Princess Connect! Re:Dive Episode 3 Impression

On this episode, Kyaru continues to look for Pecorine's weakness due to Kaiser's order. Later, Kokkoro obtains a guild application and Pecorine gets a part time job. Man, I notice Yuuki's speech is improving a lot because of some of his memory recovery. Also, seeing tsundere Kyaru attempting to beat Pecorine is adorable. Other than that, I liked how more new characters got introduced and Pecorine's waitress job is so cute. Now what's going to be the next plot? I definitely can't wait to find out...
Tags: Kaiser, Anime, Yuuki, Kyaru, Pecorine, Kokkoro

Post cartoonist Nick Galifianakis gone digital?

For about 2 weeks now, Nick's cartoons for the Washington Post's advice column have been in color and appear to be digital. This is quite a departure for the artist, who traditionally had worked in pen and ink for decades. [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Washington Post, NICK, Mike Rhode, Nick Galifianakis

Cavna on new Black women cartoonists on the comics page

Newspaper comics hardly ever feature black women as artists. But two new voices have arrived. Michael Cavna   April 20, 2020 https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2020/04/20/steenz-heart-city-bianca-xunise-six-chix/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Mike Rhode, Cavna, Michael Cavna April

Wyatt Earp v2 #11 - Russ Manning art

Wyatt Earp v2 #11, 1960 - An outlaw gang of ex-soldiers tries to take over Tombstone, making enemies of both Wyatt Earp and the Clantons. Russ Manning's art is slightly diminished by less detail than usual, particularly in the backgrounds. Still, the drawings, layouts and overall pacing meet expectations. The artist's second tale, of a newly arrived city slicker, is equally entertaining. A [Author: Unknown]
Tags: Comics, Unknown, Wyatt Earp, Russ Manning, Clantons Russ Manning

News Post: Quaranteens

Tycho: Gabriel and I are both very lucky to have sons we sort of understand.  It’s possible to get into fights because you’re too alike, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any movies about fathers and sons, but it comes up.  In both our cases we had to learn to take the Real World in small doses, like Iocaine Powder, until we had developed enough immunity to live there safely. Ultimately, what it means is that Gabriel the Younger is learning how to program every day in what is functionally a cave ...
Tags: Comics, Tycho, Gabriel, Gabriel the Younger

Netflix’s Ghost in the Shell Hated Yet More for Its Appearance

Another new clip for Netflix’s Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045 has given the futuristic franchise’s fans a brief tease before its worldwide debut on April 23rd, immediately being bombarded with negative criticism and dislikes for its overall unlikable appearance. The new clip uploaded to Netflix Japan’s YouTube account: Much like the live action Cowboy Bebop […]
Tags: Trailer, Netflix, Anime, Announcements, Shell, Ghost in the Shell, 3D CG, Adaptations, Continuations, Netflix Japan

Once Upon a Timeline in America

“The Plot Against America” on HBO is the latest production to reimagine the past. These alternative histories tell us both what could have been — and what might be.
Tags: Hbo, Television, Movies, News, America, Books and Literature, The Handmaid's Tale (TV Program, The Man in the High Castle (TV Program, Years and Years (TV Program, Watchmen (TV Program, The Plot Against America (TV Program

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Capitalism is the Pandemic"

From DC's anarchist cartoonist Mike Flugennock - "Capitalism is the Pandemic" http://sinkers.org/stage/?p=2977 One in solidarity with the May Day general strikes being planned in the US, inspired by graffiti spotted in Chicago about a week and a half ago. Special thanks to @redfishstream on Twitter: https://twitter.com/redfishstream/status/1248989182854217730 [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, US, Chicago, Mike Rhode, Mike Flugennock

The First Trailer For The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot Is Here

