If ‘The Daily Bugle’ From Spider-Man Was A Real Paper

The management needs some serious overhaul Considering it’s a fictional universe where being bitten by a radioactive spider means superpowers and turning into a vigilante hero instead of a trip to the hospital, nobody’s really worried about how realistic things are. But c’mon, I’m pretty sure we’ve all wondered how The Daily Bugle stays afloat when its entire business model is literally based around the boss’s wild obsession with Spider-Man... it raises a lot of questions. Mostly, how the ...
Tags: Humor, Gracie Hughes, J Jonah Jameson

Sequel Bits: ‘Machete Kills Again in Space’, ‘Toy Story’ Graphic Novels, ‘Rambo V’, ‘Call Me By Your Name’ & More

In this edition of Sequel Bits Machete Kills Again in Space is still a possibility Learn about a Ralph Breaks the Internet deleted scene Get ready for a Toy Story anthology graphic novel series Rambo V and Doctor Sleep finish production Call Me By Your Name is getting a book sequel All that and more According to Bloody Disgusting, Danny Trejo told Popcorn Talk that Machete Kills Again in Space, the the third installment of the Grindhouse spin-off franchise, is still in the cards. Trejo sa...
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Drow-n Your Loneliness With A Dark Elf Waifu

One of the most popular trends in anime over the past few years has been isekai, or life in another world series, which have become a staple of the industry as the little sister and harem genres have been in the past. Japan’s onahole makers are even getting in on the isekai boom, making masturbation toys […]
Tags: Japan, Anime, Elf, Anime Goods, Onanism, Onaholes

Water Cooler: As Christmas Approaches We Rush To Catch-Up On 2018’s Award Movies

On the December 10, 2018 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film managing editor Jacob Hall , weekend editor Brad Oman , senior writer Ben Pearson , and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to talk about what they’ve been up to at the Water Cooler. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes , Google Play , Overcast , Spotify and all the popular podcast apps (here is the RSS URL if you need it). Opening Banter : ...
Tags: Apple, Movies, Amc, Broadway, Harry Potter, John, Anna, Kfc, Brad Bird, Chris, Blake Harris, Peter, Springsteen, Ben, Brad, Jacob

Seattle Opera debuts its new $60M headquarters

Seattle Opera’s new glass-clad, $60 million headquarters at Seattle Center is designed to draw people into opera, allowing the public to take a glimpse behind the scenes.
Tags: News, Entertainment, Classical Music, Seattle Opera, Seattle Center

Superhero Bits: ‘Aquaman’ Breaks China Box Office Records, NASA Wants to Help Tony Stark & More

How much did Aquaman make in its opening weekend in China? Could Superman get his own series on The CW? When can we expect a new trailer for Shazam!? What comic book movies landed LA Film Critics Society awards? What does NASA have to say about Tony Stark being lost in space? Which comic book movie has the most movie mistakes? All that and more on this edition of Superhero Bits. Go behind the scenes of the first episode of the Elseworlds crossover that is unfolding in the Arrowverse. The H...
Tags: Movies, China, Spider-Man, Superman, Nasa, Brazil, Batwoman, Batman, Avengers, Barry, Cw, Arrow, Aquaman, Marvel Studios, Jason Momoa, Supergirl

New Sonic Movie Teaser Mercilessly Mocked

IGN divulged a “motion poster” partially teasing the appearance of Sonic in his new upcoming movie, causing many to criticize the beloved video game character while others were more preoccupied with making fun of him. IGN’s motion poster: An additional video featuring quotes from those working on the film: Some of the comments, criticisms and […]
Tags: Games, Movies, Internet, Anime, Live Action, IGN, PV, 3D CG, Sonic

Something of His Art - Walking to Lubeck with J.S.Bach ~ Horatio Clare

'Perhaps every long distance walk is a pilgrimage, whether the walker is a believer or not. The reconnection with ourselves through immersion in the world is inevitably therapeutic.' I'm not going to make the overdone wisecrack about buses, you know, waiting for hours and then three come along together, so forget I said that. Just know that having read two books by Horatio Clare in quick succession I'd be quite pleased if a third would hove into view around the bend.  Firstly The Light in ...
Tags: Spotify, Books, Radio, 2018, Horatio Clare, Bach, St Mary, J S Bach, Jacqueline, Horatio, Lübeck, Buxtehude, Coventry Cathedral, Dovegreyreader, Toller, Burton Hill

