Five Horrifying True Crime Documentaries

Pixabay / Simonwijers Scary movies certainly aren’t for everyone. People either love the thrill or hate the paranoia, there is little in between. It takes a certain type of person to endure the twisted storylines. Luckily for horror fanatics, there are dozens of new thrilling releases each year that are enough to make fans never sleep again. While traditional scary movies are terrifying enough, true crime documentaries can be even more horrific adding the extra element of realism. Unlik...
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Extremely Unlikely

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Toni Morrison: The Favorite Teacher I Never Met

Toni Morrison (Photo by Deborah Feingold/Corbis via Getty Images) There are favorite teachers we will never meet. In 8th grade, my favorite English teacher assigned us Toni Morrison’s Sula. I have always loved reading so it was no thing to jump into the book. But once I was on those pages, those words mesmerized me, engulfed me and hugged me. It was probably one of the few times I didn’t procrastinate til the last minute to write that book report. Ever since then, I re-visit that book, as a rem...
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General License Class – Black Forest, CO

Sat Sep 28 and Sat Oct 5 (8 AM to 5 PM) Black Forest Fire Station 11445 Teachout Road Colorado Springs, CO 80908 The General License provides access to regional and worldwide communications on the HF bands, greatly expanding your ham radio fun! • Upgrade from Technician to General Class radio privileges • Pass your FCC General Class amateur license exam Oct 12* • See live equipment demonstrations and activities • Learn to operate on the HF bands, 10 Meters to 160 Meters • Gain a deeper und...
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lady thoughts!

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Severe Tire Damage

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The Weirding Way!

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