2018's deaths in the comic arts (from the Comics Research Bibliography)

Excerpted from the Comics Research Bibliography (now available as an ebook) and compiled with the assistance of D.D. Degg, of the Daily Cartoonist, who has his own list online now. Deaths in 2018 included editorial cartoonist Dick Adair, Édouard Aidans, British 'Garth' artist John Allard, Italian Communist cartoonist Vincenzo "Enzo" Apicella, British girls' comics cartoonist John Armstrong, Dell Comics editor Don Jon "DJ" Arneson, UK cartoonist Terry...
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Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Volume 9

As the series prepares for its conclusion (volume 10 is the final one), the characters in Descending Stories: Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju volume 9 contemplate the pending retirement of Yakumo, the last rakugo master. Yakumo and an old friend, a gangster, begin the volume with a garden stroll while they reflect on how much things have changed. It’s a mood I can empathize with more and more. It’s wonderful that so many people value Yakumo’s work and want to tell [...]
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Your Sweet House Brimming With Hungry Succubi

Those with a penchant for saucy succubi may become quite interested in “Your Sweet House: Succubus Mama & Eldritch Mansion“, as the title revolves around escaping a world full of the lustful monsters (or not, in order to witness the sex scenes). The game follows the male protagonist being teleported to a rather strange magical […]
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Catwoman / Tweety and Sylvester Special #1

I know it’s ridiculous for me to be talking about Catwoman/Tweety and Sylvester Special #1. It’s a silly event tie-in that came out four months ago. I bet no one even remembers it. But it’s a really good comic that shows what a skilled creator can do with even the most ridiculous premise. Gail Simone writes and Inaki Miranda draws the team-up, which starts off by pairing Catwoman with the “puddy tat” Sylvester. She’s shocked he talks — complete with [...]
Tags: Comics, Gail Simone, DC / Vertigo, Inaki Miranda

Batman Annual #3

What would Batman be without his butler? In Batman Annual #3, by Tom Taylor and Otto Schmidt, the answer is suggested to be “dead on the street”. I enjoyed this focus on a necessary but often overlooked aspect of Batman’s life, butler Alfred Pennyworth — and I say Batman because there’s nearly no Bruce Wayne here. It would make a good start for anyone interested in the upcoming Pennyworth TV show, although this comic is about Alfred now, and the [...]
Tags: Comics, Bruce Wayne, Batman, Alfred, Tom Taylor, Alfred Pennyworth, DC / Vertigo, Otto Schmidt

“Aum” Terrorist Rams Car Into Harajuku Crowd

A man has intentionally rammed a car into pedestrians in the Harajuku district of Tokyo’s Shibuya ward, with “terrorism” suspected as his motive. Nine people have been injured after 21-year-old Kazuhiro Kusakabe deliberately drove his rented car into a crowd of people on Takeshita Street in Tokyo’s Harajuku district. The street was closed to vehicles […]
Tags: Japan, Crime, Cars, Terrorism, Tokyo, Anime, Cults, Shibuya, Harajuku, Takeshita Street, Kazuhiro Kusakabe

‘The Last Laugh’ Trailer: Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfus Embark on a Geriatric Comedy Tour

Even though a lot of people in Hollywood have horror stories about working with the comedy legend that is Chevy Chase, apparently that didn’t scare Richard Dreyfus from getting together for a comedic two-hander on Netflix. The Last Laugh follows Chevy Chase as retired talent manager Al Hart who finds himself reunited with his first client, a comedian named Buddy Green (Richard Dreyfus) who left the business 50 years ago to become a podiatrist. Suddenly, Al is inspired to have Buddy hit the road...
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Comiket 95 Cosplay Still Boasting Infinite Appeal

The gorgeous girls and stunning spectacles present at Comiket 95 have been forever immortalized by the countless photos being distributed of the event, collectibles that will no doubt be cherished amongst fans and perverts alike.
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‘Monster Squad’ Director Fred Dekker Wants to Direct Again For the First Time in 26 Years

Fred Dekker has only directed three films, but he’s well-known to genre fans. Dekker is responsible for the horror cult classics Night of the Creeps and The Monster Squad, but his directing days came to a halt when he helmed 1993’s RoboCop 3. Since then, Dekker has done some TV screenwriting, but finally returned to features in 2018 by penning The Predator script with Monster Squad collaborator Shane Black. Now, some 26 years since his last directing gig, Fred Dekker says he’s ready to make a n...
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PlayStation Plus Sony Entertainment Network Promotions: FREE Games for January

