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Social Media Whores Rage At Having To Pay Taxes After Mass IRS Reporting

The softcore camwhores which Instagram, Snapchat and Twitch overflow with are being reported to the IRS for tax evasion by the newly civic-minded online hordes, which was promptly condemned as wicked misogyny by the can-do-no-wrong feminists and their knightly allies. The incident began after a Twitter user made it his mission to report all sex […]
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Girlish Number Shura Anime Canned

4koma spin-off “Girlish Number Shura” has had production on its anime adaptation terminated, unfortunately depriving fans of another potential moe-blob comedy that the industry is in no short supply of. The official Twitter account delivered the fateful news: “Spin-off project ‘Girlish Number Shura’, which we announced at Kuzu Fest back in April 2017, is having […]
Tags: Anime, Announcements, Cancellations, Girlish Number, Kuzu Fest

Atelier Lulua Cooking Up Alchemical Cuteness

The first official trailer for “Atelier Lulua: The Scion of Arland” has given fans of the extensive RPG series a look at what to expect, unfortunately only teasing Rorona mama for a few seconds before also divulging the scheduled launch date. The trailer, which has most of its focus on the cute Lulua: Atelier Lulua: […]
Tags: Games, Trailer, Anime, Ps4, RPG, ATELIER, Gust, Nintendo Switch, Rorona, Arland, Atelier Lulua, Lulua

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power

I am excited to see that She-Ra and the Princesses of Power has been so well-received. This relaunch of the 1980s cartoon show has a more modern sensibility, and it allows the character to stand on her own instead of being a He-Man adjunct. (I haven’t had a chance to see the show yet, but I believe it, since the revamp was created by Noelle Stevenson, whose Nimona, which did something similar to fantasy adventure stories, won an Eisner a [...]
Tags: Comics, TV News, Eisner, Noelle Stevenson, Princesses of Power

Batman #312 - Walt Simonson art

Walt Simonson  Batman v1 #312, 1978 - The Calendar Man goes on a crime spree in Gotham, curiously changing his costume to represent each day of the week. This theme allows Walt Simonson opportunities for designing inventive costumes. However, the graphic approach in his pencils runs counter to Dick Giordano's more realistic inks. The collision of styles is evident on the opening splash below ( [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Gotham, Batman, Ted Ignacio, Dick Giordano, Walt Simonson, Walt Simonson Batman

Marin County Market Update, The Anlyan Report 11.25.2018

According to statistics compiled from the Bareis MLSnbsp;, there were 1937 sales of single family homes and condos in Marin County for the 1st 9 months of 2018. This compares with 1995 units sold in the same period of 2017, a decrease of 58 units or 2.9. These statistics would seem to indicate that Marin County is performing better than much of the rest of the state. According to a November 12 blog post by CoreLogic, an Irvine, CA-based real estate information service, statewide sales of exi...
Tags: IM, Radio, Marin County, Irvine, Fred Anlyan

‘Crashing’ Season 3 Trailer: Pete Holmes Gets a New Jacket, Meets John Mulaney, Becomes a Sell Out

The self-described golden retriever of a comedian known as Pete Holmes has been riding a new wave of fame recently, but only because he’s playing a regressed version of himself on the HBO series Crashing. That’s okay though, because seeing Pete Holmes tap into his former (and possibly current) insecurities in this personal and hilarious series is truly a gift to audiences. Now it looks like things are getting simultaneously better and worse for ol’ Petey Pants in the first trailer for the upcom...
Tags: Hbo, Comedy, Television, Movies, Pete, Jamie Lee, John Mulaney, Mulaney, Pete Holmes, Crashing, Artie Lang, Madeline Wise

Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 3

Now that the feature-length Pixar movies are more focused on sequels and known quantities, the short films are where the most exciting concepts and animation techniques are found, in my opinion. Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 3 has a mix of original ideas and cartoon shorts with Pixar favorite characters. It contains the following, each of which can be played with or without a filmmaker introduction and/or commentary. Bao – by Domee Shi, 2018, shown with Incredibles 2, about a [...]
Tags: Comics, Movie Reviews, Pixar, Bao, Domee Shi, Pixar Short Films Collection Volume

A Long Time Ago in Drawings Far Far Away …

See the early looks for Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader and other “Star Wars” favorites, from the Oscar-winning John Mollo’s sketchbooks.
Tags: Art, Costumes, Movies, News, Auctions, Lucas, George, John Mollo, Bonhams 1793 Ltd, Star Wars (Movie, Mollo, John (1931-2017

‘What Men Want’ Red Band Trailer: Taraji P. Henson Hears the Thoughts of Every Man

Hollywood loves remakes these days, and while most of them feel quite unnecessary, some of them actually put a welcome spin on the original that makes the concept feel refreshing. That’s exactly the cast with What Men Want, and the latest trailer for the R-rated comedy starring Taraji P. Henson has arrived, and it brings some salty language along with it. Watch the new What Men Want trailer below. What Men Want Trailer (Red Band) What Men Want takes the 2000 comedy What Women Want starri...
Tags: Comedy, Hollywood, Movies, Erykah Badu, Movie Trailers, Mel Gibson, Paramount Pictures, Ali, Taraji P Henson, Hairspray, Aldis Hodge, Adam-Shankman, What Men Want, Ali Davis Taraji P Henson, Ali Davis

