Comic Riffs on Marshall Ramsey's George Bush obituary cartoon

How this emotional George H.W. Bush cartoon went viral — touching even his family By Michael Cavna Washington Post Comic Riffs blog December 1 2018 https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2018/12/01/how-this-emotional-george-hw-bush-cartoon-went-viral-touching-even-his-family/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Rafer Roberts interviewed for PreviewsWorld

Roberts And Norton Team Up For Magical Mayhem In 'Grumble' Dec 02, 2018https://previewsworld.com/Article/221668 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Personal Love #27 - Frank Frazetta art

Personal Love v1 #27, 1953 - A country girl moves to the city but pines for her former life and boyfriend. Set mostly in a small fishing village, Frank Frazetta takes great care in establishing the setting. Sails, masts and boats appropriately fill many of the backgrounds. These in turn enhance the colorful characters, drawn with expressiveness and individuality. Frazetta handles the [Author: Ted F]
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Unknown Worlds #54 - Steve Ditko art

Unknown Worlds v1 #54, 1967 - A timid high school teacher seeks closure after his own death in this oddly humorous Steve Ditko tale. His illustrations border on whimsical but most of the figures are too stiffly drawn. The only point of interest is the large opening panel, featuring a strangely cloaked figure suspiciously similar to Ditko's later Doctor Strange (see interior page below). [Author: Ted F]
Tags: Science Fiction, Comics, 1960s, Steve Ditko, Ditko, Ted F, MiscPub

The New Poster for Captain Marvel Shines Bright!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The new poster for Captain Marvel shines bright! Walt Disney Pictures and Marvel Studios have revealed the brand new poster for Captain Marvel and announced that the new trailer for the film will debut tomorrow night during Monday Night Football! Check out the full image below and look back here for the trailer tomorrow! RELATED: Captain Marvel Funko Pop Figures Revealed! Captain Marvel follows Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful ...
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Oversized Nipple Goddess Can Put Coat Hangers On Them

This rather special woman has appeased the sexual yearnings of men with her salacious assortment of nude pictures, her enormous nipples possibly being a significantly attractive trait as she shows off how she can put coat hangers on them. A video demonstrating this feisty feat: More goddesses.
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An Egyptian Actress Will Face Obscenity Charges for Wearing This Dress

Rania Youssef said she may have misjudged how people would react to the dress
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The best shows on Amazon Prime right now (December 2018)

There's more to Amazon Prime than free two-day shipping, including access to a number of phenomenal shows at no extra cost. To make the sifting easier, here are our favorite shows currently streaming on Amazon Prime. The post The best shows on Amazon Prime right now (December 2018) appeared first on Digital Trends.
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A Reasonable Theory

Makes sense to me
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Rania Youssef, Egyptian Actress Who Dressed to Impress, Could Be Jailed

Her lacy, revealing dress at a Cairo film festival spurred three lawyers to sue her for “incitement to debauchery.” A trial is scheduled for January.
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Egyptian Actress Dressed to Impress. She Could Be Jailed for Debauchery.

Rania Youssef’s lacy, revealing dress at a Cairo film festival spurred three lawyers to sue her. A trial has been scheduled for January.
Tags: Movies, News, Egypt, Sisi, Women's Rights, Cairo, Rania, Youssef, Fashion and apparel, Sabry, Actors and Actresses, Suits and Litigation (Civil, Abdel Fattah el, Samir (Attorney, Rania Youssef

Best new shows and movies to stream: ‘Killing Eve,’ ‘Sick Note,’ and more

Need something to watch this weekend? Check out our list of the best new shows and movies to stream right now. On the list this week: The first season of Killing Eve, Boogie Nights, and more. The post Best new shows and movies to stream: ‘Killing Eve,’ ‘Sick Note,’ and more appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre cancels matinee due to security threat; suspect arrested

The Sunday evening performance of Annie is scheduled to go on. The theater plans to increase security through the rest of the run of the show.
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Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre cancels matinee due to undisclosed ‘security threat’

The Sunday evening performance of Annie is scheduled to go on. The theater plans to increase security through the rest of the run of the show.
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Podcast: Audio Production Awards 2018

Emma Corsham speaks to winners at the Audio Production Awards 2018 – including Radio 2 Breakfast’s Graham Albans, double winner Steve Urquhart, BBC Pop Hub Station Sound producers Liam Hadley and Ben Stones, and Gold award winner Jez Nelson from Somethin’ Else. Stuart Clarkson and Roy Martin talk about the big industry stories of the week including Magic’s format flip for Christmas and Radio 1’s signing of Rickie, Melvin and Charlie. James Cridland looks at the need for standards in our data,...
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Review: Of Fathers and Sons

— by RON WILKINSON — This is one of those documentaries that defies explanation. It is impossible to understand how a filmmaker could have gained the trust and access required to interview a man raising a family to fight for a Syrian caliphate. Director Talal Derki knew he was taking a lethal risk when he […]
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Claire Foy Fits in Perfectly in Her Hosting Debut on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Claire Foy has only recently found fame in the United States thanks to her starring role in The Crown, not to mention leading The Girl in the Spider’s Web and a pivotal supporting role in First Man. But she brought her acting skills to Studio 8H in an impressive way for her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live, doing what great hosts do by blending in with the rest of the cast. She wasn’t always given much to do in some of the sketches, but the ones that did benefited greatly from her presence....
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“First Ever Magical Boy” Appears In Hugtto Precure

