Diddy’s Ex Misa Hylton-Brim & Their Son Justin Combs Share Beautiful Messages to Kim Porter on Instagram

Sean “Diddy” Combs has a HUGE family—a total of six children, including Kim Porter’s oldest son Quincy, who isn’t biologically his, but he helped raise him as if he were his own.Diddy has a strong bond with all three of the women who are his children’s mothers—the late Kim Porter, Misa Hylton-Brim and Sarah Chapman—and not only that, but the women also have strong bonds with each other. RELATED: Diddy, Quincy & Al B. Sure Pay Tribute to Kim Porter on Social Media Fans have admired and respected ...
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Sakura Sakura on Steam

Recently, Sakura Sakura got on Steam. The game is a visual novel about a transfer student who meets two Sakuras in a co-ed academy. Price is $34.99 or ¥3949.72. For more details, check out the store page. Here's a trailer.Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/658140/Official Website: https://solpress.co/projects/sakurasakura/
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/Filmcast Ep. 494 – Widows (GUEST: Aisha Harris from the New York Times)

David, Devindra, and Jeff discuss Jason Reitman’s latest film The Front Runner, praise Melissa McCarthy’s performance in Can You Ever Forgive Me, and get moved by Adam Sandler’s latest Netflix special. Later, Aisha Harris joins us to discuss Widows. Follow Aisha on Twitter. Be sure to check out David’s new podcast, Write Along. You can always e-mail us at slashfilmcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com, or call and leave a voicemail at 781-583-1993. Also, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook. Listen...
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Vixen Clash Dealing Out Sex Rewards

Nutaku has added another title to their ever expanding library of games, this time challenging newcomers to a battle of wits as “Vixen Clash” tasks players with constructing powerful decks and executing cunning strategies to topple opponents. Vixen Clash will have players ascending the ranks as they combat tough opponents and meet characters along the […]
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Daily Podcast: The End of Physical Media, The Best Visual Cinema Experience, Star Wars, Aquaman, Rocky III & Great Gatsby

On the November 20, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to talk about the latest film and tv news, including Star Wars, Aquaman, Rocky III and Great Gatsby. And in the Mail Bag we’ll talk about your television show recommendations and answer questions about physical media and movie theater presentation. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes , Google Play , Overcast , Spotify a...
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‘Creed II’ makes a likable entry in the long-running ‘Rocky’ saga

While inevitably not quite as fresh as “Creed,” “Creed II” — directed this time around by Steven Caple Jr. — nonetheless gets the job done nicely. Rating: 3 stars out of 4.
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‘Creed II’ makes a likable entry in the 4th decade of the ‘Rocky’ saga

While inevitably not quite as fresh as “Creed,” “Creed II” — directed this time around by Steven Caple Jr. — nonetheless gets the job done nicely. Rating: 3 stars out of 4.
Tags: Movies, News, Entertainment, Steven Caple Jr

4 movies open the day before Thanksgiving in the Seattle area

Our reviewers weigh in on "Creed II," "Green Book," "Ralph Breaks the Internet" and "Robin Hood."
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Himura Kenshin & Shishio Makoto Join Jump Force

Himura Kenshin and Shishio Makoto of Rurouni Kenshin will be joining Bandai Namco’s 3D crossover fighting game Jump Force. Bandai Namco has also released a short overview of both characters: Himura Kenshin Himura Kenshin is a wandering masterless samurai. Despite his small stature and humble nature, he once worked as an assassin for the government. After […]
Tags: Games, Anime, Crossover, Bandai Namco, Fighting Games, Image Gallery, Shonen Jump, Rurouni Kenshin, Himura Kenshin, Shishio Makoto Join Jump Force, Shishio Makoto, Jump Force Bandai Namco, Himura Kenshin Himura Kenshin

The Best TV Shows & Movies Leaving Netflix in December 2018

December is only a few days away, and before you get overwhelmed with the realization that you still have to buy Christmas presents for your entire family, why not chill out and watch some Netflix? You only have a few days left to catch a David Fincher mystery, a classic Bill Murray comedy, a recent Best Picture winner, and a movie that sounded like a terrible idea but somehow managed to be pretty damn great. Here are best TV shows and movies leaving Netflix in December. Movies Leaving Netf...
Tags: Movies, Boston, Los Angeles, Spotlight, Netflix, Bill Murray, Catholic Church, Johnson, David Fincher, Michael Keaton, Gore Verbinski, Caribbean, Groundhog Day, Moana, Tom McCarthy, Harold Ramis

‘Creed II’ throws formulaic punches that work

While inevitably not quite as fresh as “Creed,” “Creed II” — directed this time around by Steven Caple Jr. — nonetheless gets the job done nicely. Rating: 3 stars out of 4.
Tags: Movies, News, Entertainment, Steven Caple Jr

