PBS talks to Mo Willems about his Kennedy Center residency

Best-selling children's author Mo Willems on sparking creativity and joy Paul Solman PBS Newshour Dec 17, 2019 https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/best-selling-childrens-author-mo-willems-on-sparking-creativity-and-joy ...
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Black Widow Breaks Up With Kylo Ren

And you’re gonna use it, whether you like it or not. Black Widow and Kylo Ren walk into a bar They spot each other. They chat. They fall in love, get married, have a tiny superkid or two. And that’s when things take a turn. Kylo (Adam Driver), ever the dark warrior wrestling with his overpowering connection to the Force, struggles to be a good husband while maintaining both his command of First Order missions and a profitable theatre company in New York. While Black Widow, Natasha Romanof...
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Mio Akagi Nurse Ero-Figure Promoting a Healthy Sex Drive

Fever-inducing nurse girl Mio Akagi of Boku to Nurse no Kenshuu Nisshi can perform lewd acts while on the job as she has obtained her own figurine, replete with her wearing a nurse outfit that can be removed as buyers see fit (along with her undergarments) – Mio can provide pleasure in April. Mio Akagi […]
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Dwyane Wade Speaks on Raising LGBTQ Son Who Now Identifies As a Girl: “Nothing Changes With My Love”

Dwyane Wade just made a very powerful statement about what it’s like raising a gay child coming from his hyper-masculine background as a former NBA star. D Wade recently sat down with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson for an interview on their All The Smoke podcast, and opened up about the relationship he has with his 12-year-old son Zion—who now apparently uses “she” and “her” pronouns—and also the support he has for the LGBTQ community. “I had to look myself in the mirror when my son at the time...
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Real Housewives of Potomac Star Katie Rost Ends Another Engagement, Wasn’t Ready to Go Into “Straight-Up Wife Mode”

Katie Rost remains unlucky in love. The Real Housewives of Potomac star has confirmed that she has broken up with her fiancé, Jesse. Katie shared the unfortunate news exclusively with Page Six on Wednesday (Dec. 19). “It wasn’t anything too overly dramatic — it was more so like a car running out of gas,” she told the outlet, adding that Jesse didn’t want her to put a hold on the relationship. Katie and Jesse—whose last name has not been reported by the press—began dating in February and announce...
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Hulu Not Biting for The Vampire Chronicles Series

Hulu not biting for The Vampire Chronicles series After almost a year of development with Nashville‘s Dee Johnson set as showrunner for the series, Hulu has decided to pass on the upcoming series adaptation of Anne Rice’s classic gothic novel The Vampire Chronicles, according to Deadline. RELATED: Dee Johnson Set as Showrunner for Hulu’s The Vampire Chronicles Series The Vampire Chronicles began with 1976’s Interview with the Vampire, which introduced readers to Louis, a French colonial ar...
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Record of Agarest War Marriage Deluxe Bundle on Fanatical

Fanatical is currently having the Record of Agarest War Marriage Deluxe Bundle sale. The game is a romance RPG about the Hero tasked to produce an heir to end the Archdemon. Bundle includes Record of Agarest War Mariage Steam game, Character Art Book, Event Art Book, PC Wallpaper, Mobile Phone Wallpaper and Soundtrack. Price is $7.99 or ¥873.51 with 15 days left remaining. For more details, check out the bundle sale page. Here's a trailer.Fanatical: https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/record-of...
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Upcoming Manga Added to the Store for Pre-order! - Week of Dec 17th

We've added another set of upcoming manga to the store site for pre-order!Here's what's coming:Liquor and Cigarettes , Graphic Novel (Adult)- Jan 14The Hero Is Overpowered But Overly Cautious , Vol #1, Graphic Novel- Jan 21APOSIMZ , Vol #4, Graphic Novel - Jan 28Street Fighter V , Vol #2, Graphic Novel (Full Color)- Jan 28Bloom Into You : Regarding Saeki Sayaka , Vol #1, [Novel]- Feb 11Scarlet , Vol #1, Graphic Novel- Feb 11Kamo Pact With the Spirit World , Vol #3, Graphic Novel- Feb 18I Don't ...
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Choyoyu! Episode 12 Final Impression

On this episode, Shinobu and Jeanne discovers the revived Duke Gustave. Later, Tsukasa rethinks his existence. Whoa, I wasn't even expecting Duke Gustave to be annoyingly still alive. It's perhaps because he's been the arc's main antagonist anyway. Also, the second battle between the Seven Light Faith and Duke Gustave is cool. Other than that, if there's going to be second season, I would watch it since it was decently enjoyable for me at least. Overall, cool battle finale and aftermath moments.
Tags: Anime, Jeanne, Shinobu, Duke Gustave Later Tsukasa, Duke Gustave, Seven Light Faith

Stay Merry With The ‘Get The F*ck Out Of My House’ Candle

YouTube Sometimes all you want is just one goddamn silent night Ahh, the holidays. This is a lovely time of year, isn’t it? Now we can all slow down a little, come together with our friends and family, and spend some quality time together. Really just inundate ourselves with each others presence. Day after day after day of just... so, so much time together. Okay, on second thought this sounds a little exhausting. We all run out of holiday spirit at some point, and if you’re the one hosti...
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Western Outlaws v2 #13 - Matt Baker art

