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Trump threatens to cut federal aid if schools don’t reopen

By COLLIN BINKLEY President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to withhold federal funding if America’s schools don’t reopen in the fall despite the coronavirus, and he lashed out at federal health officials over reopening guidelines that he complained are impractical and expensive. As Trump increased his pressure on state and local officials, New York City announced that most of its students would return to classrooms only two or three days a week and would learn online in between. “Most scho...
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LAUSD board hears arguments for and against cuts in police department

Activists supporting the Black Lives Matter movement took their arguments once again to the Los Angeles Unified School District on Tuesday, June 30, urging board members to “defund” the school district’s independent law enforcement agency. This time, the proposal aimed to slash funding for the district’s police force by 50%. The board had not taken a vote on the matter as of about 3 p.m. Tuesday, after going into closed session about 2:30 p.m., following hours of public testimony on the police i...
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John Trumbull’s Famous 1818 Painting Declaration of Independence Virtually Defaced to Show Which Founding Fathers Owned Slaves

Statues of slaveholders and their defenders are falling all over the U.S., and a lot of people are distraught. What’s next? Mount Rushmore? Well… maybe no one’s likely to blow it up, but some honesty about the “extremely racist” history of Mount Rushmore might make one think twice about using it as a limit case. On the other hand, a sandblasting of the enormous Klan monument in Stone Mountain, Georgia—created earlier by Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum—seems long overdue. We are learning a lot ...
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Anti-Racist Resources for Entrepreneurs

“One either allows racial inequities to persevere, as a racist, or confronts racial inequities, as an antiracist.” –  Ibram X. Kendi,  How to Be an Antiracist  The recent killings of unarmed Black Americans at the hands of the police, such as George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade, to name a few, have exposed a “racism pandemic,” as declared by the American Psychological Association. It is imperative that all Americans work together to educate themselves on how to be the best allies p...
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Imagining the Martin Luther King and Malcolm X Debate That Never Happened

American history as it’s usually taught likes to focus on rivalries, and there are many involving big personalities and major historical stakes. Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, W.E.B. DuBois and Booker T. Washington. These figures are set up to represent the “both sides” we expect of every political question. While the issues are oversimplified (there are always more than two sides and politics isn’t a sport) the figures in question genuinely...
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How Jazz Helped Fuel the 1960s Civil Rights Movement

Oh, Lord, don’t let ‘em shoot us! Oh, Lord, don’t let ‘em stab us! Oh, Lord, don’t let ‘em tar and feather us! Oh, Lord, no more swastikas! Oh, Lord, no more Ku Klux Klan! —Charles Mingus, “Fables of Faubus” In 1957, Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus decided that integration—mandated three years earlier by Brown v. Board of Ed.—constituted such a state of emergency that he mobilized the National Guard to prevent nine black students from going to school. An outraged Charles Mingus responded ...
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Our schools are built differently. That’s how we’re weathering this pandemic.

During the coronavirus pandemic, students in close to 200 Big Picture Learning (BPL) schools worldwide have continued their education, thanks to BPL's unique school design. At BPL, each student is part of a small learning community of 15-20 students called an Advisory, led by a teacher called an Advisor. Students have community mentors, do off-campus internships, and even tackle college courses.Each Advisor truly knows the students in their Advisory. These close ties have allowed learning at BPL...
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How Music Unites Us All: Herbie Hancock & Kamasi Washington in Conversation

For the indefinite time being, we live with fear atop anxiety, anxiously looking for order in the past and in the future. But some people with newfound leisure in their coronavirus isolation have returned to what matters to them most here and now, and started to imagine a world no policy proposal can describe. The internet has given us greater and greater access to people who have been doing this all along. Even before the current pandemic, artists like Herbie Hancock and Kamasi Washington ...
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National Spelling Bee canceled for first time since 1945 amid pandemic

By BEN NUCKOLS There will be no fidgeting at the National Spelling Bee microphone, no banter with pronouncer Jacques Bailly, no pointed questions about definitions or languages of origin, no dreaded bell that signals a misspelled word. This year’s Scripps National Spelling Bee was canceled Tuesday, the latest beloved public event to be scrapped because of the coronavirus pandemic. The bee will return next year, Scripps said, but that’s little comfort to the eighth-graders who are missing out on ...
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Coronavirus response: CSU Northridge cancels in-person classes

