New Upcoming Releases from Eastern Star - Now Available for Pre-Order!

We've posted new upcoming January and February 2019 Anime releases from Eastern Star to the store site for pre-order! Here's what's coming:Beyblade Original Classic First Series BLURAY (Eps #1-51) - Jan 29Lupin the 3rd Part II Collection 3 DVD (Eps #80-117 of TV Season 2) (Subtitled Only) - Jan 29Shin Tetsujin 28 BLURAY- Jan 29Tetsujin 28 Morning Moon of Midday DVD/BD Combo Set - Jan 29Galaxy Express 999 BLURAY- Feb 26Adieu Galaxy Express 999 BLURAY- Feb 26 [Author: Robert]
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Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai Episode 10 Impression

On this episode, Sakuta continues to split his time between Mai and Nodoka. Later, he helps Nodoka with her feelings toward Mai.Wow, this was a very nice heart warming plot for the sisters. It was awesome on how Sakuta handled Nodoka to get her own feelings resolved. Also, they revealed some details about the characters' families and even Kaede's improvement. But, unfortunately, the ending scene after the credits did somewhat ruined the heart warming ending. Now how will Sakuta deal with the nex...
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News Post: All Hail The Algorithm

Tycho: The cards in a given Keyforge deck are pulled from the whole set, and the names are generated by some kind of computerized madness.  Occasionally it’s lead to some, uh…  Hm.  There’s a standing offer by multiple retailers I know where they just replace your deck if it turns out to be named in an incredibly offensive way, but if I were them I woulda been much more careful with my corpus.  Most names are just goofy though and I suspect we could make comics like today’s for quite a while an...
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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Fails to Dazzle Audiences in China

The film made just $1.2 million over the three days of its initial release
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Persona Q2 Sales Disaster: 60% of Original’s

Persona Q2 has suffered a poor opening week in the charts, selling 107,000 fewer copies than the original did in the same period. Atlus’ chibi spin-off game Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth has sold relatively poorly in its first week, coming second in the Japanese charts with 79,747 confirmed sales. The first Persona Q game […]
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Daily Podcast: How Do You Make A Disney Movie About A Empathetic Dog Murderer? Daredevil, Snake Eyes, John Grisham, Oscars, Between Two Ferns, James Cameron & Tom Cruise

On the December 5, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film senior writer Ben Pearson and writer Chris Evangelista to talk the latest film and tv news, including Daredevil, Snake Eyes, John Grisham, The Oscars, Cruella, Between Two Ferns and James Cameron & Tom Cruise. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast, Spotify and all the popular podcast apps (here is the RSS URL if you need it).   In The News: Chris: ‘Dare...
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Superhero Bits: Frank Miller Returns to Batman, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Trailer Coming Soon & More

Want to know the official Hellboy timeline from Dark Horse Comics? What villain will Jessica Meraz play on Supergirl this season? Why isn’t the Avengers 4 trailer arriving today? Why didn’t Adam Warlock figure into Avengers: Infinity War? When is the first Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer arriving? Are you ready for Frank Miller to return to Batman? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s an extended trailer for the upcoming Arrowverse crossover Elseworlds, coming to T...
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In Which Bubbles Is Rude

W o w
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Brooklyn rapper sues makers of Fortnite over claims video game stole his moves

Rapper 2 Milly says the dance known on Fortnite as ‘Swipe It’ is taken from his ‘Milly Rock’Chance the Rapper and actor Donald Faison have also complained about the game The rapper 2 Milly filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the makers of Fortnite, saying they were illegally using a dance he created in their wildly popular video game.The Brooklyn-based rapper, whose real name is Terrence Ferguson, alleges that the North Carolina-based Epic Games misappropriated his moves without compensation or cr...
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New Poll Shows Most People Don’t Consider ‘Die Hard’ to be a Christmas Movie, So Can We Bury This Argument Already?

