News Post: Acolytes

Tycho: Gabe’s kids got him back into Titanfall 2.  I think they might already have moved on from it, but he and Kara are still in there.  They added a whole Wave Based Horde Mode thing, there’s a new Titan, it’s wild.  But there’s a stalwart community that remained in there, and they’ve slavered for exactly the kind of prey that Gabriel represents.  Somehow engaging in perpetual battle with this brutal new pantheon hasn’t scared him off yet. I have the ultimate and robust document here, a full a...
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Daydream Nation

Pintsize kinda startin to look like a Woope
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Free Printable Frozen 2 Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets

FREE Printable Frozen 2 Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets for kids are here! Just in time for the movie release in theaters! Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Hans, and Sven are back! Free Printable Disney Frozen 2 Coloring Pages and Activity Sheets From the moment we saw the first FROZEN movie, we were absolutely in love with the story, the cast, the music.. all of it! I am beyond excited for this sequel! There isn’t a day that we haven’t referenced or sung out loud some aspect of this movie! ...
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What We Miss Most About Disney-MGM Studios – Up The Waterfall Episodes 14 and 15

Disney-MGM Studios past, and what we miss, is the topic for this week and last, and what we miss about the Disney-MGM Studios. The hey day of its original opening and the years that followed. We discuss what it was like visiting the park back then and reminisce about our favorites. In this first part, […] The post What We Miss Most About Disney-MGM Studios – Up The Waterfall Episodes 14 and 15 appeared first on Zannaland.
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Short Film: Daytime

Daytime is a short film by David Doria and comes in around the 17-minute mark. It is listed as 2018 on Amazon but doesn’t have an IMDb page to confirm this. It is one that plays with the vampire’s propensity to be allegorical, indeed the vampirism in this is tied very much into addiction and, in exploring that, I am afraid there will be a major spoiler. It starts with a stage and, once the curtains part, Rose (Cree Armstead) is on stage singing. She is watched from the crowd by Andre (Ray Raymu...
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Machito Illustration

Hey Drive fans! I put a MACHITO illustration up on eBay, starting at one penny -- GO SNAG IT! ( https://www.ebay.com/itm/293332985320 ) I'm really enjoying creating these illustrations on gray-blue paper with opaque white highlights and gray ink washes -- it's such a fun look. It's gonna hang real purty on your wall: Go get it!
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B.P.R.D – Hell On Earth Vol 5 Comic Book Review

B.P.R.D ( Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense ) is the spin-off comic series from Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, taking place in the same expanded universe as the organization’s “enhanced” agents like Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien and Johann Krauss battle the Ogdru Jahad that first appeared in the Hellboy comics. This is the 5th ( and concluding ) hardcover volume from the Hell On Earth arc ( read my review for Vol 3 and Vol 4 ) and collects number 12-13 and 15 of the trade paperback volumes as wel...
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Christopher Biggins to narrate Union JACK and the Beanstalk

Christopher Biggins has signed up to narrate Union JACK’s Christmas pantomime with listeners playing the characters. Union JACK and the Beanstalk will be broadcast on Union JACK Radio’s Breakfast Show, The Full English, on Friday 20 December, at 9am. Listeners will be invited to audition for the chance to play one of the different characters in the performance over the next few weeks during the programme. Speaking of the pantomime, Christopher Biggins said: “I’ve been asked to do many things...
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Comic: Acolytes

New Comic: Acolytes [Author: [email protected] (Gabe)]
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Jordan & Perri get Saturday Breakfast on KISS

Bauer has revealed a number of changes to the weekend schedules on KISS, KISSTORY and KISS Fresh. On KISS, Diversity stars Jordan & Perri will front a brand new Saturday breakfast show from 9am, as they move from Sunday evening. A presenter known only as Alex will now present Jordan & Perri’s former Sunday evening 7pm till 1pm slot. Weekday drive presenter Tyler joins the weekend line-up with a brand new chart show, The KISS Hot 40, every Sunday from 5pm. Majestic moves to Friday nights from ...
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Share Your Smile: Raina’s Guide to Telling Your Own Story

Raina Telgemeier’s latest book, Share Your Smile: Raina’s Guide to Telling Your Own Story, puts a workshop course between covers. Her many devout fans will find this journal, full of prompts and activities, a friendly guide to making their own comics. After a welcoming introduction, there are four chapters, each focusing on one of Telgemeier’s books: Smile, Sisters, Drama, and Ghosts. The first, covering Smile, is the longest, with the most detail about Telgemeier’s creative process and short le...
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Review: Cable Labels

If you’re like me, you probably have a rat’s nest of cables behind your TV, computer or entertainment center. Tracing cables in this rat’s nest can be a huge pain. That’s where Cable Labels come in. These easy to use, color-coded, reusable velcro connectors make short work of what would normally be a painful task. Cable Labels come in many flavors and quantities: I purchased a 20 pack multi-color pack for about $7. Inside the pack are 10 matching pairs of cable labels. The labels are round and a...
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Is A Bigger House Within Your Budget?

At this time of year, many families come together to celebrate the season. It’s also the time when many realize their homes are just not quite big enough to host all of their guests and loved ones. Are you one of those homeowners dreaming for a larger space to call home? You may have enough […]
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Jimmy and Summaya move to BBC Radio Leicester Breakfast

BBC Radio Leicester Drive presenters Jimmy Carpenter and Summaya Mughal are taking over the BBC Radio Leicester breakfast show for 2020. The new show will go out weekdays 6-9am on the station from Monday 30 December. Current breakfast presenters Ady Dayman and Jo Hayward will move to new roles. Ady will replace Jimmy and Summaya on Drive whilst Jo will read breakfast news. Jimmy – who is from Hinckley – is no stranger to early starts having worked on Chris Evans Radio 2 breakfast show for fi...
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BBC Radio 1 announces 35 lucky presenters getting a one-off show

The 35 guest presenters to appear on BBC Radio 1 over the festive period have been announced… and the winners are: Ailbhe Máiréad, 28, from London (Radio 1 Rock Show) Aine Cronin-McCartney, 26, from Belfast (BBC Music Introducing on Radio 1) Cal Carthy, 24, from Hertfordshire (Radio 1’s Future Sounds) Carmen London, 31, from Tooting (1Xtra Takeover) Connor Coates, 26, from Belfast (Radio 1’s Dance Party) Dave Holt, 33, from Birkenhead (Late morning slot) DJ Astonish, 26, from Derby (1Xtra Ra...
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A Few Punny One-liners

Dogs can't operate MRI scanners, but catscan. Our mountains aren't just funny, they're hill areas. Turning Vegan would be a missed steak. Well, to be Frank I'd have to change my name. Ban Shredded Cheese. Make America Grate again. Electricians have to strip to make ends meet. For chemists, alcohol is not a problem, it's a solution. I'm friends with 25 letters of the alphabet. I don't know Y. If a cow stumbles into a pot field, the steaks will never be higher. Crushing pop cans is soda pressing. ...
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strip for December / 4 / 2019 - Trustworthy

Trustworthy Jump to a Random Strip in the Archives! | Buy This Original Art | Archives | E-mail Dave
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