A Brief Guide to the Comics History of Spider-Man PS4's Three New Suits 

Another batch of Spider-Man DLC is out today, and you know what that means—hot new spider-threads to collect, and take pictures (pictures of Spider-Man!) with. This time around, all three new suits are actually from the comics, so here’s a quick little primer to their origins on the page.Read more...
Tags: Costumes, Comics, Science, Video Games, Marvel, Sony, Playstation 4, Marvel Comics, Spider Man, Insomniac Games, Marvels Spider Man, Spider Man DLC

‘Sopranos’ Movie Looking to Make Alessandro Nivola a Made Man as Christopher’s Father

The Sopranos movie, The Many Saints of Newark, is still happening, and the first piece of potential casting has been announced. Alessandro Nivola is in negotiations to play Dickey Moltisanti in the film, which is set before the events of The Sopranos. That’s no doubt a familiar name to fans of the show – Dickey Moltisanti was the father of Christopher Moltisanti, played by Michael Imperioli in the groundbreaking HBO series. Dickey was already dead by the time the events of The Sopranos took pla...
Tags: Hbo, Movies, Drama, Casting, David-Chase, Newark, Alessandro-Nivola, Variety, Tony, Sopranos, Christopher, Michael Imperioli, Tony Soprano, Alan Taylor, Dickey, TV To Film Adaptation

Mark Hamill Pitched George Lucas The Idea To Have Boba Fett Revealed As Luke Skywalker’s Mother

Boba Fett may have been a cool character in the novels, comics, video games, and other properties that made up the Star Wars Expanded Universe (now known as Star Wars Legends). But in the original Star Wars trilogy? The guy sucks. Sure, Fett has a nice design, a jet pack, and a sleek helmet, and those things can go a long way. But he doesn’t really do much in the movies themselves, and his infamous end in the sarlacc pit is one of the most undignified ways to go out for anyone in the entire Sta...
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Trailer for Strange Holiday Comedy 'Holly Star' Starring Katlyn Carlson

"We are in the middle of a genuine mystery here!" The Orchard has released an official trailer for a strange holiday existential comedy titled Holly Star, the latest from filmmaker Michael A. Nickles (XII, Just Peck, Playback, Swing Away). The film is about a broke puppeteer who returns home for the holidays and gets caught up in a treasure hunt with her paintball-obsessed best friend, her tango-dancing grandmother, and a childhood sweetheart. Yeah, that's the premise though the footage is a...
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New Full-Length Trailer for Peter Jackson's 'They Shall Not Grow Old'

"I gave every part of my youth to do a job." Warner Bros has released a new full-length official trailer for Peter Jackson's special new World War I documentary They Shall Not Grow Old, which premiered at the London Film Festival last month. The film features footage from World War I, known as "The Great War", that has been cleaned up, digitized, and colorized to look like it's modern footage from today. "Reaching into the mists of time, Jackson aims to give these men voices, investigate the...
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‘Netflix vs. The World’ Trailer: See the Documentary About the Rise of a Streaming Giant

A new documentary charts the rise of Netflix from scrappy start-up to all-encompassing streaming giant whose name is so ubiquitous it’s become a verb. Now you can Netflix and chill with Netflix vs. The World, directed by Shawn Cauthen, which dives into the formation of Netflix and its rise to Hollywood powerhouse. See the Netflix vs. The World trailer below. Netflix vs. The World Trailer IGN debuted the trailer for Netflix vs. the World, which chronicles the company’s two-decade journey...
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Sequel Bits: ‘Inside Man 2’, ‘Zombieland 2’, ‘Bumblebee’, ‘Avatar’, ‘John Wick 3’, ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’, ‘Fantastic Beasts’

In this edition of Sequel Bits: Better Call Saul‘s Rhea Seehorn joins the cast of Inside Man 2. Zombieland 2 starts shooting in January. Bumblebee is rated PG-13 (sorry for those of you hoping it would be rated R). The main cast has wrapped on the Avatar sequels. Despite rumors to the contrary, Common isn’t in John Wick 3. Read about the real reason Ralph Breaks the Internet dropped Wreck-It-Ralph 2 from its title. Ezra Miller had a “meltdown” about the new Fantastic Beasts twist. ...
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An Up-Close Look at Housing Insecurity (and How to Help!)

Five years ago, Timothy C. Acena was living - and sleeping - in his wheelchair behind a busy fast-food restaurant. At night, he'd park himself on a fresh piece of cardboard near the restaurant's dumpster and clip together a makeshift awning of eight umbrellas to protect him and the five backpacks full of his belongings from the elements. During the day, he'd sit in front of the restaurant and ask customers to buy him a meal, which they always did, he says. He used the restaurant's bathrooms and ...
Tags: America, Los Angeles, Radio, Social Security, Seattle, Zillow, Affordability, Grove, West Seattle, Maloney, Market Trends, Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends, Timothy C Acena, Acena, Colin Maloney

