Isekai Quartet 2 Episode 1 Impression

On this episode, Chomusuke joins Class 2. Meanwhile, Naofumi got randomly teleported and investigates the school.Yes! I was waiting for the second season to come out when it got first announced. It was really hilarious to see Megumin's cat being introduced as a "new classmate". Also, I liked how Kazuma and Ainz commented on Naofumi's description from Raphtalia. Other than that, I wonder if there will be more characters coming aside from the Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari series. Now what's going t...
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CS Interview: Josh Hartnett on Crime Thriller Inherit the Viper

CS Interview: Josh Hartnett on crime thriller Inherit the Viper Following his leading role on the acclaimed Showtime horror drama Penny Dreadful, Josh Hartnett has been making a slow-but-steady return to the film world and ComingSoon.net got the chance to catch up with the 41-year-old actor to discuss his next project, the crime thriller Inherit the Viper, which is in limited theaters and on VOD now! RELATED: Josh Hartnett to Star in Paradise Lost Drama Series for Spectrum/Paramount Network...
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Subaru Pretty Much Named Its New Car “F*CKS” By Accident

Twitter Hahahaha this rules The 2020 Singapore Motor Show took place this past week, which is an event I didn’t even know existed until now because, well, auto companies showcasing their new models isn’t something I care enough about to mark in my calendar. However this year’s show has uhhhhh definitely piqued my interest. Subaru was one of the companies unveiling their upcoming vehicles and one model in particular caught everyone’s eye. The new Subaru Forester is a four-door hatchback ...
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Conrad's last Nixon cartoon: "I forgot the line!"

 by Mike RhodeI was in a bookstore on Capitol Hill (Capitol Hill Books in fact) this weekend, glancing through the comics and graphic novels section, and spotted this copy of The King and Us: Editorial Cartoons by Paul Conrad (Los Angeles: Clymer Publications, 1974; 3rd printing 1975) collecting his cartoons about the disgraced President Nixon. Conrad's one of the great editorial cartoonists of the 20th century, and had been on Nixon's enemies list so I picked it up to look at... ...$...
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Move Over, Goop, And Make Way For Stephen Colbert’s ‘Covetton Yurt’

“Baroque simplicity” If you’ve never heard of Goop or are unfamiliar with the concept of “lifestyle brands”, first of all, good for you. Secondly, buckle up — this is one helluva ride. Lifestyle brands are what emerge when a mega-celebrity ponders the question, “How can I profit off of making everything about me?” So whether the things being peddled are products like face cream made from powdered insect wings or services like camel milk home delivery doesn’t even really matter, you’re not ...
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Wednesday, Jan 15 Filming Locations for Legacies, The Blacklist and more!

Here’s a look at various filming locations for Jan. 15, 2020: Filming in California TV Series: Hollywood Location: 415 S Windsor Blvd, Los Angeles through Wed. Filming in Georgia TV Series: Legacies Location: Olde Town Conyers all week Filming in New York TV Series: The Blacklist Location: 4th Ave and Douglas in Brooklyn Credit: @crimsong19 […] The post Wednesday, Jan 15 Filming Locations for Legacies, The Blacklist and more! appeared first on On Location Vacations.
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Former local cartoonist Pat Oliphant featured on Australian tv

A look back at the career of cartoonist Pat Oliphant Tracy Bowden (filmed by David Brill) ABC's 7.30 Report 14 Jan 2020 https://www.abc.net.au/7.30/a-look-back-at-the-career-of-cartoonist-pat/11867960 [Author: Mike Rhode]
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More on Steve Stiles passing

DD Degg of the Daily Cartoonist published some more information about Steve Stiles' career and a link to his death notice with information about the future funeral. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Daniel Clowes exhibit fell through at the Corcoran in 2014