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s time for being to argue incessantly over whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Every year, this subject comes up, to the point where the argument has grown tired and stale. Hoping to put an end to this once and for all,  a new survey was conducted, and came up with a definitive result: most people don’t consider Die Hard a Christmas movie. Obviously, this will be the last time this is ever discussed, and we can all move on now, right? I love ...
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Academy Museum of Motion Pictures reveals exhibits, plans to open late next year

We’ll have to wait about another year for the long-awaited Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to finally open. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has, however, announced a lot of what we can expect to see when its monument to the movies begins operations at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue in late 2019. “We want the Academy Museum to add to the public’s understanding of the evolution of the art and science of filmmaking around the world — to increase appreciation f...
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‘Without Remorse’ Recruits ‘Sicario 2’ Filmmaker to Direct Michael B. Jordan as Tom Clancy’s John Clark

We’re living in the middle of the Stephen King adaptation Renaissance and Hulu is trying to make a John Grisham TV universe happen, so why not more Tom Clancy? Your dad’s favorite author passed away in 2013, but his work has lived on as other writers dabble in his universe and video games continue to plaster his name on the box. And then there’s Jack Ryan, the buzzy Amazon series starring John Krasinksi as Clancy’s most famous hero. But what about Clancy’s second most famous hero? A few months ...
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Kevin Smith Raves About His Experience Visiting ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Set, Singles Out One Amazing Performance

Writer/director/podcaster Kevin Smith has visited J.J. Abrams‘ Star Wars Episode 9 set, and he hated every second of it. “It was dumb,” Smith said of the set. “I looked around, shrugged my shoulders, and said, ‘This is the best you got?’ I interrupted J.J. in the middle of a take and just said, ‘Hey man, thanks for the invite, but this sucks. I’m outta here.'” I’m kidding, of course. Smith, as rabid a Star Wars fan as you’ll ever find, brought back several tidbits from his travels to the film’s...
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Female-Led ’21 Jump Street’ Spin-Off Eyeing Tiffany Haddish and Awkwafina to Star

It seems like that 21 Jump Street crossover with Men in Black isn’t happening anytime soon, but Columbia Pictures is still very keen on getting a female-centric spin-off of the Phil Lord & Chris Miller buddy cop comedy franchise off the ground. And they’re trying to line up a couple of promising leading ladies. A new report says Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish, one of the hottest comedy stars working right now, is in talks to take one of the two lead roles in the female-driven take on 21 Jump S...
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Connect With Your Customers Through Social Media

Social media performs 2 primary function for business owners. First, by enabling your content to be directly in front of the eyes of interested people or customers; and Second, by creating a momentum through your content that builds awareness, interests, and eventually will create the reason to buy. Social media also functions as a channel wherein you can: Answer questions from your customer base Get your name and logo out into relevant communities or groups Establish your expertise in...
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‘The Conjuring 3’ Will Be a Departure from the First Two Films, According to Patrick Wilson

The Conjuring universe has been growing quite a bit in the past few years. Not only has the spin-off Annabelle sparked a franchise on its own, but The Nun became quite the success earlier this year, and The Crooked Man spin-off is still on the way. But with Annabelle 3 bringing Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) into the fray in a much more prominent way, what does the future of The Conjuring franchise look like? Patrick Wilson has been making the publicity rounds for this...
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Chucky Creator Don Mancini is Really Unhappy About the ‘Child’s Play’ Remake

No one seems to be happy about the Child’s Play remake MGM is in the process of making – especially Don Mancini, the writer and director who has been involved with every Chucky movie in the past. Mancini has vaguely voiced his displeasure with the remake here and there, but now, the filmmaker is opening up about his feelings regarding the remake, and revealing why he declined to accept an executive producer credit on the project. We here at /Film haven’t been shy about our distaste for the C...
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This Alphabet Book Will Confuse You Even If You Know English Pretty Good

