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It Chapter Two and the Fears We All Face

By admitting we’re scared losers, as the heroes of the Stephen King adaptation do, we open ourselves up to accepting God’s grace. [Author: [email protected] (D. Marquel)]
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9 Reasons Why People Buy a Second Home in Sarasota, Florida

Are you considering a second home purchase? Take a look at what Sarasota, Florida can offer you. Here are 9 reasons why people purchase a winter or 2nd residence in Sarasota. White sandy beaches. Visitors and residents love the area beaches. Take a walk along Siesta Key beach and you will understand why this is such a popular destination. Rich arts and cultural community. Sarasota offers opera, theatre, art galleries, symphony, John and Mable Ringling musuem and live music performan...
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Review: Official Secrets

— by RON WILKINSON — When a narrative fiction film is made based on a true story there cannot be a surprise ending. The viewer knows where the movie starts and where it ends. The fun is seeing how it gets there. Good supporting work helps, but in this flick Keira Knightley does it all. […]
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Education: Have we nuked the fridge?

Photo by Erich Ferdinand on Flickr 'Nuking the fridge' is a strange phrase, and you may never have heard of it - but in the popular culture context it means something. Here's the etymology of the phrase from the Know Your Meme website:"Nuking the Fridge is an idiomatic phrase used by movie fans to describe the declining point of a film franchise as a result of its heavy reliance on special effects. The phrase stems from a scene in the 2008 action-adventure film Indiana Jones and The Kingd...
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Cowboy Myths

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The Dark Truth – review

Author: Jerry Knaak First Published: 2017 The Blurb : "I was a predator. And I was going to own it." A Night Out San Francisco PR pro Elizabeth Rubis reluctantly agrees to a night out on the town. Little does she know that her life will be altered forever as childhood night terrors come to life. A Face in the Window Elizabeth’s deepest, darkest fears crawl out of the inky blackness as her lifelong tormentor is revealed during a rare Northern California thunderstorm. A hallucination in the rain...
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