Is Zack Morris’ son gonna be a chip off the ol’ block? (As in, will he also be trash?) Back in September NBC announced that Saved By The Bell is getting a reboot, and that was followed by two extremely cool developments. First, that the man, the myth, the legend behind Zack Morris is Trash, Dashiell Driscoll, is a writer for the reboot, (go follow him on Twitter!) and then a few months later, that Mark-Paul Gosselaar would indeed be returning to reprise his role as the devil himself, Zack ...
Tags: Nbc, California, Humor, Funny Or Die, Zack Morris, Mark Paul Gosselaar, Dashiell Driscoll, Bayside High, Slater Mario Lopez, Jesse Soprano Elizabeth Berkley

People Made Their Pets Tiny Museums, They’re So Cute I’m Gonna Flip My Desk Over

Courtesy of Reddit This is TOO MUCH. TOO MUCH, I SAY It feels like it’s been a few hundred years since the novel coronavirus pandemic first swept the country, placing basically everyone except for those heroic essential workers out there on lockdown in order to help flatten the curve. (For resources and information on how to help marginalized communities and essential workers, check out this article by Forbes and this article by CNN.) Returning to regular life as we know it, in all like...
Tags: London, Cnn, Reddit, Humor, Forbes, Jill, Marianna, Filippo, Pandoro, Jill Young, Sloane Hughes, Texas Filippo

Fabergé Egg Club Does Not Go Egg-cellently

Check out ‘Lady Time’ episode 2! While Eleanor prepares to host Fabergé Egg Club, the other girls arrive on her doorstep — completely unhinged without husbands. Oh sweet mother of jewelled eggs. But instead of including them in her event, Eleanor insults them by telling them they wouldn’t fit in with her fancy friends, none of whom don’t own an island. (Could you imagine not owning an island? How embarrassing!) Feeling like they have nothing to live for, the Ladies decide to let themselv...
Tags: Humor, Funny Or Die, Eleanor, Kathy, Eric Davis, Dane Jensen, Jennie Pierson, Rachel Lee Goldenberg, Rachel Lee GoldenbergWritten, Juliet SeniffExecutive, Rachel Lee Goldenberg Juliet SeniffExecutive, Becca KinskeyProducer, Kate O'BrienStarring, Kirby Howell BaptisteMegan, Allyn RachelHeather, Jon DalyJeff

New Trailer and Artwork for Thriller THE QUARRY, Starring Shea Whigham and Michael Shannon

Whigham and Shannon butt heads in the small town thriller. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
Tags: Movies, Michael Shannon, Shannon, The Movie Waffler, Shea Whigham, Whigham

Superhero Bits: Thanos Almost Stole Souls in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, 25-Year Old Spider-Man Pasta & More

Want to see gameplay footage from the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 expansion? How can you sound like Venom from Spider-Man: Maximum Venom? What’s the latest on the Spider-Man video game sequel destined for PlayStation 5? Will Bro Thor return in Thor: Love & Thunder? Did you know Thanos almost stole souls in Avengers: Infinity War? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Get a peek at the new Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order expansion pack with Doctor Doom. DC Comi...
Tags: Movies, Agents Of Shield, Spider-Man, Disney, Dc Comics, Suicide Squad, Birds Of Prey, Batman, Thor, Thanos, James Gunn, Avengers, Jay, Joker, Kevin Smith, Daniel Sousa

COVID-19: Singapore public awareness campaign scores own goal with Liverpool fans

A public awareness campaign by the Singapore government in its battle against the COVID-10 pandemic has angered the country's sizeable Liverpool FC fan base.
Tags: News, Entertainment, Singapore, Liverpool, Liverpool Fc

Trump Golf Company Shares Video By PGA Player Touting Vodka 'Cure' For COVID-19

But golfer John Daly insists it was all in good "fun."
Tags: News, Celebrity, Pga, John Daly, Trump Golf Company

‘9-1-1’ Star Ryan Guzman on Eddie’s ‘Dark History’ and ‘Evolution’ of Love for Christopher

