Kenja no Mago Episode 3 Impression

On this episode, Shin's class gets a school and study club introductions. Meanwhile, Kurt got grounded and becomes demonic. It was kinda funny to see Shin and Sicily become lovely dovey in the morning. Also, the school setting introduction was decent. Other than that, they revealed the antagonist who manipulated Kurt to be bad. But, the details about it was somewhat lacking. Now how will Shin be able stop the mysterious antagonist? I can't wait to find out. Overall, some funny enjoyable moments...
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These Assholes

whatta buncha jerks
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Casino Games on the Move

Are you the type that enjoys a bit of risk with your travel? No, I’m not prodding you to flag down a big city taxi – I’m talking about playing well programmed and beautifully rendered casino games that you can play on your smartphone! The use of mobile phones, especially smartphones, for online casino games has been rising steadily over the years. Because of that there is a great deal of emphasis on designing mobile friendly platforms and interfaces by casino software developers. They h...
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Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari Episode 16 Impression

On this episode, Naofumi's party faces against the unsealed monster. Later, the Filolial Queen appears. So the unsealed monster battle wasn't much of a fight for Naofumi's party because of an interference. Also, it was basically mostly talk between our male lead and the Filolial Queen. Other than that, I can't wait for an actual battle coming up for Filo. Now what's going to happen next? I'll be looking forward to it as usual. Overall, some decent past world development. Conclusion: Some decent ...
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Arcade Classic BurgerTime Cooking up a New Game

G-Mode Corporation announced a new BurgerTime game, BurgerTime Party!, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch’s eShop. The first BurgerTime game was originally released for arcades in 1982; due to its popularity and addictive gameplay, it was later ported to multiple systems and has since also received sequels and spin-offs. BurgerTime Party! will feature support […]
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News Post: Ghost Of The Pirate Queen

Tycho: The type of D&D Gabriel runs is heavily salted with tropes tugged from videogames, and that ended up being a solution when the game he was running for his family left his youngest son, No-an The Usurper, cold and disengaged.  If you’re talking about Dragonlance, then you’re talking about Raistlin, and I think Raistlin might connect better with an older kid whose very big feelings exist in the same fraught continuum. They also play Sea of Thieves as a family, in the well-regarded streams t...
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‘Creepshow’ TV Series Featurette Goes Behind-the-Scenes With Showrunner Greg Nicotero

One of my most-anticipated pieces of entertainment for 2019 is Shudder’s new Creepshow TV series. Showrunner Greg Nicotero (The Walking Dead) is bringing the spirit of George Romero and Stephen King’s horror anthology film to the AMC-owned streaming service, with a wealth of talent lined-up to make it happen. In a new Creepshow TV seres featurette, Nicotero talks about his history with Creepshow, and his excitement about the upcoming show. Creepshow TV Series Featurette  You won’t find ...
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‘Ghost Army’ Enlists Ben Affleck to Direct and Star

The military is about to get seriously spooky thanks to Ben Affleck! The former Batman is set to direct and star in Ghost Army, from a script by True Detective creator Nic Pizzolato. Despite that title, there are no specters floating around the film rattling chains. Instead, Ghost Army tells the true story of a secret World War II military force that used tricks and fakery to fool the Nazis. This premise sounds similar to Affleck’s Argo, which may be what attracted him to the project. More on t...
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Azur Lane: Crosswave Teases Plenty of Characters

The official website for Compile Heart’s Azur Lane: Crosswave has been updated with plenty of new screenshots showcasing the game’s many features and yet unrevealed characters. While Azur Lane fans should easily identify the silhouetted shipgirls, the developer is making extra sure there are still some surprises left to be revealed for the coming weeks […]
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‘Children of a Lesser God’ writer Mark Medoff dies at 79

