most already offer free tuition for students from families with a yearly income under $65,000. Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images Ivy League colleges are by and large not reducing tuition this fall, even though instruction will mostly be online due to the coronavirus pandemic. Full tuition at an Ivy League college typically falls between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. All eight Ivy League s...
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ClassTag raises $5M for parent-teacher communication

Like many working parents, Vlada Lotkina, the founder and CEO of ClassTag, wanted to be more involved in her daughter’s preschool education. A paper notice about an upcoming field trip, squeezed between messy folders in a backpack, begged for smart technology around parent-teacher communication, she recalls. Lotkina turned to other parents in the preschool class and found similar stresses. So, she teamed up with a fellow parent, Jason Olim, and launched ClassTag, a free parent-teacher communicat...
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Don't worry about making a mistake. It's how we learn.

Humans learn best when avoiding too much complexity and getting the gist of situations, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania.Instead of remember every detail, we learn by categorizing situations through pattern recognition. We wouldn't retain much if we considered a high level of complexity with every piece of information. Humans learn in patterns. Take a bush that you pass every day. It's not particularly attractive; it just happens to exist along your norm...
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Take a Virtual Tour of the Mütter Museum and Its Many Anatomically Peculiar Exhibits

A few months before Philaelphia’s Mütter Museum, exercising now familiar COVID-19 precautions, closed its doors to the public, it co-sponsored   to honor the victims to the previous century’s Spanish Flu pandemic, as well as "those who keep us safe today.” The event was part of a temporary exhibition, Spit Spreads Death: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19 in Philadelphia. Another temporary exhibition, Going Viral: Infection Through the Ages, opened in November, and now seems even stronger...
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500+ Beautiful Manuscripts from the Islamic World Now Digitized & Free to Download

Mathematics, astronomy, history, law, literature, architecture: in these fields and others, the Muslim world came up with major innovations before any other civilization did. This Islamic cultural and intellectual flowering lasted from the 11th through the 19th century, and many of the texts the period left as its legacy have gone mostly unresearched. So say the creators of Manuscripts of the Muslim World, a project of Columbia University, the Free Library of Philadelphia, the University of Pen...
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Study Business in the Ivy League – Expert Advice

So, you want to study business in the Ivy League? If you want to major in business at an Ivy League university, you may need to broaden your horizons. First, a bit of history The Ivy League universities are among the oldest in the country. Five of the eight are among the 10 oldest universities in the country: Harvard – 1636Yale – 1702Penn – 1740Princeton – 1746Columbia – 1754 Brown and Dartmouth were founded a little bit later (in 1746 and 1769, respectively). Cornell is...
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Get Into Penn – The Case Study of Isaac

How do you get into Penn? This is the story of one young man’s story of how to get into the University of Pennsylvania. While this case is not one that can be easily replicated, it is instructive of the tough decisions that Ivy League applicants sometimes have to make. Isaac’s ambitions to get into Penn Isaac’s mother contacted Great College Advice toward the end of his sophomore year of high school. Her son was a straight-A student at a competitive school in suburban Denver, and he h...
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Indiana leader tapped for LA Pierce College president job

A new president has been selected to lead Los Angeles Pierce College, the sprawling west San Fernando Valley community college campus that has been without a permanent leader for about a year. Alexis S. Montevirgen is expected to be approved as the college’s new leader at the June 5 meeting of the Los Angeles Community College District’s Board of Trustees. At 40, he would be among the youngest presidents to lead the 70-plus-year-old, 426-acre Woodland Hills college and its 22,000 students each s...
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How to separate good medical students from superb ones

Since the beginning of the fourth year of medical school, I have lived in six different cities and have been fortunate to call a Michigan apple orchard, an island on the Mississippi River, and a little apartment in the Coolidge Corner neighborhood of Boston home. I come to you as an emergency medicine intern fully immersed in the second month of residency excited about what the future holds as a newly minted physician-in-training. Yet, as I continue to integrate myself in a new city and role, I ...
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Do My Test Scores Matter?

