A Wedding, A Funeral AND Solving A Murder - ALL IN THE SAME DAY!?

What do you even wear that’s appropriate for this? The insanity continues to intensify on “The Coop.” Instead of post-phoning Ryan’s funeral or delaying Iwona and Blake’s wedding, The Coop house has decided to host both events and at the same time while still figuring out who killed Ryan. It is up to YOU to help plan the wedding AND cross-examine housemates! While The Coop’s lawyer Prince is frantically preparing a marriage license AND prenup, the paperwork leads to a very condemning r...
Tags: Humor, Funny Or Die, Prince, Petra, Blake, Ryan, Katie, Bobby Moynihan, Devon Smith, Iwona, Brian Huskey, Sam Flowers DEBORAH BAKER, Elton OLIVER COOPER, Blake JEN TULLOCK, Iwona JORDAN, Mary TRAVIS MILLS

Catching up with the Lily's coronavirus comics

Comics Perspective Here's a day in my self-quarantined life, hour-by-hour. We think you might relate. Is it week six or week 60? Katie Wheeler April 26 Comics Perspective Here are anxiety coping mechanisms that could help you during social distancing I learned these helpful techniques in therapy Kat Schneider April 19 Comics Per...
Tags: Comics, Mike Rhode, Kat Schneider, Katie Wheeler, Marian Blair, Lily Feinn

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Episode 5 Impression

On this episode, Well gets into an engagement with Elise. Later, he appoints his new retainer and starts his first date with Elise. So it was very hilarious to see Well accidentally get into an official engagement with Elise due to his oblivious chat with her father. Also, it's nice that he finally got a new retainer. Other than that, the first date scenes is enjoyable, but I would prefer it to be much longer. Now what's going to be the next plot? I can't wait to find out. Overall, nice engageme...
Tags: Anime, Elise, Elise Later

"The Four Year Plan" - A Documentary About Queens Park Rangers

Tagline: "A bankrupt Football Club. Billionaires with a blueprint. What could go wrong?"  Surely when you throw enough money at a problem, the situation will alleviate itself and the status quo is maintained? Not necessarily and there is an underlying factor which is often forgotten. Yes, human beings and their complicated relationships by which seemingly simple situations are further [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
Tags: London, Films, Sport, Soccer, Documentaries, Tony Fernandes, Bernie Ecclestone, Queens Park Rangers, West London, Air Asia, Flavio Briatore, Mittal, Amit Bhati, Lakshmi Mitta

The Highlight of my career

On tonight's JEOPARDY.  And Alex even pronounced my name correctly. Prior to this the high point of my year was getting an Instacart delivery time. My thanks to the writers and researchers of... [Author: By Ken Levine]
Tags: Humor, Alex, Ken Levine, By Ken Levine

May 7: Terri Libenson online at Politics and Prose

May 7 2020 02:00pm Erin Entrada Kelly and Terri Libenson, "We Dream of Space" and "Becoming Brianna" in conversation with Karen MacPherson By Politics and Prose https://www.crowdcast.io/e/erin-entrada-kelly-terri-libenson/ Ages 8-12Join us for an afternoon with two award-winning middle grade authors as they discuss their authentic and compulsively readable new books. In We Dream of Space, the latest release from the Newbery Medal-winning author of Hello, Universe, three sib...
Tags: Comics, BRIANNA, Mike Rhode, Erin Entrada Kelly, Terri Libenson, Karen MacPherson, Brianna Davis

Terry Flippo on Blockhead podcast

Terry Flippo Geoff Grogan   Blockhead podcast 2020-04-08 Small-press cartoonist (and former mailman) Terry Flippo has made a big splash with hit webcomic, "Deliver Me!" about life carrying the mailbag for the U.S. Postal Service! Terry and Geoff talk about "Deliver Me!", small press, the early days of SPX and some of the challenges faced by mail carriers in the days of Covid-19. [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Terry, Geoff, U S Postal Service, Mike Rhode, Terry Flippo, Terry Flippo Geoff Grogan Blockhead

