Porsha Williams Can’t Say She Trusts Fiancé Dennis McKinley Amid More Cheating Rumors: “We’re Working on Our Relationship”

Real Housewives of Atlanta fans have seen the break-up and make-up between Porsha Williams and her fiancé Dennis McKinley during this season. However, it seems the trust still isn’t there, especially after recent reports that Dennis was spotted with a group of women in the early morning hours. Porsha was the guest on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen on Sunday night (Jan. 19), following a RHOA episode in which Dennis sits down with Porsha’s mother and sister and apologizes to them for che...
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Arknights JP/KR 2nd Commemorative Release Event

Recently, Arknights Japan and Korea servers has announced their upcoming 2nd Commemorative Release event. The event will include a free obtainable skin for Amiya after completing a quest. 【リリース記念キャンペーン第2弾】配信開始を記念し、『リリース記念キャンペーン第2弾』を開催予定!理性回復アイテムがもらえる他、任務達成でアーミヤの専用コーデも入手可能!新しいイベントスカウトも開催予定です。詳細は公式HPやゲーム内お知らせをご確認ください。#アークナイツ pic.twitter.com/766XXiltlX— アークナイツ公式 (@ArknightsStaff) January 20, 2020 안녕하세요, 박사님.아래와 같이 새로운 컬렉션을 소개하여 드립니다.[테스트 컬렉션 - 신문팔이 소녀]특정 지역에서만 판매되는 한정 상품입니다. 우수한 소재와 재봉 디테일이 살아있...
Tags: Japan, Korea, Anime, Amiya, JP KR 2nd Commemorative Release Event

Temtem Anime Opening Trailer and Early Access Release

Today, an upcoming monster collecting RPG called Temtem has released their anime style opening trailer through IGN's YouTube channel. The early access will be launching tomorrow (January 21) on Steam. For more details, check out their store page and official website. Here's the trailer.Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/745920/Official Website: https://crema.gg/games/temtem/
Tags: Anime

Brodner on Trump, year 3

The Sharpie Image: Trump's third year sketchbookby Steve BrodnerWashington Post January 19 2020https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2020/opinions/amp-stories/brodner-sharpie-image/ ...Trump's third year, he got to doodling. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Magnus Robot Fighter #11 - Russ Manning art

Magnus Robot Fighter v1 #11, 1966 - When roving wolfpacks destroy North Am's food supplies, Magnus enlists the aid of a woman named Danae and her intelligent Neo-animals. Unlike previous issues, Russ Manning has opportunity to draw a variety of animals more commonly found in his work on Tarzan. Not surprisingly, he takes on the artistic chores handily. The most interesting panel occurs toward [Author: Unknown]
Tags: Comics, Unknown, Russ Manning, Danaë

Review: The Cave

— by BEV QUESTAD — Nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar, “The Cave” explains what happens when 40,000 people are caught in a no-exit strangle-hold. With snipers on rooftops and sporadic planes re-bombing structural remains, the only safe place is deep underground. Food is scarce and the only anesthetic is classical ballet music. Those daring […]
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Striking it Rich in the Dungeons with My Slave-Maid Quite the Duo

A fantasy world dungeon-exploring RPG known as Striking it Rich in the Dungeons with My Slave-Maid has employed the unique trait of being accompanied by a maid slave, an obedient female that players can use when they feel lonely. The maid, once a revered enemy general, was made the possession of the protagonist as per […]
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Eugene And Dan Levy’s SAG Awards Speech Had Me Cracking UP

Honestly these two deserve and award just for how hilarious they were all night Although the SAG Awards is one of the more recent additions to awards season, this year marked the 26th ever, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the most revered and highly anticipated events for actors in both film and prime time television. Since the whole point of the SAG Awards is to honor actors, the night opens with a handful of actors explaining how and when they got into the business. This shor...
Tags: Humor, TNT, Eugene, Dan, Dan Levy, Eugene Levy, Sloane Hughes, Eugene And Dan Levy