The California State University of Northridge said Wednesday it is cancelling in-person classes starting Thursday, March 12, to limit spread of the new coronavirus, following in the footsteps of other universities in California and across the country. CSUN President Dianne Harrison said in a statement to students and faculty that the San Fernando Valley university will transition to virtual and alternate modalities of learning beginning on Monday, March 23 and continuing through April 19. The ca...
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10 Cal State Long Beach students, 2 advisors self-quarantine after possible coronavirus exposure

Ten students and two community-member club advisors at Cal State Long Beach have self-quarantined after possible exposure to the new coronavirus, the university’s co-director of student health services, Dr. Kimberly Fodran, announced over the weekend. The measures were taken out of an abundance of caution, Fodran wrote in a message to the CSULB community; there are still no suspected or confirmed cases of the virus on campus. The students attended a large event in Washington, D.C., where three o...
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‘Prophetic’ 1979 Article Shows How Far Reverse Mortgages Have Come

These days, it’s not very common for the topic of reverse mortgages to appear as the center of a news story in your local newspaper, and even newspapers themselves are not as prominent as they used to be. Back when tapping into your home’s equity by using one of these products was a new concept, though, a reverse mortgage as a way to help a senior make ends meet in retirement was something worth writing about and sharing. So was the case in March of 1979, when The Times-Tribune in Scranton, P...
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The Library of Congress Wants You to Help Transcribe Walt Whitman’s Poems & Letters: Almost 4000 Unpublished Documents Are Waiting

Every once in a while, a prominent artist will offer the advice that you should quit your day job and never look back. In some fields, this may be possible, though it’s becoming increasingly difficult these days, which may explain the reception Brian Eno gets when he tells art school students “not to have a job.” Eno admits, “I rarely get asked back.” In a letter to his anxious mother, Gustave Flaubert, railed against “those bastard existences where you sell suet all day and write poetry at nig...
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Science team at North Hollywood High wins LADWP’s 28th annual Science Bowl

North Hollywood High School students came out on top at the 28th annual Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Science Bowl held Saturday, Feb. 22, in downtown Los Angeles. It is the school’s 21st regional title win. Team members receive the $1,000 Hitachi Scholarship and an all-expense paid trip to Washington D.C. to compete in the United States Department of Energy National Science Bowl. Team members this year are: Theodore Dupont, Emily Jin, Shion Murakawa, Cindy Xie and Albert Zhang. Thei...
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What will the first weed degree program in the U.S. look like?

Colorado State University-Pueblo will offer the first undergraduate weed degree in the U.S.The program will include intensive coursework focused on chemistry and advanced biology. Cannabis has become one of the fastest-growing job markets. Weed can now get you a degree. A public university in southern Colorado has announced that it will offer the United State's first cannabis-focused major.The new Cannabis Biology and Chemistry Program was created after students at Colorado State University-Pu...
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How the Brooklyn Bridge Was Built: The Story of One of the Greatest Engineering Feats in History

When Emily Roebling walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on May 24th, 1883, the first person to cross its entire span, she capped a family saga equal parts triumph and tragedy, a story that began sixteen years earlier when her father-in-law, German-American engineer John Augustus Roebling, began design work on the bridge. Roebling had already built suspension bridges over the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh, the Niagara River between New York and Canada, and the Kentucky River. But the brid...
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How Black Lives Matter Is Changing What Students Learn During Black History Month

Freshman year can make anyone feel lost, but Seattle teen Janelle Gary felt especially lost when she entered high school in 2015. At home, she watched a wave of gentrification drive change in the historically black Central District neighborhood, and at school, where she was one of the few students of color in an honors history class, she felt as if black perspectives were also in the minority. Looking back at that time, as now-18-year-old freshman at Central Washington University, she feels...
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Is it too late to halt climate change? No, no, and no.