Latest Liz at Large posted

Liz At Large: "Accomplishment" How sweet it is. Liz Montague Apr 30, 2020 https://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/arts/article/21131112/liz-at-large-accomplishment [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Liz, Mike Rhode, Liz Montague

Cavna and cartoonists on Pence, unmasked

How cartoonists are ridiculing Pence's Mayo Clinic visit without a mask Michael Cavna   Washington Post April 30, 2020 https://www.washingtonpost.com/arts-entertainment/2020/04/30/cartoons-mike-pence-mask-mayo-clinic/ [Author: Mike Rhode]
Tags: Comics, Pence, Mike Rhode, Michael Cavna Washington Post, Cavna

Showcase #83 / Nightmaster - Bernie Wrightson / Jeff Jones art, Joe Kubert cover

Joe Kubert Showcase v1 #83 featuring Nightmaster, 1969 - Nightmaster's second appearance begins with a recap of the previous issue. Transported to a bizarre dimension, our hero searches for his girlfriend with the aid of some newfound friends. Beyond the dark Joe Kubert cover, some of Bernie Wrightson's earliest story pages are featured. What he lacks in experience, he compensates with [Author: Unknown]
Tags: Comics, Unknown, Joe Kubert, Bernie Wrightson, Nightmaster Bernie Wrightson Jeff Jones

Vengaboys Ask Fans to End the 'Up & Down Challenge' on TikTok: 'Please Stop Getting Hurt'

“We are of course delighted with the huge success, but we still want to ask the TikTok community to stop this challenge," Vengaboys' Captain Kim said
Tags: News, Entertainment, Kim

Anderson Cooper Announces Birth Of Baby Boy On Air: 'I Am Beyond Happy'

"This is Wyatt Cooper. He is 3 days old. He is named after my dad, who died when I was 10," the CNN anchor said.
Tags: News, Celebrity, Cnn, Anderson Cooper, Wyatt Cooper He

Seitokai Yakuindomo Film Promising Deadly Sword Battles

The ever raunchy Seitokai Yakuindomo has unleashed a prophetically comical trailer promoting its second movie, once again using humorously out of place scenes that will have watchers questioning their relevance to the actual show but bound to easily meet their expectations simultaneously. The brief teaser that will hype up anticipation: A rather cute official visual: […]
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Trailer, Anime, Adaptations, GoHands, Seitokai Yakuindomo

‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’ Cast And Will Smith Remember Actor James Avery, ‘Uncle Phil’

During Will Smith's reunion with his former Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air co-stars on his Snapchat show, Will From Home, the cast paid tribute to James Avery, who played beloved Uncle Phil.  Avery passed away on New Year's Eve 2013 after complications from open-heart surgery. He was 68. Smith remembered him again on his Instagram today. See the original tribute […]
Tags: News, Entertainment, Will Smith, Smith, Phil, James Avery, Phil Avery

April linkfest

This month’s book recommendation is The Plague and I, published by Betty MacDonald in 1948. The book is a lightly fictionalized account of MacDonald’s nine-month stay in a Seattle tuberculosis sanatorium in the late 1930s, when TB was known as “the white plague”; there were no effective vaccines; and treatment entailed rigorous bedrest, hearty meals, and an occasional session of artificial pneumothorax, in which gas was injected into the pleural cavity. Survival was far from certain and recover...
Tags: Europe, Books, Hollywood, Medicine, Writing, Sports, Radio, Britain, Military, Linguistics, San Diego, Chargers, Football League, Words, British, Seattle

Stacey Dash Reveals She Is Separating from Her Husband After 2 Years of Marriage

"My husband and I have made the hard decision of ending our marriage," Dash wrote
Tags: News, Celebrity, Dash

Community radio stations raise concern over Fund

Over 50 community radio stations have written a letter to Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden over the recent offer to provide £400,000 funding. The letter points out that the funding was due to community radio later this year as part of the annual Community Radio Fund, and is nothing more than a redirection of funds. The letter goes on to say: “We also want to raise concern that ‘redirection’ suggests that this would be the only funding available for this year. “This would mean that nothing more...
Tags: UK, Top, Radio, Ofcom, Northampton, Fund, South Wales, Pdf, Oxfordshire, Community Radio, Witney Radio, Community Media Association, Martin Steers, Digital Culture Media Sport, Community Radio Fund, Bro Radio

