Total Opposites Check Out A Cat Convention

They learn valuable skills, like how to photograph a pussy Cats are weird. Wonderful, but weird And they have their own convention, too. What happens there? Who goes there? Do the cats where cute little cat lanyards? Kaleigh Malloy and Caitlin Davis are on this case, this time checking out CatCon. CatCon is “the biggest cat-centric, pop culture event in the world.” And if Kaleigh would just calm tf down, Caitlin would be able to ask the questions she came armed with. CREDITS Created...
Tags: Humor, Funny Or Die, Caitlin, Kaleigh, Kaleigh Malloy, Caitlin Davis, CatCon CatCon, Kalleigh Malloy

Robin Ha is at Fantom Comics with Keith Chow

The two are talking about being Asians in America and how it was different in Alabama versus Northern Virginia. [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Alabama, America, Northern Virginia, Mike Rhode, Fantom Comics, Robin Ha, Keith Chow

Mourning My Mom, One Red Carpet at a Time

The ritual of watching Hollywood awards show coverage helps keep my mom’s voice from fading, if only through the texts I imagine her sending.
Tags: Hollywood, Celebrities, Movies, News, Text Messaging, Fashion and apparel, Families and Family Life, Academy Awards (Oscars, Golden Globes (Awards, Grief (Emotion

Diary Secrets #26 - Matt Baker cover

Matt Baker Diary Secrets v1 #26, 1954 - A couple sneaks a kiss outdoors on this equestrian-themed cover. A horse looks on while the entire scene is framed by surrounding foliage. Matt Baker reins in the background, filling in all the available spaces. Other artists in this issue include Ric Estrada, Jim Mooney and Bernard Sachs. This is number 17 of 21 Diary Secrets issues with Baker art and/ [Author: Ted Ignacio]
Tags: Comics, Baker, Matt Baker, Ted Ignacio, Bernard Sachs, Ric Estrada Jim Mooney

Strange Adventures #207 - Neal Adams art & cover

Neal Adams Strange Adventures v1 #207 featuring Deadman, 1967 - In helping a young woman held against her will, Deadman discovers her sleazy boss runs a secret counterfeit ring. Unlike the previous issue, Neal Adams does both the pencils and inks this issue. His drawings fill the pages with an exciting, contemporary approach. The fist fight on pages 7-8 is especially impactful with its [Author: Unknown]
Tags: Comics, Dc, Superhero, Unknown, 1960s, Adams, Deadman, Neal Adams

Robert Conrad, Two-Fisted TV Star of ‘Wild Wild West,’ Dies at 84

Mr. Conrad, known for tough guy roles, played a secret agent in a mid-1960s television series that transplanted James Bond-style plots into an Old West setting.
Tags: Television, Movies, News, James Bond, Robert, Conrad, Actors and Actresses, Deaths (Obituaries, Malibu (Calif, The Wild Wild West (TV Program, Robert Conrad Two Fisted

Enjo Kouhai’s Elves Not Raped at All

Enjo Kouhai has kept the promises of its PV as most of the aphrodisiac sights in its first episode are of the vanilla sort and star remarkable elves, the romantic aspect likely to turn off the many observers who are used to ogling elves during hardcore rape scenes. Omake:
Tags: Romance, Anime, Fetish, Elf, Oppai, Oshiri, H, Image Gallery, Ero-anime, Enjo Kouhai

Azur Lane Airs Lewder Bath Episode on Tokyo MX

Azur Lane disciples dutifully watching the rebroadcast of the anime on TV were treated to a carnal surprise, as the bathing scenes in episode six had a great deal of their annoying fog removed, along with other sensuous alterations (and even nipples) that improve upon the original airing. Though many theorized that perhaps Tokyo MX […]
Tags: TV, Tokyo, Anime, Comparison, Bathing, Oppai, Oshiri, Pantsu, H, Image Gallery, DVD Extras, Azur Lane, Bibury Animation Studio

