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Killer Mike Lands Netflix Show: ‘Trigger Warning’… (VIDEO)

Michael Render aka Killer Mike has landed a Netflix series! In a new six-episode Netflix original series, the Grammy award-winning rapper and activist sets out to confront important social issues and misconceptions that impact the black community. A different social experiment will be conducted in each episode. Killer Mike puts forward powerful, controversial ideas to help reshape perception in America with social experiments that include only spending money in the black community for three day...
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Video Collection -Takao Type- Tries All Sorts Of Sexy Things

Kantai Collection fans wishing more erotic content of the animated variety existed for the series need look no further as “Video Collection -Takao Type-” has arrived, boasting tantalizing voices in addition to elevate the sexiness to incomprehensible levels. The delightful package comes with a multitude of sex-centric videos starring both Takao and Atago as they […]
Tags: Parody, Anime, Takao, Oppai, Kantai Collection, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Atago, Takao Type

Watch the Hilarious Trailer for “Little” Starring Marsai Martin, Regina Hall & Issa Rae

Universal Pictures has released the first official trailer for “Little,” the body-swapping comedy starring Regina Hall, Black-ish star Marsai Martin and Insecure creator Issa Rae.The film centers around Hall’s character, Jordan Sanders—a wealthy, no-nonsense tech mogul who wakes up one morning to find out she’s trapped in the body of a 13-year-old girl, played by Martin.Rae, who plays Jordan’s very under-appreciated assistant April, finds out at work what happened and hilarity ensues as she sets...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Aquaman’ Concept Art, ‘Captain Marvel’ Soundtrack, Stan Lee Tribute Event & More

What Fantastic Four addition is being teased for Spider-Man PS4? What secret lies in the episode titles for Young Justice: Outsiders? What can we expect from the Captain Marvel soundtrack? Are you ready for a double feature of Death of Superman and Reign of the Supermen? When is the tribute to Stan Lee taking place in Los Angeles? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Have some fun by making a Fantastic Four grilled cheese cooked in the latest edition of Eat the Universe. Ma...
Tags: Movies, Spider-Man, Superman, Los Angeles, Stan-Lee, Aquaman, Kelly Sue Deconnick, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Shazam, Silver Surfer, Comic Book/Superhero, The-Flash, Superhero Bits, Captain Marvel, the-Joker

New “Puni Virgin Zero” Onahole Trains You to be Senpai in the Sheets

I love the variety that onaholes from Japan offer us. Toys that simulate sex with a virgin. Dual-use toys that let us experience two sisters at the same time. Toys based on our favorite 2D anime waifus. And now, an onahole that seeks to train us to last longer, so we can have more satisfying […]
Tags: Japan, Virginity, Anime, Anime Goods, Onanism, Onaholes

‘Green Book’ director: ‘I was an idiot’ for genital-flashing

LOS ANGELES (AP) — “Green Book” director Peter Farrelly says he’s deeply sorry and embarrassed after film website The Cut found a 20-year-old story where colleagues said Farrelly liked to flash his genitals as a joke. The Cut on Wednesday published excerpts of a 1998 Newsweek story saying Farrelly and his brother liked to use […]
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Vintage Science Fiction Month: Podkayne of Mars

Vintage SF Month is hosted by the Little Red Reviewer. The objective: Read and discuss "older than I am" Science Fiction in the month of January. I've always enjoyed Science Fiction, but a little over a decade ago, I decided to make my casual enjoyment of the genre a little more formal by broadening my horizons and reading more important examples of the genre. One of the first things I did was read a bunch of Heinlein Juveniles (akin to what we'd probably call Young Adult these days). Robert A....
Tags: Science Fiction, Movies, Earth, Mars, Venus, Robert A Heinlein, Tom, Clark, Heinlein, Heinlein Juveniles, Mars Heinlein, Poddy, Naomi Mitchison