Wes Anderson Narrates an Animated Version of ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ For the Criterion Release

Wes Anderson‘s 2014 film The Grand Budapest Hotel is finally joining the Criterion Collection, and with it come a slew of special features befitting the whimsical caper. One of the most exciting features is a set of storyboard animatics narrated by Anderson, turning The Grand Budapest Hotel into a bonafide animated movie. Wes Anderson’s whimsical and stylish films are often one step removed from being animated films, albeit with darker undertones. It’s no surprise the auteur has dabbled in a...
Tags: Comedy, Movies, Drama, Animation, Wes-Anderson, Fox Searchlight, Grand Budapest Hotel, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson, Kovacs, Jeff Goldblum, Richard Brody, Budapest Hotel, Matt Zoller Seitz, David Bordwell, Roman Coppola

Superhero Bits: History of ‘Shazam!’ Documentary, ‘Superman: Man of Tomorrow’ Cast Announced & More

Did you hear about the new Marvel Presents: The World’s Greatest Book Club video series? Want to d iscover the history of DC Comics’ Shazam! in a new documentary? Who is voicing Clark Kent and Lex Luthor in Superman: Man of Tomorrow? Was Daredevil star Charlie Cox disappointed that he didn’t get to be in Avengers: Endgame? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. If you’re new to Marvel Comics, you might need a guide understand the words, how they are styled, and displayed....
Tags: Movies, Superman, America, Marvel Comics, Avengers, Daredevil, Shazam, Clark Kent, Paul Scheer, Lex Luthor, Sean Astin, Charlie Cox, Comic Book/Superhero, The-Flash, Justice-League, Superhero Bits

‘Deathstroke’ Movie Details: Director Gareth Evans Explains His Approach to the Film That Never Happened

In the post-credits scene of 2017’s Justice League, the costumed mercenary Deathstroke (Joe Mangianello) emerges onto Lex Luthor’s yacht and suggests that if the good guys have their own league, perhaps the villains should have a league of their own. That setup has yet to be paid off in a DC Comics movie, and since the priorities at the studio have shifted, it seems like it never will. But three years ago, The Raid director Gareth Evans was attached to direct a Deathstroke film which would have...
Tags: South Korea, Movies, Justice, Joe Manganiello, Sequels, Evans, Batman, Dc, Warner Bros, Warner Brothers, WB, Gareth Evans, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke, Comic Book/Superhero, Action/Adventure

Pandemic hoarding sim: Manic Toilet Paper Shopping Simulator

Too soon? By way of Donald Bell's Maker Update comes this game where you send a shopping cart into a market in search of TP. The simulation was designed by Jelle Vermandere. You can either play the game in a browser or Jelle shows you how he used an Arduino Uno and motion sensing to create a shopping cart handle controller for that true invisible zombie apocalypse adrenaline rush. Image: YouTube
Tags: Post, Games, News, Hoarding, Toilet Paper, Arduino Uno, Pandemic, Donald Bell, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Covid19, Pandemic Freakouts

Shihai no Kyoudan Passionately Loves a Redhead

An erotic animation known as Shihai no Kyoudan has focused entirely on a stunning redhead for its sexual content, naturally proving favorable to watchers who enjoy the rarely utilized hair color for women as well as those that prefer mostly fetishes of the vanilla variety. The series wastes no time throwing the girl into all […]
Tags: Anime, Fetish, Oppai, Oshiri, PV, H, Image Gallery, Ero-anime, Paizuri, Shihai no Kyoudan, Shihai, Kyoudan

We Know How It Is

Tags: Comics

‘Yankee Comandante’ Will Reunite Adam Driver and ‘Midnight Special’ Director Jeff Nichols

