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If education is such a great investment, it deserves serious international backing

The World Bank and IMF should step in to finance a recovery of children’s learning chances devastated by the pandemic“Education,” wrote Nelson Mandela, “is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” One wonders what he would have made of the response to the education crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic. A crisis threatening to derail social and economic progress, trapping millions of children in poverty. The UN secretary general has warned of a “generational catastrophe”, y...
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‘Self-esteem was low. Look at them now’ : the scheme getting Kenya’s girls back to school

Over a thousand girls in rural Isiolo county, many of them young mothers, are catching up in the classroom. But entrenched cultural barriers remain a challenge for educatorsFor much of her girlhood, Lucy Koriang* would spend her days taking the family’s goat herd out, walking for several kilometres a day, looking for the best grazing spots.Being a goat herder was not a job she enjoyed or chose, especially in the unbearably high temperatures of Isiolo county, northern Kenya, where she lives. Her ...
Tags: Education, Africa, Women, World news, Global development, Kenya, Global Education, Isiolo, Women's rights and gender equality, Lucy Koriang, Ngaremara village

‘Once-in-a-lifetime chance’: the rural children winning rare places at an elite school in India

Stiff competition and cultural barriers are overcome by students gaining access to an education out of reach for most at an academy in Uttar PradeshManu Chauhan used to dread running out of notebooks and pens. Though school in the village of Akrabad in Uttar Pradesh was free, stationery was not. He would have to go to his dad to ask for money, knowing his father earned 3,000 rupees (£30) a month selling insurance.In September, Chauhan, now 18, will fly to the US to take up his place at Stanford ...
Tags: Education, India, US, World news, South and Central Asia, Global development, Stanford University, Uttar Pradesh, Global Education, Chauhan, Uttar, Akrabad, PradeshManu Chauhan

Schooled for success: the academy in India giving rural children a chance

Competition is stiff for places at an elite school in Uttar Pradesh, set up by an IT mogul, offering poor students an education out of reach for mostManu Chauhan used to dread running out of notebooks and pens. Though school in the village of Akrabad in Uttar Pradesh was free, stationery was not. He would have to go to his dad to ask for money, knowing his father earned 3,000 rupees (£30) a month selling insurance.In September, Chauhan, now 18, will fly to the US to take up his place at Stanford...
Tags: Education, India, US, World news, South and Central Asia, Global development, Stanford University, Uttar Pradesh, Global Education, Chauhan, Akrabad

Threats, insults and China’s influence on Australian universities

A landmark report by Human Rights Watch has detailed accounts of pro-democracy students and academics in Australia who are being harassed and threatened over their comments relating to China. In some cases, people have been doxxed, and others claim their actions have been reported to Chinese authorities. Reporter Daniel Hurst explains why academics and students are experiencing this harassment, and what Australia can do about itYou can also read: Continue reading...
Tags: Hong Kong, Students, Education, Australia, China, World news, Australia news, Asia Pacific, Higher Education, Human Rights Watch, International Students, Daniel Hurst

‘The benefits outweigh the negatives’: US college students return to class

The pandemic upended college life, forcing tuition to be moved online. Now in-person classes are back – and students are happyFor Hannah Cron, a sophomore at Lipscomb University in Tennessee, the impact of the pandemic offered many positives.As someone who suffered from chronic illness, the switch to online learning meant she was able to easily sit in class with a heating pad, take her medication, or leave class without causing a disruption. Continue reading...
Tags: Education, US, World news, US news, Tennessee, US education, Lipscomb University, Hannah Cron

Science journal editor says he quit over China boycott article

David Curtis says publisher of Annals of Human Genetics blocked call for protest at treatment of UyghursThe editor of a long-established academic journal has said he resigned after his publisher vetoed a call to boycott Chinese science in protest at Beijing’s treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang.Prof David Curtis, from University College London’s Genetics Institute, says his resignation as editor-in-chief of the Annals of Human Genetics is an issue of freedom of speech in...
Tags: Science, Education, China, Research, UK News, World news, Beijing, Asia Pacific, Higher Education, Xinjiang, David Curtis, Uyghurs, Research publishing, Annals of Human Genetics, University College London 's Genetics Institute

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott gives away $2.7bn to hundreds of charities

Ex-wife of Jeff Bezos gives to 286 groups and says she wants to donate ‘fortune that was enabled by systems in need of change’The American novelist and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott said on Tuesday she had given a further $2.7bn (£1.9bn) to 286 organisations.Scott, who was formerly married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, issued a statement regarding distribution of the latest tranche of her $57bn fortune. Continue reading...
Tags: Amazon, Gender, Technology, Education, Race, Society, World news, Jeff Bezos, Inequality, Philanthropy, Scott, Mackenzie Scott, Coronavirus

Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott gives away £2bn to 286 organisations

Ex-wife of Jeff Bezos says she wants to donate ‘fortune that was enabled by systems in need of change’The billionaire philanthropist MacKenzie Scott, known for her impromptu multibillion-dollar donations to charities and racial equity issues, has announced that she has given a further $2.7bn (£1.9bn) to 286 organisations.Scott, the ex-wife of the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, wrote in a Medium post that she made the gifts to enable the organisations to continue their work, and as a “signal of trus...
Tags: Amazon, Gender, Technology, Education, Race, Society, World news, Jeff Bezos, Inequality, Philanthropy, Scott, Mackenzie Scott, Coronavirus

Johnson accused of hypocrisy over G7 girls’ education pledge

Announcement of £430m funding for 90 countries came only weeks after ‘inexcusable’ foreign aid cuts • G7 summit: latest news and reactionBoris Johnson was accused of hypocrisy after announcing at the G7 leaders summit he would provide £430m of extra UK funding for girls’ education in 90 developing countries only weeks after his government made “inexcusable cuts” of more than £200m set aside for the same cause from its bilateral programme this year.The foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, announced i...
Tags: Gender, Politics, UK, Education, World news, Foreign Policy, Education policy, Aid, Global development, Boris Johnson, Johnson, The gender gap, G7, Dominic Raab

Cold war or uneasy peace: does defining US-China competition matter?

Many are beginning to fear the world may soon be caught in the crossfire between Beijing and WashingtonIn July 1971, US national security adviser Henry Kissinger embarked on a secret mission to China, then America’s sworn enemy. This 48-hour ice-breaking trip paved the way for Richard Nixon’s historic handshake with Chairman Mao a year later. Nixon’s visit altered the strategic geometry of the cold war and influenced Washington’s subsequent movement towards détente with Moscow.Half a century on,...
Tags: Education, Washington, China, Russia, US, America, Cold War, World news, Joe Biden, US foreign policy, US news, Beijing, Asia Pacific, Foreign Policy, Moscow, Cornwall

Is sleep a ‘magic pill’ for teen wellness in a mental health crisis?

Sleep can go a long way in improving mental and physical health, but teens aren’t getting enough of it – and research suggests the pandemic made things worseWhen parents tell Denise Pope, an adolescent well-being expert, they’re worried for their children’s mental health, she responds with a question.“How many hours are they sleeping?” Continue reading...
Tags: Education, Sleep, World news, US news, Mental Health, Health & wellbeing, US education, Denise Pope

‘Serious concerns’: UK education row as Israel-Palestine textbooks pulled

Fears children not being educated on conflict amid claims of bias in content of history textbooksThe government has warned schools to ensure a balanced presentation of opposing views on the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which claimed more than 250 lives last month and sparked a wave of classroom protests in the UK. But teachers may struggle to comply because the only exam board to offer curriculum material and a GCSE history option on the region has withdrawn its two textbooks after bei...
Tags: UK, Education, Israel, Religion, World news, History, Teaching, Middle East and North Africa, Palestinian territories, Palestine, Islam, Schools, GCSEs, Exams, Pearson, Israel Palestine

Education for girls and vaccines can save Africa from disaster | Phillip Inman

Parts of the continent potentially face a decade of crisis. These two measures are more important than any other in avoiding itThere are so many good causes in the world it is often difficult to know where aid money should go. As leaders line up to attend the G7 summit in Cornwall, the most effective destinations for aid money have become clearer – a global vaccination programme and improving girls’ education.This is especially true in sub-Saharan Africa, where so much can go wrong over the next...
Tags: Business, Education, Africa, Environment, Women, Economics, Life and style, World news, Infectious Diseases, Conservation, Cornwall, Biodiversity, Saharan Africa, Phillip Inman, Coronavirus

Tom Hanks urges US educators to teach students about Tulsa race massacre

Actor writes in New York Times that he ‘never read a page of any school history book’ about 1921 massacreOpinion: America is recognising Tulsa. Reparations are nextIn an essay lamenting the long neglect of the Tulsa race massacre, the Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks said “white educators and school administrators” in the US had “omitted the volatile subject for the sake of the status quo, placing white feelings over Black experience – literally Black lives in this case”. Related: ‘They didn’t ta...
Tags: Education, US, America, World news, US news, Tom Hanks, New York Times, US education, Tulsa, Tulsa Race Massacre

