This Turtle Wore A GoPro And Obviously The Footage Is So Cool

This is the most enjoyable and very tiny adventure It’s the Tuesday after a long weekend, which means we’re all probably feeling a little lethargic and now have to cram five days of work into a four day work week. It’s also January, so it’s not even like we get to skip out of the office at the end of the day into nice sunny weather. But the unfortunate fact of the matter is we’ve all gotta keep plugging away for a few more days until the weekend, and we’ve got many, many more days of freez...
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Avengers medical support at CVS

My friend Nora spotted these at the CVS in Pentagon City. [Author: Mike Rhode]
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This Family Recreated The ‘Intergalactic - Beastie Boys’ Video For Their Holiday Card

Give this mom an AWARD January hasn’t even come to a close yet, the fridge is finally free of leftover cranberry sauce, the decorations have been hauled back up to the attic, and I’m sure for the majority of folks out there the holiday season is the furthest thing from your mind. So while I’m positive we’re all holly-jollied out, bear with me for one last festive article, because this is definitely an idea you’re gonna want to put a pin in for next year. Holiday cards are a super cute way...
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Star Girl Proxima on Steam

Star Girl Proxima got on Steam. The game is an 8-bit action platformer about a magical girl defending an alien planet. Price is $4.99 or ¥548.83. For more details, check out the store page. Here's a trailer.Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1135370/Official Website: https://giantevilrobot.itch.io/star-girl-proxima
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Arknights Exusiai Fan Animation

Recently, a fan created a short animation of Exusiai in first person view to celebrate the Arknights EN/JP/KR server launches. Here's the short video tweet (and there's a reddit post).First time doing first person animation, AK game is live!#Arknights #animation pic.twitter.com/RV2ICabsuV— Nikkytae (@nikkytae) January 16, 2020
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Justice League Dark: J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Boards DC Comics Project

Justice League Dark: J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Boards DC Comics Project Deadline is reporting that J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot production house is boarding Warner Bros.’ long-gestating DC Comics title Justice League Dark for potential film and TV outings. No specific projects have yet to emerge, with Bad Robot’s Head of Motion Pictures Hannah Minghella and Head of Television Ben Stephenson now taking meetings with different writers to hone in on which of the DC supernatural characters will be explore...
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RFK editorial cartoon contest is open

"In these turbulent times, the preservation of accurate journalism is essential to our democracy. Join us in celebrating the best work of the year at the Robert F. Kennedy Book and Journalism Awards. The nomination process ends February 3rd: https://bajawards.awardsplatform.com/" [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Cavna on impeachment cartoons

Cartoonists are having a tougher time with Trump's impeachment than with Clinton's. Except when it's easier. [in print as Clinton and Trump: Cartoonists draw distinctions]. Michael Cavna   Washington Post Jan. 21, 2020 p. C1, 3 online at https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2020/01/18/impeachment-cartoons-trump-clinton/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Spectacular Spider-man v2 #28 - Frank Miller art

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-man v2 #28, 1979 - The robotic Tri-Man transforms himself into a flying bomb, prompting Spider-man to stop it at any cost. Daredevil also comes to his aid, depicted for the second time by artist Frank Miller. The artist's use of faded after-images on page 3 would become a recurring motif later on (particularly on Daredevil). Generally, his artwork lacks [Author: Unknown]
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IdolMaster: Starlit Season Shines Brightly

The next mainline IdolMaster game was unveiled through a special Bandai Namco stream, with IdolMaster: Starlit Season being both a console game and a title slated for release on PC that features different idol producing agencies seen throughout the series. The IdolMaster: Starlit Season (which is powered by Unreal Engine 4) marks the return of […]
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‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’: New Clip Showcases the Song Lin-Manuel Miranda Helped Create

Hamilton and In the Heights creator Lin-Manuel Miranda had a cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as a Resistance fighter, but now you can hear his musical cameo in the movie as well. The official Star Wars Twitter account has shared a clip from the movie showcasing “Lido Hey,” a song which Miranda helped create that’s heard during the movie’s Pasaana celebration sequence. Listen to the song in the clip below. New Lin-Manuel Miranda Star Wars Song The official Twitter account brought t...
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Official Trailer for Annie Silverstein's Acclaimed Cannes Drama 'Bull'

"You see that bull… think he just goin crazy, right?" Samuel Goldwyn Films has debuted an official trailer for Bull, an indie drama that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year. It also played at a few other festivals including Deauville, Haifa, Stockholm, Ljubljana, and Tallinn Black Nights last year. The first narrative feature made by doc filmmaker Annie Silverstein, Bull is set on the outskirts of Houston, TX in a a near-abandoned subdivision. The story follows a teen reeling fro...
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‘Dispatches From Elsewhere’ Trailer Discovers Something Hiding Behind the Veil of Everyday Life

The new AMC series Dispatches From Elsewhere looks mighty mysterious. Just what is this show really about? I’m not entirely sure, but it involves some sort of world hidden beneath our world, an international conspiracy, and Richard E. Grant. The Dispatches From Elsewhere trailer offers a tantalizing peek at the world of the show, and is accompanied by four character videos to take you even deeper into the story. Dispatches From Elsewhere Trailer Dispatches From Elsewhere is a 10-hour se...
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New Trailer for 4K Restoration of Horace B. Jenkins' 'Cane River' Film

"Rare and fantastic, its raw subject matters echoes in films of the present day…" Oscilloscope Labs has released a new trailer for a long lost film titled Cane River, which has been found and restored to 4K and will be re-released in theaters next month. This "lyrical, visionary film disappeared for decades after Jenkins died suddenly following the film's completion [in 1982], robbing generations of a talented, vibrant new voice in African-American cinema. Available now for the first time in...
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Welcome To The Neighborhood