Mark Medoff, who wrote the award-winning play “Children of a Lesser God,” has died in New Mexico at age 79. Medoff’s daughter, Jessica Bunchman, confirmed that he died Tuesday in a Las Cruces hospice, surrounded by family. Medoff lived in Las Cruces with his wife, Stephanie. He reportedly had been battling cancer. Medoff wrote 30 […]
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Superhero Bits: Green Lantern Hints on ‘Arrow’, ‘Fortnite’ Event Features Avengers Weapons & More

Is there a post-credits scene for Avengers: Endgame? Why is someone else playing Catwoman in the Gotham series finale? Could John Diggle become the Green Lantern of the Arrowverse? Which DC Comics movie star is hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards? Are you ready for a new Fortnite event with Avengers weapons? What might Avengers: Endgame make at the global box office in its opening weekend? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Kara (Melissa Benoist) gets back on the reporter g...
Tags: Movies, Spider-Man, Gotham, Batman, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Avengers, Cw, Arrow, Supergirl, Shazam, Ray, Wong, Nora, MTV Movie, Comic Book/Superhero, The-Flash

Ellen Burstyn, Ann Curry and others read at poetry benefit

NEW YORK (AP) — Actors Ellen Burstyn and Josh Charles, dancer Savion Glover and former “Today” show correspondent Ann Curry all were poetry readers for a night. “Poetry & the Creative Mind” is a benefit for the Academy of American Poets held each year at Lincoln Center, with people in a wide range of fields […]
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This Is Exactly What an Epic Star Wars Wedding Could Look Like

Let's be honest: a Star Wars wedding can be tricky. You want it to be over-the-top fun, but you also run the risk of making it feel like a kids' party. We're here to help! Ahead, check out everything you need - from starry invites to a lightsaber send-off - to keep your big day classy and memorable at the same time. May the wedding-planning Force be with you. - Additional reporting by Lisette Mejia Related: ...
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Chiitan Appears on John Oliver Show, Challenges Him to Fight

TV “comedian” John Oliver has taken a break from telling his viewers what year it is and introduced them to infamous mascot Chiitan. Delinquent mascot Chiitan was brought to the attention of American audiences after being featured on HBO show Last Week Tonight. Late-night television host and talking calendar John Oliver introduced the mascot after […]
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Charlize Theron & Seth Rogen in One More Quick 'Long Shot' Trailer

"Bringing someone like Fred onto the team is a little reckless." Lionsgate has debuted a quick new trailer for the comedy Long Shot, from director Jonathan Levine, opening in theaters in just a few weeks. Seth Rogen reteams with Levine (after both 50/50 and The Night Before) chasing after an entirely unattainable presidential candidate, played by Charlize Theron. Flarsky, an unemployed journalist battered by his own misfortune, attempts to pursue Charlotte Field, his childhood crush and baby...
Tags: Movies, Lionsgate, Trailer, Seth Rogen, Fred, Levine, Charlize Theron, Jonathan Levine, To Watch, Charlotte Field, Gabrielle Graham, Charlize Theron Flarsky

First Trailer for Julius Amedume's Hostage Crime Thriller 'Rattlesnakes'

"And now I want the truth…" Kew Media has debuted the first trailer for an indie film titled Rattlesnakes, described as a "neo-noir psychological thriller adapted from the acclaimed stage-play" by Graham Farrow. The film, written and directed by Julius Amedume (A Goat's Tail), tells the story of California life guru and family man Robert McQueen. What begins as a typical day of meetings and therapy sessions takes a turn for the worse… He's ambushed by three masked men and held hostage. McQue...
Tags: Movies, California, Trailer, Mcqueen, Indies, Jimmy Jean Louis, To Watch, Kew Media, Julius Amedume, Graham Farrow, Robert McQueen, Rya Kihlstedt

Star Wars Bits: Constable Zuvio, Luke Skywalker’s Sex Life, How Rex Became a DJ, and More