Jeff Nichols, one of the more underrated directors working today, is reuniting with Adam Driver for Yankee Comandante. The film will tell the true story of a man from Ohio who “rose to the rank of comandante during the Cuban Revolution” alongside Che Guevara. Nichols and Driver previously worked together on the criminally underseen Midnight Special. Variety has the news on Yankee Comandante, a new film from Jeff Nichols starring Adam Driver. It’s based on a true story, chronicled in a New Yo...
Tags: Casting, True Story, Adam Driver, David Grann, Jeff Nichols, Yankee Comandante

Quibi Posts Full Episodes of Three Original Movies on YouTube

After a much-hyped launch and a somewhat muted response from potential customers, Quibi has now posted three full episodes of three of its original “movies in chapters” on YouTube. It’s a classic strategy: give audiences a taste of your product for free, and hope they like it enough to pay for more. Check out the first episodes of Most Dangerous Game (starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz), The Stranger (starring Maika Monroe and Dane DeHaan), and Dummy (starring Anna Kendrick) below. ...
Tags: Movies, Nbc, Youtube, Anna Kendrick, Christoph Waltz, Liam Hemsworth, Kendrick, Monroe, Hemsworth, Hollywood Hills, Heller, Dan Harmon, Dane DeHaan, Tech Stuff, Maika Monroe, Donal Logue

Paul Scheer Launches ‘The World’s Greatest Book Club’, A Digital Show Dedicated to Marvel Comics

During the heyday of ABC’s Lost, actor Paul Scheer (The League, Black Monday) was such a fan of the show that he became the go-to host for events surrounding the mystery series. (He was on the ground floor during the launch of the Lost art show which catapulted Gallery1988 to fame.) Now Scheer is hosting a brand new digital series called The World’s Greatest Book Club for Marvel Comics, and he’s cashed in on that long-time fandom and landed Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof as the show’s first gue...
Tags: Movies, Abc, Youtube, Disney, World, Fox, Community, Phil Lord, Marvel Comics, Marvel Studios, Damon-Lindelof, Wolverine, Gillian Jacobs, Kamau Bell, Paul Scheer, Scheer

‘The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t with Her Mind’ TV Series Coming From Alex Kurtzman

Alex Kurtzman‘s television and movie production company Secret Hideout has scored the rights to Jackson Ford’s novel The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t with Her Mind, with the intent of adapting it to TV. The novel follows a girl with telekinetic powers who is forced to clear her name after she’s accused of murder. The book is the first in a series, with a sequel due out this summer. According to Deadline, Alex Kurtzman’s Secret Hideout hopes to turn The Girl Who could Move Sh*t with Her Mind into...
Tags: Television, Movies, Sci-fi, Los Angeles, Adaptation, Cbs, Alex-Kurtzman, CBS Television Studios, Kurtzman, Heather Kadin, Teagan, Secret Hideout, Teagan Frost, The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind, Jackson Ford, Rob Boffard

How productive are Compass agents? A study

Compass has invested tens of millions of dollars in technology over the years and has claimed its agents are more productive than its peers, in no small part due to its technology platform. This study aims to provide a deeper look at Compass’ agent productivity compared to its industry peers.
Tags: Productivity, Analysis, Radio, Agent, Compass, Brokerage, Agent Productivity

Plunderer Spontaneous Massacre Anime

Plunderer‘s happy go lucky school days have come to an abrupt end as the show has been thrown into a rather chaotic situation, with students being gruesomely murdered or nearly raped and bound to have now accrued the undivided attention of watchers (at least in regards to something other than fanservice). Omake:
Tags: Food, Death, Comedy, Drama, Geek Toys, Anime, Blood, Image Gallery, Plunderer

2002: When the Rock Went Hollywood and Movie Stars Still Ruled

Two decades ago, the box office glittered with Sandra Bullock, Ben Affleck, Jodie Foster and a certain pro wrestler. Now it’s all about the franchise.
Tags: Movies, News, David, Cameron, Johnson, Jason, Morgan, Foster, Christina, Ben, Bateman, Freeman, Sandra, Diaz, Bullock, Affleck

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