Arknights JP PV 3 Trailer

Recently, Yostar has released the third teaser PV for the upcoming Arknights Japan server. The trailer features more of the story. Here's the video.
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A decade of Nate Beeler cartoons on Cagle's syndicate site

Our formerly local Washington Examiner cartoonists work is at Nate Beeler Decade! [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Tales of the Unexpected #16 - Jack Kirby art

Tales of the Unexpected v1 #16, 1957 - In a tale of the old west, a prospector stumbles upon a ancient hammer that summons rain and lightning. It's pretty obvious it belongs to the mythological Thor, given away on the opening panel. The artwork is splendid, one of many tales Jack Kirby did for DC's mystery books of the era. Like most of the stories, the first scene with the title is the largest, [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Sue Lyon, Who Played Lolita in Kubrick Film at 14, Dies at Age 73

(NEW YORK) — Sue Lyon, who at age 14 played the title character in director Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 film “Lolita,” has died. Lyon’s longtime friend Phil Syracopoulos told The New York Times she had been in declining health for some time, and died Thursday in Los Angeles. No further details on her death were provided. She was 73. Lyon was reportedly chosen from some 800 girls who sought the role of “Lolita” for the film based on Vladimir Nabokov’s 1955 novel about a middle-aged literature pro...
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Special Ebten Set For LoveR Kiss Includes Seductive Succubus Costume

The official Twitter account for love simulation game LoveR has been advertising an Ebten version for the upcoming LoveR Kiss (a re-release of LoveR), a special set that comes with the Costume Deluxe Pack, some special acrylic stands, and the original DLC costume, the “Succubus Night”. The Succubus Night dresses the selected girl up in […]
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Original comic strips in Smithsonian's American History

Bruce Guthrie sent along this link to scans of original comic strips in the National Museum of American History -- and Warren Bernard pointed out they all came from 1966. Thus, they must be from the Calvacade of American Comics exhibit that we've previously written about here. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Doki Doki Little Ooya-san Thrusts Suggestively

The not at all buxom landlady of Doki Doki Little Ooya-san has danced suggestively in front of the male protagonist in a glorified rag, her lewd maneuver naturally being impossible to resist as breeding immediately ensues – the petite beauty then changing things up with a police outfit. Omake:
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Google Search Now Has a (I'll Probably Never) Watchlist

There is entirely too much content out there—so much so that plenty of folks find it quite literally overwhelming. And trying to keep track of all those horror movies and melodramatic reality shows and whodunnits starring Chris Evans in a cable knit sweater (oh ok, fine. There’s only one of those. But I’m optimistic…Read more...
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Sony Patents New PlayStation Controller

The World Intellectual Property Organization’s database reveals that Sony has patented a new controller design, possibly giving insights into a future PlayStation 5 joypad. The new controller is similar in appearance to the PlayStation 4’s default joypad, although it includes two new buttons on the back. These buttons can be programmed to perform the same […]
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Rika Tachibana Gets Married

Seiyuu Rika Tachibana announced that she has married a professional baseball player, potentially causing great distress to Idolmaster fans. Tachibana has been wed to Orix Buffaloes catcher Kenya Wakatsuki, according to a message from the woman’s Twitter account. She added that she intends to keep working hard as a seiyuu and grow as a human […]
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The Rise of Skywalker Tops Box Office, Rises to $725 Worldwide

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The Rise of Skywalker tops box office, rises to $725 worldwide Lucasfilm’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker continues to top the box office coming off of its $376 million global debut last weekend. Over the weekend, the movie brought in $72 million domestically, with an estimated worldwide weekend cume of $166 million and a $725 million global total after 12 days. The Rise of Skywalker is the #10 global release of 2019 as well as the #7 release of the year domestically. So...
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Avengers Campus Opening at Disneyland in Summer 2020, New Concept Art Reveals the Lay of the Land

Hot on the heels of the arrival of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, there’s a brand new Marvel expansion coming to the theme park in Anaheim, California. The park is already host to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, the redesign of the classic Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction, but soon it will have an entire land dedicated to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of Avengers Campus. A new piece of concept art reveals the lay of the land, along with news of a summer 20...
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L.A. Buzz Bands Show (2019 year-ender), tonight at 9 on The Independent 88.5 FM

Join me at 9 tonight for the L.A. Buzz Bands Show on The Independent 88.5 FM — it’s time to bid a fond farewell to 2019, and I’ll be doing so by sharing some of my favorite songs of the year. Included will be tunes from Jenny Lewis, Billie Eilish, Better Oblivion Community Center, Weyes Blood, Talker, Sego, FEELS, Criminal Hygiene, Cherry Glazerr, Palm Springsteen, Shannon Lay and more. If you’re out of FM range, click here to stream the show at 9. Here’s the playlist, in alphabetical order by a...
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Comiket 97 Day 2 Cosplay Overflowing With Surprises

Cosplayers hoping to make quite the impact into the community will probably find their best opportunity at Comiket 97, as the event’s many attendees have braved the cold temperatures to enjoy all the cosplay, goods, and news to come out of the event. Yet another salvo of only a fraction of cosplay that could be […]
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‘Little Women’ Opens Strong at the Box Office

Greta Gerwig’s movie was a hit at theaters this weekend, even as “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” still dominates.
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World End Economica Anime Successfully Crowdfunded