If we half to learn the ABCs, in order to reed and right, this alfabet book at least makes it phun. Learning your ABC’s ranks up there as one of the dumbest, most annoying requirements for modern life, along with maintaining your inside voice and, you know, not naming your kid Abcde. Think about it: You don’t need your ABCs to shake hands like a man. Right? You don’t need them to shave your body hair. Or to do dance cardio at the gym. And you sure as hell don’t need the alphabet to have a ...
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Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg to Co-Host 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg to co-host 2019 Golden Globe Awards The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has announced that Sandra Oh, star of the critically acclaimed BBC America drama series Killing Eve  and Andy Samberg, star of NBC’s Golden Globe-winning comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will co-host the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards. PB = PB || {}; gptAds = PB.gptAds || {}; var opts = {"asBool":false,"adUnit":"\/4403\/cr\/comingsoon\/ros","adDiv":"pb...
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from "'Clueless' Was Amy Heckerling's Masterpiece: Is She Done With It? As If" by Taffy Brodesser-Akner

"The positivity and shine of a Cher was such anathema to her [Heckerling]. She’d been miserable in school. She’s a pessimist, she said, 'the opposite' of Cher. She wanted some relief; she wanted to spend time occupying the head space of an optimist who thought everything might work out, who wasn’t plagued with self-doubt, who seemed confident and self-assured. She thought maybe if she spent time with that kind of character, it would take — like an organ transplant or something."  --Taffy Brodes...
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Chrissy Metz in Official Trailer for True Story Faith Film 'Breakthrough'

"I need you to be best for John, and you just let God do the rest." 20th Century Fox has debuted the first official trailer for a religious drama titled Breakthrough, based on the true story of Joyce Smith who believes she was able to bring her son back to life through the power of prayer. When he was 14, Joyce's son John accidentally drowned in Lake St. Louis and was dead for nearly an hour. According to reports, CPR was performed for 27 minutes to no avail. Until his mother, Joyce Smith, e...
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‘Resident Evil’ Reboot to Be Directed By ’47 Meters Down’ Filmmaker Johannes Roberts

Last year, we wrote about how James Wan (Aquaman, The Conjuring) would be producing a Resident Evil reboot, revamping the popular video game franchise on the big screen after Paul W.S. Anderson’s long-running series of films finally came to an end. Now it seems the reboot has found its director: Johannes Roberts, the man who helmed 47 Meters Down. Variety reports that Roberts has been hired by Constantin Film to direct the Resident Evil reboot. He previously directed The Other Side of the Do...
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The 76th Annual Golden Globes Will Be Hosted by Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh

The not-so-secret secret is that no one wants to host Hollywood’s award shows anymore. Comedians, talk show hosts and actors stand to gain nothing and lose a whole bunch by taking the gig. And yet, the show must go on. Yesterday, Kevin Hart stepped to the plate to hose the next Oscars ceremony. Now, we know who will host the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards: Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh. Yes. That pair. For some reason. Look, I’m not sure why Samberg and Oh, two immensely talented folks that we...
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First Trailer for Branagh's 'All Is True' About Shakespeare's Final Days

"I've lived so long in imaginary worlds, I've lost sight of what is real." Sony Pictures Classics has surprised us with the official trailer for an indie film titled All Is True, directed by Kenneth Branagh (who is also finishing directing Disney's Artemis Fowl as well), starring Kenneth Branagh as the legendary playwright William Shakespeare. The film is about the final days in his life, after he retires. Branagh has long wanted to explore this forgotten and critical period of Shakespeare's...
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Resident Evil Reboot Enlists 47 Meters Down Director

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Resident Evil reboot enlists 47 Meters Down director The James Wan-produced reboot of the hit video game film franchise, Resident Evil, has just found its writer and director in the form of Johannes Roberts, the man behind the 2017 survival horror hit 47 Meters Down, according to Variety. PB = PB || {}; gptAds = PB.gptAds || {}; var opts = {"asBool":false,"adUnit":"\/4403\/cr\/comingsoon\/ros","adDiv":"pb_prebidjs_300x250_a","si...
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