New Restorations of Six Federico Fellini Films Coming to UK Bluray

Big news for fans of the Italian auteur. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Three Buster Keaton Classics to Make Their UK Bluray Debuts [New Trailer/Artwork]

A new boxset brings three of Keaton's ingenious works to UK bluray for the first time. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
Tags: UK, Movies, Keaton, Buster Keaton, The Movie Waffler

Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle Episode 15 Impression

On this episode, Ash and his allies fights the Klariskrays clones. Later, Ash and Matoi attempts to stop Luther's grasp on Xion. The action continuation is great and it's nice to still see some other character perspectives that wasn't exactly shown in-game. Although, I find the fight between Ash and Theodore to be just decent since Ulku is alive. Other than that, they revealed some backstory for Xion which is kinda interesting. Now what's going to happen next? I can't wait to find out. Overall, ...
Tags: Ash, Anime, Luther, Theodore, Ulku

‘Visible: Out on Television’ Trailer: Apple TV+ Celebrates LGBTQ+ in New Documentary Series

Apple TV+ still has yet to release an original title that gets them into the cultural conversation on the same level as Disney+ (with the possible exception of The Morning Show). But as the streaming services rolls out its next slate of shows, some promising contenders are making an appearance. The latest is the five-part documentary series Visible: Out on Television, which charts the rise of LGBTQ representation on TV and the impact that it made on the community at large. Featuring a star-stud...
Tags: Apple, Television, Movies, Documentary, Disney, Gay, Lgbtq, Ryan White, Wilson Cruz, Wanda Sykes, Appletv, Visible: Out on Television, Jessica Hargrave, Lena Waithe Each, Jessica Hargrave Wilson Cruz

10 of the world’s best queer film festivals

Gay and trans films have gone mainstream, and win awards at major festivals like Sundance and Berlinale (the Teddy Award!), but the best films can be seen at queer film festivals around the world
Tags: Feature, London, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Evergreen, Durban, Ad Friendly, Queerty, Gaycities Link, Lgbt Films, Film Festivals, Top 10 Lists

Videos Show Delonte West Acting Erratically & Getting Beat Up in the Middle of the Street in D.C.

Video footage has surfaced that appears to show former NBA player Delonte West acting erratically after getting beat up in the middle of a street in Washington, D.C. A man that looks very much so like Delonte West could be seen in one clip discussing an alleged altercation with another man who he said had a gun. When pressed for more details, the man repeatedly shouts “I don’t give a fuck!” before ranting about being the “leader of the muhf**kin got damn Navy Seals!” and calling himself “muhf**k...
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Gamora Style

Okor Ksilisa
Tags: Comics

Anime News Network “Actually Likes Ishuzoku Reviewers”

Antagonistic website that despises anime, Anime News Network, has finally shared its opinion regarding monster girl brothel anime Ishuzoku Reviewers, with there apparently being very little interest for it on the site even a week after the first episode. The few individuals that did provide opinions on the show actually had mostly positive things to […]
Tags: Politics, Review, Prostitution, Anime, Monster Girls, Anime News Network, Ishuzoku Reviewers

New Lyrical Nanoha Project Announced

More content for the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha franchise is coming, great news for those aching for more of the ancient yet highly cherished magical girl series, though it has not been specified what this new project exactly is. Announced via the official Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Twitter, there were almost no details regarding this […]
Tags: Anime, Announcements, Continuations, Mahou Shoujo, Nanoha

‘Star Trek: Picard’ Featurette: Patrick Stewart is Ready for His Close-Up

Sir Patrick Stewart wants one thing to be absolutely clear: his new CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Picard, is not merely Star Trek: The Next Generation 2.0. “Almost twenty years have passed. Things have become more complex,” the acclaimed actor says in a new featurette. “The world of Starfleet, the world of the Federation, is not quite what it was the last time Jean-Luc Picard was seen in that world. It’s different. And it’s not all good.” Watch the full video below. Star Trek Picard Feat...
Tags: Television, Movies, Sci-fi, Sequels, Showtime, Cbs, Michael Chabon, Patrick-Stewart, Trek, Cbs All Access, Video Clips, Clay, Stewart, Jean Luc Picard, Picard, Akiva Goldsman