Disheartened, many are convinced there's no fighting climate change at this point. There's no single on/off switch, however, so we can still lessen its effects. It's up to us to make the crisis our leaders' priority. With unprecedented extreme weather buffeting basically everyone everywhere, with places like idyllic Kirbati disappearing beneath the rising seas, and with Australia on fire for goodness sake, it's easy to get the feeling that humanity has already failed to meet the greatest chal...
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TechCrunch’s Top 10 investigative reports from 2019

Facebook spying on teens, Twitter accounts hijacked by terrorists, and sexual abuse imagery found on Bing and Giphy were amongst the ugly truths revealed by TechCrunch’s investigating reporting in 2019. The tech industry needs more watchdogs than ever as its size enlargens the impact of safety failures and the abuse of power. Whether through malice, naivety, or greed, there was plenty of wrongdoing to sniff out. Led by our security expert Zack Whittaker, TechCrunch undertook more long-form in...
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The Art & Philosophy of Bonsai

We all know what to think of when we hear the term bonsai: dwarf trees. Or so Shinobu Nozaki titled his book, the very first major publication on the subject in English. Dwarf Trees came out in the 1930s, not long after the Japanese art of bonsai started drawing serious international attention. But the art itself goes back as far as the sixth century, when Japanese embassy employees and students of Buddhism returning from sojourns in China brought back all the latest things Chinese, incl...
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Jimi Hendrix Hosts a Jam Session Where Jim Morrison Sings Drunkenly; Jimi Records the Moment for Posterity (1968)

Two psych rock superstars at the height of their fame, both notorious for epic drug and alcohol consumption, and neither particularly suited to the other’s sensibility, Jim Morrison and Jimmy Hendrix might have been an oddly consonant musical pairing, or not. Morrison, the egomaniac, looked inward, mining his dark fantasies for material. Hendrix, the introvert, ventured into the reaches of outer space in his expansive imagination. What might come of a musical meeting? We know only what t...
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Washington state inspires federal bill to make it easier to help homeless students and their families

Inspired by early experiments in this state on how to keep homeless students in stable housing and schools, U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., has introduced a bill to incentivize such partnerships across the country.
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David Lynch Turns Twin Peaks into a Virtual Reality Game: Watch the Official Trailer

When David Lynch and Mark Frost's Twin Peaks premiered on ABC in 1990, viewers across America were treated to a televisual experience like none they'd ever had before. Four years earlier, something similar had happened to the unsuspecting moviegoers who went to see Lynch's breakout feature Blue Velvet, an experience described as eye-opening by even David Foster Wallace. A dedicated meditator with an interest in plunging into unexplored realms of consciousness, Lynch tends to bring his au...
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Application meant to simplify college admissions actually makes schools more selective, study shows, including some in Washington

The Common Application is widening the gap between the types of students who attend the nation's most and least selective colleges, new research suggests.
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Watch the Hot Guitar Solos of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, “America’s First Gospel Rock Star”

Many of us first encounter Sister Rosetta Tharpe—now deservedly known as the “Godmother of Rock and Roll”—in footage from her 1964 appearance on a Manchester railway platform. She arrives by carriage, struts out before a dilapidated train station, plugs in her custom Gibson SG, and belts out in her powerful soprano, “Didn’t it rain, children!” for an audience of spellbound Brits. The televised performance, part of The American Folk Blues Festival that toured the country between 1963 and ...
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It takes 7,200 students before Washington state will pay for a middle school’s nurse. How much will it cost to change that?

Lawmakers just added billions to the state's K-12 budget to satisfy a Supreme Court order. Will they add billions more for nurses, social workers and psychologists?
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Washington is moving to make college more affordable. But after recent affirmative-action vote, who will benefit?

Washington's public universities can't add race to the admissions process but say they'll find other ways to attract more racial minorities.
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How to Find Silence in a Noisy World

“Take a walk at night,” wrote avant-garde composer Pauline Oliveros in her 1974 “Sonic Meditations,” a set of instructions for what she called deep listening. “Walk so silently that the bottom of your feet become ears.” Listening to silence opens up rich new worlds of sound. It can be a life-changing experience. "It's hard to imagine that a sound can transform someone's life, but it happened to me,” says acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton in the short 360-degree documentary above, “How to...
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School stats: Gap widens between Washington’s low and high performers on national test as gifted education faces scrutiny

New national math and reading scores are out, and the gaps between Washington's highest and lowest performers seem to be growing.
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AARP, Researchers Diagnose Reverse Mortgage Problems and Offer Solutions

American research think tank the Brookings Institution hosted an event in Washington, D.C. Monday morning that included a wide-ranging panel discussion of reverse mortgages in America and across the world. The event also included the presentation of two research papers, diagnosing issues and prescribing potential solutions for headwinds faced by reverse mortgage products in the marketplace. The event, titled “Reverse mortgages: Promise, problems, and proposals for a better market,” was held i...
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