Jason Reynolds becomes Library of Congress' National Ambassador for Young People's Literature

Publishers Weekly has the story. Reynolds is relevant to us because he wrote a Miles Morales Spider-Man YA novel. I recommend his books though, of which I've read half of them, even though I'm a middle-aged white man. I particularly like the ones set in the high school track world. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Arknights Behind The CV Videos

Recently, Yostar released a batch of videos featuring the character CVs for both Japan and Global versions. The CVs basically talk about their own characters. Here's the videos.JPGlobal
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Heroic Comics #65 - Al Williamson / Frank Frazetta art

Heroic Comics v1 #65, 1951 - Pretending to be pirates, two boys set off on their makeshift raft, only to find real danger ahead. Al Williamson and Frank Frazetta collaborate early on in their careers, illustrating this tale with a light touch. The pages are not immediately recognizable as the work of either artist, though Frazetta's inks come to the fore in the characters' faces and wooded [Author: Unknown]
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News Post: The Witchening

Tycho: Drake of the 99 Dragons is a time capsule from a novel era; there was a lot of stuff that hit as Xbox exclusive which was inexplicable or troubling for various reasons.  It also had bonkers shit like Splinter Cell, and credible multiplayer - graduating, ultimately, to Xbox Live, whose approach ultimately became definitional.  But Drake is a whole thing and you should look at the video.  You should also look at the Wikipedia page, specifically the credits to the right, and look those peopl...
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Western “Voice Actor” Amanda Winn Lee Slanders Vic Mignogna at Con

Pitiful excuse of a human being, Amanda Winn Lee, was caught on video slandering the highly abused Vic Mignogna at a convention in the form of a “roast” (with Vic not even being present), the video naturally overflowing with fake laughing and once again serving as proof that the criminal leftists are incapable of humor. […]
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PR: Cuddles and Rage's horror stories coming soon

BITES OF TERROR 10 Frightfully Delicious Tales By Cuddles and Rage Foreword by Phil Nobile, Jr.,  editor in chief of Fangoria magazine Praise for Liz and Jimmy Reed (aka Cuddles and Rage): "Liz and Jimmy Reed create work that is cute—but it always has a twist." — National Endowment of the Arts "Their style is unique and adds a different flavor to characters and ideas we know and love." —Nerdist   Tales from the Crypt meets All My Friends Are Dead in Bites ...
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Jan 24: Animezing!: Millennium Actress (Remastered)

Enjoy a FREE animated film at the JICC! Animezing!:  Millennium Actress (Remastered) Friday, January 24th at 6:30 PM ...
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This Woman Does Her Makeup On Edibles And I Am In Physical Pain

“I could be Pennywise’s twin sister, Quartersmart” Although makeup artists on YouTube and beauty vloggers make it look super simple, anyone who’s attempted to do their own costume makeup will tell you that it is not easy. You have to be a master of symmetry, have the patience of a saint, the precision of a surgeon, and a pretty firm grasp on shading and color theory. That’s why a lot of people go to school in order to become a pro at it, and why a lot of other folks just wear masks on Hal...
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This Diner Charges Extra For ‘Stupid Questions’, Please Clap

Servers everywhere are weeping with joy I truly believe this world would be a little bit off if everyone had to work in the service industry once in their lifetime. There are few things that make you appreciate kindness and manners and patience in people than having to deal with people who lack those qualities day after day. As well as experiencing the most curmudgeonly of humankind, those who work in bars and restaurants also get to field a lot of questions that are... well... just kinda ...
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Gatiss & Moffat’s DRACULA vs Bram Stoker’s Vampire Lore

The BBC/Netflix production is the latest attempt to rework the Dracula lore. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
Tags: TV, Movies, Horror, Articles, Bram Stoker, Moffat, New Releases, The Movie Waffler, By Ren Zelen, BBC Netflix

Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Episode 13 Impression

On this episode, Ritsuka's party battles against Ereshkigal. Later, they have a conversation on what to do next. So it was cool to see Ritsuka and his allies fight Ereshkigal in order to solve her pain. Also, the second half after their battle is nice and is a bit shocking. Other than that, I can't wait to see the upcoming Gorgon battle soon. Now what's going to be the next plot? I'll be looking forward to it. Overall, cool Ereshkigal battle and nice after result scenes.
Tags: Anime, Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia Episode, Ritsuka, Ereshkigal