Western Outlaws v2 #13, 1955 - After learning their father died during a gunfight, two brothers take completely different paths in life. One becomes the town marshal and the other turns into a troublemaker. As tough as these western tales are, Matt Baker also infuses grace and dignity in his figure drawings. His first page is almost a splash, using a borderless panel to suggest an expansive [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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NicheGamer Plagiarized Articles & Blamed Ghost Writer

Gaming publication NicheGamer has been accused of plagiarizing news articles from Gematsu, another website dedicated to bringing Westerners translated news on Japanese games. Sal Romano, owner of Gematsu, initiated the event by leveling accusations against NicheGamer in several Twitter replies, comparing various edits and small mistakes Gematsu made in their press releases and translations to […]
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‘Medical Police’ Trailer: This New Netflix Comedy is About Doctors…Who Are Also Cops

Erinn Hayes and Rob Huebel are here to save lives and kick butts, and they’re all out of lives to save. This wouldn’t make them very good doctors, admittedly, so it’s a good thing they have another profession: cops. Childrens Hospital alums Hayes and Huebel create and star in the new Netflix comedy Medical Police, a new spin-off of the beloved Adult Swim series. Watch the Medical Police trailer below. Medical Police Trailer Original Childrens Hospital creators Krister Johnson, David Wai...
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‘Little America’ Trailer: Immigrants Chase the American Dream in New Apple TV+ Series

In the upcoming Apple TV+ anthology series Little America, no story is too little. The comedy anthology series hails from the Oscar-nominated The Big Sick team Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, who executive produce the 8-episode series coming in 2020 as the first of Apple TV+’s 2020 slate. Watch the Little America trailer below. Little America Trailer Eight immigrant stories are collected in the comedy anthology series Little America, which is described as “a small, collective portr...
Tags: Apple, Utah, Comedy, Television, Movies, Drama, America, Gordon, Eisenberg, Lee Eisenberg, Alan Yang, Kumail Nanjiani, Nanjiani, Little America, Emily V Gordon, Appletv

Superhero Bits: ‘Celebrating Marvel’s Stan Lee’ Clip, Why Nite Owl Didn’t Make It Into HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ & More

Want to see a clip from the upcoming ABC special Celebrating Marvel’s Stan Lee? Why wasn’t Nite Owl in the first season of Watchmen? Which critics group awarded Joker the honor of Best Picture? What was a certain action sequence cut from Justice League? Did Sebastian Stan really put on enough muscle that his Winter Soldier arm doesn’t fit anymore? Would you like a full-on Constantine and Lucifer crossover? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s a new clip of The Dazzli...
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‘Ip Man 4’ Trailer: They Got Donnie Yen to Come Back for One Final Round

Donnie Yen has been playing Ip Man for more than a decade. Now the saga of Yen’s Wing Chun grandmaster is coming to an end, just as Ip Man comes to America in Ip Man 4. Ip Man 4 follows the martial arts master as he arrives in San Francisco where his famous student, Bruce Lee, has shaken up the local martial arts community by opening a Wing Chun school. Watch the Ip Man 4 trailer below. Ip Man 4 Trailer Ip Man is back to fight for China in Ip Man 4, which takes the legendary Wing Chun m...
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The 15 Funniest Movies of the Decade

(This article is part of our Best of the Decade series.) When considering the best in cinema, it can be easy to overlook the movies that go out of their way to make us crack up. For whatever reason, comedy never seems as significant or important as comedy. But if we didn’t laugh, there’d be nothing to pick us up from those sad moments. So as part of our look back at the decade that was 2010 through 2019, I wanted to make sure we singled out the funniest movies of the year. No, I’m not just pick...
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LEGO Movie Rights Go From Warner Bros. to Universal Pictures

BEGIN SLIDESHOW LEGO movie rights go from Warner Bros. to Universal Pictures After the poor performance of its last two LEGO pictures, Warner Bros. has let their movie rights to the toy property lapse. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it is Universal Pictures that is picking up the pieces in a deal that will give them exclusive rights to make films based on the 70-year-old LEGO brand. RELATED: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part Review Producer Dan Lin and his Rideback banner, which mad...
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Documentary Filmmaker Lauren Greenfield Shares the Books and Movies You Should Read and Watch Alongside Her Work [Interview]

Lauren Greenfield has been a professional photographer since the Reagan era, documenting the American Dream’s devolution into insatiable avarice and a form of capitalism increasingly based on cruelty through a singular lens. She’s also an acclaimed documentarian of the 21st century whose latest film, The Kingmaker , about former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos, tells a very different kind of wealth story than her previous films. Greenfield is a renaissance woman in every sense of ...
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The best deals on video games, consoles, and gaming accessories for December 2019

Here are the best gaming deals for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch that are available for November 2019.
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Easy, last-minute holiday gift ideas for your clients

Here is a list of small, inexpensive and easy-to-find holiday gift ideas that your real estate clients are sure to appreciate.
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Konami Sports Games Censored to Appease Chinese Government

Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 has been censored in China after Turkish-German footballer Mesut Ozil made the fatal mistake of criticizing the Chinese government. NetEase, a company that publishes the long-running Pro Evolution Soccer games in China, removed Arsenal player Mesut Ozil from the game after he accused the government of “persecuting” its Muslim minority. Arsenal […]
Tags: Games, China, Censorship, Sports, Soccer, Islam, Arsenal, Muslim, Mesut Ozil, Anime, NetEase, Konami

‘Impractical Jokers: The Movie’ Trailer: The Hidden Camera Prank Show is Coming to Theaters

Impractical Jokers is a hidden camera prank show following comedians Joe Gatto, James “Murr” Murray, Brian “Q” Quinn and Salvatore “Sal” Vulcano as they compete in various challenges with the goal of embarrassing each other. Every episode features several different gags where each guy has to do what the others tell them, or they risk the chance of getting humiliated at the end of the episode. Now the series that has been going since 2011 on TruTV is getting a feature film, and there’s even a we...
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Chris Henchy, Washington Dc, Paula Abdul, Miami, Movie Trailers, Warner Brothers, Murr, TruTV, Jackass, Brian Quinn, TV To Film Adaptation, Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto James Murr Murray Brian Q Quinn, Joe Gatto

Ad Astra: Watch Us Get Astronaut Training at Spaceport America!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Ad Astra: Watch Us Get Astronaut Training at Spaceport America! Recently we sent one of our ComingSoon.net correspondents to a real-life space exploration experience to train like Brad Pitt did for his latest film Ad Astra. Check out our interviews and video experiences below, and check out the film on Digital, 4K, Blu-ray and DVD right now! Click here to purchase Ad Astra on Blu-ray! Our favorite part of the experience was taking a spin in a G-Force simulator, where we fo...
Tags: Movies, Steve Jobs, NFL, Nasa, Earth, Brad Pitt, G Force, Neptune, Spaceport America, Astra, Leland Melvin, Dan Hicks, ComingSoon, Movie News, Ellen Ochoa, NASA Astronauts

The 10 Ways Disney Dominated the Film Industry This Decade, For Better and Worse

(This article is part of our Best of the Decade series.) When all is said and done, the Walt Disney Company owned the 2010s. On December 31, 2009, the company finalized a major merger that further defined the ensuing 10 years: they officially bought Marvel Entertainment, thus ensuring that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a Disney property. Over the last 10 years, Disney has gradually, forcefully exerted its influence within the world of entertainment, from film to television to merchand...
Tags: Frozen, Hollywood, Movies, Abc, Robin Williams, Tim Burton, Disney, Features, Fox, Netflix, Fox News, Walt Disney Company, Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Warner Bros, Nbc Universal

First Trailer For Hirokazu Koreeda's THE TRUTH, Starring Ethan Hawke, Juliette Binoche & Catherine Deneuve

First look at the Japanese auteur's European debut. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
Tags: Movies, Catherine Deneuve, Hirokazu Koreeda, The Movie Waffler, Ethan Hawke Juliette Binoche

Elijah Wood in Official Trailer for Extra Strange Film 'Come To Daddy'

"I need to know why you sent that letter!" Saban Films has unveiled an official trailer for a strange, wacky little indie film titled Come To Daddy. It's not really horror, it's not really drama, it's one of these peculiar films that keeps going to weird places and you have no idea what is about to happen next. Come To Daddy stars Elijah Wood as a man in his thirties who receives a cryptic invitation to head to a remote cabin for a visit with his father after a lifetime of estrangement. Also...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, Elijah Wood, Indies, To Watch, Saban Films, Simon Chin, Fantastic Fest Sitges Beyond Fest Toronto

Lee Daniels to Direct Comic Book Adaptation of ‘Stealth’ From ‘The Walking Dead’ Creator

A new superhero comic book adaptation is coming your way from the creator of The Walking Dead. The Butler director Lee Daniels has been tapped to helm Stealth, a feature film adaptation of the Skybound/Image comic by The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and artist Marc Silvestri. Universal Pictures has tapped Lee Daniels to direct the Stealth movie adaptation that “introduces an unusual superhero crime fighter,” according to Deadline. Universal has partnered with Skybound Entertainment to...
Tags: Movies, Walking Dead, Adaptation, Universal, Detroit, Lee Daniels, Silvestri, Daniels, Mark Fergus, Robert Kirkman, Kirkman, Stealth, Comic Book/Superhero, Skybound Entertainment, Tony Barber, Hawk Ostby

Official US Trailer for Koreeda's 'The Truth' with Deneuve & Binoche

"I'm on the verge… of forgiving you." IFC Films has debuted the official US trailer for the latest film from acclaimed / beloved Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Kore-eda, who also won the Cannes Palme d'Or last year for Shoplifters. He premiered his latest film titled The Truth (also known as Shinjitu in Japanese, or La vérité in French) at the Venice Film Festival earlier this year, and it also played at the Toronto, Zurich, and Chicago Film Festivals. Made in France and also set in France, Kor...
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Disco Elysium

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