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Isekai Quartet 2 Episode 2 Impression

On this episode, Kazuma partners with Tanya's platoon members to steal red stuff from the principal's office. Later, Aqua joins them.The heist to steal the red stuff (red wine) is very hilarious because of the Konosuba characters' involvement again. Also, I liked how Naofumi and Ram got indirectly involved during the heist. Other than that, I really wonder if Naofumi is going to have his own plot soon aside from being another background character. Now what's going to happen next? I definitely ca...
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‘Justice League Dark’ Movie and TV Projects Being Developed by Bad Robot

  J.J. Abrams‘ Bad Robot wants in on that sweet, sweet superhero action: the production company is now developing both Justice League Dark movie and TV projects. There are almost zero details at the moment, as everything is in the early stages. But reports indicate that the TV and film projects are to be set within “DC’s Justice League Dark universe at Warner Bros.” Deadline has the scoop on the Bad Robot Justice League Dark movie and TV projects, stating that “Bad Robot’s Head of Motion Pic...
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Final Fantasy VII Remake May Have a “VR Mode”

Dataminers who managed to gain access to the Final Fantasy VII remake demo have made a rather odd discovery through the game’s soundtrack tracklist, as one entry lists “VR menu”, leading to speculation that virtual reality may be some form of option for the game. Twitter denizens uploaded the tracklist online, with the 21st entry […]
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Superhero Bits: The Best Marvel Jokes on ‘The Simpsons’, Jennifer Aniston Wanted to Be Wonder Woman & More

Who is leaving the cast of Black Lightning this season? Will Jeffrey Dean Morgan take a role in The Boys? Is Jared Harris playing Doc Ock in Morbius? How did a Captain America: Civil War deleted scene change the Black Widow movie? Did you notice any similarities between Cap fighting Thanos in Endgame and Thor fighting Hulk in The Avengers? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Now that Batwoman has come out to Gotham City, what’s in store for the DC Comics superheroine in Ep...
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‘The Hunger Games’ Prequel Will Follow a Heroic Young Man Who Eventually Becomes the Evil President Snow

Suzanne Collins‘ The Hunger Games prequel is finally being released this year, and Lionsgate is already poised to turn it into a movie. The original trilogy began with the 74th annual Hunger Games, but this story is set 64 years before that – ten years into the Capitol of Panem’s oppressive rule, which is driven by murderous, nationally televised games where children murder each other. Now we know who the protagonist of this prequel story will be, and…well, it’s a choice. The new novel, which i...
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‘Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution’ Trailer: The CGI Remake of the First Pokémon Movie Comes to Netflix

Your heart may be made of stone if you’re not excited (or at least intrigued) by the sleek CGI remake of the Pokémon movie that made you bawl your eyes out at eight years old. So prepare for those tear ducts to well up again, because Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back – Evolution is coming to Netflix. After making its world debut last summer at Anime Expo 2019, the CGI remake of Pokemon: The First Movie is finally coming to the U.S. on Netflix. And while it looks like there isn’t a chance for Pokémon...
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Watch an Exclusive ‘Pain and Glory’ Clip With Director Pedro Almodóvar

One of the best films of 2019 was Pedro Almodóvar‘s Pain and Glory, one of the acclaimed director’s most personal films. Antonio Banderas plays a filmmaker very much inspired by Almodóvar himself, who finds himself looking back at his past while reconnecting with people he hasn’t seen in years. It’s a beautiful, poetic film, and it’s hitting Blu-ray today, January 21. In honor of the Blu-ray release, we’re debuting an exclusive Pain and Glory clip featuring an interview with Almodóvar. Pain...
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JLL, Century 21 among top real estate firms on Forbes diversity list

A handful of well-known real estate firms have landed on Forbes' 2020 list of best employers for diversity, with JLL and Century 21 taking the top spots among companies in the property business.
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Meryl Streep sells Tribeca penthouse for $15.8M

After listing for $24.6 million in 2018 and being cut in price twice, Meryl Streep’s New York apartment has sold for $15.8 million.
Tags: New York, Listings, Radio, Meryl Streep, Tribeca, Douglas Elliman, Don Gummer, Allison Bandier Koffman, Juliette R. Janssens, River Lofts Towers

Vulture investors are scooping up defaulted real estate debt in China

Several large firms have invested more than $3B in nonperforming Chinese commercial loans, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
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McDonald’s Toys Sporting an Anal Accident

A collaboration between McDonald’s and Sanrio has led to Happy Meals in Japan possessing special toys of various Sanrio characters, though, one customer ran into a rather comical misprint for one of the toys… The character known as Pom Pom Purin was discovered as the toy for seiyuu Kana Nanaumi’s Happy Meal, except Kana found […]
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‘Frozen 2’ Arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in February, Includes a Deleted Song from Olaf

Frozen 2 was one of Disney’s biggest hits last year, becoming the highest grossing animated film of all time. And next month, the animated musical sequel is coming home on digital, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD, just before winter starts wrapping up. The Frozen 2 Blu-ray, DVD and digital release will include a slew of deleted scenes, Easter eggs, outtakes, and a sing-along version of the movie for your kids to drive you crazy with. Plus, there’s even a deleted musical sequence sung by Olaf that...
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Tony Blackburn and Ricky Wilson launch a Podcast

Tony Blackburn and Kaiser Chiefs’ frontman Ricky Wilson have teamed up to create and host a brand-new podcast series. In Ricky & Tony: Pop Detectives, the unlikely duo aim to debunk pop myths, solve musical mysteries and crack listener cases. Ricky Wilson is no stranger to radio shows – he’s been on XFM and BBC Radio 6 Music, and spoke recently at the Radio Festival. In this light-hearted new series, which was recorded in the virtual and presumably fictional Pop Detectives offices – situated ...
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