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'Mindblowing' haul of fossils over 500m years old unearthed in China

Thousands of fossils date back to huge burst in diversity of life on Earth known as Cambrian explosionA “mindblowing” haul of fossils that captures the riot of evolution that kickstarted the diversity of life on Earth more than half a billion years ago has been discovered by researchers in China.Paleontologists found thousands of fossils in rocks on the bank of the Danshui river in Hubei province in southern China, where primitive forms of jellyfish, sponges, algae, anemones, worms and arthropod...
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Cambridge University rescinds Jordan Peterson invitation

Offer of visiting fellowship to controversial professor resulted in backlash from faculty and studentsCambridge University has rescinded its offer of a visiting fellowship to Jordan Peterson, the self-styled “professor against political correctness”, after a backlash from faculty and students.Peterson, a psychology professor from Toronto who has courted controversy for his views on transgender rights, gender and race, announced on Monday via his YouTube channel that he was joining Cambridge for ...
Tags: Students, Education, Youtube, Toronto, World news, Canada, Higher Education, Cambridge, Student politics, University of Cambridge, Cambridge University, Peterson, Jordan Peterson, studentsCambridge University

Driver in Italy accused of setting fire to school bus carrying 51 children

Bus driver arrested in Milan after allegedly shouting: ‘Nobody gets off here alive’The driver of a school bus has been arrested in Milan after allegedly setting the vehicle on fire with 51 children onboard.One of the children called the police after the driver stopped the bus on a highway in the outskirts of the city, Italian media reported. Continue reading...
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Driver arrested in Milan after allegedly setting school bus on fire

Bus driver allegedly set vehicle alight with 51 children on it and said: ‘Nobody gets off here alive’The driver of a school bus was arrested in Milan on Wednesday after allegedly setting the vehicle on fire with 51 children on board.One of the children called the police after the driver stopped the bus on a highway in the outskirts of the city, Italian media reported. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Milan, Education, World news, Italy, Schools

School climate strikes: 1.4 million people took part, say campaigners

Activist Greta Thunberg, 16, says action proved ‘no one is too small to make a difference’More than 1.4 million young people around the world took part in school strikes for climate action, according to environmental campaigners.Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish student whose solo protest last August prompted the global movement, said: “We proved that it does matter what you do and that no one is too small to make a difference.” Continue reading...
Tags: Protest, Education, Climate Change, Environment, Society, World news, Schools, Young People, Environmental Activism, Greta Thunberg

China's primary school students to learn how to avoid stock market pitfalls

Ministry of education will work with country’s securities regulator to ‘increase financial literacy’ among China’s youthChinese primary school textbooks may soon include definitions for terms like “price-to-earnings ratio” or “buy and hold” as the country embarks on a campaign to improve investor awareness.China’s ministry of education and the country’s securities regulator said they would be working together to “increase financial literacy” among China’s youth, according to state news agency Xi...
Tags: Education, China, World news, Asia Pacific, Ministry of Education, Xinhua Officials

Visa extension to boost numbers of overseas students in UK after Brexit

New measures will allow international students to seek employment for up to a yearInternational students will be given visa extensions of up to a year to look for work in the UK as part of a package of government measures to boost numbers of overseas students after Brexit.The move represents a break with current policy, where students are allowed to stay for just four months after graduation. Continue reading...
Tags: Europe, Politics, UK, Students, Education, European Union, UK News, World news, Immigration and asylum, Foreign Policy, Higher Education, Universities, International Students, Brexit

‘We spoke English to set ourselves apart’: how I rediscovered my mother tongue

While I was growing up in Nigeria, my parents deliberately never spoke their native Igbo language to us. But later it became an essential part of me. By Adaobi Tricia NwaubaniWhen I was a child, my great-grandmother, whom we called Daa, came to live with my family in Umuahia in south-eastern Nigeria. My father had spent most of his infancy in her care, mostly during a period when his mother was preoccupied with her role as one of the founders of a local Assemblies of God church. As Daa grew olde...
Tags: Books, Education, Nigeria, Africa, World news, Language, Languages, Umuahia, Adaobi Tricia NwaubaniWhen

