This Family Recreated The ‘Simpsons’ Opening Theme And It Friggin’ Rules

The takeaway here is I am not doing NEARLY enough cool stuff with my quarantine time As Stay At Home orders and social distancing measures continue, so, too, does humanity’s quest to stay entertained within the confines of the home. If there is any kind of tiny, faint silver lining to be seen during this pandemic, it’s that people have really begun to tap into their hidden wells of creativity in order to pass the time. There aren’t awards for pandemic creations yet, but if there were, t...
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Animal Crossing game removed from sale in China over Hong Kong democracy messages

Some players have used the game to create politically sensitive images and slogans which they share on social mediaThe Nintendo Switch game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, has been removed from sale on websites in China, after it was used by Hong Kong activists to spread pro-democracy messages.The popular island-life simulation game disappeared from China’s eBay-equivalent, Taobao, last week. Continue reading...
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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Episode 2 Impression

On this episode, Yuuki's party meets Kyaru. Later, Kyaru leads them to a dragon and Pecorine's stolen sword. I was slightly disappointed that the producers decided to reuse the game's theme song as the opening instead of using an original theme song like Granblue Fantasy anime. Although, the theme song is still great and along the soundtracks, so I'm not exactly complaining. Also, it was nice to see Kyaru's introduction and some more hilarious moments and battles. Other than that, I'm still ge...
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What Does Fate Have In Store For Kevin Bacon?

The season finale of The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon is here! Despite the rocky (to put it mildly) start, they did it. Randy and Kevin made their movie. After Kevin put out the fire that was Randy’s colossal freak-out the first day of shooting, production went beautifully. Randy was making bold decisions on set, Kevin was loving it, and they were the talk of the town. Even before its premiere it was breaking all kinds of records. For instance, it was more expensive than all the Pira...
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The American Nurse streaming for free

— by BEV QUESTAD — To honor nurses on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic, “The American Nurse” a gripping documentary, has been released for free viewing. The link is at the end of this review. Carolyn Jones, a cancer survivor inspired by the nurses who kept her alive,decided to team up with five […]
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[POLITICAL][DESIGN] Coward of the Cottage

Inspired by a trending hash-tag on Twitter which was named #cowardofthecottage The hash-tag was a... [This is a content summary only. Click the Title to see the full content] [Author: Past Expiry]
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Arlington's David Apatoff quoted on Mort Drucker

Carnival Knowledge: On Mort DruckerBY Craig FischerApr 10, 2020http://www.tcj.com/carnival-knowledge-on-mort-drucker/Mort Drucker, Mad magazine artist who drew humor from American life, dies at 91Matt Schudel Washington Post April 9, 2020https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/mort-drucker-artist-who-drew-humor-from-life-in-mad-magazine-dies-at-91/2020/04/09/e1a1dda0-7a6a-11ea-a130-df573469f094_story.html [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Western Gunfighters #22 - Wally Wood art

Western Gunfighters v1 #22, 1956 - Failing to prevent a jailbreak, a lowly deputy hunts down the infamous rustler who escaped him. While not as detailed as his other 1950s works, Wally Wood does a capable job on this western tale. Aside from the large opening panel, dramatic lighting and other high contrast techniques bring greater depth to each scene. Other artists in this issue include Vince [Author: Ted Ignacio]
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Stuff Meat Into a Salamander Girl’s Mouth With Dragon Age Magazine Clear File

Manga magazine Dragon Age has handed out a treat to buyers of their latest May 2020 issue as there is a clear file in its appendix containing an illustration of the beautiful salamander girl from Ishuzoku Reviewers, which even has the bonus of allowing the buyer to stick some meat in her mouth. The official […]
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Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi Cannibalistic Rape Ero-Manga

Another antagonist has met their brutal end in the merciless manga that is Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi as a woman is beset upon by three uncontrollable men courtesy of the revenge-seeking protagonist and rather graphically raped in every orifice, possibly making some ponder if the content is meant to stimulate or disturb. The chapter may […]
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‘Dangerous Lies’ Trailer: What If ‘Knives Out’ Was a Soapy Netflix Thriller?