Theme Park Bits: Regal Eagle Menu, Moana Dole Whip, and More

In this edition of Theme Park Bits: The Regal Eagle Smokehouse has revealed its menu. A Moana-themed Dole Whip is making permanent residence in Adventureland. And more! After the recent announcement that Walt Disney World will soon be home to a Sam the Eagle-themed barbecue counter-service restaurant in the World Showcase at Epcot, we’re now getting a quick peek at the menu for that restaurant, the Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue. Most of the items listed are both deliciou...
Tags: Hong Kong, Florida, Movies, Disney, Theme Parks, Kansas City, Walt Disney World, Memphis, Epcot, Eagle, World Showcase, Orlando Florida, Dole, Mickey, Magic Kingdom, Adventureland

First Trailer for 'Coda' Starring Patrick Stewart as a Famous Pianist

"So just play, Henry… Play for them. I'll be listening…" Gravitas Ventures has debuted an official trailer for indie drama called Coda, the feature directorial debut of writer turned filmmaker named Claude Lalonde. This premiered at a film festival last year but hasn't shown up anywhere else, and will be released on VOD at the end of this month. Patrick Stewart stars as a famous pianist struggling with stage fright and sadness late in his career finds inspiration with a free-spirited music c...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, Katie Holmes, Patrick Stewart, Helen, Gravitas Ventures, Indies, To Watch, Drew Davis, Henry Play, Claude Lalonde, Giancarlo Esposito Letitia Brookes

Showrunner Talks Batwoman’s Historic Coming Out

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Showrunner explains how Batwoman’s historic coming out affects the series Last night, another LGBTQ+ milestone has been achieved on television in the form of the Batwoman‘s tenth episode titled “How Queer Everything Is Today,” featuring Batwoman as the first superhero to officially come out to the world as a lesbian. In episode 10, after hearing the heartbreaking story of a teenage girl whose parents refuse to accept her real sexuality, Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane realizes tha...
Tags: TV, Rachel Maddow, Movies, TV News, The Cw, Batwoman, Kate, Cw, Ruby Rose, Luke, Hollywood Reporter, Caroline Dries, Geoff Johns, Warner Bros Television, Marcos Siega, Berlanti Productions

Watch the New Short Film From Neill Blomkamp’s Oats Studios, ‘Migrants’

Neill Blomkamp‘s experimental short film initiative Oats Studios was launched in 2017 as sort of a creative breeding ground for the Chappie director as well as a platform to boost up-and-coming filmmakers. A few of Blomkamp’s own short films garnered a bit of buzz — enough for one project to be crowdfunded for a feature film remake, and then cancelled — but with the newest Oats Studios film, the director steps back to let some new talent shine. Oats Studios has released Migrants, a short film b...
Tags: Movies, Chappie, Migrants, Mars, Neill-Blomkamp, Joburg, Isaac Asimov, Astra, Asimov, Blomkamp, Short Films, Paul Chadeisson, Oats Studios

Colorado MLSs team up to share data

A group of Colorado multiple listing services (MLSs) announced Monday that they have teamed up to share their data, continuing a trend in the industry that has seen increased cooperation among such organizations.
Tags: Technology, Colorado, California, Radio, Mls, Boulder, Alan Smith, Denver, Bay Area, Southern California, National Association of Realtors, Realtors Property Resource, News Brief, Multiple Listing Service, MLS & Associations, Lauren Hansen

Runway de Waratte Not Ashamed At All

Runway de Waratte has spontaneously gotten sexy as several girls can be seen stripping down to get ready, a highly erotic moment that watchers will likely wish to be a frequent occurrence. Runway de Waratte stars aspiring model Fujito Chiyuki who had her dreams crushed due to having too short a stature; together with a […]
Tags: Fashion, Comedy, Anime, Oppai, Image Gallery, Ezo'la, Runway De Waratte, de Waratte, Fujito Chiyuki