Robert Conrad, star of ‘The Wild, Wild West,’ dies at 84

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Robert Conrad, the rugged, contentious actor who starred in the hugely popular 1960s television series “Hawaiian Eye” and “The Wild, Wild West,” has died. He was 84. Family spokesperson Jeff Ballard said Conrad died Saturday morning in Malibu from heart failure. With his good looks and strong physique, Conrad was a rising young actor in the late 1950s and was chosen for the lead in “Hawaiian Eye.” He became an overnight star after the show debuted in 1959. Related Articles ...
Tags: Hollywood, Celebrities, News, California News, Los Angeles, Sport, Ap, Soccer, Obituaries, Kobe Bryant, Malibu, Grove, Vanessa, Limbaugh, Kirk Douglas, Conrad

AV Actress Nagisa Mitsuki Covered in Gold Dust for Her Birthday

AV actress Nagisa Mitsuki has accomplished one of her long held desires upon the onset of her 21st birthday as the woman was coated in gold dust for her latest AV session, a fetish that involves the woman appearing as if she were some golden statue. Mitsuki alerted her followers to this achievement and even […]
Tags: Japan, AV, Bizarre, Anniversaries, Anime, Fetish, Oppai, H, Image Gallery, Mitsuki, Nagisa Mitsuki

‘The Call of the Wild’ Featurette, TV Spot, and Clip: Harrison Ford’s Canine Companion Outruns an Avalanche

Jack London’s 1903 book The Call of the Wild has been adapted for the screen several times already, but there’s only one that features Harrison Ford opposite a CG dog. 20th Century Studios is releasing this new iteration later this month, and they’ve unleashed a slew of marketing materials recently that we’ve gathered up below in one place. The Call of the Wild Featurette I love that wearisome, over-it-all face Ford makes at the beginning of this video when he says, “I’ve had dogs all my...
Tags: Movies, California, Fox, Ford, Adaptation, Harrison-Ford, 20th Century Fox, Video Clips, Jack London, Chris-Sanders, Action/Adventure, TV Spots, Featurette, Family Films, The Call of the Wild

EXE’s Puni Ana DX Kiwami Hip Onahole Is Faptastic

Once upon a time, back before sex-toy makers learned how to make molds of rubber that resemble pussies, men had to use their hands to masturbate. Fast forward several decades and we’re able to have stimulating fapping sessions with a synthetic toy in one hand while perusing an almost infinite amount of digital pornography and […]
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Theme Park Bits: Universal’s The Walking Dead is Closing, Mickey and Minnie’s Marquee, And More

In this edition of Theme Park Bits: An attraction themed to The Walking Dead is closing in March. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway has a marquee. And more! We start today at Universal Studios Hollywood, where the park will soon be saying goodbye to one of its more terrifying attractions. According to the Inside Universal blog, The Walking Dead will be closing its doors as of March 3 at the resort. There’s a very easy reason why, and it’s not tied to the slowly declining ratings of the A...
Tags: Movies, Amc, Disney, Pandora, Theme Parks, Resistance, Bahamas, Minnie, Mickey, Walt Disney Imagineering, Hollywood Studios, Grauman, Universal Studios Hollywood, Disney Cruise, Mickey Minnie, Secret Life of Pets

Long-Delayed ‘Chaos Walking’ with Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley Set for January 2021 Release

The last time we heard about Chaos Walking starring Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley was last April. The adaptation of Patrick Ness’ novel The Knife of Never Letting Go was “deemed unreleasable,” and millions were going to be spent on reshoots for the film from Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman. The movie was expected to arrive sometime this year since only three weeks of reshoots were needed to fix the movie, but Lionsgate has now set a release date for January 2021, nearly an entire year away....
Tags: Movies, Nick Jonas, Lionsgate, Sci-fi, Adaptation, Daisy Ridley, Todd, Ridley, Viola, Tom Holland, Patrick Ness, Lionsgate Films, Doug-Liman, Release Dates, Chaos Walking, Todd Hewitt

‘Utopia Falls’ Trailer: Hip-Hop is the Revolution for Teens in a Future Dance Dystopia

What if an entire dystopian colony in the far future was like the town from Footloose? That’s basically the premise of Utopia Falls, an upcoming Hulu sci-fi series set in a distant future where dance becomes the revolution. A dance dance revolution, you might say. But unlike Footloose, not all dance is outlawed here, just hip-hop, which becomes the inspiration for a group of rebellious teens who live in a society built around a…dance competition? Watch the Utopia Falls trailer and try to make s...
Tags: Television, Movies, Sci-fi, Footloose, Hulu, Snoop Dogg, Utopia Falls, Utopia Falls Trailer, New Babyl

My Own 92nd Academy Awards Predictions, Now, in 2020!