‘Bios’ Cast Adds Caleb Landry Jones as Tom Hanks’ Robot Dog Sitter

Caleb Landry Jones, an actor who seems to excel at playing creepy weirdos, has joined the cast of Bios to play a much more likable character. The Amblin film stars Tom Hanks as the last man on earth. Jones will play (via motion capture) a robot Hanks builds to watch over his dog. That almost sounds like a joke, but it’s part of the real plot, and I am here for it. Game of Thrones director Miguel Sapochnik is helming the film. I’m ready for Caleb Landry Jones to start playing non-creepy peopl...
Tags: Florida, Hollywood, Movies, Casting, Sci-fi, Tom-Hanks, Jones, Bios, Powell, Finch, Hanks, Caleb Landry Jones, Miguel Sapochnik, Kevin Misher, Andy Berman, Jack Rapke

The Best Movies of 2018, According to /Film Editors

On the January 9, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor in chief Peter Sciretta is joined by the other members of the /Film Editorial team, /Film managing editor Jacob Hall and weekend editor Brad Oman , to countdown their top 10 films of 2018. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes , Google Play , Overcast , Spotify and all the popular podcast apps (here is the RSS URL if you need it). Opening Banter : What did you guys think of this year of movies? T...
Tags: Movies, Features, Roma, Peter, Simon, Brad, Jacob, Beale Street, Peter Sciretta, Top 10 Lists, Jacob Hall, Ethan Anderton, Featured Stories Sidebar, Film Daily Podcast, Brad Oman, Sam Hume

Michael B. Jordan’s ‘Without Remorse’ Being Rewritten By ‘Sicario’ Screenwriter

Taylor Sheridan, the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of movies like Hell or High Water, Sicario, and Sicario: Day of the Soldado, is stepping into the world of Tom Clancy spy thrillers. Sheridan has been hired to rewrite the screenplay for Without Remorse, Paramount’s hopeful franchise-starter that has Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan attached to play the lead role. Read more about it below. Variety first reported the news about Sheridan rewriting this movie…though, strangely, I couldn’t fi...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Navy, Thriller, Adaptation, Jordan, Cia, Ryan Coogler, Paramount Pictures, Liev Schreiber, Paramount, Michael B Jordan, Yellowstone, Tom Clancy, Clark, Fruitvale Station

Marvel’s ‘The Vision and Scarlet Witch’ TV Series Finds a Showrunner in ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Black Widow’ Screenwriter

The last time we saw Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), one was having his head torn apart by Thanos and the other was being turned to dust by a godlike snap. But, spoiler alert, they get better – they have a new series coming to the Disney+ streaming service. And now, that new series has a showrunner and a title. The Vision and Scarlet Witch will be run by Jac Schaeffer, a writer who has already built up a solid track record with Marvel Studios. The Hollywood Reporte...
Tags: Hollywood, Television, Movies, Disney, America, Iron Man, Thanos, Marvel Studios, Vision, Paul Bettany, Captain America, Olsen, Schaeffer, Anthony Mackie, Sebastian Stan, Comic Book/Superhero

Charlotte Has Fun: New Trailer for Indie Comedy 'Slut in a Good Way'

"He was all over me!" "Don't fall in love." Comedy Dynamics has debuted an official US trailer for an indie comedy titled Slut in a Good Way, which is a provocative title and comes straight from the film. This is in French because it's from Quebec, with the original title as Charlotte a du fun, or Charlotte has fun. It's about a group of three wild, carefree teenage girls who decide to start working at a "Toy Depot" store that is also staffed by a group of attractive young men with whom they...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, US, Quebec, Charlotte, Don, Indies, To Watch, Comedy Dynamics, Toy Depot, Marylou Belugou