"I Feel Like Comics Needs Its Own Thing": An Interview with Daniel Clowes BY Bill Kartalopoulos Jan 14, 2020 http://www.tcj.com/i-feel-like-comics-needs-its-own-thing-an-interview-with-daniel-clowes/ The Corcoran itself fell apart in 2014, so it's no surprise they couldn't mount the exhibit. For the record though, here's Mr. Clowes take on it, courtesy of Bill K's question. The whole interview is worth reading though. I got to interview him once, a...
Tags: Comics, Chicago, Oakland, East Coast, Columbus, Daniel Clowes, Clowes, Corcoran, Mike Rhode, Bill Kartalopoulos, Bill K

Donald Duck #60 - Carl Barks art, mis-attributed Barks cover

Walt Disney's Donald Duck v1 #60, 1960 - Two terrific Carl Barks stories make this issue a special treat. In the first, Donald and Uncle Scrooge investigate the source of gigantic ants that terrorize a high society picnic. The second tells of Donald's determination (along with Daisy Duck's help) in winning a water ski contest. Though vastly different in length, Barks illustrates both tales with [Author: Unknown]
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Exploration Romance Visual Novel on Kickstarter

Exploration Romance got on Kickstarter. The game is a visual novel about the player exploring areas and dating characters. Currently, the developers has reached ¥102,109 out of their ¥200,000 goal with 22 days left remaining. For more details and some perks, check out their Kickstarter page. Here's a trailer.Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1853737400/exploration-romance-visual-novel/
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This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10 Recap In the previous episode of NBC’s This Is Us, Rebecca agreed to see a doctor, and Kate saw negative texts about her in a conversation with Toby’s crossfit friends. In This Is Us Season 4 Episode 10, some time passed, and Randall got Rebecca an appointment with a neurologist. Draw a Clock Randall flew out to Los Angeles to go with Rebecca and Miguel to the neurologist appointment he booked for her. Dr. Whitaker would administer a memory test, and R...
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What Is Man Without Law

Tags: Comics

Taika Waititi Wants Fans to Petition for IG-11 to Come Back in ‘The Mandalorian’

Taika Waititi is one of the busiest people in Hollywood right now, but he would drop it all for IG-11. Well, maybe not all of it, but he would definitely rush to reprise his role as the dangerous assassin droid in The Mandalorian. But nothing is ever over in Star Wars, as we all know, and Waititi believes the power of fan petitions could bring IG-11 back to the Disney+ series. Because, Waititi says, “he was the hero.” Spoilers for the final episode of The Mandalorian below. IG-11 may be gone...
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Spike Lee Will Be President of 2020 Cannes Jury; China Independent Film Festival is Shutting Down

Spike Lee is about to make history as the first African-American to serve as jury president for the Cannes Film Festival. Lee had seven films premiere at the fest in the past, and will now preside over the 73rd annual Cannes Film Festival taking place from May 12-23, 2020. In other, not-so-great film festival news: the China Independent Film Festival has announced that it’s shuttering because it’s become “impossible” to continue in the country’s current political climate. Cannes has named Sp...
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Superhero Bits: ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Cancels Puerto Rico Shoot, ‘Green Arrow and the Canaries’ First Look & More

Why has Falcon and the Winter Soldier canceled their planned shoot in Puerto Rico? What would the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic writers change if they could do it all over again? Would you believe a classic Superman comic predicted the return of white nationalism in 2020? Want to get a first look at Green Arrow and the Canaries? How did Iron Man change a young man’s life? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s the final trailer for the upcoming conclusion to the epic...
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Yung Joc Says He’s Driving for Rideshare Company Pull Up N Go to “Lead By Example” for the Next Generation

Earlier this week, rapper and Love & Hip-Hop star Yung Joc went viral after being in Atlanta, but he’s not doing it for the reason you may think. While sporting his Pull Up N Go hat and with a passenger in the backseat, Joc that he’s been working with the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization for several years and recently chose to drive for the rideshare company in order to “lead by example” for the younger generation. “A lot of times when we talking to these kids you gotta lead by example...
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Bruce Springsteen Shows Up for Son’s Swearing-In as New Jersey Firefighter