There are a few more hours to the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony in 2020, so here, I’m going to present my certain predictions. It was a good year in the cinema and till now, there are not any contradictions and misdeeds. More than that, a South Korean movie is nominated for Best Picture. Parasite, directed […] The post My Own 92nd Academy Awards Predictions, Now, in 2020! appeared first on Rodolfo Grimaldi Blog.
Tags: Movies, Awards, Brad Pitt, Laura Dern, Renée Zellweger, Joaquin Phoenix, Oscars 2010, 92nd Academy Awards Predictions

WATCH: What we can learn from those entering the brokerage business 

A panel discussed how second-generation broker-owners — and millennials, too — are evolving the brokerage business onstage at Inman Connect New York.
Tags: Video, Radio, Agent, Inman Connect New York, Brokerage, Select, Inman Connect, ICNY, Real Estate Connect, Connect Video, Inman Connect New York 2020, Icny2020

Hentai VR’s Special Dessert Serves up a Delectable Maid

Men requiring companionship who also have delusions about raunchy maids can find satiation in HentaiVR‘s Special Dessert, an erotic AV that has watchers assuming the role of a lucky man with a maid, the servile woman offering more than just menial housecleaning. The AV, which is of course compatible with virtual reality devices to ensure […]
Tags: Sponsored, Games, AV, Virtual Reality, Anime, Fetish, Oshiri, H, Image Gallery, Maids, Hentai VR

2020 Razzies Nominations: ‘Cats’, ‘A Madea Family Funeral’, and ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Lead the Pack

Since the Academy Awards are taking place this weekend, honoring the best achievements in film, it’s time for the Golden Raspberry Awards to announce who is in the running for worst movies and performances of the year. The Razzies, as they’re known, aren’t as fun as they used to be, and they often take aim at some of the easiest targets. This year is no exception since Cats is one of three films that came out on top with the most nominations. Cats earned eight nominations, and A Madea Family Fu...
Tags: Movies, Cats, Awards, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hooper, Fred Durst, Tyler Perry, Lee Hall, Sharon Tate, Keanu Reeves John Wick, Andrew Cosby, Tyler Perry Tyler Perry, Rambo: Last Blood, Neil Marshall Hellboy, A Madea Family Funeral, The Haunting of Sharon Tate

Sundance 2020: Arthur Jones' Exceptional Doc Film 'Feels Good Man'

This is the wacky, weird, wild story of a goofy cartoon frog that became an anti-hero meme in the age of the internet. Feels Good Man is much more than a documentary about "Pepe the Frog". It's a documentary about this dangerous modern society we now live in, and how things have gotten seriously out of hand. It's a documentary about the internet, and how it has allowed billions of people to take control over anything they want, twisting stories and hijacking ideas to suit their own desires, th...
Tags: Movies, Review, Documentaries, Pepe, Arthur Jones, Sundance 20

Let’s reclaim Notting Hill from romcom tourists, says writer who grew up there

The Likes Of Us, a new play by Roy Williams, is a celebration of the real people in a neglected districtNotting Hill is high up the sightseeing list for visitors to London, and yet its reputation as a lively, artistic quarter of the city is actually based on a cheeky sleight of hand, according to the playwright Roy Williams.The Richard Curtis film and the annual street carnival have made this part of North Kensington internationally famous, although it is the smaller, poorer district of Notting ...
Tags: London, UK News, Radio, Culture, Television & radio, Roy Williams, Notting Hill Carnival, Notting Hill, Grenfell Tower fire, North Kensington, Notting Dale