DC Comics Joins Comixology’s Unlimited Subscription Plan

When Marvel Comics joined Comixology’s new Unlimited subscription plan two years ago, it only seemed a matter of time until DC Comics joined the fold. Now, two years after Marvel was added and three years after the digital comics retailer launched its $6 a month all-you-can-read subscription plan, DC Comics joins Comixology Unlimited, making available to subscribers thousands of DC and Vertigo titles. io9 reports that DC Comics will begin unloading thousands of select comics — from single is...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Comic Books, Dc Comics, Harley Quinn, Dc, Marvel Comics, Vertigo, Comic Book/Superhero, Comixology, DC Comics Joins Comixology, Comixology Unlimited

‘The Punisher’ Season 2 Clip Sends Jigsaw to Therapy

The Punisher season 1 ended with Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, beating his old war-buddy-turned-enemy Billy Russo by smashing Billy’s face into some glass (ouch). Now Billy is coming back for season 2 as Jigsaw, and he’s got a creepy new mask. The Punisher season 2 clip below has Billy engaging in some therapy, and clearly not taking it very well. The Punisher Season 2 Clip The Punisher is at a weird place right now. Netflix went on a rampage last year and cancelled three of their fiv...
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Original Art up for grabs!

For fans of original art, I just put up this charming portrait of Richard C. Chewbacca, Attorney-at-Law on eBay, starting at just 1 penny! Go snag it!
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Dark Universe Architect Alex Kurtzman Says Making ‘The Mummy’ Was Just As Painful As Watching It

Like a freshly-turned vampire immediately stumbling out into the sun, Dark Universe died before it could really get started. Universal had hoped to launch their own cinematic universe based around their classic monsters, but the first entry – The Mummy, starring Tom Cruise – was a complete dud. Afterwards, future Dark Universe projects were put on hold, and it seems like the idea is – for the time being – dead and buried. Now, Alex Kurtzman, who oversaw the Dark Universe writers room and direct...
Tags: Movies, Horror, Johnny Depp, Universal, Tom Cruise, Chris Morgan, Remakes, Universal Pictures, Morgan, Sofia, Depp, Frankenstein, Javier Bardem, Mummy, Alex-Kurtzman, Kurtzman

‘Glass’ Review: M. Night Shyamalan’s Superhero Sequel Is Anything But Super

With Glass, M. Night Shyamalan brings together the worlds of Unbreakable and Split, and the result is depressing and disappointing. After regaining most of his directorial mojo with his most recent work, Shyamalan now takes a huge, unfortunate step backwards, tarnishing the legacy of Unbreakable, his best movie, in the process. In 2000, M. Night Shyamalan dropped Unbreakable on unsuspecting moviegoers. The filmmaker was still riding high from his acclaimed, breakout hit The Sixth Sense, with...
Tags: Christopher Nolan, Movies, Superman, Features, Glass, David, Movie Reviews, Thriller, Sequels, Philadelphia, Batman, Jackson, Split, Sarah-Paulson, Steven Spielberg, Bruce-Willis

Bios: Tom Hanks Movie Adds Caleb Landry Jones

Bios: Tom Hanks movie adds Caleb Landry Jones Caleb Landry Jones will be co-starring alongside Academy Award winner Tom Hanks in Amblin’s upcoming sci-fi movie Bios, Variety has confirmed. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMapping = googletag.sizeMapping().addSize([0, 0], [[300, 250]])....
Tags: Florida, Movies, Tom Hanks, Jones, Universal Pictures, Powell, Finch, Movie News, Caleb Landry Jones, Miguel Sapochnik, Kevin Misher, Andy Berman, Jack Rapke, Tyrel, Ivor Powell, Finch Hanks

‘IO’ Trailer: Anthony Mackie and Margaret Qualley Try to Escape a Toxic Earth

The latest post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie from Netflix shows a bleak vision of Earth that has been abandoned by humanity — except for two survivors. Anthony Mackie (The Hate U Give) and Margaret Qualley (Death Note) star in IO as the two final humans left on Earth after the rest of world’s population has evacuated to a colony on one of Jupiter’s moons, Io. But this isn’t some quirky Last Man on Earth situation: the two must race against time to catch one of the final shuttles leaving the desolat...
Tags: Movies, Sci-fi, Earth, Netflix, Movie Trailers, Jupiter, Sam, Anthony Mackie, Mackie, Io, Danny Huston, Margaret Qualley, Sam Margaret Qualley, Micah Anthony Mackie, Jonathan Helpert, Sam Qualley

