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A Tempting Limerick

I’m pleased to have gotten an Honorable Mention in the Washington Post Style Invitational’s 16th annual Limerixicon limerick contest: Here’s my HM-earning limerick: If you’re tempted to kiss or embrace A stranger whose beauty and grace Make her hard to resist, Don’t do it! Her fist Just might land in a delicate place.
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Use of Tropes: Through the Mirror

In the original Spanish A Través del Espejo, directed by Freddy Novillo, this is an odd one. It is a succubus film – and as we know the overlap between vampire and succubus is frequent. However, this succubus is not actually feeding on anyone, as far as I can tell, and has a different goal. That said, the film definitely uses some tropes and imagery that warrants mentioning it. It also strikes me as a vanity project for star and co-writer Ana Bris, and the story crowbars her into the plot in th...
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7 Homes For Sale with Binge Worthy Media Rooms

There is nothing like catching a good flick or enjoying the big game from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're a sports fanatic, movie buff, reality TV junkie or binge watching the latest online streaming show, having a great media set up can heighten the experience and maximize the fun for you, your family and your guests. Fall is quickly creeping up on us and it's a favorite time of year where largely popular sports and television shows return. We skimmed through the Multiple Listing S...
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Love Demon

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