School trips to UK from EU could halve as Brexit hits cultural exchanges

Exclusive: loss of young Europeans on pupil visits will cause major cultural damage to UK, warn tour organisersFrench and German educational trip organisers bringing as many as 750,000 school pupils to the UK every year have warned that tougher post-Brexit entry requirements are likely to cut the number of young Europeans visiting Britain by half.“We’ve already seen a big fall-off in interest,” said Edward Hisbergues, the sales manager of a leading French operator, PG Trips. “My business was 90%...
Tags: Travel, Europe, Politics, UK, Education, Children, France, Germany, Eu, European Union, Travel & leisure, UK News, World news, Teaching, Britain, Ireland

‘A sacrificed generation’: psychological scars of Covid on young may have lasting impact

Young people across Europe reveal how the pandemic has made them impatient for systemic change after bearing brunt of fallout‘So many revolutions to lead’: Europe’s Gen Z on their post-Covid futureCovid-19 policies risk leaving psychological and socioeconomic scars on millions of young people across Europe, with far-reaching consequences for them and society, a wide-ranging Guardian project has revealed.Teenagers and young adults expressed profound anxiety about their future and accused governme...
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First English dictionary of ancient Greek since Victorian era ‘spares no blushes’

Words the most recent Greek lexicon translated as ‘to wench’ or ‘do one’s need’ have been given much earthier new readings for modern students of classicsVictorian attempts to veil the meanings of crude ancient Greek words are set to be brushed away by a new dictionary 23 years in the making. It is the first to take a fresh look at the language in almost 200 years and promises to “spare no blushes” for today’s classics students.The late scholar John Chadwick first came up with the idea to update...
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Kathleen Stock: taboo around gender identity has chilling effect on academics

Culture of silencing any challenge to prevailing ideology is damaging academic freedom, says professorThe press release that accompanies Prof Kathleen Stock’s new book says she wants to see a future in which trans rights activists and gender-critical feminists collaborate to achieve some of their political aims. But she concedes that this currently seems fanciful. As far as she is concerned, the book, Material Girls, sets out her stall – and she knows a lot of people will find it distasteful.Sto...
Tags: Education, Women, Life and style, Society, World news, Transgender, Feminism, Higher Education, Philosophy, Universities, Freedom Of Speech, Academics, University of Sussex, Kathleen Stock

‘Black kids were written off’: the scandal of the children sent to ‘dustbin schools’

Subnormal, a devastating documentary produced by Steve McQueen, reveals how Britain’s education system in the 60s and 70s was stacked against Black pupils – and still is todayLast year, documentary maker Lyttanya Shannon began looking for contributors for a new film on a disturbing period in British history. Her focus was the Black British children who found themselves unfairly removed from mainstream education in the 1960s and 70s. They were sent to what were known as “dustbin schools” – places...
Tags: Television, Education, Children, Race, Society, UK News, World news, Mental Health, Disability, Culture, Britain, Television & radio, Schools, Young People, Jamaica, Steve McQueen

Locked out of school: Pakistan’s digital divide has students struggling

When Covid shut schools, fees still had to be paid even if rural pupils could not access online lessons Iqbal Khan works as a chauffeur in Lahore. His children are in his home village in a rural area north of Peshawar. Both of these very different areas of Pakistan have the same problem for many of their young people: no means of getting access to an education.Online learning was not an option for Khan’s children as the pandemic locked down schools across cities and countryside. Even as he worke...
Tags: Education, World news, South and Central Asia, Pakistan, Global development, Khan, Peshawar, LAHORE, Iqbal Khan, Global Education, Coronavirus, COVID

Ecuador: community education during the Covid pandemic

When the pandemic struck Ecuador it turned back the clock for many indigenous and African-Ecuadorean families, forcing them to return to the places they were born and fall back on themselves as in times gone by.Johis Alarcón is a photographer based in Ecuador. Her work is supported and produced by the Magnum Foundation, a non-profit organisation that expands creativity and diversity in documentary photography, with a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation. As Covid-19 ravaged Ecuador’s largest cit...
Tags: Education, Americas, World news, Colombia, Ecuador, San Clemente, Guayaquil, Magnum Foundation, Johis Alarcón, Henry Luce Foundation As Covid, Playa de Oro