‘Black Widow’ Special Look: Scarlett Johansson Finally Gets Her Long-Awaited Solo Film

During tonight’s College Football National Championship game, Disney and Marvel Studios released a Black Widow special look which gave us a new glimpse at more footage from director Cate Shortland‘s globe-trotting superhero spy film starring Scarlett Johansson. Check it out below. Black Widow Special Look Johansson has long been one of the most celebrated actors of her generation, and she earned even more acclaim this morning with two Academy Award nominations. And while it’s clear that...
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Sony Interactive will skip E3 again this year

Sony Interactive Entertainment will skip E3 again this year and participate instead in “hundreds of consumer events across the globe,” the company told GamesIndustry.biz today. The company, which is preparing to launch the PlayStation 5 before this holiday season, missed the show for the first time last year, after two decades of being one of its biggest exhibitors. A Sony Interactive spokesperson told GamesIndustry.biz that the company has “great respect for the ESA as an organization, but w...
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Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Episode 14 Impression

On this episode, Ash and his allies faces against Luther's forces. Later, Ash gains more allies to fight Luther. This particular action is really exciting because it became a huge battle between Arks due to Luther's manipulation. Also, the mix battle between the Council members is nice. Other than that, I hope Ash can stop Luther in time. Now what's going to happen next? I can't wait to find out. Overall, awesome battle between Arcs and some interesting twists.
Tags: Ash, Anime, Luther

New Black Widow Trailer Properly Introduces Taskmaster!

BEGIN SLIDESHOW New Black Widow trailer properly introduces Taskmaster! Football fans got a brand-new special look at Marvel Studios’ Black Widow tonight during the National Championship game between the Clemson Tigers and the LSU Tigers on ESPN. Check out the new Black Widow trailer featuring villain Taskmaster and a distinct La Femme Nikita/The Professional vibe in the player below! RELATED: First Black Widow Trailer Brings Back Natasha Romanoff! Scarlett Johansson returns as Natash...
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Upcoming Auction Features Rare Disney Theme Park Props, Posters, and Memorabilia – See the Coolest Ones Here

Calling all you Disney fanatics out there: I hope you haven’t blown your Christmas money on frivolous purchases yet, because you’re going to need it to bid on some super rare Disney theme park props, posters, art, and memorabilia in an auction that’s happening early next month. There are hundreds of items up for grabs, and we’ve highlighted several of the coolest ones below, including a park-used sign from the original Spaceship Earth attraction, a 40-pound Splash Mountain exit sign, some India...
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Superhero Bits: Adrianne Palicki Wants a Mockingbird Series, New ‘Bloodshot’ Trailer Tomorrow & More

Did you hear Shredder is becoming Green Ranger in the TMNT/Power Rangers limited comic series? Would you watch a Disney+ series with Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird? Is New Mutants connected to the MCU or not? Ready for a new Bloodshot trailer tomorrow? Which European city will be used for Gotham City in some Batmobile scenes in The Batman? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s a new teaser for the upcoming conclusion to the big Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite...
Tags: Comic Book/Superhero, Superhero Bits, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, Batman, Batwoman, Bloodshot, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Harley Quinn, Iron-Man, Joker, New Gods, New Mutants, Spider-man, Superman, TMNT

Ugh, It's A PDF

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Greta Gerwig Didn’t Get a Best Director Nod. But the Radical Triumph of Little Women Will Outlive the Oscars

In the weeks before the release of Greta Gerwig’s luminous and superbly crafted Little Women, film wonks on social media wondered aloud about its chances: Did the world really need another adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s 1869 novel? Would men see the title and think “girl germs”? And when the Golden Globe nominations were announced, in early December, neither Gerwig nor the film, specifically, got one. Good movies are overlooked by awards bodies all the time, but accolades still serve as ...
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Review: Little Joe

— by BEV QUESTAD — Alice is a bio-engineer who has created a plant with a scent that makes people happy. She wears a mask at all times while she is tending her creation that has been mass-propagated in a sterile, warm, locked, glass-enclosed test room. Why the high tech containment? This little sci-fi film […]
Tags: Reviews, Movies, Ben Whishaw, Little Joe, Jessica Hausner, Emily Beecham, Kerry Fox, BEV QUESTAD Alice