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Monday’s episode of “9-1-1.”)“9-1-1” has offered us a lot of backstory episodes over its first three seasons and on Monday, Ryan Murphy’s Fox first-responder drama finally got around to revealing Eddie Diaz’s past in an installment aptly titled “Eddie Begins.”Viewers first learned that Eddie (played by Ryan Guzman) was a vet when he joined Station 118 back in Season 2 and that he’s struggled through the difficulties of raising his young son with cerebral...
Tags: News, Entertainment, Fox, Afghanistan, Eddie, MMA, Ryan Murphy, Maddie, Oliver, Ronda Rousey, Guzman, Christopher, Shannon, TheWrap, Silver Star, Ryan Guzman

‘No Time to Die’ Director Cary Fukunaga Came Up With an Idea to Make the End of ‘Spectre’ a Dream

We still have a few months before we can see Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film, No Time to Die. But back when everyone thought this movie was coming out in April, director Cary Fukunaga sat down for an interview with filmmaker Miranda July and talked about all the hectic work that went into crafting a Bond film. He also talked about the script contributions of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and his own wild idea to make the ending of Spectre a dream. In an amusing new interview with Miranda July a...
Tags: Movies, Sequels, James Bond, Danny Boyle, Daniel Craig, Barbara Broccoli, Halle Berry, Bond, Cary Fukunaga, Barbara, Phoebe, Phoebe Waller Bridge, Waller Bridge, Seydoux, Fukunaga, Miranda July

‘The Starling’: Netflix Wins Worldwide Rights to Melissa McCarthy Drama

We’re relying on movies and TV in a huge way to entertain us right now, but what happens when the spigot runs dry and streaming services burn though all of their new content? Many productions across the world have come to a standstill in the wake of the coronavirus, but before things totally came to a halt, a film called The Starling wrapped production. Now, always looking to keep new content flowing, Netflix has scooped up the worldwide rights to the movie for nearly $20 million. Get details a...
Tags: Hollywood, Movies, Drama, Netflix, Sony, St Vincent, Kevin Kline, Mccarthy, Starling, Melissa-McCarthy, Chris O Dowd, Ted Melfi, Netflix/Streaming Video, Ben Falcone, Deadline Netflix, The Starling

Tick Tick Tick

Tags: Comics

Even More Beauties Wear Bath Towels in Goblin Slayer The Endless Revenge

The second half of the Miwaku no Onsen event for Goblin Slayer The Endless Revenge has arrived, equipping two more formidable female fighters in bath towels and bound to be coveted by players for obvious reasons. The plot for the event remains the same as players must defend girls bathing in the waters of a […]
Tags: Games, Fantasy, Smartphones, Anime, Bathing, Onsen, Goblin Slayer, Casuals

NPR Cuts Executive Pay as Corporate Sponsors’ Payments Fall

The chief executive of the radio and podcasting giant said he hoped to avoid layoffs.
Tags: News, Radio, Npr, John, National Public Radio, Lansing, Public Broadcasting, Wages and Salaries, Executive Compensation

Pirate radio pioneer Ronan O'Rahilly of Radio Caroline has died

Ronan O'Rahilly, founder of Radio Caroline, the first pirate radio station off the coast of the UK has died. O'Rahilly, who lived in Ireland, died from the vascular dementia he was diagnosed with in 2013. He was 79. Here is a brief obit on BBC News. And here is a funny bit of O'Rahilly history, his 1965 appearance on "To Tell the Truth." [H/t Matthew Hawn] Image: YouTube
Tags: Post, UK, News, BBC News, Radio, Ireland, Obits, Caroline, Pirate Radio, Ronan O Rahilly, Rahilly, Matthew Hawn

Fandango Buys Vudu – What Could This Mean for the Future of the Service?