You know you’ve made a hit film when Netflix is already making thinly veiled knock-offs of it. Rian Johnson’s Knives Out was a sharp, stylish, incredibly timely hit that was one of the best movies of last year. And Netflix is working fast to capitalize on the success of Johnson’s whodunit by injecting a little Lifetime Channel-style soap into it with their upcoming thriller Dangerous Lies. Watch the Dangerous Lies trailer below. Dangerous Lies Trailer You know when Gone Girl came out an...
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Making sense of the headlines: What will happen with interest rates?

Looking for a little clarity on this week's news? Windermere Chief Economist Matthew Gardner talks through the 30-year mortgage and how rates will move the rest of this year.
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Superhero Bits: ‘Black Adam’ Production May Be Delayed, How Don Cheadle Was Offered War Machine & More

How long did Don Cheadle have to decide if he would accept the role of War Machine? Want to learn how to draw Spider-Man from a Marvel artist? Who is Samuel L. Jackson‘s favorite Avenger? What happened to George Miller‘s Justice League: Mortal? Will Korg find love in Thor: Love & Thunder? Could the X-Men make their MCU debut in a Spider-Man 3 credits scene? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s a Spider-Man drawing lesson from Marvel’s Creative Director of Themed Ent...
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Digimon Adventure: Upped Its Game By Focusing on the Real World

Toei’s Digimon reboot could have easily just been a rehashing of the original story with a fresh coat of present-day animation slapped on top of it. Thankfully, the new series has endeavored to go for something much more fascinating: a take on the Digital World with connections to the real world that make the…Read more...
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‘Singles’ Day’: ‘Plus One’ Director Jeff Chan to Helm Asian-Led Rom-Com About the Anti-Valentine’s Day

In the summer of 2018, New Line picked up a spec script from writer Lillian Yu called Singles’ Day, featuring a story set during the unofficial Chinese holiday of the same name. Now the new romantic comedy has a director: Jeff Chan, who co-directed last year’s indie rom-com Plus One. Learn more about Singles’ Day below. According to Deadline, Jeff Chan has officially been hired to direct Singles’ Day, an “Asian-centered romantic comedy” set on the unofficial Chinese holiday that’s viewed as a...
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New ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Photos: Diana Spreads Her Wings and Dances the Night Away

Wonder Woman 1984 won’t be coming out in June as originally planned thanks to the coronavirus pandemic shutting down movie theaters. As of now, the DC Comics sequel is slated for release in August, but we’re still getting new details about the movie thanks to magazines who had to prep their promotional spreads for the movie months in advance. Today, two new photos from Wonder Woman 1984 have arrived along with a few new details about where we find Diana of Themyscira in the 1980s. It should com...
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Netflix Strikes First-Look Deal with Boom! Studios Comic Book Publisher

Netflix and BOOM! Studios, the comic book publisher behind acclaimed series like Lumberjanes and Mouse Guard, have struck a first-look deal for live-action and animated TV. The BOOM Studios Netflix deal is not the first time the two companies have partnered up — David F. Sandberg’s Netflix film The Unsound was based on a BOOM! graphic novel by Cullen Bunn and Jack T. Cole, and BOOM! also debuted a graphic novel series tied to Netflix’s epic fantasy series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. ...
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Movie Theaters During the Pandemic: An Update on How Cinemas Are Doing and One Way You Can Help

Movie theaters across the globe are shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that’s bad news no matter how you slice it. The fact of the matter is that no theater chain was even slightly prepared for this, giving rise to fears that many theater chains are doomed to go out of business completely. In the wake of such dire prognostications, several theater owners and more are trying to find ways to survive. Here’s what’s going on right now. Theater Owners Nervous About Loan Problems The...
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Keep Riding

“Gotta keep rollin, gotta keep ridin’, keep searchin’ till I find what’s right And as the sunset faded I spoke to the faintest first starlight And I said next time, Next time We’ll get it right” -Roll Me Away by... (READ MORE)
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Players Ntwrk launches celebrity gaming channel backed by WME, Daylight and Stratton Sclavos

Emerging from the smoldering wreckage of Echo Fox and Vision Venture Partners, the investor Stratton Sclavos is rising again to launch a new esports related venture — a gaming-focused digital network also backed by the WME talent agency and Daylight Holdings. Tapping Daylight and WME’s roster of talent, Sclavos has created PLAYERS NTWRK, a new gaming-focused production company that will look to compete with other upstarts angling to tap into esports and competitive gaming’s newly dominant pla...
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Sumeragi Flaunts Her Feminine Charms in Tsugumomo Season 2