(JERSEY CITY, NJ) — Bruce Springsteen’s son was sworn in Tuesday as a firefighter with the Jersey City Fire Department, along with 15 others. Sam Springsteen was joined by his famous father and mother, Patti Scialfa, at City Hall along with Mayor Steven Fulop and other city officials. The Boss and Scialfa sat in the front row as their 25-year-old son was sworn into the newest class. “We’re very proud,” Bruce Springsteen told reporters at the ceremony. “We’re just excited for him today.” Jersey C...
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Kyokou Suiri Contains a Mysterious World Full of Youkai

A world full of the supernatural and strange youkai has served as the setting for newly debuted series Kyokou Suiri, as the series stars Kotoko Iwanaga, a mediator between humans and spirits who has become well-renowned among youkai after sacrificing her eye and leg. The cute girl’s attempts to become more intimate with the 22-year-old […]
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At former NBC Studios site, Warner Bros. breaks ground on Gehry project

Warner Bros. broke ground in Burbank Tuesday for its two Second Century Project office towers. Designed by famed architect Frank Gehry, the state-of-the-art, glass buildings will open in 2023 as part of the movie studio’s centennial celebration. Located on the former NBC Studios site off Bob Hope Drive, the new buildings and adjacent campus will be home to 4,000 WB employees and creative collaborators. Related links Love it or not, Warner Bros.’ Hollywood Sign aerial tram idea is L.A. all ...
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AMC and Regal Won’t Screen the Netflix Best Picture Nominees (Again)

Here we go again. In what is becoming a tradition, AMC and Regal Theater chains are refusing to screen Netflix’s Best Picture nominees, because that’s just how they roll. The chains typically do a showcase of Best Picture nominees in which they bring the nominated movies back to theaters, but the two Netflix titles – The Irishman and Marriage Story – won’t be included. The same thing happened last year with Netflix’s Roma. If you were hoping to catch two of the Best Picture nominees on the b...
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The Top Three “Hard” Onaholes From Japan

Today we’re going to look at “hard” onaholes to see what their features are and why you might consider buying one – in the world of Japanese onaholes, there are basically four things to consider, they are: Tightness or Looseness: This is the size of the onahole space. A rule of thumb is, onaholes costing […]
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Amazon’s ‘Wheel of Time’ TV Show Still Rolling Forward: “We Love What We’ve Seen So Far”

Amazon’s version of The Wheel of Time continues to roll on. The streaming service’s long-awaited adaptation of author Robert Jordan’s acclaimed fantasy novels is “well underway with production,” according to Amazon Studios’ co-head of television Vernon Sanders, who also said, “We love what we’ve seen so far.” The Wheel of Time TV Show Update “We haven’t seen the first cut, but the material coming out of production looks incredible,” Amazon’s Jen Salke said at today’s Television Critics Asso...
Tags: Amazon, Movies, Time, Rosamund Pike, Vernon, s Television Critics Association, Robert Jordan, The Wheel Of Time, Rafe Judkins, Jen Salke, Uta Briesewitz, Vernon Sanders, Amazon Studios co, Moiraine, Red Eagle Productions, Moiraine Madeleine Madden

‘See’ Season 2 Adds Dave Bautista to the Apple TV+ Series

Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa sharing the screen might be too much brawn for one frame. But that’s what we’re going to get with See season 2, which has cast the Guardians of the Galaxy actor in the Apple TV+ sci-fi series. Apple has cast Bautista to star opposite Jason Momoa in the See season 2 cast for Apple’s epic sci-fi drama from Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, according to Deadline. There are no specifics yet on what role Bautista will play, but I can imagine the series will have ...
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Flood risk data to be made publicly available to shed light on housing impacts

First Street Foundation, a non-profit climate research organization, will share flood risk data with both academic researchers and the general public.
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Watch: Wacky Animated Short Film 'Mushroom Park' from Tim Rauch

"Izzy was a good frog!" Who doesn't love wacky animation? Mushroom Park is an animated short film by Tim Rauch, one half of the animation duo Rauch Brothers. Two friends locked in a love-hate relationship bury a dead frog as rain beings to fall. They make a fateful decision to wait out the storm under a tree and wake up in a world quite unlike the one they left behind. Rauch reveals his inspiration: "We all screw up from time to time and need a second chance – because life is short and love ...
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