We’re quarantined for the foreseeable future, and since many people are now spending more time than ever watching things at home, we’re paying extra attention to an acquisition announced today which might end up affecting how your digital library of movies and television operates. Fandango has just entered into an agreement to purchase Vudu from Walmart, which presents a number of interesting possibilities for the future. Let’s break down a few of them. Vudu’s official blog (via Deadline) ha...
Tags: Movies, Lionsgate, Walmart, Paramount, Fandango, VUDU, La La Land, Tech Stuff, FandangoNow, Fandango Buys Vudu, FandangoNow FandangoNow, Amazon Movies Anywhere

‘Westworld’ Episode 7 Trailer: Get Ready for the Penultimate Episode of Season 3

There are only two episodes left of Westworld season 3, which means there are only two more chances for this season to either give us some answers or disappoint us terribly! Based on this new trailer for episode 7, the next episode is finally going to give us some backstory on Caleb, the new character played by Aaron Paul. Watch the Westworld episode 7 trailer below. Westworld Episode 7 Trailer I’m sorry to say that this season of Westworld has lost me. There was a lot of talk about sea...
Tags: Movies, Westworld, Aaron Paul, PAUL, Caleb, TV Trailer, Helen Shaver, Gina Atwater, Penultimate Episode of Season, Aaron Paul Watch the Westworld, Dolores Now

Engel & Völkers announces partnership with Matterport

The global luxury real estate brand will integrate Matterport technology into its already existing Integrated Product Suite for all U.S. agents.
Tags: Technology, Radio, Agent, Exclusive, Matterport, Engel, Brokerage, Select, News Brief, Anthony Hitt, RJ Pittman, Volkers, Engel & Völkers Americas, Coronavirus, 3d Virtual Tours, CEO Engel & Volkers Americas

David Lynch Has “Zero Interest” in the New ‘Dune’ Movie, Denies Working on a New Netflix Series

In 1984, David Lynch (Blue Velvet, Twin Peaks) directed what is, so far, the only feature film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal science fiction novel, Dune. The result is one of the famous disasters in Hollywood history, and Lynch was so upset at the behind-the-scenes meddling that he disowned the movie. Now, in a new interview, Lynch says he has “zero interest” in seeing director Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming adaptation of the source material, and he also denies working on a new show for Ne...
Tags: Quotes, Hollywood, Movies, Sci-fi, Netflix, Adaptation, The Hollywood Reporter, David-Lynch, Dune, Frank Herbert, Lynch, Villeneuve, Herbert, Denis Villeneuve, Action/Adventure, David Lynch Has

Final Fantasy VII’s Buster Sword Faithfully Forged

An artisan has detailed the creation process behind making his replica of Final Fantasy VII‘s Buster Sword, the initial iconic weapon of protagonist Cloud Strife, sure to instill valuable knowledge in the inevitable amount of Cloud cosplayers bound to surface at future events due to the remake. Uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga, the 10-minute video […]
Tags: Games, Anime, RPG, Final Fantasy Vii, Swords, Otaku, Anime Goods, Nico Nico Douga

Venice Film Festival Still Plans to Proceed as Usual This September

When in Venice, do as you normally do: plan to still hold your international film festival this year despite the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Venice Film Festival is still planning to hold its 2020 edition as planned this September, despite fears around the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, which has cancelled or postponed festivals around the world, including the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. But despite reports that Venice and Cannes could collaborate in a joint initiati...
Tags: Movies, Italy, Venice, Thierry Fremaux, Cannes, Venice Film Festival, Sxsw, Ansa, Film Festivals, Fremaux, Cicutto, Venice Biennale Roberto Cicutto, Thierry Fremax

Philanthropist and power broker Robby Browne dead at 72

Robby Browne was known for his lavish New York parties, huge deals, famous friends and long-running charity work. He died on April 11 after testing positive for COVID-19.
Tags: New York, New York City, Radio, Hillary Clinton, Obituary, Agent, Industry News, Obit, GLAAD, Corcoran, Halstead, Bridgehampton, News Brief, Pandemic, Multiple Myeloma, Coronavirus

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