‘My Best Friend’s Exorcism’ Movie Coming From ‘Happy Death Day’ Filmmaker

The power of Christ has compelled Endeavor Content to snap up the film rights to Grady Hendrix‘s novel My Best Friend’s Exorcism. Christopher Landon, the writer-director of the Happy Death Day films, will produce and possibly direct. The story is set in 1988, and focuses on two teenage best friends, one of whom might be possessed. More on the My Best Friend’s Exorcism movie below. THR has the news regarding the My Best Friend’s Exorcism movie. Jenna Lamia, a writer on Awkward, has been hired...
Tags: Movies, Horror, Adaptation, Christ, Colette, Abraham Lincoln, Jennifer, Hendrix, Gretchen, Abby, Karyn Kusama, Grady Hendrix, Gail Berman, Josh Schwartz, Miss Peregrine, Christopher Landon

11 Gifts To Make Any Simpsons Fan Say “Woohoo!”

We all love The Simpsons, but some of us REALLY love The Simpsons. To a scary degree. Whether it’s by quoting lines from the show in everyday conversation or pulling up their pant leg to reveal a tattoo of Lisa breaking Ralph Wiggum’s heart, these people really like showing off their diehard fandom. This holiday season, get them something they won’t toss into a fire, like Homer’s useless high school diploma, and get them a gift they’ll cherish, like the Academy Award Homer stole from Don A...
Tags: Simpsons, Humor, Funny Or Die, Springfield, Lisa, Homer, Don Ameche, Mike Reiss, Ralph wiggum

10 Movies You Must See In December

Our picks of the new releases coming to UK/ROI cinemas and VOD in December. Read more >>> [Author: TheMovieWaffler.com]
Tags: UK, Movies, TheMovieWaffler.com

The Pilgrims: America’s First Cult (A Wild Wild Country Parody)

From the creators of one of Netflix’s most watched documentary series, “Wild Wild Country,” comes yet another in depth look at the one of the world’s most hotly debated cults. A group of religious zealots who established their own community in America, the conflict that ensued with the local residents has become legend. But what is the real story of the Pilgrims? A parody of the hit Netflix series “Wild Wild Country” by Nihar Patel. CAST: (in order of appearance)Native American Man..... He...
Tags: America, Netflix, Humor, Best Of The Web, Nihar Patel, Michael FeldWritten, Nihar PatelEdited, Michael VaingauzProduced, Andy Novak Apul Patel Nihar Patel Mike Plewa

Why Jason Reitman and Ellen Page are reimagining the classic film ‘Casablanca’

“The Front-Runner” filmmaker Jason Reitman and actress Ellen Page are bringing a live reading of the classic 1940s screenplay “Casablanca” to the Theatre at Ace Hotel with a diverse cast. Tickets are $30-$150 and now on sale. Ellen Page collaborates with Jason Reitman on presenting a live reading of “Casablanca” at the Theatre at Ace Hotel on Dec. 13. (Photo by Sam Jones) The reading, which takes place at 8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 13, benefits LGBTQI (an abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, ...
Tags: Movies, Sport, Things To Do, Soccer, Charles Dickens, Theater, Ellen Page, Jason Reitman, Casablanca, Jason, Southern California, Juno, Geffen, Sam Jones, Reitman, Top Stories LADN

‘Gatz’: A ‘Great Gatsby’ Origin Series Featuring a Young, Hot, Mixed-Race Gatsby is Coming to YouTube Premium

You know those “The Great Gatsby parties” that everyone throws that are only vaguely inspired by 1920s fashion and completely miss F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s whole message on decadence and the fallacy of the American dream? The upcoming YouTube Premium series, Gatz, is that, but worse. This Great Gatsby origin series is being developed at YouTube Premium, which will reimagine the tragic figure in the Fitzgerald classic novel as a mixed-race man, based on some academic theories that posit that Jay Ga...
Tags: Television, Movies, Drama, Youtube, Fox, Adaptation, The Great Gatsby, Greg Silverman, Silverman, Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby, Fitzgerald, Shapiro, Harlem Renaissance, Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby

The True Story Behind the Vincent van Gogh Biopic At Eternity’s Gate

At Eternity’s Gate tells the story of Vincent van Gogh’s final years in the south of France leading up to his death. While based on known details of the artist’s biography, director Julian Schnabel filled in the details to draw an even richer portrait of the artist’s life. As TIME movie critic Stephanie Zacharek puts…
Tags: Movies, News, Entertainment, France, Uncategorized, Julian Schnabel, Vincent Van Gogh, Eternity, Stephanie Zacharek

Extended Featurette with Barry Jenkins for 'If Beale Street Could Talk'

"Baldwin's legacy is very important, very rich." Annapurna Pictures has released this extended, 5-minute making of featurette for If Beale Street Could Talk, the latest exquisite film made by the very talented Barry Jenkins (of Moonlight and Medicine for Melancholy). This video is called the "Baldwin" featurette and focuses on Jenkins discussing James Baldwin's 1974 book and turning it into this feature film. If Beale Street Could Talk is about a woman in Harlem desperately trying to prove h...
Tags: Movies, Harlem, James Baldwin, Baldwin, Jenkins, Tish, Emily Rios, Annapurna Pictures, To Watch, Featurette, Stephan James, Barry Jenkins, Fonny, Kiki Layne

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