Chinese school under fire for buying tracking bracelets for students

Smart devices will be used to record students’ health data and when they raise their handA high school in southern China has come under fire for buying “smart bracelets” to track its students.Guangdong Guangya High school has purchased 3,500 bracelets that would record students heart rate and physical activity, as well as the number of times a pupil raised his or her hand in class, according to local media reports. The bands have a location function and can be used to pay for items as well as tr...
Tags: Education, Children, China, World news, Asia Pacific, Schools, Guangdong Guangya High

A hidden scandal: America's school students exposed to water tainted by toxic lead

Elevated levels of lead have been found in schools across the US, alarming experts who say it is particularly harmful to children Continue reading...
Tags: Education, Environment, US, America, Water, World news, US news, US education

Superyachts and private schools: Britain's dirty money problem

Russian money – some legitimate, some the proceeds of fraud – was channeled through a Lithuanian bank into the UK, according to a major leak of banking documents. The Guardian’s Juliette Garside has been investigating for months and describes how Prince Charles and some of England’s most exclusive schools have benefited. Plus: Ben Beaumont-Thomas on the legacy of the Prodigy’s Keith FlintThe leak of more than 1m bank transactions has shown how an estimated $4.6bn (£3.5bn) was sent to Europe and ...
Tags: Europe, Business, UK, England, Education, Vladimir Putin, Russia, US, World news, Banking, Britain, The Guardian, Prince Charles, Armenia, Guardian, Charles

Baked cod, miso and bok choy: unpacking Japan's healthy school lunches

Japan’s state-run kyushoku system combines flavour with fresh ingredients and high nutritional value at low costThe list of dishes reads like a health-conscious menu at an upmarket cafe: mackerel cooked in miso, a light salad of daikon radish and sour plum, thinly sliced pickled vegetables and a selection of fresh fruit. But the “restaurant” is actually a classroom at Konan primary school in central Japan, where the pupils need only the gentlest encouragement to eat their greens.When the Guardia...
Tags: Food, Japan, Nutrition, Education, Children, World news, Asia Pacific, Pacific, Konan, Fukuroi

Baked cod, miso and bok choy: unpacking the world's healthiest school lunches

Japan’s state-run kyushoku system combines flavour with fresh ingredients and high nutritional value at low costThe list of dishes reads like a health-conscious menu at an upmarket cafe: mackerel cooked in miso, a light salad of daikon radish and sour plum, thinly sliced pickled vegetables and a selection of fresh fruit. But the “restaurant” is actually a classroom at Konan primary school in central Japan, where the pupils need only the gentlest encouragement to eat their greens.When the Guardia...
Tags: Food, Japan, Nutrition, Education, Children, World news, Asia Pacific, Pacific, Konan, Fukuroi

Youth climate strikers: 'We are going to change the fate of humanity'

Exclusive: Students issue an open letter ahead of global day of action on 15 March, when young people are expected to strike across 50 nations • Read the climate strikers’ letterThe students striking from schools around the world to demand action on climate change have issued an uncompromising open letter stating: “We are going to change the fate of humanity, whether you like it or not.”The letter, published by the Guardian, says: “United we will rise on 15 March and many times after until we se...
Tags: Politics, Activism, Protest, Education, Climate Change, Environment, UK News, World news, Industrial Action

Skin in the game: do we need to take down nudes – or look at them harder?

The Royal Academy’s major exhibition of nudes features equal numbers of naked men and women. Is this progress?Things look different after #MeToo. And not just after #MeToo, but after several years of a surging fourth wave of feminism. There has been fury against patriarchy – with the term itself, after decades of dormancy, surging back into use to explain everything from the rise of Donald Trump to sexual violence in India to pay inequality in western Europe.Everywhere, dams of silence and fear ...
Tags: Art, Europe, Education, India, Women, Painting, Life and style, Society, World news, Body Image, Culture, Feminism, Art and design, Drawing, Sexuality, Royal Academy of Arts

French teachers give top grades in protest at baccalaureate changes

Protesters use tactic to fight Emmanuel Macron’s proposed changes to high school exam Teachers in Paris and western France have begun giving every pupil in their classes top marks in tests and evaluations in protest at changes to France’s baccalaureate exams.The baccalaureate, which pupils take in their last year of high school, is based on a structure created under Napoleon in 1808. A revamp of the education system by the president, Emmanuel Macron, has been presented as key to his pro-business...
Tags: Europe, Education, France, World news, Paris, Napoleon, Emmanuel Macron