Less than you think, but more than you’d like. SAT. ACT. SAT2.  TOEFL.  PSAT.  PLAN. These tests loom large in the college admissions process.  And no other aspect of the process generates as many questions—and anxieties—as the standardized tests. On the one hand, you should not tress too much about your scores.  They are only one element of the entire application, and other elements are generally more important.  Based on an annual survey by the National Association for College Admissions Co...
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In the Age of Trump, Civics Courses Make a Comeback

Schools that traded history and government for more science and technology are rethinking the calculation, hoping to create a new generation of activists.
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Here is where CEOs of heavily funded startups went to school

CEOs of funded startups tend to be a well-educated bunch, at least when it comes to university degrees. Yes, it’s true college dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates can still do well. But Crunchbase data shows that most startup chief executives have an advanced degree, commonly from a well-known and prestigious university. Earlier this month, Crunchbase News looked at U.S. universities with strong track records for graduating future CEOs of funded companies. This unearthed some f...
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Read and Hear Tristan Tzara’s “Dada Manifesto,” the Avant-Garde Document Published 100 Years Ago (March 23, 1918)

Dada demands explanation, yet it somehow also demands not to be explained. In the nearly 102 years since its inception, many attempts at summary and analysis of that early 20th-century European avant-garde movement have emerged; as you can see in the related links at the bottom of the post, we've featured a fair few of them here on Open Culture. But to truly understand Dada, you must, to the extent possible, get inside the heads of its founders, and one shortcut to that artistically rich...
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Summer Programs for High School Students

Looking to make your summer memorable and meaningful? Searching for summer programs for high school students? Pre-college summer programs may be just the ticket! Through these programs, universities open up their campuses to high school students, allowing them to test drive the college experience, from dorm room to classroom. Let’s answer some common questions so you can decide if a pre-college summer program might be right for you. Do you have to pay a fee? Prices range from free to very exp...
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The 10 Most Popular Courses on Coursera in 2017 (and 2,000 Courses You Can Take for Free in January, 2018)

Back in 2012, Coursera started offering MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses) to the world at large. And they've since amassed some 28 million registered users, a catalogue of 2,000 courses, and reams of data about what people want to learn. In the waning days of December, Coursera published a list of their 1o most popular courses of 2017. (Find below, and enroll in any of these courses for free.) From this list, it drew some larger conclusions about trends in education and technology. The...
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Let’s not be petty about affirmative action in medical school

Just a year after the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to race-conscious admissions in Fisher v. University of Texas, this issue is being pushed back to the front of the room by none other than the Trump administration’s Justice Department hauling out hoary tropes about “reverse discrimination.” They are preparing cases against Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania, charging to the rescue of the multitudes of innocent middle-class whites and Asians who have been wounded by the shame of ha...
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Writing in Paris: Exciting New Classes from WICE

Make Your « Re-entry » a Creative One in Paris! What's on in Paris this fall? The WICE Creative Writing Program is offering a full roster of classes this fall with many new courses and several old favorites! For those wishing to mine their personal experience for personal expression and publication, Lise Funderberg, creative writing instructor at the University of Pennsylvania and the Rugers MFA program, is presenting an intensive creative nonfiction workshop in October.David Barnes, who’s ...
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Student Startups: How To Launch Your Business While In College

When we look at successful startups we often focus on how the company has been successful with their end products or services but we often ignore what the founders went through and did to be successful. Like any other startups, those started by students often begin with ideas, but venture capitalists may dismiss the individuals as being young, inexperienced and naive. However, some of the college startups have been successful ventures like InviteMedia, a company started by Nat Turner while at t...
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Charles Darwin & Charles Dickens’ Four-Hour Work Day: The Case for Why Less Work Can Mean More Productivity

We all operate at different levels of ambition: some just want to get by and enjoy themselves, while others strive to make achievements with as long-lasting an impact on humanity as possible. If we think of candidates for the latter category, Charles Darwin may well come to mind, at least in the sense that the work he did as a naturalist, and more so the theory of evolution that came out of it, has ensured that we remember his name well over a century after his death and will surely continue to...
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700 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Getting Started in May: Enroll Free Today

FYI: This month, 700 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) will be getting underway, giving you the chance to take courses from top flight universities, at no cost. With the help of Class Central, we’ve pulled together a complete list of May MOOCS. Below, find a few courses that piqued our interest, or rummage through the list and find your own. Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts and Supreme Court Cases  – University of Pennsylvania on Coursera – May 1 Introduction to Philosophy –...
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