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How Should US Bank Regulators Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis?

Instead of the "watchful waiting" approach taken by US bank regulators to the pandemic crisis, they should use their prudential authorities to encourage banks to increase their equity capital. This is effectively a way of buying low-cost insurance against adverse scenarios that have become more likely. [Author: by Michael Blank, Samuel G. Hanson, Jeremy C. Stein, and Adi Sunderam]
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The coronavirus pandemic is expanding California’s digital divide

Kevin Frazier Contributor Share on Twitter Kevin Frazier, a Masters of Public Policy student at the Harvard Kennedy School and JD candidate at the UC Berkeley School of Law, uses his spare time to advocate for better government. More posts by this contributor Big tech should create a national service program to make the US more united COVID-19 shows we need Universal Basic Internet now If every...
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Watch the Famous James Baldwin-William F. Buckley Debate in Full, With Restored Audio (1965)

When James Baldwin took the stage to debate William F. Buckley at Cambridge in 1965, it was to have “a debate we shouldn’t need,” writes Gabrielle Bellot at Literary Hub, and yet it’s one that is still “as important as ever.” The proposition before the two men—famed prophetic novelist of the black experience in America and the conservative founder of the National Review—was this: “The American Dream is at the Expense of the America Negro.” The statement should not need defending, Baldwin ar...
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A Chilling Time-Lapse Video Documents Every COVID-19 Death on a Global Map: From January to June 2020

The story of the Coronavirus, at least in the US, has swung between a number of rhetorical tics now common to all of our discourse. Called a “hoax,” then given several racist nicknames and dismissed as a “nothing burger,” the pandemic—currently at around 3 million cases in the country, with a U.S. death toll over 130,000—has now become the “new normal,” a phrase that pops up everywhere you look. “This framing is inviting,” writes Chime Asonye at the World Economic Forum. It conveys “the ...
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Trump’s sudden reversal on student visas will be felt in Silicon Valley

Growing up in the Philippines, Andreia Carrillo always liked the stars. It’s what brought her to the United States to study astronomy, and why she wants others to follow in her footsteps and study the stars. “Though, we’ll see if that happens now,” Carrillo said. Carrillo is one of the hundreds of thousands of students affected by a recent rule change, issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to no longer allow international students from staying in the U.S. if their university m...
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Vintage Science Face Masks: Conquer the Pandemic with Science, Courtesy of Maria Popova’s BrainPickings

If you don’t floss or brush your teeth, they will rot and fall out. If you don’t eat fruits and vegetables, you will get scurvy or some other horrible disease. If you don’t use protection… well, you know the rest. These are facts of life we mostly accept if we care about ourselves and others because they are beyond disputing. But the idea of wearing a cloth mask when in public during a viral pandemic spread through droplets from the nose and mouth—a practice endorsed by the CDC, the World Healt...
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Fauci Says US Could Reach 100,000 Coronavirus Cases a Day

The government’s top infectious disease expert told a Senate panel that bars needed to be closed, and the Fed chairman cautioned that “a full recovery is unlikely” until safety is restored.
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When the Beatles Refused to Play Before Segregated Audiences on Their First U.S. Tour (1964)

When American rock and roll made its way to the UK in the 1950s and 60s, along with a burgeoning folk and blues revival, many young British fans hadn’t been conditioned to think of music in the same way as their U.S. counterparts. “Unlike racially segregated Americans,” for example, “the Beatles didn’t see—or hear—the difference between Elvis and Chuck Berry,” writes Joseph Tirella, “between the Everly Brothers and the Marvelettes.” They also couldn’t see playing to segregated audien...
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Pediatrics Group: Academic, Mental And Physical Benefits Of In-Person School Outweigh Coronavirus Risks

(CNN) — As states grapple with how to safely start the upcoming school year, the American Academy of Pediatrics is pushing for students to be physically present in classrooms rather than continue in remote learning for the sake of their well-being. The group, which represents and guides pediatricians across the country, updated its back-to-school recommendations to say evidence shows the academic, mental and physical benefits of in-person learning outweigh the risks from the coronavirus. “The AA...
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Why college reform will promote racial equality

I was very active politically in the 1960s, 70s, and the early 80s. Life became more difficult in the late 1980s with the arrival of a third child, and as I focused to publish enough to get tenure in a large Midwestern university. Today, as I look back on that time, I struggle with two perspectives about current anti-racist activism and about a continued anti-racist struggle in the academy. One of them is to believe that the current political reckoning over racism in the United States is differe...
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Why transforming higher education can promote racial equality

