Review: Promare

During a live stage interview promoting his directorial debut, the 2004 anime Dead Leaves , Hiroyuki Imaishi was asked whether he went a little “too far” with the film, which runs for roughly 50 minutes of nonstop action and features a character with a drill penis. “No,” he replied, “being halfway is the worst.” Fifteen years later, Imaishi has gone from cult favorite animator to superstar director — helming Gainax’s comeback hit, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann , and Studio Trigger’s breakout TV...
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You Be The Judge

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What It Means to Live in Absolute Poverty

Imagine your daily routine: Do you brush your teeth or take a shower? Do you grab a coffee on your way to work? Drive your car? Pay bills? Shop for groceries? Now imagine that you have less than $2 a day to accomplish those tasks. Suddenly, obtaining even the most basic essentials — food, clean water, electricity, shelter — seems out of reach. Despite the impossibility of living on so little, more than 700 million people globally manage to survive on just $1.90 a day or less. This is called a...
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How to Play The Witness with Humility

The captivating video game encourages anthropocentric achievement, but there is another way of playing. [Author: [email protected] (Martin Antoon)]
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Ford v Ferrari Releases New Trailer And Poster

On first glance, with no information beyond the title and perhaps the poster, you might imagine that Matt Damon and Christian Bale play the titular characters in Ford v Ferrari. It turns out they don’t play either of them, which is largely why the film looks pretty interesting. Our focus here, while technically surrounded by car manufacturers, is on the true story of legendary car designer Carroll Shelby (Damon) and driver Ken Miles (Bale). We enter the story in the mid-60s with Shelby determ...
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Mysterious Heroine X Assassination Note: How Many Sabers Are There? (Update #9)

 I decided to finally do it. I would try to catalog all the various Saber variants there are. The fact that there are more and more variants of Artoria Pendragon has gone from a few different versions of the main heroine to a running joke that has had an official term for characters who look like Artoria: Saberface. … Continue reading Mysterious Heroine X Assassination Note: How Many Sabers Are There? (Update #9)
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Hiking Mt Herman for SOTA (W0C/FR-063)

Mount Herman (W0C/FR-063) is a popular Summits On The Air (SOTA) peak near Monument, CO. It is The Most Radio-Active Mountain in Colorado and recently popped onto the worldwide 50 Most Popular Summits. The summit elevation is 9063 feet (2762m) and the grid locator is DM79mb. View from the summit of Mt Herman, looking out over the eastern plains. Access to the summit is not difficult and most of the locals know how to find it without a problem. However, there are a few things that can tr...
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TIFF 2019: Nespresso Coffee With Creators With Dakota Johnson and Jason Segel

Another TIFF 2019 highlight for me was the Nespresso Coffee with Creators panel featuring The Friend director Gabriela Cowperthwaite, actors Dakota Johnson and Jason Segel, and more. Visit Style Blog to read more.
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Yeah, right

Photo from Pixabay Or in other words .... meh. That's my response to a lot of news headlines these days.Call me cynical, but a lot of content today doesn't impress me, and it probably doesn't impress you either. Just spotting some of the puerile wordplay headlines on the front pages of the tabloids as I walk past a newsagents is enough to put me off my morning latte. Newspapers and media channels in particular revel in pushing sensationalist headlines that attract people who seem to be st...
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You Think You Can Learn from Avengers Endgame? Think Deeper!

The most praised of them all, the highest-rated, the dearest (how else), Avengers Endgame is also the last one, I hope. This 8.6 (still) IMDb rated nonsense is now on #35 in Top 250 list on the Amazon-owned website, but a month ago it even reached #24. One may not consider this classification reliable, it […] The post You Think You Can Learn from Avengers Endgame? Think Deeper! appeared first on Rodolfo Grimaldi Blog.
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