New ‘Black Widow’ Merchandise Includes LEGO, Funko POPs, Marvel Legends, NERF Roleplay & More

Black Widow doesn’t arrive in theaters until May, but the merchandise tied to the movie will be coming a little sooner. Leading up to the release of the Marvel Studios movie that takes place between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, we’ll see new items from LEGO, Funko, NERF, Hasbro’s Marvel Legends and more. In fact, a few of the items give us some kind of hint at certain details about the movie. Check out some of the new Black Widow merchandise below. Hasbro’s Marvel ...
Tags: Toys, Movies, Yahoo, Adidas, Lego, Gear, Hasbro, Black Widow, Scarlett Johansson, Marvel Studios, Collectibles, Captain America, Cool Stuff, Natasha, Disney Parks, Disney/Pixar

Weekend Box Office: ‘Bad Boys for Life’ Exceeds Expectations While ‘Dolittle’ Does Little For Audiences

Ride together, die together, blow up the box office together: Bad Boys for Life is a hit. The third entry in the action franchise exceeded expectations at the weekend box office, taking in 83% more than initially projected. But while Bad Boys had a good weekend, Dolittle did not. The Robert Downey Jr. film flopped, giving Cats distributor Universal Pictures another box office body blow. Bad Boys for Life is full of surprises. Not only is the latest entry featuring Will Smith and Martin Lawre...
Tags: Movies, Robert Downey Jr, Box Office, Will Smith, Smith, Spielberg, Steven Spielberg, Universal Pictures, Guy Ritchie, Lawrence, Dolittle, Martin Lawrence, Bad Boys For Life

Preservationists want Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion to be a museum

Groups fighting the Frick Collection's expansion want the institution to purchase the mansion as an alternative to their current plans.
Tags: New York, Listings, Lifestyle, Radio, Jeffrey Epstein, Henry Clay Frick, News Brief, joe Standoff, The Frick Collection, Theodore Grunewald

Trailer Round-Up: ‘Hunter’s Moon’, ‘Hillary’, ‘Waiting For Anya’, ‘Once Were Brothers’, and More

We cast a pretty wide net for trailers here at /Film, but there are always a few that seem to evade us. But they can’t hide forever – it’s only a matter of time before they make their way into one of our trailer round-up posts. Continue on to check out the trailers for Once Were Brothers, Hillary, Waiting For Anya, Hope Gap, and many more. Hillary Hulu’s four-episode documentary is an intimate look at a woman who has engendered strong opinions for decades. “A remarkably intimate portrait...
Tags: Shania Twain, Movies, France, Iraq, US, Spain, Netflix, David Cronenberg, Moon, Un, Nazi, Anya, Movie Trailers, Bill Nighy, Hulu, Hillary

TV Bits: ‘American Dad!’, ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’, ‘The World According to Jeff Goldblum’ & More

In this edition of TV Bits: Rob McElhenney says he’ll do It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia forever The World According to Jeff Goldblum gets good news from Disney+ American Dad! will be sticking around And more First up, TBS has ordered two more seasons of Seth MacFarlane‘s animated series American Dad!. It’s one of cable’s highest rated comedies, reaching an audience of nearly 18 million viewers when counting all TBS platforms. During the upcoming season, the series will celebrate its 300...
Tags: Apple, Hbo, Television, Movies, New York City, Disney, Netflix, High Maintenance, Philadelphia, Tbs, Seth Macfarlane, National Geographic, Deadline, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Carlton Cuse, Television Critics Association

Watch: Javier Marco's Award-Winning Short 'Uno' Set on a Fishing Boat

"Is Mourad okay? Did he get there okay?" There is so much power in short filmmaking. Uno is another extraordinary example of a short film that hits you hard and it takes place entirely on one small fishing boat. Directed by Spanish filmmaker Javier Marco, this short film has been winning awards at film festivals all over the world for the past two years and is now available to watch online. Many filmmakers recently have been making films about the refugee crisis, and each one of the films is...
Tags: Movies, Short Film, UNO, To Watch, Mourad, Pedro Casablanc, Javier Marco, Manuel Toro

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