Tom Green & Daisy Maskell to host KISS Breakfast

KISS evening presenter Tom Green and 4Music television presenter Daisy Maskell are the new hosts of KISS Breakfast. Tom and Daisy will replace Rickie, Melvin & Charlie who are leaving the Bauer station after a decade to join BBC Radio 1. As a result of Tom moving to breakfast, Tyler West will take over the evening show, all from January. Tom is 24 and started out in radio at 14 years old in his hometown of Preston at Central Radio (currently 2BR) before working on the breakfast show at Rock F...
Tags: Hollywood, London, Top, People, Radio, Preston, CBBC, north London, Tom, Bauer, BBC Radio, Daisy, Tyler, Tom Green, Andy Roberts, Station News

‘Fyre’ Trailer: Netflix Takes You Inside the Greatest Party that Never Happened, The Fyre Festival

The Fyre Festival was sold as a luxury music festival hosted on a private island where guests could live like rock stars – for a hefty price. Once attendees arrived, however, chaos reigned. Instead of fancy villas and gourmet meals, they were greeted with tents and – perhaps worst of all – cheese sandwiches. A scam was afoot, and lawsuits followed. Netflix will take viewers inside the disastrous non-festival with the new documentary Fyre, hitting the streaming service in January. Watch the Fyre...
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‘Toxic Avenger’ Remake Still in Development as Legendary Scoops Up the Rights

While the Avengers from Marvel Studios will likely rule the big screen for years to come, a different avenger is lying in wait and hoping to once again make a splash of his own. Legendary Pictures has acquired the feature film rights to The Toxic Avenger and are planning a remake of the trashy 1984 Troma cult classic, which follows a nerdy kid who falls into a vat of toxic waste and emerges as a mutated superhero. The Toxic Avenger Remake For anyone worrying about the low-budget property re...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Avengers, Marvel Studios, Remakes, Kevin Smith, Legendary Pictures, Melvin, Lloyd Kaufman, Troma, Comic Book/Superhero, Sausage Party, Conrad Vernon, Toxie, Troma Entertainment, Michael Herz

‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’: Pure fun flies by in ‘zip-zap-zop’ fashion

This comic-book movie — featuring a new Spider-Man — actually looks and feels like a comic book, with its bright colors, striking character designs, in-picture thought-balloons, snappy dialogue and rocket-paced action. Rating: 3.5 stars out of 4.
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Katy Perry Joining Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Ariana Grande will no longer be the only popular western pop star to have graced Final Fantasy Brave Exvius as Katy Perry will now be making an appearance in the game, a strange decision that many may believe was done solely for publicity. A trailer announcing the collaboration, along with Katy Perry’s new original song […]
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‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ Clip: Miles Morales Grooves and Finds a New Superpower

This week brings Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse into theaters, unleashing a bunch of different super-powered spider people onto the big screen. If you’re still not convinced that the movie, which has 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, is worth seeing, maybe a funny new clip featuring Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) getting some advice from Peter Parker (Jake Johnson) will do the trick. Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Clip The clip finds Miles Morales having some trouble with his abilities as he’s...
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‘Birds of Prey’ Writer Christina Hodson Explains the Movie’s Crazy Long Title

Birds of Prey‘s full title just rolls off the tongue. In full, it’s called Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn), and has been confirmed to be the official title and not some joke that star Margot Robbie scribbled on the script. Now writer Christina Hodson is here to explain why they settled on that title, and how it’s actually important to the movie. When Margot Robbie revealed the full Birds of Prey title on Instagram last month, it was mostly met with raised eye...
Tags: Movies, Sequels, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Huntress, Birds Of Prey, Gotham City, Quinn, Warner Bros, Rosie Perez, Margot Robbie, Ewan McGregor, Warner Brothers, Robbie, Hodson, Comic Book/Superhero

‘Solo’ Score Disqualified From the Oscars Because Someone Forgot to Submit It

Somebody goofed. First-round voting has kicked-off for the Academy’s Best Original Song and Best Original Score awards, and four buzz-worthy scores have already been disqualified. The causes behind the disqualifications vary, but the Solo: A Star Wars Story score might have the most embarrassing reason: someone forgot to submit it in time. Other scores that didn’t make the cut include Mandy, Green Book and The Other Side of the Wind. Solo Score Variety has a report detailing four specif...
Tags: Movies, Disney, Awards, Shirley, Academy Awards, John Williams, Powell, Mandy, Johann Johannsson, Cherbourg, Bowers, Legrand, John Powell, Johannsson, Michel Legrand, Soundtracks