SheRateDogs is Here to Send Your Awful Exes to the Pound

Someone needs to swat these guys on the nose with a rolled up newspaper If you’ve ever owned a pet, you’re probably familiar with how exhausting the training process can be. Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, treats, no treats, clickers - getting your dog to sit on command and not shit on the floor can be quite a task. Unfortunately, there are a lot of guys out there who are in desperate need of some basic behavioral training as well, and dealing with them is way more frustra...
Tags: Craigslist, Netflix, Humor, Whitney, Gracie Hughes, Michaela, Michaela Okland, SheRateDogs

New Release Review - GLASS

Three men displaying the attributes of comic book characters are captured and probed by a psychiatrist. Read more >>> [Author: TheMovieWaffler.com]
Tags: Movies, TheMovieWaffler.com

First FIGHTING THE SKY Trailer Heralds An Alien Invasion

First look at the upcoming alien invasion thriller. Read more >>> [Author: TheMovieWaffler.com]
Tags: Images, Video, Movies, New Releases, TheMovieWaffler.com

‘The Sopranos’ Series Finale Almost Had a Much Different Ending

The Sopranos marks its 20th anniversary this week, and everyone is still talking about the series finale, some 12 years after it aired. Love it or hate it, the Sopranos finale was unforgettable, particularly for its now-infamous final scene in which (spoilers) the screen cut to black, and held there, leaving the fate of Tony Soprano ambiguous, and spouting many theories in the process. But according to creator David Chase, the series could’ve had a much different final scene – one that would’ve...
Tags: Hbo, New York, Television, Movies, Chase, Manhattan, David-Chase, Tony, Johnny, Tony Soprano, Matt Zoller Seitz, Seitz, Lincoln Tunnel, Alan Sepinwall, The-Sopranos, Sepinwall

That’s How Mafia Works Meme Sweeps The Internet

Internet users that woke up in the early days of 2019 might have noticed a surge of a very peculiar phrase: “That’s How Mafia Works”, along the emergence of several image edits showing various members of a crime syndicate “leveling up”. This new phenomenon was brought on by video ads for the mobile crime underworld […]
Tags: Games, Comedy, Internet, Smartphones, Anime, Meme, 3D CG

E-Man #7 - John Byrne art

E-Man v1 #7, 1975 - In his second back-up story of the series, Rog-2000 encounters a haunted house on a dark and stormy night, with a title reference to Emily Bronte's classic novel. For a humorous parody, it is surprisingly well drawn for its genre. John Byrne' large opening panel sets the perfect tone with its gradated zipatone background and painterly wind-blown leaves. His brushwork is more [Author: Ted F]
Tags: Comics, Emily Bronte, John Byrne, Ted F

News Post: The Hour Is Ripe

Tycho: My policy is always to push things a very small amount past where it is reasonable or even, like…  good.  Have you ever eaten a burrito, like a Taco Truck type burrito wrapped in foil, and at the very end sometimes you take a bite with real enthusiasm and occasionally eat some of the foil.  But there is a portion of the burrito which is inextricable from the foil by that point, it has suffused it such that only the truly bold may enter this rare and refined Mouth Palace. Monday’s strip...
Tags: Comics, Tycho, Mike

The Carpetbagger: Wakanda for Oscar?

Director Ryan Coogler and his female department heads helped bring “Black Panther” to life. Will they get the credit they’re due?
Tags: Movies, News, Jordan, Ryan Coogler, Morrison, Carter, Ryan, Coogler, HANNAH, Wakanda, Academy Awards (Oscars, Michael B, Beachler, Black Panther (Movie, Rachel (1978-, Ruth E

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