Videos Show Juice Wrld Joking Around With Friends on Private Jet Hours Before He Died

Video footage has emerged showing Juice Wrld’s final moments, and the rapper seemed to be in good spirits with his friends before he died. The 21-year-old rapper (real name: Jarad A. Higgins) was seen playing and clowning around with pals aboard a private plane headed to Chicago’s Midway Airport early Sunday morning (Dec. 8). “This was Juice Wrld as he got on the plane that took him to Chicago last night. He was in high spirits and looked happy,” YouTuber DJ Akademiks posted on Twitter, along wi...
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Ikegami Ryoichi Art Works Book Review

Warning : The following post contains nudity/adult content. An art book that is long overdue, Ikegami Ryoichi Art Works is a superb collection of illustrations from the famed manga artist of Crying Freeman, Sanctuary and Mai The Psychic Girl. Running at a sumptuous 288 pages, the art book is split into 2 separate volumes, with one book dedicated to male characters, and the other female. While a good portion of both volumes feature illustrations from Crying Freeman, likely the artist’s most...
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Monday, Dec. 9 Filming Locations for The Rookie, Evil, Empire, & more!

Here’s a look at various filming locations for Dec. 9, 2019: Filming in California TV Series: Elektra Location: 544 S Mateo St, Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 7:00 PM) TV Series: The Rookie Stars: Nathan Fillion Location: 456 S Plymouth Blvd, Los Angeles (5:00 AM – 1:00 PM) Filming in Illinois TV Series: Empire Stars: Terrence […] The post Monday, Dec. 9 Filming Locations for The Rookie, Evil, Empire, & more! appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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Why Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void is Terribly Greedy

In case you're wondering on why I randomly became silent on posting about Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, it's because 91Act's true nature is very "greedy" and their poor community management. I unfortunately got tricked and this is my rant. I was basically observing on how these developers would handle the gacha bug situation and backlash surrounding it. When the gacha bug got discovered, they did not bother to disable the gacha and fix it like what other standard gacha mobile games would do. Plu...
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We Were All Thinking It

Hey there! I am pleased to announce that I have a new album out! It is instrumental metal and is about our oncoming climate apocalypse. Check it out below, and if you like what you hear, feel free to purchase a copy!
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Juice Wrld Fans Faked Seizures to “Lucid Dreams” on TikTok Before Rapper Died of a Seizure

In an extremely eerie twist of fate, fans of Juice Wrld faked seizures to his popular song “Lucid Dreams” as a part of a TikTok challenge in the weeks leading up to the rapper’s death caused by a seizure. PREVIOUSLY: Juice Wrld Dead at 21 After Suffering Seizure at Chicago Airport TikTok is an immensely popular social media platform that allows users to create short lip-sync, comedy and talent videos. In the #LucidDreamsChallenge, participants were supposed to fake a seizure and spit out liqui...
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Konosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World! Volume 1 Pre-Order on Book Walker

Konosuba: An Explosion on This Wonderful World!, Vol. 1 / この素晴らしい世界に爆焔を!Volume 1 English version pre-order is currently on Book Walker. The light novel series is a prequel about Megumin before Kazuma and Aqua appears. Campaign includes an exclusive wallpaper featuring the Crimson Demon Clan girls. Price is $8.36 or ¥860 until December 31. For more details, check out the campaign page.Book Walker: https://global.bookwalker.jp/select/71/
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Founder: Nelson Lau from PropertyQuants

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Nelson Lau from PropertyQuants. Who are you, and what do you do? I’m Nelson Lau, co-founder and CEO of PropertyQuants. I have a PhD in Decision Sciences and worked in quantitative hedge funds and high frequency trading firms. In quantitative trading, we used computer algorithms to analyze large amounts of data on a wide universe of potential investments to find the best opportunities globally. PropertyQuants is bringing ...
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11 holiday gift ideas for the person impossible to shop for

Check out 11 awesome holiday gift ideas, each up 75% off.Options include an ultrasonic cleaner, a portable video projector and a weighted blanket.You can save an extra 15% off each item with the coupon code MERRYSAVE15. None There's always someone on your holiday shopping list who presents a major challenge. Oh, they aren't trying to make your life difficult. But whether it's a cousin or a sibling or even your dear old Mom, you just have a tough time finding them the right gift.We get it. That's...
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Link Dump

Just the usual twirl through the depths of ye olde internets: The Five Stages of Being Adapted by Martin Scorsese - Interesting article interviewing authors who've had movies adapted from their novels. I particularly liked Dennis Lehane's thoughts on writing for the screen: I hate the term “cinematic” when it’s applied to anything besides cinema. I feel like saying, “What it is is perfectly detailed. What it is is giving you the impression of cinema before cinema existed.” Good writing is viv...
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Operating Notes: LID?, drifting, make someone’s day

You’re darn right I’m chirping! A couple of weeks ago, I heard a guy call CQ. What made this signal memorable was the severe chirp. Since I knew the guy, I decided to answer the CQ and tell him how badly he was chirping. As it turns out, he was using a tube transmitter that he had just cobbled together, and he knew he was chirping. This didn’t bother me one bit, as I knew the guy, and he was just having fun with ham radio. This didn’t sit so well with one operator, though. Several times I heard...
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Bite Me – review

Director: Meredith Edwards Release date: 2019 Contains spoilers Whether you believe that they are fantasists, delusional (or otherwise psychologically scarred) or actually people who need to drink blood to maintain their health, one thing we can’t deny is that there are people out there who identify as vampires. This identification is, in my experience, problematic. For on the one hand they (or many I have had contact with) are quick to bemoan the media vampire as something they are not and a ...
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Jeannie Gaffigan: Finding comedy in a brain tumor

It was only by chance that Jeannie Gaffigan found out she had a pear-sized tumor on her brain stem. During a visit to her kid's pediatrician, the doctor noticed something off about Jeannie Gaffigan's hearing, which led to the diagnosis.She needed to have immediate brain surgery. Gaffigan describes this highly stressful and uncertain time in her as traumatic—and deeply hilarious, says Gaffigan. Comedy, she says, can be used to process your traumas.A comedy writer by trade, she obsessively documen...
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Recommended Cinema for December 08-December 14, 2019

This calendar is a new addition to NotComing.com, and is updated each Sunday with suggested screenings for the upcoming week. Currently, the calendar contains listings for , , , , , , , and . Others will be added in the future, and if you're interested in curating a calendar in your part of the world, !
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Freedom Sucks (And That's Why We Have To Defend It)

By David Wong  Published: December 08th, 2019 
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