‘Hosnia had dreams’: grief in Kabul as girls’ school targeted

Hazara community in mourning but defiant after more than 60 people killed in school bomb blastsLatifa and Hosnia had been sharing a wooden bench in their classroom at Kabul’s Sayed Al-Shuhada school for the past three years.When Latifa transferred to Sayed Al-Shuhada, the two girls were immediately drawn to each other and became best friends, always together in their free time, studying side by side, walking home together after school. They found comfort in each other’s presence; support in a pl...
Tags: Education, Islamic State, Religion, Women, Life and style, World news, Afghanistan, Taliban, South and Central Asia, Global development, Kabul, Latifa, Women's rights and gender equality, Hosnia, Sayed Al Shuhada

Face masks for English secondary school pupils to be ditched, Williamson confirms

Education secretary says lockdown easing measure will go ahead despite protests from unions and othersCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageRules requiring secondary school pupils in England to wear face masks are to be scrapped, the education secretary has said, despite pleas by teaching unions and others for them to remain compulsory for longer.Gavin Williamson confirmed the government was planning to remove the measure at step three of its roadmap out of lockdown, which ...
Tags: England, Science, Education, UK News, World news, Infectious Diseases, Schools, Secondary Schools, Williamson, Gavin Williamson, Coronavirus

Ruby Bridges: the six-year-old who defied a mob and desegregated her school

In 1960, she walked past hateful protesters to become the first Black child at a Louisiana school – and was then taught alone for a year. She discusses fear, forbearance and her fight for a better futureThis year, Ruby Bridges saw some newly discovered video footage of her six-year-old self and was terrified for her. The footage was from 14 November 1960, a day that shaped the course of Bridges’ life and – it is no exaggeration to say – American history. Not that she was aware of it at the time....
Tags: Education, Race, Society, World news, US news, US politics, Schools, New Orleans, Louisiana, Norman Rockwell, William Frantz

G7 nations to agree on global plan to help 40m girls into education

Talks between US secretary of state and Dominic Raab come as Britain cuts foreign aid to the sectorThe US secretary of state is to hold talks with his British counterpart, Dominic Raab, while the UK is on the back foot over plans to set new global targets to help girls’ education at a time when London is drastically cutting aid to the sector.Antony Blinken’s trip to London for the G7 meeting will include discussions with other foreign and development ministers on Tuesday and Wednesday. It is the...
Tags: UK, London, Education, US, UK News, World news, US news, Britain, South Africa, Aid, Global development, G7, State, Antony Blinken, Dominic Raab, South Korea Australia India

Normalising special needs: the Kabul school offering hope

Fatima Khalil school has given some children the first taste of education – and love – in their livesLaughter and excited chatter burst out of the colourfully painted classrooms. In a quiet garden schoolhouse amid the jam-packed Afghan capital, Kabul, pupils run around, study and play in the country’s first official school for children with disabilities.It’s a far cry from what most of these children have previously experienced. For many, it’s the first time in their lives they feel loved and ac...
Tags: Education, Society, World news, Afghanistan, Disability, South and Central Asia, Schools, Global development, Kabul, Special educational needs, Global Education, Fatima Khalil

Bearing gifts: the camels bringing books to Pakistan’s poorest children

The mobile library services are an education lifeline for students in Balochistan, where schools have closed during the pandemic Sharatoon had wanted to continue her studies, but she had to leave school and her beloved books when she got married aged 15.Now 27, Sharatoon is happy reading again, as every Friday a camel visits her small town, his saddle panniers full of books. Continue reading...
Tags: Education, Women, World news, South and Central Asia, Pakistan, Global development, Literacy, Balochistan, Coronavirus, Sharatoon

Fears Covid anxiety syndrome could stop people reintegrating

Exclusive: compulsive hygiene habits and fear of public places could remain for some after lockdown lifted, researchers sayCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageScientists have expressed concern that residual anxiety over coronavirus may have led some people to develop compulsive hygiene habits that could prevent them from reintegrating into the outside world, even though Covid hospitalisations and deaths in the UK are coming down.The concept of “Covid anxiety syndrome” was...
Tags: Health, UK, Science, Education, Research, Society, UK News, World news, Mental Health, Anxiety, Higher Education, Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Kingston University, London South Bank University, Coronavirus, Covid Continue

‘Let children play’: the educational message from across Europe

While approaches may differ, the importance of free time to play is increasingly being recognisedCall for more play time amid ‘schoolification’ of UK childhoodEvery morning, Arja Salonen drops her five-year-old son, Onni, off at a daycare centre in Espoo, west of Helsinki, where he will spend the next eight hours doing what Finnish educators believe all children his age should do: playing.School, and formal learning, does not start in Finland until age seven. Before then, children’s preoccupatio...
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