Social media has been praising the latest episode of Hugtto Precure for its “inclusivity” as an existing male character has become what many are calling “the first male PreCure in the series”, a move that will surely trigger an increase in political debates and social media blockings. Jubilant cheers from fans, with some being convinced […]
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MechWarrior 5 Release Date Revealed

Intense giant robot simulator “MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries” has finally received a clear release date during this year’s Mech-Con 2018. The Vancouver-hosted event has not only revealed that Piranha Games’ newest title will be getting a 2019 release but also several new screenshots and a trailer. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, the first numbered sequel since MechWarrior 4: Vengence […]
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They Live

I kicked off my 1988 movie marathon with this, and I’m glad I did. I really enjoy re-watching all these John Carpenter movies — I was a pretty big fan of his movies after all — and this one is another enjoyable visit. Yes, that 10-minute fight scene (between the two buddies) is still as ridiculous as ever, but overall this is still such a great story idea, and I love how it builds up to the climax. Great effects work too on the look of the aliens.
Tags: Travel, Movies, 1988, John Carpenter, They Live, Debaser

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting much from this — thinking it hadn’t aged well — but I was still quite curious to watch it again since I hadn’t revisited since back in the day. To my pleasant surprise, this was quite enjoyable, and still stands out as a novel idea, and the execution is still quite admirable. I had also completely forgotten that they had managed to get all these characters together (from Disney, Looney Tunes, etc.) and that made it even more fun. Sure, it’s not high cinema, bu...
Tags: Travel, Movies, 1988, Roger Rabbit, Debaser, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Disney Looney Tunes


I tend to have a very bad memory when it comes to the plots of old movies, which means that I can go in and revisit these movies and still discover the story again, and enjoy the suspense. Such is the case for this — I remembered liking it, but couldn’t really remember much outside of the basic “this is Harrison Ford in trouble in Paris.” It’s still an enjoyable thriller with a Hitchcock feel, with good performances all around. Well worth a revisit.
Tags: Travel, Movies, 1988, Paris, Harrison Ford, Hitchcock, Debaser, Frantic

The Naked Gun

OK, yes, this is still a ridiculously dumb movie, but oh-so-fun. I must have watched it countless times back in the day, because so many lines and situations felt so familiar, even though I haven’t re-watched it since back in the day. I loved all the Zucker-Zucker-Abrahams comedies from the 80s (Airplane, Top Secret), and this was just what I was expecting and hoping to watch. Mindless fun.
Tags: Travel, Movies, 1988, Debaser, The Naked Gun, Zucker Zucker Abrahams

John Waters Shares His Top 10 Films of 2018 - Bruno Dumont Reigns

"It's the best movie of the year. You'll hate it." Nothing like defending your pick for the best film of the year by saying "you'll hate it", but that's why we always have to feature this Top 10 every year. One of our favorite lists that kicks off this time of the year is from filmmaker John Waters - his Top 10 favorite films from this year. For 2018, Waters has chosen yet another (expected) eclectic mix of films, lead by Bruno Dumont's historical musical Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc....
Tags: Movies, Joan, John Waters, Indies, Discuss, Movie News, Bruno Dumont, Carlos Lopez Estrada, Xavier Legrand, Blindspotting Guy Maddin

Crazy Rich Asians Flops in China While Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Again Dominates Domestic Box Office

'Crazy Rich Asians' performance in China is potentially worrisome for Warner Bros.
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Definitely one of the biggest cult movies from those years, I was curious to see how it had aged. I’ll say that I still enjoyed watching it — in the way that I enjoy watching all of these 80s movies, as a nostalgic trip back to the era — but it does feel a lot cheesier than I remembered, with ridiculous dialogue (even for teenagers), and brooding Christian Slater coming off as a joke more than cool or threatening. But this is pretty much “ultimate” Winona Ryder (who I loved so much), and there’...
Tags: Travel, Movies, 1988, Heathers, Christian Slater, Winona Ryder, Debaser

‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Season 8 Trailer: The End is Here

The Paladins are entering their final battle. Netflix has released the trailer for the eighth and final season of Voltron: Legendary Defender, which is set to premiere on the streaming service in December. And the stakes are higher than ever in thistrailer, which sees the Paladins joining together one last time to “save all of existence.” Voltron Legendary Defender Season 8 Trailer The last time we saw the Paladins, they had just saved Earth from the evil Galra empire and a Voltron-esqu...
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Watch: 'Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures' Animated Short Film Series

"I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi, like my father." Disney + Lucasfilm have debuted the first set of animated shorts films for a new series they're calling Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures. These shorts feature key moments from the Star Wars cinematic franchise re-told in short form animation, in order to "introduce the classic themes, pivotal moments, and iconic characters from the Star Wars saga to the next generation." In addition to the new series of shorts being deb...
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    Recently, I got back on skates again. It had been nearly four years since I was on the ice. Arthritis and bunions made it difficult to find comfortable shoes, and impossible for me to get my foot into my old skates, let alone my work shoes. Finally, the pain got so bad that I opted for surgery on my left foot to relieve the pressure. Seven screws, a pin and a plate later, I found myself on a long road to recovery, still with pain and now with toes that didn't bend. First there was the ...
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