The crowdfunding project for the anime adaptation of World End Economica has now reached its funding goals. Isuna Hasekura, the game’s scenario writer, has thanked Western fans for their support in helping the World End Economica anime’s Kickstarter reach its funding goal: The Campfire crowdfunding project had already reached its goal. World End Economica is […]
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My Favorite Art Books of 2019

This year I reviewed 62 art books, a dip again from the 74 I did last year, and 82 back in 2017. I attribute the reasons for the falling numbers to a combination of reduced readership for my blog ( less readers = less conversion, which unfortunately gives me less resources to procure books ) as well as the comparatively smaller number of interesting Japanese art books that I felt was worth picking up. Despite the reduced quantity, there’s still plenty of great art books that were published in...
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Bob Iger Knows The Child’s Real Name in ‘The Mandalorian’, But Once Called Him Baby Yoda Like Us

The Mandalorian is a big hit for Disney and Lucasfilm, so much that the second season was officially announced to arrive in the fall of 2020 just as the first season came to an end this past week. While fans are loving the titular character of the series, there’s one clear breakout from the show: Baby Yoda. However, since character isn’t actually Yoda as a baby, Disney is doing everything they can to make sure fans know that this creature should be called The Child or The Asset. But even Disney...
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Meet the Real Estate Tech Executive: Christopher Burnley from Corefact Corporation

In our latest real estate tech entrepreneur interview, we’re speaking with Christopher Burnley from Corefact Corporation. Who are you, and what do you do? I am Christopher Burnley CEO of Corefact Corporation. My background is in software engineering. I find passion in building teams and products to empower real estate agents in their business. While TV shows agents driving around in a Mercedes Benz, in the real world agents have a difficult job that add enormous value to their communities. My jo...
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The Great Movie Catch-Up, 2019 Edition

I'm a little late to posting this list of movies I want to watch in preparation for the annual Kaedrin Movie Awards and Top 10 list (which, because I'm not a fancy schmancy critic, means I post much later than everyone else, usually at the precise moment people are totally sick of the best-of discourse, but still before the Oscars, so there's that, stop looking at me like that, I'm trying here, ok, I get it, you have to want it, but I've got other things to do, like maybe write a Star Wars: Rise...
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Comiket 97 Day 2 Cosplay The Epitome of Dedication

Comiket 97’s vast treasure trove of purchasable goods and doujins will likely be unable to match the cosplay present at the venue, as there are always spirited individuals dressed as noticeable characters from anime and games spreading merriment. The size to which the event has grown over the years may make it impossible to witness […]
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Record podcast listening reported by BBC Sounds in 2019

The BBC is reporting record listening figures for its podcasts via BBC Sounds, with three million weekly users, up from 1.3 million in June. There have also been more than 630 million plays of audio on Sounds across podcasts, live and on-demand radio programmes and music mixes. Between February and November 2019, there was a 74% increase in plays of podcasts and on-demand radio programmes on the BBC. Controller of BBC Sounds, Jonathan Wall, said: “It’s just over a year since we launched BBC S...
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Carl and Taz return to the farm for more meta hijinks. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Cool stuff to distribute power, feed antennas

Radios are cool, but they don’t make contacts by themselves. you need antennas and other accessories to complete your station. Here are a three sources that I’ve come across recently. True ladder line For the past four years, my main HF antenna has been a “Cobra” doublet. It’s a great antenna, but one issue that I have with it is that when the 450 Ω ladder line gets wet, it’s characteristics change, and I have to retune the antenna as is gets wetter or dryer. Supposedly, this doesn’t happen wi...
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Comic for December 28, 2019

Dilbert readers - Please visit Dilbert.com to read this feature. Due to changes with our feeds, we are now making this RSS feed a link to Dilbert.com.
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Wallace Wood Treasury

Wally Wood Wallace Wood Treasury, 1980 - A modified cover illustration from >Strange Worlds #5 begins this retrospective of the artist's work. Inside, interviews with Wood collaborators Paul Kirchner, Ralph Reese and Dan Adkins provide additional insights. Of the many drawings and artworks, some of the most fascinating are his Avon inside front covers from the 1950s, his commercial work, and a [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Wood, Ted Ignacio, Dan Adkins, Wallace Wood Treasury, Wally Wood Wallace Wood Treasury, Paul Kirchner Ralph Reese

Prototype Akira Game For Sega Mega Drive Discovered

Fans of obscure retro games have uncovered a prototype of the ambitious Sega Mega Drive game based on the Akira franchise. The unreleased game was based on the anime film version of Akira and was being developed by Black Pearl Software with plans for a 1995 release. It allows players to take the role of […]
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Donald Duck & Minnie Mouse Molested by Elderly Chikan

Famous Disney characters such as Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse have revealed that they are being victimized by chikan in their sixties. Female Walt Disney World employees in Florida have been filing complaints to the police, saying that they have been subjected to groping at the hands of tourists while playing roles such as Minnie […]
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The diversity of women taking over entertainment: Editors Best of the Year

It’s hard to even know where to start with this — each of these women could be their own Editors Best of the Year, but together, they’re even more powerful. And that’s saying something. We have to start somewhere, so, as we often do, we’ll start with the force that is Ava DuVernay, whose speech […]
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