I was very active politically in the 1960s, 70s, and the early 80s. Life became more difficult in the late 1980s with the arrival of a third child, and as I focused to publish enough to get tenure in a large Midwestern university. Today, as I look back on that time, I struggle with two perspectives about current anti-racist activism and about a continued anti-racist struggle in the academy. One of them is to believe that the current political reckoning over racism in the United States is differe...
Tags: Books, Featured, California, College, US, Blog, Atlanta, History, United States, Ferguson, Black, Social Sciences, Board of Education, Shaw, Cheyney, Wisconsin Minnesota

Why the UK is the sick man of Europe again | Letters

British neoliberalism, social inequality and arrogance have left us trailing in Germany’s wake in the fight against coronavirus, argue John Green and Glyn Turton, while Jinty Nelson says the UK has been losing ground in other areas for yearsMartin Kettle is absolutely right in his comparison between Germany’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and that of the UK (On different planets: how Germany tackled the pandemic, and Britain flailed, 24 June). But one big factor is the fact that Germany is n...
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4 Misconceptions About International School That Parents Need To Know

No, it’s not unfairly expensive nor it turns students into obnoxious runts. International Curricula , particularly the International Baccalaureate was adopted in India back in 1976, which at that time saw little interest from parents and students. Fast forward 15 years later. A 10-fold increase is seen with over 700 schools and more in many countries like the UAE, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. India now ranks second in the number of international schools with China following be...
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Oakland moves to bar police from schools as bigger cities reject change

Movement to get officers out of schools sees progress even as Chicago and Los Angeles school boards vote to keep them in placeA growing movement to get police officers out of US schools saw a major victory this week when Oakland’s school board voted to eliminate the school district’s dedicated police department.But in Chicago and Los Angeles, despite protests by youth activists, support from teachers’ unions, and an outpouring of public support, school boards voted to keep police in public schoo...
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The “new normal” paradox: What COVID-19 has revealed about higher education

Everywhere you turn, the idea that coronavirus has brought on a "new normal" is present and true. But for higher education, COVID-19 exposes a long list of pernicious old problems more than it presents new problems. It was widely known, yet ignored, that digital instruction must be embraced. When combined with traditional, in-person teaching, it can enhance student learning outcomes at scale.COVID-19 has forced institutions to understand that far too many higher education outcomes are determined...
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John Trumbull’s Famous 1818 Painting Declaration of Independence Virtually Defaced to Show Which Founding Fathers Owned Slaves

Statues of slaveholders and their defenders are falling all over the U.S., and a lot of people are distraught. What’s next? Mount Rushmore? Well… maybe no one’s likely to blow it up, but some honesty about the “extremely racist” history of Mount Rushmore might make one think twice about using it as a limit case. On the other hand, a sandblasting of the enormous Klan monument in Stone Mountain, Georgia—created earlier by Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum—seems long overdue. We are learning a lot ...
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The insane problem of US standardized testing

When it comes to elements of the US education system that simply don't work, there is one controversial topic that educators always come back to: standardized testing.For Rosalind Wiseman, best-selling author and founder of Cultures of Dignity, using standardized tests as the ultimate barometer of a student's worth (and of the quality of education provided by an institution), and perpetuating that system for profit, is not only problematic and inaccurate, it is "criminal" and "irresponsible."The...
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What if education was engaging for every student?

In 2012, I founded OpenStax as a then-radical solution to the Great Recession: Why not make college textbooks free for students? And why not make them open-licensed?Now we are faced with COVID-19, another crisis of enormous scale—and one that is once again underscoring the harsh inequities in our communities and accelerating the existing gap between the haves and the have-nots.Student engagement and open education are the next frontiers that innovators must address if we want education to live u...
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When Punk & Reggae Fans Launched the “Rock Against Racism” Movement and Pushed Back Against Britain’s Racist Right (1976)

The UK of the late-70s was, in many unfortunate respects, like the UK (and US) of today, with far-right attacks against West Indian and Asian immigrants becoming routine, along with increased aggression from the police. Enoch Powell’s inflammatory 1968 “Rivers of Blood” speech (denounced in the papers as a naked “appeal to racial hatred) energized the far-right National Front. Nazi punks and skinheads began violent campaigns in the mid-70s. A very hot summer in 1976 saw a riot at the Not...
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Living with ADHD: how I learned to make distraction work for me

Even today, 20 years after my childhood diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), I am still keenly aware of how my attention wavers, lapses or holds differently from that of most people. I'm prone to experiencing 'blank' patches in conversation, when I suddenly realise I have no recollection of the past 30 or so seconds of what's been said, as if someone has skipped forward through the video feed of my life (occasionally, I resort to 'masking', or feigning comprehension – wh...
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How AI Can Help Universities Boost Student Performance And Improve Retention

by Sanjoe Jose, CEO and Co-founder of Talview Plagued by manual processes and a slow rate of digital transformation, many universities are turning to AI to help them drive efficiency and create an environment that allows students to thrive. In fact, it’s predicted that the AI market within the US education sector will grow by 48% CAGR between 2018-2022. Armed with AI-powered data insights and automated platforms, higher education institutions see a number of benefits, including improving the ad...
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Imagining the Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate That Never Happened