In this edition of Star Wars Bits: Is Constable Zuvio coming back in The Rise of Skywalker? Mark Hamill explains his pitch for a key reunion scene between Luke, Han, and Leia in The Force Awakens Did Luke Skywalker die a virgin? Ian McDiarmid talks about Palpatine’s laugh in The Rise of Skywalker trailer Admiral Ackbar voice actor Tom Kane is still pissed off about The Last Jedi And more! Mark Hamill has been vocal about wishing Star Wars: The Force Awakens included a scene in which the t...
Tags: Movies, Sci-fi, Sequels, Rex, Laura Dern, Lucasfilm, Mark Hamill, Leia, Luke Skywalker, George, J J Abrams, Jakku, Palpatine, Skywalker, Jedi, Hamill

Bun B Shoots Masked Intruder in His Houston Home After His Wife Was Held at Gunpoint

Rapper Bun B was involved in a shooting inside his home in Houston, Texas Tuesday evening (Apr. 23) after a masked intruder held his wife at gunpoint and tried to steal her car.According to Houston’s Fox 26 News, Queenie Freeman (Bun B’s wife) told police she heard the doorbell ring and answered it, thinking it was a delivery man dropping off a package she was expecting.Instead, Queenie was met with an armed introducer who forced his way into the home and demanded money and valuables. Queenie sa...
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Persona 5: The Royal Dated, New Characters & Scenario Confirmed

Atlus has revealed the release date for Persona 5: The Royal, confirmed the identity of two new characters and also revealed a “third semester” scenario. The first day of the Persona Super Live 2019 concert has now passed and the release date for Persona 5: The Royal has been divulged as the 31st of October […]
Tags: Games, Anime, Royal, Announcements, Atlus, Persona, RPG, JRPG, Release Dates

Netflix Has An Original Sci-Fi Story With Black Teens As Its Leads

Is There Any Time That Is Safe For Black People?
Tags: Movies, Netflix, Jazz, Spike Lee, Columns, Good Kid, Ratchet City, See You Yesterday

Nintendo Switch Outsells the Nintendo 64

Sales tracking site VGChartz is claiming that the Nintendo Switch has already beaten the lifetime sales of the N64. The Nintendo Switch‘s lifetime sales now stand at 33.15 million units, putting it ahead of the Nintendo 64’s total sales of 32.93 million, according to VGChartz. However, software sales are lagging behind considerably. VGChartz claims that […]
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Critic’s Notebook: Tribeca Film Festival: 9 Filmmakers Who Should Be on Your Radar

Their films may be flawed, but they reflect talent behind the camera. This is your chance to say you saw these directors when they were just starting out.
Tags: Movies, News, Red, Pierce, Wendell, Tsai Chin, Tribeca Film Festival (NYC, 17 Blocks (Movie, Crshd (Movie, Lucky Grandma (Movie, White & Wasted (Movie, Showgirls (Movie, You Don't Nomi (Movie, Burning Cane (Movie, Noah Land (Movie, Scheme Birds (Movie

The Oscars won’t change their rules to exclude streaming

It looks like movies produced by Netflix and other streaming services will be able to compete for next year’s Academy Awards without any changes to eligibility. After the Netflix Original film “Roma” was nominated for Best Picture at this year’s ceremony and ultimately took home the awards for Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Cinematography, the Academy’s Board of Directors was mulling possible rule changes. The crux of the debate seems to be Netflix’s theatrical strategy. T...
Tags: Media, Entertainment, Tech, Netflix, Department Of Justice, Academy Awards, Academy, Roma, Steven Spielberg, Los Angeles County, John Bailey

‘The VelociPastor’ Trailer: A Priest Turns Into a Dinosaur and Fights Ninjas

Game of Thrones is poised to kill off several major characters during this weekend’s battle episode, and it’s extremely unlikely that all of the characters of Avengers: Endgame will come out unscathed. This is a fraught time for pop culture heroes. But when the dust settles, a new hero will rise. /Film readers, allow me to introduce you to The VelociPastor, a ninja-fighting priest who has the ability to turn into a dinosaur. The VelociPastor Trailer The Aussie accent of the narrator add...
Tags: Texas, Movies, China, Movie Trailers, Robert Rodriguez, Hobo, Action/Adventure, B-Movie, Steere, Jason Eisener, Brendan Steere, The VelociPastor, Brendan Steere Animosity, Ethan Maniquis

