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Movies that make you think

Most people like to watch movies to help them relax mainly because movies enable them to escape their realities. The good thing about movies is that there are so many genres to suit everyone’s needs. They also come with different lessons for different kind of situations. To date, hundreds of thousands of movies have been […]
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Top VR movies

Virtual Reality has slowly but surely taken hold of all the major entertainment platforms. Talk of VR games, VR online casinos and not forgetting online betting New Zealand casinos, and we also now have a plethora of VR movies. And if you are looking for a VR movie, we have a few suggestions that you […]
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Otakuthon 2019: Wrap – OTAKUSON

When the word dropped for Otakuthon this year with its concert lineup, I decided to go despite the somewhat more fitting lineup out at the usual Anirevo event. Otakuthon, in Montreal, is a cool city to visit because it’s as European as it gets in North America, and frankly it’s not that far from me. I was able to carpool with 3 other folks and split hotel with 2 others. The good exchange rate between USD and CAD helped. What didn’t was our tough schedule leaving so late, and the strong storms...
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Unfashionable Limerick

A woman with terrible taste Believed fashion and style were a waste, And when items she owned Became trendy she groaned; They were thrown in the garbage posthaste. Happy World Fashion Day! (August 21)
Tags: Humor, Limerick, Limericks, Odd Holidays, Clothing Humor, Fashion Humor, August Holidays, Fashion Day, Fashion Limerick, Style Limerick, World Fashion Day

Short Film: Vampire Couch Trip

This 2017 short film was directed by Devin Dugan and comes in at just over 17 minutes. The basic premise is that four vampires hire the services of a psychologist, Dr Hazel (Nick Breslin), to discuss their issues (mostly around a road trip gone bad). The film starts with Dr Hazel driving to the appointment, the radio playing “Vampires in my Neighbourhood” whilst we get intermittent flashes of dead office workers – this slaughter is not referred to in session, as it were. The first vampire we se...
Tags: Movies, Hazel, Vampire, Adrian Gomez, Devin Dugan, Hazel Nick Breslin, Remanence Radu Maral Milani, Coax Radu Jeffrey Hammerstein, LA Next, Aldea Wesley Lambert, Allure Vulpe Kelsey Redmond, Gina Dugan

How Much Does Florida Flood Insurance Cost?

My friend Jason Painter with Program Realty sells Venice & Englewood Florida real estate. He wrote a great article about Florida flood insurance.  I am frequently asked by prospective buyers of Florida real estate about flood insurance rates.  This question is asked so often I decided to write this blog post to try to explain as simply as I can about this complex subject.  It seems like a simple question…”how much is the flood insurance on this home?”  Unfortunately there is not always an eas...
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