‘Wreck-It Ralph’ and ‘Creed’ Sequels Spur Record Holiday Weekend Box Office

The movies also beat the openings for the original films
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Kill la Kill the Game IF Gets on the Switch and Adds New Characters

Arc System Works has just revealed Kill la Kill the Game: IF will be getting an additional Nintendo Switch iteration to go along with the already announced PlayStation 4 and PC versions. The 3D brawler will also be getting new additions to the playable cast with villains Nui Harime and Ragyo Kiryuin as seen in the screenshots […]
Tags: Games, Nintendo, Anime, Ps4, Announcements, Pc Gaming, Fighting Games, Kill la Kill, Arc System Works, Nintendo Switch, Nui Harime, Ragyo Kiryuin

‘The Lion King’ Is the Second Most Watched Teaser in 24 Hours, See It Compared to the Original

While everyone was feasting on Thanksgiving food last week, Walt Disney Studios decided to drop the first teaser trailer for the upcoming “live-action” version of The Lion King, giving a photorealistic makeover to the animated classic from 1994. Not only is the teaser quite breathtaking, especially when it comes to the incredible visual effects used to bring the animals to life, but it’s now the second most watched teaser trailer debut in the first 24 hours. The Lion King teaser trailer recreat...
Tags: Movies, Beyonce, Disney, Animation, Seth Rogen, James Earl Jones, Jon Favreau, Eric Andre, Marvel Studios, Remakes, Walt Disney Studios, Donald Glover, Simba, McCrary, Mufasa, Disney/Pixar

All Points Bulletin: The Starjammers Clean up Space

A look at the If you have any suggestions for what to highlight on an APB drop us a line via email or Twitter.  Kate’s picks: Sentient Mud Puddle A large, bubbling mass of mud is moving around California and scientists can’t stop it. A Fitting Send Off for Stan Lee I remember the first … Continue reading All Points Bulletin: The Starjammers Clean up Space
Tags: California, Anime, Kate, Stan Lee, All Points Bulletin, APB

Kemono Friends Japanese Crested Ibis Cosplay Shows Tail

The Japanese Crested Ibis (Toki) is known for its ear-piercing song and beautiful white and red plumage. However, one Kemono Friends cosplayer from the Orange Maniac circle may have some different ideas about what part of the gorgeous bird to show to the public.
Tags: Anime, Cosplay, Oshiri, Image Gallery, Kemonomimi, Kemono Friends

Ricky Jay, Famed Character Actor and Master Magician, Has Died at 72

Ricky Jay is one of those actors who you’d see popping up in the likes of The Prestige, Mystery Men and Boogie Nights, not a household name, but surely one of those people who made audience members go, “Hey, it’s that guy.” But outside of his career on film and television, Ricky Jay was a masterful magician, dubbed “the most gifted sleight of hand artist alive” by The New Yorker. Sadly, Jay has performed his last trick, as the character actor and illusionist has died at age 72. News of Ricky ...
Tags: Death, Hbo, Hollywood, Movies, Los Angeles, Baron, Steve Martin, Jay, David Mamet, New Yorker, Mort, Ricky, Deadwood, Ricky Jay, Mamet, Gary Sinise

Ralph Breaks the Internet and the Box Office with $126 Million Over 5 Days

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Ralph Breaks the Internet and the box office with $126 million over 5 days Six years after its predecessor debuted, Ralph Breaks The Internet debuted with the #2 Thanksgiving opening ever behind only Frozen, and the third biggest Thanksgiving weekend performance overall (behind only The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Frozen). The sequel brought in an estimated $84.5 million in its domestic debut across the five days with $55.67 million for the traditional weekend. Interna...
Tags: Movies, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mexico, Robin Hood, Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Redmayne, Rose Byrne, Liam Neeson, Box Office, Johnny Depp, Steve McQueen, Jude Law, Sarah Silverman, Tessa Thompson, Ezra Miller, John C Reilly

Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Sean McGrail from OpenFrame

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Sean McGrail from OpenFrame. Without further ado… What do you do? I am the chief revenue office at OpenFrame, a unique 360 camera that attaches to an iPhone and it allows a Real Estate Agent to quickly, simply and affordably capture, edit and share a video tour of a property. What problem does your product/service solve? I spoke to 4,000+ real estate agents and they told me the current solutions to create video of a prop...
Tags: Gadgets, Photography, Interviews, Radio, Burma, Bangladesh, Digital Cameras, Sean, Sean McGrail, OpenFrame