This Week In Trailers: Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos, The Trade Season 2, Run, Blood on Her Name, The Misogynists

Trailers are an under-appreciated art form insofar that many times they’re seen as vehicles for showing footage, explaining films away, or showing their hand about what moviegoers can expect. Foreign, domestic, independent, big budget: What better way to hone your skills as a thoughtful moviegoer than by deconstructing these little pieces of advertising? This week we take a tax-free look at Jeff Bezos, wonder what to do with a dead body, reflect on the 2016 election, reflect on all of our poor ...
Tags: Amazon, Bruce Springsteen, Movies, America, Netflix, United States, This Week In Trailers, Npr, Pbs, Movie Trailers, Jeff Bezos, Run, Trump, Bezos, Neil Labute, Fraserburgh

Schoolgirl Strikers 2 × Seiken Densetsu

Smartphone game Schoolgirl Strikers 2 obtained an opportunity to skyrocket their popularity as they are forming a collaboration with the Seiken Densetsu (Secret of Mana) series, dressing up all their precious girls in the attire of the world-saving heroines. Players will have access to both outfits and accessories to dress their schoolgirls with in Schoolgirl […]
Tags: Games, Marketing, Smartphones, Anime, Image Gallery, Schoolgirl Strikers, Seiken Densetsu, Casuals, Seiken Densetsu Secret of Mana

Jesse Eisenberg Saves Lives in First Trailer for WWII 'Resistance' Film

"We need to train them to survive." "What good does it do to teach them fear? I think it's important to help the children laugh… in the middle of this war." IFC Films has unveiled the first official trailer for a WWII film titled Resistance, about a young French actor who joins the French Resistance at the beginning of the second World War. Jesse Eisenberg stars as Marcel Mangel, who fought with the resistance in Limoges and helped save the lives of ten thousand Jewish orphans in France. The...
Tags: Movies, Trailer, France, Ifc, Jesse Eisenberg, Indies, Eisenberg, Marcel, Limoges, To Watch, French Resistance, Marcel Mangel, Vica Kerekes

Today: Almost American Girl | Robin Ha - Q&A ft. Keith Chow! At Fantom Comics

I'll be going to this. FEB 8 Almost American Girl | Robin Ha - Q&A ft. Keith Chow! Public   · Hosted by   Fantom Comics https://www.facebook.com/events/913904045695468/? Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 4 PM – 7 PM Fantom Comics 2010 P St NW, 3rd Floor, Washington D.C. 20036 Show Map [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Washington, Mike Rhode, Fantom Comics, Robin Ha, Keith Chow, Robin Ha Q

Weekend Post

For the first time in years I won't be reviewing the Oscars this year.  I may do a quick post on Monday with my overall reaction to the event (IF I choose to watch it), but I'm foregoing the... [Author: By Ken Levine]
Tags: Humor, Ken Levine, By Ken Levine

‘1917’ Turns a Horrific War Into an Uplifting Hero’s Journey

World War I was a disaster, but Sam Mendes’s Oscar-nominated epic paints a dangerously misleading picture of the conflict.
Tags: Movies, News, Sam Mendes, Sam, Great Britain, Mendes, Defense and Military Forces, World War I (1914-18, 1917 (Movie

What Will the Next Decade Bring? The 1920s Offer an Answer

It has been a long time since the winter of 1920, but the old fault lines are still visible.
Tags: News, Radio, Wilson, Fitzgerald, Woodrow, Presidents and Presidency (US, Nineteen Hundred Twenties, F Scott

New Release Review - UNDERWATER

A vast underwater research station comes under attack from sea monsters. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
Tags: Movies, The Movie Waffler

EXCLUSIVE: Oscars designer Jason Sherwood spills his secrets

Jason Sherwood. Photo by Emilio Madrid-Kuser We’ve visited government buildings with less security than that of the Dolby Theatre, the Los Angeles mega-complex that plays home to the Academy Awards each year. In order to enter, we have to go through background checks with government IDs, get issued an Academy idea, scan it as we move from area to area, and always have an escort present when we do so. What we do for an interview! Amid all the furor backstage of the Dolby, surrounded by lights,...
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