I was Reborn as an Angel Breeds New Believers

I was Reborn as an Angel so I Decided to Conquer the World is an RPG where players can take on the role of a woman who has reincarnated into an attractive angel, tasked with the goal of acquiring god new believers (which naturally involves sex). Eri, a pitiable woman who is bullied by both […]
Tags: Games, Anime, Fetish, RPG, ERI, H, Image Gallery, DLSite, Doujin Soft, Eroge

Cynthia Erivo: ‘It’s Not Enough That I’m the Only One’

The star of “Harriet” was the sole black actor nominated for an Oscar this year. Now one step away from an EGOT, she’s also up for best song and plans to perform it at the ceremony if asked.
Tags: Movies, News, Cynthia Erivo, Actors and Actresses, Academy Awards (Oscars, The Color Purple (Play, Harriet (Movie

Sony to skip E3 for the second year in a row, despite PS5’s impending launch

Sony will be skipping E3 2020 after already skipping E3 2019. This is despite the company planning to launch the PlayStation 5 at the end of the year, and even though several large games are on the way.
Tags: Gaming, News, Trends, Playstation, Sony, PS5, E3 2020

‘Parasite’ Director Bong Joon Ho on Making Oscar History

The filmmaker reflects on the rise of Korean cinema, balancing the physical with the cerebral and the significance of John Cho’s enunciation.
Tags: South Korea, Movies, News, John Cho, Bong Joon Ho, Academy Awards (Oscars, Parasite (Movie

‘The Irishman’ Wins AARP’s “Best Movie for Grownups” Award, Because Old Folks Apparently Have Good Taste

This just in: old people love The Irishman! I know these days we all like to sit around and say “Okay, boomer!” at the olds, but in this case, let’s all agree they got something right. The AARP’s 19th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards were held over the weekend, and Martin Scorsese‘s mob epic claimed the top honor. They also gave Adam Sandler Best Actor – a category the Academy didn’t even bother to nominate him in this year. Maybe we should all just ignore the Oscars this year and focus on the...
Tags: Movies, Awards, Spain, Tom Hanks, Pbs, Laura Dern, Renée Zellweger, Adam Sandler, Martin Scorsese, AARP, Noah Baumbach, Tony Danza, Annette Bening, The Irishman, Renée Zellweger Judy, Adam The Sandman Sandler

Purplebricks’ market share ceiling comes into view

Purplebricks’ H1 2020 financial results highlight a business whose growth has clearly plateaued and reached maturity in the U.K. However, the company appears to have reached peak efficiency, putting a ceiling on its future growth prospects.
Tags: Technology, Data, Radio, Profits, Purplebricks, iBuyer, MLS & Associations, Purplebricks UK

Trick Daddy’s Horrifying Mugshot is Because of His Lupus, Rapper Slams Social Media for Making Fun of Him

When Trick Daddy was arrested Saturday morning (Jan. 11) for DUI and cocaine possession, everyone who saw his mugshot had the same exact question: WTF WAS UP WITH HIS FACE & HAIRLINE?! Well, apparently, it’s the result of an incurable illness he suffers from called Lupus. According to Healthline: Lupus is an autoimmune disease that causes fatigue, joint pain, joint stiffness, and a butterfly-shaped rash on the face. In addition, some people with lupus experience hair loss. Not everyone with lupu...
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Weekend Box Office: ‘1917’ Knocks ‘Rise of Skywalker’ Out of the Top Spot

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is no longer in first place. The weekend box office numbers are in, and it appears that Sam Mendes’ World War I epic 1917 has dethroned the final entry in the Skywalker Saga to be number one. Elsewhere in box office land, Kristen Stewart’s fun sea monster movie Underwater failed to swim and instead sank, which is a serious bummer because that movie deserves better. It was bound to happen sooner or later: Rise of Skywalker is no longer the number one movie at ...
Tags: Movies, Box Office, Sam Mendes, Kristen Stewart, Charlie, Skywalker, 1917

‘Shrill’ Season 2 Trailer: Aidy Bryant Takes Risks and Takes Control

In the raging seas of Peak TV, when more than 530 scripted comedies and dramas aired last year, the Hulu series Shrill was a pleasant surprise. Saturday Night Live star Aidy Bryant brought a relatable, messy energy to her role as Annie, an overweight writer who embraces her appearance and whose creativity begins to spark when she publishes an essay against her boss’s will. The second season is coming to Hulu in just a few days, and the latest trailer shows how Annie is dealing trying to take co...
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