First Trailer for Family Drama 'Mountain Rest' Directed by Alex O Eaton

"You can't bring me here and expect me to just hate her like you do." FilmRise has debuted the first official trailer for an indie family drama titled Mountain Rest, which is the feature directorial debut of a music video director named Alex O Eaton. The film is about an aging actress named Ethel, played by Frances Conroy, who has sequestered herself in a cabin in a small mountain town for years. She calls her estranged daughter and granddaughter home for reconciliation and one final celebra...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, House Of Cards, Indies, Ethel, To Watch, Kate Lyn Sheil, Natalia Dyer, Frances Conroy, Alex O Eaton, Audrey Turner

Holiday Gifts For Your Friend Who Thinks Their Bacon Obsession Is A Unique Personality Trait

Here’s a bunch of bacon stuff you can get them because you know the REAL them Can’t we all just agree that we all love bacon? Loving bacon is the default. At this point if someone was like “people who really know me know that I’m not really a fan of bacon,” I’d be like wow, this is a unique and fascinating human. Instead, we must proclaim our love of bacon as if it defines us. But I suppose that’s just the power of bacon. And when our friends’ obsession with bacon goes off the deep end, we...
Tags: Humor, Funny Or Die

IFI French Film Festival 2018 Review - I FEEL GOOD

A wannabe entrepeneur attempts to sell cheap plastic surgery to the staff of his sister's non-profit initiative. Read more >>> [Author: TheMovieWaffler.com]
Tags: Movies, IFI, TheMovieWaffler.com

New Release Review (DVD/VOD) - SNOWFLAKE

A pair of hitmen discover a movie script that appears to dictate their own actions. Read more >>> [Author: TheMovieWaffler.com]
Tags: Movies, World cinema, Dvd, Vod, New Releases, By Benjamin Poole, TheMovieWaffler.com

IDFA 2018: Chilean Film 'Los Reyes' is a One-of-a-Kind Doggie Doc

As a die-hard dog lover, I'm always on the lookout for any new films about dogs. Los Reyes is one of the best dog films I've ever seen, and that's not even hyperbole. This magnificent documentary is about a skate park in the capital city of Santiago, Chile where two dogs reign as kings (hence the title Los Reyes, or The Kings in Spanish). Their names are Chola and Fútbol (or Football), and they've been living there since, well, forever. The film focuses entirely on these two dogs, and it's ama...
Tags: Movies, Review, Kings, Reyes, SANTIAGO Chile, Chola, IDFA

Link Dump

Odds and ends from the depths of ye olde internets: Ricky Jay's 52 Assistants - RIP Ricky Jay, this hour long show is well worth a watch. Secrets of the Magus - And a New Yorker profile of Ricky Jay, featuring one of my favorite anecdotes: Deborah Baron, a screenwriter in Los Angeles, where Jay lives, once invited him to a New Year’s Eve dinner party at her home. About a dozen other people attended. Well past midnight, everyone gathered around a coffee table as Jay, at Baron’s request, did clo...
Tags: Florida, Movies, Congress, Los Angeles, Baron, Jay, Mort, Ricky, Ricky Jay, Link Dump, Deborah Baron, O K Mort

Our Army at War #203 - Joe Kubert art, cover & reprint

Joe Kubert Sgt. Rock's Prize Battle Tales (Our Army at War v1) #203, 1969 - Joe Kubert designs a fairly creative cover for this 80 page giant. As the title character dodges bullets, the issue's story titles appear as a background wall posters (a modified version of this cover was later used on >DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #7). Kubert's contents page is less impressive, but this does include [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Ted Ignacio, Kubert, Joe Kubert, DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest

How the gay couples on ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ and ‘Empire’ restored my faith in love

I can’t deny it: Years of bad romances and fleeting flings had left me ready to close the book on the dream of everlasting love. Until now.
Tags: TV, Television, How To Get Away With Murder, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Empire, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Jeremy Helligar, Will and Grace, Representation

IdolMaster’s Sachiko Koshimizu Birthday Widely Celebrated

Sweet IdolMaster: Cinderella Girls character Sachiko Koshimizu happens to celebrate her birthday on the 25th of November. Many dedicated fans of the cute and petite 2D idol have made their way to Twitter to announce their most sincere love and appreciation. A few samples of pure affection on display: Sachiko’s birthday blowout can also be […]
Tags: Cake, Games, Anniversaries, Illustration, Artists, Anime, Image Gallery, Ronery, [email protected], Sachiko, Sachiko Koshimizu

ICQ Podcast #281 discusses ARRL board election, Green Key Night, and first amateur radio geostationary satellite

 On the latest episode of the ICQ Podcast, I joined Martin, M1MRB; Chris, M0TCH; Martin, MOSGL; Ed, DD5LP; and Frank, K4FMH. We discuss the following: ARRL Director and Vice Director Election Results Announced Green Keys Night URC Calls for Basic French License Australian Labor Party Commits $2 million to Resurrect ABC Shortwave Radio (if elected) Es’hail-2 Geostationary Satellite Launched Santa’s Radio Club Special Event – OH9S We had a lot of fun doing this episode. In addition, Colin,...
Tags: UK, Podcasts, Radio, Labor party, ICQ, ARRL, Martin M1MRB, Chris M0TCH, Martin MOSGL, Resurrect ABC Shortwave Radio

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