A brief history of concrete: from 10,000BC to 3D printed houses

The Romans used concrete in everything from bath houses to the Colosseum. Our modern concrete structures will never last as longFind the rest of our Guardian concrete week pieces here“Unlike the Pantheon … virtually all the concrete structures one sees today will eventually need to be replaced,” writes Robert Courland is his weighty tome Concrete Planet, “costing us trillions of dollars in the process.”While there is some debate over when and where the first concrete was used – the Göbekli Tepe ...
Tags: Technology, Education, World news, Turkey, History, Cities, Culture, Architecture, Art and design, 3d Printing, Göbekli Tepe, Robert Courland

Florida schoolboy arrested after refusing to recite pledge of allegiance

Student, 11, was arrested on 4 February for creating a disruption in the classroom, the Lakeland police department saidAn 11-year-old Florida boy was arrested this month after a dispute with a substitute teacher over his refusal to participate in the pledge of allegiance at his school, it has emerged.The student at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Florida, was arrested on 4 February for creating a disruption in the classroom, police said in a statement. Continue reading...
Tags: Florida, Education, World news, US news, US education, Lakeland, Lakeland Florida, Lawton Chiles Middle Academy

Malcolm X at Oxford: 'They're going to kill me soon'

Just before his assassination, the radical black activist took part in a debate at Oxford. Tariq Ali recalls their meeting, which left him in a state of shock – and is now the subject of a TV showMalcolm X became internationally famous the day after President John F Kennedy was assassinated. Asked to comment, Malcolm calmly informed US TV reporters that he was not at all surprised that “the chickens were coming home to roost”. It was November 1963 and he was by then a leading member of the Natio...
Tags: Television, Education, Documentary, Religion, Race, US, Society, World news, Bbc, Culture, Television & radio, Higher Education, Oxford, Identity politics, John F Kennedy, Factual TV

Climate strike: UK school pupils take part in call for urgent action

Former UN climate chief says it is time to ‘heed voice of youth’ as thousands join protest Thousands of schoolchildren and young people in the UK are taking part in climate strikes with the support of a former UN climate chief, who said it was “time to heed the deeply moving voice of youth”.Christiana Figueres, who led the historic 2015 Paris agreement, said the fact that children were so worried about their future they were prepared to strike should make adults take urgent action. Continue read...
Tags: UK, Protest, Education, Children, Climate Change, Environment, Society, UK News, World news, Paris, Schools, Un, Environmental Activism, Christiana Figueres

Unions fight back against Kochs and allies since supreme court 'disaster'

Janus decision stopped unions collecting ‘fair-share fees’ but fresh organizing efforts means many shops are on the upAfter decades of trying, the Koch brothers and their allies won a major battle last year when the US supreme court stripped public sector unions of their ability to collect “fair-share fees” from non-union members. Related: ‘Don't be fooled’: JetBlue president warned workers against joining a union Continue reading...
Tags: Education, Law, US, World news, US news, US unions, Koch Brothers, Jetblue, US supreme court, Don, Koch, Kochs, Janus, Law (US

Record numbers from China and Hong Kong applying to study in UK

Chinese and Hongkonger university applicants now outnumber those from WalesRecord numbers of students from China and Hong Kong are applying for places at British universities, overtaking the number of applicants from Wales, according to official figures.Data from the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (Ucas) shows a spike in demand for undergraduate places from mainland China and a small rise in applications from the EU, despite fears over Brexit. Continue reading...
Tags: Hong Kong, UK, Students, Education, Wales, China, Eu, UK News, World news, Asia Pacific, Higher Education, Universities, Applying to university, International Students, Brexit Continue, Hongkonger

Egypt frustrates Giulio Regeni investigation, three years on

Italian doctoral student’s family seek truth about his torture and murder in early 2016Three years after the disappearance, torture and murder of Italian doctoral student Giulio Regeni in Cairo, Egypt is stonewalling Italy’s efforts to investigate.In November, Italian prosecutors officially named five members of Egypt’s security services as subject to investigation in the case of Regeni, who went missing on 25 January 2016 aged 28. But two months on, Egypt has barely acknowledged the development...
Tags: Europe, Students, Education, Africa, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, Higher Education, Italy, Cairo Egypt, Giulio Regeni