Janelle Monáe Joins Gloria Steinem Biopic

Janelle Monáe joins Gloria Steinem biopic Deadline reports that the upcoming biopic based on the life of acclaimed feminist, journalist and political activist Gloria Steinem has added Grammy-nominated actress Janelle Monáe (Hidden Figures) to its cast. PB = PB || {}; gptAds = PB.gptAds || {}; var opts = {"asBool":false,"adUnit":"\/4403\/cr\/comingsoon\/ros","adDiv":"pb_prebidjs_300x250_a","sizeStr":"[[300, 250]]","mapping":[{"viewport":"[0, ...
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‘The LEGO Movie 2’ Holiday Short: Even the Apocalypse Deserves a Holiday

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part may not be coming to theaters until next year, but Warner Bros. has an early Christmas present for us in the form of a new holiday short. The year 2018 and Bricksburg alike may be fiery hellscapes right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating the holidays. So get in the mood for some Christmas cheer with Emmet’s Holiday Party: A LEGO Movie Short.  The LEGO Movie 2 Holiday Short: Emmet’s Holiday Party Sorry Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), we’re going t...
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Animation, Emmet, Batman, Phil Lord, The Lego Movie, Warner Bros, Warner Brothers, Alfred, Christopher Miller, Mike Mitchell, Short Films, Action/Adventure, Batman Will Arnett, Emmet Chris Pratt

Pirate Impersonator Ghosted by Ghost Pirate Lover

Arrrr, no-longer-mateys When it comes to dating, perhaps the two most well known proverbs are “opposites attract” and “birds of a feather flock together”. Given how they totally contradict each other, you’d think it would be impossible to apply them both when looking for a potential partner. However, one woman managed to do exactly that. She found someone she had things in common with, but was also her complete opposite. The woman? 45-year-old Amanda Teague, an Irish Captain Jack Sparrow ...
Tags: Humor, Jack, Gracie Hughes, Amanda, Jack Sparrow, Amanda Teague

GW Magazine on Chris Burnhan's Batman

Life After a Dark Knight Comic book artist Chris Burnham, BA '00, spent two years drawing Batman. It wasn't as glamorous as he imagined, but it led somewhere big: making a comic with 'Walking Dead' creator Robert Kirkman. GW Magazine ...
Tags: Comics, Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, Mike Rhode, Chris Burnham, GW Magazine, Kent Nishimura, Chris Burnhan, Matthew StossPhotos

Review: 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' is the Best Superhero Movie of 2018

Based on characters created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli, the new Sony Pictures Animation movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, offers an entirely different take on Marvel's beloved web-slinging superhero, which was first introduced by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962. Produced by the filmmaking team of Phil Lord and Chris Miller (of 21/22 Jump Street, The LEGO Movie series), the story centers on African-American/Puerto Rican teenager Miles Morales (voiced by Sha...
Tags: Movies, Review, Marvel, Spider-Man, Netflix, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, Stan Lee, Sony Pictures Animation, Hailee Steinfeld, Brian Michael Bendis, Steve Ditko, Miles Morales, John Mulaney, Jake Johnson, Shameik Moore

Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan Return To Host The 2019 Rose Parade

Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan continue their 26-year tradition as the legendary hosts of the Rose Parade. Cord Hosenbeck and Tish Cattigan have had quite a year. After their electrifying coverage of the pageantry and glory of last year’s procession through Pasadena, Cord and Tish return to host the 2019 Rose Parade — and it’s going everywhere on New Year’s Day, Monday, January 1, 2019 at 8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET. The live simulcast event will be on FunnyOrDie.com, Twitch, and on Funny...
Tags: Humor, Funny Or Die, Pasadena, Facebook Twitter, Funnyordie, Tish, Tim Meadows, Hosenbeck, Tish Cattigan, Rose Parade Cord Hosenbeck, Pasadena Cord, YouTube Cord Hosenbeck

Watch: Sleepy Skunk's Retrospective 2018 Movie Trailer Mashup Video

"The brain sees what it wants to see." It's time for another wonderful look back at all the movies of 2018 . Our longtime friend the "Sleepy Skunk" has revealed his annual end-of-the-year recap video - the 2018 Movie Trailer Mashup - featuring footage from all the different movie trailers released throughout 2018 edited together to good music. Louis, who makes this specific video every year, always puts a lot of time and effort into making this and it shows, as the editing and music make it...
Tags: Movies, Looking Back, Louis, To Watch

