Splatoon Island Mobile Game Trailer

Recently, a teaser trailer got released for the upcoming Splatoon Island mobile game. The game is a Splatoon spin-off about adult Inklings having fun and gameplay will feature a variety of mini games. Check out the trailer.Estimated release date is April 3020.
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RL Stine

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31 Baseball GIFs In Honor Of The Classic Bat-And-Ball Game

It’s April, Internet. And you know what that means. Baseball time. To celebrate, enjoy some baseball-themed gifs. March may bring basketball madness and a crapton of pollen, but guess what? April is upon us and that means we’ve now got baseball and an even bigger crapton of even more pollen. Yes, we’re now four months into 2019 and a full twenty months away from a stressful election that could determine the fate of the universe, but let’s not think about that. Because it’s the Monday aft...
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Stevie Nicks And Robert Smith Were By Far The Best Part Of The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Ceremony

God I love them both The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony took place in Brooklyn last weekend, and a few incredible things happened. Iconic rock band The Cure was inducted, which felt like a long time coming considering the band has been kind of a big deal for over 40 years, so naturally people were pretty excited. Except Robert Smith, The Cure’s frontman. He’s a guy who, shall we say, doesn’t get too hyped up about most things. He’s known for things like not wanting childre...
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Now On Netflix - LIGHTS OUT

A family is threatened by a darkness dwelling demon. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World blooper reel

Always a pleasure to teach in my film class. [Author: The Film Doctor ]
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An aging hipster enlists the aid of his daughter to pursue a music career. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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A group of researchers discover a way to bring the dead back to life. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Now On Netflix - CHAPPIE

A sentient robot falls into the hands of a trio of gangsters. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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First Trailer For Jim Jarmusch's Zombie Comedy THE DEAD DON'T DIE

First look at Jim Jarmusch's all-star zomedy. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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A group of friends unleash death after stealing a shrunken head. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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In a dystopian future Warsaw, a janitor begins to piece together his previous life. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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First Look Review - 90 FEET FROM HOME

A man returns home to confront his abusive stepfather. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Did You Win Season 2 Of Icelandic Thriller TRAPPED On DVD?

Season 2 of Trapped comes to UK DVD April 1st and we've got two copies to give away. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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R-Type Final 2 Announced for PlayStation 4

Granzella has announced classic side-scrolling space shooter R-Type is getting a new entry into the franchise. To further develop the project, Granzella is also planning to launch a crowdfunding campaign sometime in May. Details of the new R-Type project from the game’s official website: Granzella has started planning to bring out the latest work of […]
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Nipsey Hussle Died From Multiple Gunshot Wounds to Head & Torso, Coroner Says

Nipsey Hussle was shot multiple times, with bullets piercing his head and torso, according to the Los Angeles County Medical Coroner.As was widely reported, the “Last Time That I Checc’d” rapper was hanging out outside his The Marathon clothing store in Hyde Park, near Crenshaw, and taking photos with fans Sunday afternoon (Mar. 31) before someone walked up to him and gunned him down in broad daylight. Initial reports stated that Nipsey was shot six times, including once in the head.The L.A. co...
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‘Game of Thrones’ Featurette: How Season 8 Pushes the Boundaries of Visual Effects

Eight seasons, 80-plus hours of cutting-edge visual effects with which few other shows can compete. Game of Thrones has long pushed the envelope with special effects on television just by virtue of the sheer scope of this series, which has spanned years and continents — fictional or otherwise. And although they’ve had years of practice, creating the creatures, effects, and settings of Game of Thrones doesn’t get easier for the visual effects team behind the hit HBO fantasy series. As the final ...
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‘Us’ Twist Ending Explained by Director Jordan Peele

You’ve seen Us by now, right? It’s been out for a couple of weeks, and people can’t stop talking about all its twists and turns. Still, if you’ve yet to see Jordan Peele‘s mind-bending horror film, and have also managed to avoid spoilers up until now, you might want to turn back this instance. For everyone else, continue on to hear Peele’s own thoughts on why the Us ending had to happen the way it did. Spoilers follow. There are a lot of twists in Us, but perhaps the biggest one comes at the...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Black Panther’ Wins NAACP Image Awards, New ‘Marvel Rising’ Specials & More

When are Avengers: Endgame tickets rumored to go on sale? Want to get your hands on a Thor mailbox shaped like Mjolnir? What are the next Marvel Rising animated specials? What does Shazam stand for? Who might be the main character in Marvel’s The Eternals? Does a new Avengers: Endgame toy hint at a certain fight in the movie? Who is leaving Arrow before the end of the season? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Supergirl is in the middle of a man hunt as the government and...
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Your next home will be the one that finds you