A classic scenario has run its course in the second episode of Tsugumomo‘s second season as protagonist Kazuya poses as Sumeragi’s lover for her sake, leading to all sorts of erotic situations and wondrously stimulating sights that fans of the series were eagerly waiting to behold for so long. Omake:
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‘NOS4A2’ Season 2 Trailer Promises a Return to Christmasland

We’re all stuck inside right now, but that doesn’t mean NOS4A2 can’t take us on a trip back to Christmasland. The second season of the AMC Joe Hill adaptation jumps forward in time from season 1, but once again finds Vic McQueen (Ashleigh Cummings) going up against the evil Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto). And a new NOS4A2 season 2 trailer is here to give us a glimpse of the horrors to come. NOS4A2 Season 2 Trailer Time to turn that frown upside down. #NOS4A2 returns June 1st on @AMC_TV and...
Tags: Television, Movies, Horror, Amc, Adaptation, Joe Hill, Wayne, Cummings, Charlie, Vic, Manx, TV Trailer, Christmasland, NOS4A2, Charlie Manx Manx, Mattea

Fox Renews 9-1-1 & Spinoff, Lone Star For New Seasons

Fox renews 9-1-1 & spinoff, Lone Star for new seasons After ranking as the two highest-rated scripted series for the network, Fox has chosen to greenlight a fourth season of the action procedural 9-1-1 and a second season of its hit spinoff Lone Star led by Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation) and Liv Tyler (The Leftovers), according to The Hollywood Reporter. RELATED: Duncanville Renewed for a Second Season at Fox 9-1-1 is a fast-paced exploration into the lives and careers of first responders...
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Meet Sanaa Lathan’s Catwoman in New Harley Quinn Season 2 Photos

BEGIN SLIDESHOW Meet Sanaa Lathan’s Catwoman in new Harley Quinn season 2 photos We’re just over a week into the second season of DC Universe’s acclaimed animated series Harley Quinn and while anticipation has been high for the arrival of Sanaa Lathan’s Catwoman, BlackFilm has brought viewers a set of new photos of the iconic burglar, which can be viewed in the gallery below! RELATED: Harley Quinn Season 2 Trailer Features Catwoman and Batgirl The titular crazy beloved villain is voic...
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Lionsgate Live! A Night at the Movies Celebrates With Four Fridays of Free Flicks

Lionsgate Live! A Night at the Movies Celebrates With Four Fridays of Free Flicks Lionsgate announced today that the studio will honor the communal experience of watching movies in movie theaters and support the people who make those places great with a special program that reminds everyone how much we love going to the cinema. The studio is presenting Lionsgate Live! A Night at the Movies, a program of four Fridays of free movies streaming live on YouTube. Beginning this Friday and continuin...
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Joel Coen’s ‘Macbeth’ Will Be Like a Crime Thriller

Joel Coen is striking out on his own to make The Tragedy of Macbeth, a new take on the Shakespeare classic starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand. Production on Macbeth is on hold for the moment – because of the apocalypse and all – but during a fundraising effort on Instagram, Coen and McDormand dropped some info on the film, and really played up how this is going to be a bit different from Macbeth adaptations in the past. There have been many Macbeth movies. Roman Polanski’s 1971...
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Watch Daisy Ridley Read ‘Star Wars: BB-8 on the Run’ to Thank Everyone Fighting Coronavirus

Daisy Ridley celebrated her birthday on Friday by giving all Star Wars fans a gift instead. The Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker star gave young fans stuck inside during quarantine the sweet gift of a video of her reading a children’s story book about one of BB-8’s many adventures. It’s a sweet gesture to young fans who idolize Rey, made even sweeter by Ridley’s dedication of the storytime video to “everyone staying at home” and “everyone out on the front lines helping those in need” amid the c...
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CS Recommends: The Strain Trilogy & More!

CS Recommends: The Strain Trilogy & More! Stuck inside? Don’t know what to watch/read/play/listen to? ComingSoon.net has got you covered. In this week’s CS Recommends our staff gives you solid tips on the best media to consume during your downtime, including The Strain Trilogy & more. Check out our picks below! MAX EVRY’S RECOMMEND: Fuzzikins Fuzzi Babies Click here to purchase! My daughter LOVES these Fuzzi Babies play sets, which come with three mini-markers, a little fuzzy white doll (La...
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