Shonen Jump Chapters Free in English

Screw piracy! You want to read manga for free, at the same time it’s available in its home country? Viz is there for you! As of next Monday, December 17, the manga publisher will be releasing chapters digitally weekly, simultaneously with Japan, on shonenjump.com or via their app. Titles include One Piece, My Hero Academia, Boruto, and Dragon Ball Super. What’s the catch? To read chapters beyond the three most recent, you have to become a member for archive access, [...]
Tags: Comics, Japan, Viz, Manga News

Matt Wuerker on Voice of America

Editorial Cartoons Pack Powerful Messages December 10, 2018 https://www.voanews.com/a/editorial-cartoons/4693810.html Julie Taboh WATCH: The Power of Political Cartoons https://av.voanews.com/Videoroot/Pangeavideo/2018/12/a/a7/a7810e3f-d480-4d3c-94b8-fe563975d18e_mobile.mp4?download=1 [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Julie Taboh, Voice of America, Mike Rhode, Matt Wuerker

The Weird #4 - Bernie Wrightson art & cover

Bernie Wrightson The Weird v1 #4, 1988 - His finest work on the series, Bernie Wrightson opens the story with the Batman and the Weird in extreme close-up. This detailed splash pages is quickly followed by a bold two-page spread of the Justice League under attack. Across nearly forty pages, Wrightson avoids repetition through varied layouts and deftly designed sequences. As the story [Author: Ted F]
Tags: Comics, Justice League, Batman, Wrightson, Bernie Wrightson, Ted F

News Post: Acute Inflation

Tycho: It’s quite true, unfortunately.  I stuffed my Switch full of rad shit to play, but then I ended up reading the Kill Team manual the whole way, dreaming of ways in which I could better serve our twisted Patriarch as five long hours evaporated.  Shortly thereafter, I left the row and also left the Goddamn Switch in there, which burns us. I have a lot of technology that can execute and subsequently display entertainment software, but there’s no device that has accomplished what the Switch...
Tags: Comics, Tycho

News Post: Symmetra!

Gabe: I got the opportunity to help announce a new Overwatch skin over the weekend and I’m still giddy about it. Put your enemies on ice.Rise up the rinks as FIGURE SKATER SYMMETRA (Legendary)! ⛸️Overwatch Winter Wonderland begins Dec 11. pic.twitter.com/fI3QQusPi9— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) December 9, 2018 I drew some art inspired by Symmetra’s new figure skater skin and I’m super proud of how it came out. It’s true that I had some issues when the Symmetra rework a while back but I st...
Tags: Comics, Gabe, Symmetra

The ‘Die Hard’ Prequel ‘McClane’ Will Probably Be Rated-R [Exclusive]

/Film has been following the development of McClane, formerly titled Die Hard: Year One closely. Originally, rumor had it that Bruce Willis would only appear in the beginning and end, to pass the torch to the younger McClane in flashbacks. In 2016, weeks after posting the title Die Hard: Year One on social media, director Len Wiseman told /Film that Willis would be in the whole movie. This year, Wiseman told us that a younger Holly McClane is in the script, with a present day reunion between t...
Tags: Movies, Interviews, Russia, Features, Bruce Willis, Die Hard, Mcclane, Holly, Willis, John McClane, Len Wiseman, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Wiseman, Action/Adventure, Featured Stories Sidebar, Di Bonaventura

EXCLUSIVE: “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” Cast Revealed + Watch Super Trailer… (VIDEO)

Meet the cast of WEtv’s Marriage Boot Camp’s “Hip Hop Edition”. Soulja Boy and Nia Riley, Waka Flocka and his wife Tammy Rivera, Lil’ Mo and her husband, boxer Karl Dargan, Jessica Dime and her fiancé, professional basketball player Shawne Williams and Lil’ Fizz of B2K Tiffany Campbell will all be under one roof attempting to resolve their relationship problems. More details + watch super trailer below… (more…) Related Posts Keyshia Cole Joins 4th Season of ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’…...
Tags: Featured, Celebrities, News, Atlanta, Shawne Williams, Shawn Williams, Nia Riley, Atlanta Gossip, Yung Joc, Soulja Boy, Lil Fizz, Reality Show Alert, Jessica Dime, Tammy Rivera, Lil Mo, B2K

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