PlayStation Plus has Free Games for January 2019! The full line up for December: First up, Steep. Next up, Portal Knights. This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes: Zone of the Enders HD Collection, PS3 Amplitude, PS3 Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4) Super Mutant Alien Assault, PS Vita All games will be available from January 1, 2019, to February 5, 2019. Click here to get more information about this offer
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‘Warrior’ Trailer: Bruce Lee’s Idea for a TV Show Finally Comes to Life Thanks to Justin Lin

Almost four years ago, we wrote about how Fast & Furious director Justin Lin was teaming up with Cinemax to bring martial arts legend Bruce Lee‘s never-produced idea for a TV show to life. The series is called Warrior, and it’s finally coming to the small screen in 2019. Check out a brief trailer below. Warrior Trailer Jonathan Tropper, the co-creator of the Cinemax series Banshee (which I’ve never seen but heard has excellent action in it), is the creator and executive producer of this...
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‘Bird Box’ Had a Surprising Cameo From ‘Catfish’ Host Nev Schulman

Bird Box is Netflix’s latest sensation, purportedly becoming the streaming giant’s best-performing original film ever. So it doesn’t need any reality show stars to up its profile — the movie already stars acting heavyweights Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, and Trevante Rhodes. But in a  blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance, Nev Schulman, host of the MTV series Catfish, makes a surprise appearance in the apocalyptic horror film. While this Bird Box cameo may have come about by acci...
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Wes Anderson's References by Candice Drouet

Wes Anderson's References / Candice Drouet from Really Dim on Vimeo. [Author: The Film Doctor ]
Tags: Movies, Wes Anderson, Candice Drouet, The Film Doctor

Satoko and Nada

Satoko and Nada means well and looks unusual for manga. Created by Yupechika, it’s the story of two college roommates in America. Satoko is Japanese, and Nada is a Saudi Arabian Muslim who wears a hijab. The series’ origin as a 4-koma (four-panel strip) online is apparent in its simple art style, with flat, minimal figures and each page a complete comic. But most aren’t going to read this for impressive visuals. The appeal is seeing two very different people [...]
Tags: Comics, NADA, Satoko, Other Manga Publishers, Yupechika, America Satoko

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #304 - Carl Barks cover & reprint

Carl Barks Walt Disney's Comics and Stories v1 #304, 1966 - Along with a whimsical new Carl Barks cover, this silver age issue also contains a Barks reprint from Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #63. Other artists in this issue include Paul Murry and Tony Strobl. - - - - - - - - - - Barks cover pencils and inks = *** - - - - - - - - - - Home / Barks / Walt Disney's Comics and Stories >this [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Nightlights Sequel Now Available for Order

Lorena Alvarez’s Nightlights was a gorgeous, unsettling story about art and nightmares. Now there’s been a sequel announced, Hicotea: A Nightlights Story. The young artist Sandy returns and On a school field trip to the river, Sandy wanders away from her classmates and discovers an empty turtle shell. Peeking through the dark hole, she suddenly finds herself within a magical realm. Filled with sculptures, paintings, and books, the turtle’s shell is a museum of the natural world. But one painting...
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Copyrights Are Expiring Again in the USA After a 20 Year Freeze

Yesterday all copyrighted works published in 1923 fell into the public domain, with only a few exceptions. Internet grassroot organizations and companies like Google and Reddit now oppose copyright... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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The Script Secrets of Gillian Flynn, John Krasinski, Barry Jenkins and Christopher McQuarrie

In their own words, the screenwriters behind “A Quiet Place,” “Widows, “Mission: Impossible — Fallout” and “If Beale Street Could Talk” explain their approaches.
Tags: Movies, News, John, Barry, Flynn, Krasinski, Gillian, Christopher, Jenkins, Christopher McQuarrie, McQuarrie, A Quiet Place (Movie, Mission: Impossible - Fallout (Movie, Widows (Movie, If Beale Street Could Talk (Movie, Gillian Flynn John Krasinski Barry Jenkins

Tomiokasena’s Unstoppable Oppai Ero-Gallery

While the artist known as Tomiokasena does not share his art with the world very often, he does come out with very luscious pieces from time to time. The ero-artist is most recognizable for his immeasurable lust for curvaceous female forms with plenty of glorious oppai and oshiri blessing the images he creates. A sample of his limited […]
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Here it is… Our radio industry predictions for 2019…

Once a year we pretend to be radio futurologists and predict the future of radio, with our annual radio industry predictions. The truth is, with deregulation and the continued movement of the top talent in the industry, anything could happen in 2019. So we’ve gone for some tongue-in-cheek predictions this year along with one or two which have a more than 50% chance of happening. Comments are open for a few days if you want to add yours! Happy New Year! January Global announces details of netw...
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The Not-So-Secret Ingredient to Making a Successful Sequel More Than a Decade Later