American history as it’s usually taught likes to focus on rivalries, and there are many involving big personalities and major historical stakes. Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington. These figures are set up to represent the “both sides” we expect of every political question. While the issues are oversimplified (there are always more than two sides and politics isn’t a sport) the figures in question genuinely...
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An Anti-Racist Reading List: 20 Books Recommended by Open Culture Readers

You may have received an email from your favorite online retailer, your boss, university president, or the CEO of your bank: “It has come to our attention that racism is real, and it is really, really bad.” Opportunism is real too, but a significant number of individuals seem to have finally drawn the same conclusion and feel morally compelled to do something about an epidemic that has—very discriminately—killed tens of thousands of black, indigenous, and people of color in the U.S. thro...
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Ava DuVernay’s Selma Is Now Free to Stream Online: Watch the Award-Winning Director’s Film About Martin Luther King’s 1965 Voting-Rights March

Ava DuVernay made her award-winning documentary 13th free to stream online. Now comes her film Selma. The 2014 film chronicles Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s campaign to secure equal voting rights with an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, in 1965. Ava DuVernay writes on Twitter: "Paramount Pictures is offering SELMA for free rental on all US digital platforms for June, starting today. We’ve gotta understand where we’ve been to strategize where we’re going. History helps us cre...
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Watch Ava DuVernay’s 13th Free Online: An Award-Winning Documentary Revealing the Inequalities in the US Criminal Justice System

Earlier today, we highlighted some free cinematic offerings online, including the new civil rights film Just Mercy, and a slew of films in the Criterion Collection made by African American directors. Then we stumbled upon this. Above, you can watch Ava DuVernay's Oscar-nominated film 13th. Combining archival footage with testimony from activists and scholars, DuVernay's documentary focuses on the U.S. prison system and "how the country's history of racial inequality drives the high rate ...
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When Afrobeat Legend Fela Kuti Collaborated with Cream Drummer Ginger Baker

At the end of the 60s, superstar drummer and angriest man in rock Ginger Baker was on the verge of collapse. Strung out on heroin, deeply grieving Jimi Hendrix’s death, and alienated from his former Cream and Blind Faith bandmates, he needed a new direction. He found it in Nigeria, where he decamped after driving a Range Rover from Algeria across the Sahara Desert. (A madcap adventure captured in the 1971 documentary Ginger Baker in Africa). Once in Lagos, Baker started jamming with Afro...
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Crew Dragon Demo 2: A Short Course in 21st Century Spaceflight

As it did when Alan Shepard kicked off the US Space program with his suborbital flight in 1961, I eagerly anticipated watching the program’s most recent chapter, the resumption of flights launched from American soil. Watching the preparations for the Demo 2 departure of Crew Dragon on Wednesday and on Saturday was much more than I expected, a short course in 21st century spaceflight. Used to the military-toned phraseology employed during all of the NASA launches I’ve watched since Shepard went ...
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College bribery scandal: Lori Loughlin and husband plead guilty in court

Couple hope to spend two and five months in prisonJudge says he has not decided whether he will accept plea dealsFull House star Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband, Mossimo Giannulli, pleaded guilty on Friday to paying $500,000 to get their two daughters into the University of Southern California as part of a college admissions bribery scheme, but a judge has not decided whether he will accept their plea deals with prosecutors. Related: Coronavirus US live: Trump demands churches, ...
Tags: Education, US, World news, US news, Higher Education, US crime, US education, University Of Southern California, Trump, Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli

How “Strawberry Fields Forever” Contains “the Craziest Edit” in Beatles History

The story of “Strawberry Fields Forever” is more or less the story in miniature of the Beatles' reinvention after they swore off touring in 1966 and disappeared into the studio to make their most innovative albums. It was not, as some Beatles fans might remember, an easy transition right away. Some of their fans, it turned out, were fickle, easily swayed by gossip as the latest TV trends. “While unsubstantiated break-up rumors swirled, some music fans became disenchanted with the group,”...
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Higher ed wasn’t built for today’s student. Let’s not go back to business as usual.

Across the US, only half of those who start college ever graduate—and that's before you disaggregate for race or class. That means 45 million Americans adults have tried college and not yet earned a degree.The reason is simple: College wasn't built for today's student, a majority of whom are over the age of 24, are working 30+ hours per week, or have children.PelotonU, a hybrid college in Austin, TX, has redesigned the college experience to ensure it works for all of today's students, especially...
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