‘Always Be My Maybe’ Trailer: Randall Park and Ali Wong Give Us the Netflix Rom-Com We Deserve

Randall Park and Ali Wong in a romantic-comedy? You’ve already sold us on the latest Netflix rom-com, Always Be My Maybe, which stars the two comedians as childhood friends who reconnect after 15 years apart. Watch the Always Be My Maybe trailer below. Always Be My Maybe Trailer #AlwaysBeMyMaybe comes out May 31st! pic.twitter.com/uL0uNvIYpN — Ali Wong (@aliwong) April 23, 2019 Prepare for a month of singing that “Do do doop” part from the iconic Mariah Carey song upon which this movie...
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Romance, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Netflix, Movie Trailers, Mariah Carey, Sparks, Sasha, Randall Park, Lyrics Born, Ali Wong, Nahnatchka Khan, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Michael Golamco

Finding Luis Barragán's Work in Trailer for Documentary 'The Proposal'

"I'm thinking of calling Barragán's ghost." Oscilloscope Labs has debuted the first trailer for a provocative, fascinating documentary titled The Proposal, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, and played at Hot Docs and Sheffield Doc/Fest. Made by artist Jill Magid as her directorial debut, the film is about an award-winning Mexican architect named Luis Barragán. His work, including all his artwork and more, is aggressively "protected" by its Swiss copyright holders, at th...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, Mexico, Documentaries, Vitra, Luis Barragan, Tribeca Film Festival, Jill Magid, To Watch, Barragán, Sheffield Doc Fest Made

Second Trailer for Retro Sci-Fi Film 'Perfect' Presented by Soderbergh

"You need to open up yourself to complete reprogramming." Breaker has debuted the second official trailer for a trippy indie sci-fi thriller titled Perfect, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival last year (watch the first trailer). This experimental, retro-ish sci-fi project is about a boy who goes to a mysterious genetic-engineering clinic, only to discover the price of perfection will cost him everything, including his mind, body and his soul. Garrett Wareing stars as the boy, Vessel 1...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, Sci-fi, Steven Soderbergh, Eddie Alcazar, Soderbergh, To Watch, MAURICE COMPTE, Garrett Wareing

Showtime: 18th Tribeca opens in Harlem with ‘The Apollo’

NEW YORK (AP) — The 18th Tribeca Film Festival moved uptown on Wednesday for an opening night that honored an elder New York institution: the Apollo Theater. Roger Ross Williams’ “The Apollo” premiered at the iconic Harlem music hall whose 85-year history is chronicled in Williams’ documentary. The movie and setting added up to a […]
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George R.R. Martin Wishes ‘Game of Thrones’ Wasn’t Ending So Soon

You knew it would come to this, George. You, a typewriter, and a blank page. For the past eight years, you’ve had the excuse that Game of Thrones was dominating your time and energy, and then you decided to step away from executive producer duties during season 4 to focus on finally finishing The Winds of Winter, the next book in your A Song of Ice and Fire series. But you still haven’t, George. And with Game of Thrones ending with its ongoing eighth season, you have no excuses. But that won’t ...
Tags: Books, Hbo, Television, Movies, Fantasy, Game Of Thrones, Naomi Watts, George R R Martin, Martin, George, Weiss, David Benioff, Action/Adventure, Josh Whitehouse, Westeros Martin, Rolling Stone Martin

Actor Michael Madsen charged with DUI after SUV hits pole

MALIBU, Calif. (AP) — Prosecutors have charged Michael Madsen with two misdemeanor counts of drunken driving after the actor drove his SUV into a pole last month. The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office said Wednesday that the 61-year-old Madsen has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol within 10 years of another […]
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