There are hundreds if not thousands of sequels out there in the ether, and while they’re not inherently good or bad their existence typically makes sense. A movie is popular, and within a couple years it gets a sequel. It’s basic Hollywood math as studios and filmmakers understandably want to strike while they still have the public’s attention. Sometimes, though, for all manner of reasons, the wait for a sequel is far, far longer. Mary Poppins Returns hit theaters a whopping 54 years after the ...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Mexico, Disney, US, Features, Green, Sequels, Pixar, Tom Cruise, Indiana Jones, George Lucas, Jamie Lee Curtis, Spielberg, Samuel L Jackson, Steven Spielberg

Radio: Pioneering DJ Art Laboe to be honored at broadcasters’ luncheon

He was among the first DJs to play rock ‘n’ roll records on the radio in Southern California. He was among the first to do listener dedications on the radio. He was the man who coined the term “oldies but goodies” and later launched a record company dedicated to the preservation of those tunes. And in 2018 he celebrated 75 continuous years on the air. And in 2019, this legendary DJ — Art Laboe — will be honored by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters at their Feb. 1 luncheon, to be held at 12 noon a...
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My Favorite Art Books of 2018

74 is the final count for the number of art books I’ve reviewed this year in 2018; a slight dip from the 82 I did last year. Quantity notwithstanding, 2018 was still a fantastic year for those of us who enjoy beautiful art books, with plenty of amazing book releases, and I hope next year will be even better. As we welcome 2019 here’s the round up of my favorite art books of 2018 ( in no particular order ); I hope you’ll find something of interest in the list. Do note that not all the books l...
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‘Hotel Mumbai’ Trailer: Dev Patel and Armie Hammer Are Caught in a Terrorist Attack

In 2008, as Dev Patel‘s breakout hit Slumdog Millionaire was in a limited run in North American theaters, a group of ten terrorists organized a series of bombings and shooting attacks in India’s capital city of Mumbai. More than 170 people were killed, and more than 300 were injured. Ten years later, Patel is starring in a movie about those events. In Hotel Mumbai, Patel plays a newly-promoted waiter who’s on the clock at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel when the attacks begin, and Armie Hammer (Call...
Tags: Movies, Drama, India, Chappie, David, Movie Trailers, Mumbai, Dev Patel, True Story, Social Network, Patel, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Armie-Hammer, Hotel Mumbai, Anthony Maras

Original Content podcast: ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ is a frustrating interactive experiment

“Bandersnatch” offers an unusual television experience — but not a very satisfying one. The new “Black Mirror” special follows Stefan Butler as he attempts to turn a science fiction novel (also called “Bandersnatch”) into a Choose Your Own Adventure-style video game. As the story progresses, Stefan gets pulled deeper into the mystery of what happened to “Bandersnatch” author Jerome F. Davies, a mystery that eventually involves parallel universes, government conspiracies and Stefan’s own family t...
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Just Listed- 390 Olive Hill Drive, San Jose, CA

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, Jan 5th 1-4 PM – Sunday Jan 6th 1-4 PM This one is a shining star! Original owners have immaculately cared for this home so much it feels like NEW! Elegantly upgraded throughout. This is the parlor floor plan which provides you with a bonus living area to spread out and enjoy! […]
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The Carpetbagger: Who Will Be Nominated for Best Director?

Your Carpetbagger weighs the odds of 11 directors, including veterans like Spike Lee and would-be first-timers like Bo Burnham.
Tags: Movies, News, Spike Lee, Barry, Peter, Damien, Bradley, Lee, PAUL, Cooper, Ryan, Spike, Adam, McKay, Jenkins, Coogler

Giant Days #46

Giant Days #46 does something that’s surprisingly hard to do: tell a stand-alone story as part of a long-running series that’s satisfying on its own while faithful to the appeal of the title. Writer John Allison and artist Max Sarin have been working on Giant Days for most of the run, so that’s not surprising. What did surprise me was how geek-focused but affectionate this issue was. As shown in these preview pages, Susan has decided to find out who’s [...]
Tags: Comics, Susan, Max Sarin, Boom! Studios / Archaia, John Allison

Still looking for an IC-7300 memory manager

I love it when readers ask me questions. They get me to do some research and provide a lot of material for this blog. Not only that, they help me find products and resources that make amateur radio more fun. A couple of days ago, Pat, W5WTH wrote: I really enjoy the blog and your Tech and General books helped me a great deal.  I also really enjoy the podcast (great audio quality on that, btw),  THX!! In a previous post, you wrote about the lack of IC-7300 support in Chirp. Did you ever find a Ch...
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