Discovery in the future will be less like Columbus stumbling on the Americas and more like using an app to book a room through Hotel Tonight.
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The best shows on Hulu right now (April 2019)

It's often overwhelming to navigate Hulu's robust library of TV shows. To help, we put together a list of the best shows on Hulu, whether you're into frenetic cartoons, intelligent dramas, or anything in between. The post The best shows on Hulu right now (April 2019) appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Weathering with You Looking Absolutely Beautiful

Kimi no Na wa director Makoto Shinkai recently shared a couple screenshots of his latest anime film “Weathering with You” (Tenki no Ko, or “Children of the Weather” in Japanese). All the colorful screenshots were revealed on the movie’s official Twitter account: Weathering with You will premiere in Japanese theaters on the 19th of July, 2019.
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Ravage Mature Women in Busty Bouncy Mature Knights

Eroge players who prefer older women with gargantuan breasts may find the newly released “Busty Bouncy Mature Knights” to be within their realm of interests as the enticing title involves the deflowering of four mature knight girls. Players assume the role of a strong alpha in possession of his own harem of maidens, though he […]
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These are the best movies on Hulu right now (April 2019)

From dramas to blockbusters, Hulu offers some great films to its subscribers. Check out the best movies on Hulu, whether you're into charming adventure tales or gruesome horror stories. The post These are the best movies on Hulu right now (April 2019) appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Rin Tohsaka Cosplay Charms with Gorgeous Legs

An attractive cosplayer has given it her all to perfectly imitate the casual attire of Fate/stay night‘s elite magus Rin Tohsaka, eagerly presenting every phenomenal trait her body has to offer as well as putting emphasis on her gorgeous legs and feet. More of the bottom-focused cosplay, bathed in crimson red:
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‘Dead to Me’ Trailer: Christina Applegate’s Misery Finds Company in Netflix’s New Dark Comedy Series

Dealing with the death of a loved one is always difficult. But after Jen (Christina Applegate) loses her husband in the new Netflix series Dead to Me, her cynical attitude and grim sense of humor doesn’t jibe well with the touchy feely remorse that everyone around her is feeling. Thankfully, an unlikely friend arrives at a grief support group in the form of Judy (Linda Cardellini). However, the friendship suddenly becomes a bit of a red flag when it’s revealed that Judy has a dark past and seem...
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Jessie Buckley Soars in US Trailer for Country Singer Film 'Wild Rose'

"If you got a voice, you've got something to say." Neon has debuted the official US trailer for Wild Rose, to go along with the first UK trailer from earlier this year. This premiered at the Toronto and London Film Festivals last year, also just stopped by SXSW. Jessie Buckley (who also stars in the film Beast) plays a young mother from Glasgow, fresh out of prison, who decides to give up everything and move to Nashville to chase her dreams of becoming a country singer. But not without some ...
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Captain Marvel and the Women of Black Panther Show New Sides in the Latest ‘Marvel Rising’ [Wondercon 2019]

The MCU movies Captain Marvel and Black Panther introduced a world of new fans to some of the heroines of Marvel comics. There’s Carol Danvers herself and her friend Maria, and all the scientists and warriors of Wakanda. Fans won’t have to wait until Avengers: Endgame to see them again. The animated special Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron  includes Carol Danvers, and future Marvel Rising specials will touch on other fan favorites. Cort Lane, executive producer of Marvel Risin...
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‘Thunder Force’ Will Turn Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy Into Superheroes for Netflix

A superhero movie starring Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy? Yes, sign us up. Spencer and McCarthy are close to closing deals to star in Thunder Force, a Netflix superhero flick from writer-director Ben Falcone. Falcone is the wild card here. Spencer and McCarthy are both capable of great things, but Falcone’s track-record is a little spotty. Let’s hope for the best. Deadline broke the news about Thunder Force, writing that the folks at Netflix are “wrapping up deals with Octavia Spencer...
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Interesting #hamradio stuff from Twitter: New packet radio, SSTV on 2m,

hackaday @hackaday Bidirectional IP with New Packet Radio wp.me/pk3lN-1tlI Who said packet radio is dead? Strange Beacons @StrangeBeacons Just got my Signalink installed and tested. # Seattle hams, monitor 145.500 (2m SSTV frequency) for image transmissions & reply. I’ll be transmitting every evening starting at 6:00 PM local time. # DigitalModes Never really thought about doing SSTV on 2m. Perhaps I could get...
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