Academic who defined news principles says journalists are too negative

Exclusive: preoccupation with conflict fosters insecurity, populism and trust deficit, says Johan GaltungThe academic who first defined the essence of news journalism has said the media have misconstrued his work and become far too negative, sensational and adversarial.Johan Galtung, a Norwegian professor who wrote a key scientific paper more than 50 years ago that listed a series of factors including conflict and immediacy as the hallmarks of news reporting, said his work was intended as a warn...
Tags: Europe, Media, Education, Journalism, World news, Publishing And Public Relations, Norway, Johan Galtung, Johan GaltungThe

Oxford places ban on donations and research grants from Huawei

Decision on Chinese telecoms firm comes as national security concerns mount in the westThe University of Oxford has placed an indefinite ban on accepting research grants or donations from the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei, which is already facing mounting concerns from several governments about whether it poses a risk to national security.The decision emerged the day after the US prosecutors reportedly opened an investigation into Huawei for alleged theft of trade secrets from American firms. Con...
Tags: Technology, Education, China, US, UK News, World news, US news, Asia Pacific, Higher Education, Oxford, University of Oxford, Huawei, westThe University of Oxford

Egyptian universities reinstate students expelled for hugging

Mansoura and Al-Azhar universities backtrack after video of celebratory embrace goes viralTwo students expelled from university in Egypt for the “immoral act” of hugging in celebration of their engagement have been reinstated after a viral video of their embrace drew widespread public sympathy.The universities of Al-Azhar and Mansoura initially told both students they would be thrown out after footage emerged showing the male student kneeling and proposing to the teenage woman before presenting ...
Tags: Human Rights, Education, World news, Middle East and North Africa, Egypt, Global development, Al Azhar, Global Education, Mansoura, Mansoura University

The schoolgirls who warned of Rwanda's genocide

Katori Hall’s play Our Lady of Kibeho is the story of three friends who insisted that they were visited by the Virgin Mary and told of the horror that lay aheadThe 16-year-old schoolgirl Alphonsine Mumureke said she was in the cafeteria of the Catholic boarding school Kibeho College, Rwanda, when she heard a voice “soft as air and sweeter than music”. She saw a beautiful woman – neither white nor black – floating above the floor in a flowing seamless dress, with a veil that covered her hair. She...
Tags: Education, Africa, Religion, Theatre, World news, Culture, Catholicism, Stage, Schools, Catholic, Rwanda, Virgin Mary, Katori Hall, Kibeho, Alphonsine Mumureke, Kibeho College Rwanda

'Victor Hugo becomes a sex god in my mind' – how to get better at French

Worried that she is speaking French like Joey Essex speaks English, Emma Beddington fights back with classes, podcasts and cartoons about mustard-loving aliens resuscitating literary giantsI used to think I was pretty great at French: I could handle a subjunctive and disdained the myriad mangled pronunciations of “millefeuille” on Masterchef. I lived in French-speaking Brussels for 12 years and have a French husband who still tolerates me misgendering the dishwasher after 24 years. My inflated s...
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'Blatantly sexist': backlash against South Korea's sex education

Students are taught from a young age that women must look pretty and men must earn a lot of money Finding the perfect life partner can be difficult, but South Korean students are taught from an early age the ideal method for attracting a spouse is really quite simple.“Women have to work on their appearance and men have to work on improving their financial capabilities,” say the government guidelines for high school pupils. Continue reading...
Tags: South Korea, Education, World news, Asia Pacific

Police carrying stun guns ‘more likely to use force and face assault’

Study suggests presence of weapon leads to rise in hostility between officers and publicPolice officers carrying Taser electronic weapons are almost 50% more likely to use force and also more likely to be assaulted, a study has found.Stun guns were de-holstered nine times during the year-long University of Cambridge study involving City of London police, and fired on two occasions. Officers carrying them were also more likely to use other types of force, such as handcuffing and CS spray, than th...
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