Did You Win ’60s British Classic THE FAMILY WAY on DVD?

We've got two DVDs of Studiocanal's new restoration of the Hayley Mills/Hywel Bennett comic drama to give away. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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Princess Connect! Re:Dive Episode 6 Impression

On this episode, the Gourmet Guild does their first recipe quest together. Meanwhile, the mysterious Black Phantoms appears and attacks other people. The recipe quest adventure is nice. It was very hilarious and adorable to see Pecorine's group going on a longer adventure. Also, I liked how the Black Phantoms got introduced and attack their originals. Other than that, I find it a bit annoying that Christina is being directly hostile to others at the wrong time even though she's actually not the ...
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最近、貪欲なエルフについてのビデオがアップロードされました。 物語は10万ゴールド(ONE MILLION GOLD)を作りたいエルフの話。動画は楽しいと思います。 ここにビデオがあります。漫画のキャプションは英語です。 声優は日本人。
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Clay Jones takes 3rd in 86th National Headliner Awards winners

Localish cartoonist Clay Jones (he keeps bouncing up and down I95 between DC and Fredericksburg) took 3rd place in an editorial cartoon award. 86th National Headliner Awards winners The 86th National Headliner Award winners honoring the best journalism in the United States in 2019 were announced today. The awards were founded in 1934 by the Press Club ofAtlantic City. The annual contest is one of the oldest and largest in the country that recognizes journalistic merit in the communications...
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Arknights Pico Pico Tokyo MMD

A few weeks ago, a fan uploaded a Pico Pico Tokyo MMD of Arknights chibis featuring Amiya, Chen and Kal'tsit. It's very cutely adorable. Here's the video.
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The COVID-19 Playlist on NPR

COMIC: Hospitals Turn To Alicia Keys, U2 And The Beatles To Sing Patients Home [aka The COVID-19 Playlist] Grace Farris NPR May 9, 2020 https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/05/09/852078068/comic-hospitals-turn-to-alicia-keys-u2-and-the-beatles-to-sing-patients-home [Author: Mike Rhode]
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Giant-size Conan the Barbarian #5 - Jack Kirby cover, Bernie Wrightson, Barry Windsor Smith reprints

Jack Kirby Giant-size Conan the Barbarian v1 #5, 1975 - Like previous Giant-size Conan issues, this comic reprints earlier stories from the primary series. These include a brief Bernie Wrightson tale from Conan #12 and Barry Smith's Elric saga from Conan #14 and #15. Jack Kirby illustrates the violent and chaotic cover, with alterations by John Romita (most evident on Conan's face). Other [Author: Unknown]
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One Piece’s Eiichiro Oda Updates Fans on Manga Serialization & Airing

Popular One Piece mangaka Eiichiro Oda has delivered a message via Twitter to his loyal fans about the status of the One Piece manga and anime amidst the influence of the Coronavirus. Calling his message the “One Piece’s Measures Concerning Coronavirus”, Oda delivered an update declaring that the work on the serialization is proceeding slowly […]
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May 14: P&P Live!: Graphix Panel - Tom Angleberger, Breena Bard, and Maria Scrivan

P&P Live!: Graphix Panel - Tom Angleberger, Breena Bard, and Maria Scrivan ...
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Wayne Brady’s New Rap Song Is The Quarantine Anthem We All Need Right Now

A good beat for a good cause Wayne Brady dropped a new song (and hand gestures) that will help you social distance safely. It can be tricky to hear someone through their face mask, but instead of stepping closer, listen to this beat, give ‘em six feet, and use your hands to get your point across. Sure we all learned our traffic hand signals when we were kids - how to let folks know when we were stopping to turn while riding a bike. But, in this new and crazy era, it’s time to updat...
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25 Movies You Just Might Get to See in Cinemas in 2020

With return dates unveiled for cinemas in the UK and Ireland, we look at the movies you just might get to see on the big screen this year. Read more >>> [Author: The Movie Waffler]
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School Swimsuit Fabric Instead Being Used to Produce Face Masks

Galax, a Fukui company dedicated to manufacturing and selling clothing for school physical education, has sacrificed the fabric they use for their usual practices to instead produce face masks to help protect citizens from the Coronavirus (specifically staff working at nursery schools and nursing welfare institutes). Considering how the world has been thrown into disarray […]
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Superhero Bits: ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Features X-Men Location, ‘Batwoman’ Season 2 Villain Confirmed & More

What X-Men comics location is appearing in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier? Is an Ant-Man 3 announcement on the way? How much is Deadpool 2 being fined for the death of a stuntwoman on set? Has Amber Heard been fired from Aquaman 2? What villain is coming to Batwoman for the show’s second season? Who was Falcon talking to on the radio in Ant-Man? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Batwoman looks like she has a lot on her plate in what is the first season finale of fresh...
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Cate Blanchett Joins Next Films from Adam McKay and James Gray

How about a double dose of Blanchett, baby?! Cate Blanchett is keeping busy as she becomes attached to two different new projects. First: the Carol star is set to join Jennifer Lawrence in Adam McKay‘s Don’t Look Up for Netflix. Then: Blanchett is also joining the cast of Armageddon Time, the latest film from Ad Astra director James Gray. Don’t Look Up Don’t Look Up, a Netflix movie from director Adam McKay, is set to add Cate Blanchett to its cast, per Collider. The movie “centers on two ...
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Genndy Tartakovsky’s ‘Popeye’ Movie is Back in Development

“From a young child, I was already destined to make one movie,” director Genndy Tartakovsky once said. “And that movie was Popeye.” Unfortunately, that project has yet to materialize – but that might be about to change. The filmmaker, who is behind things like the Hotel Transylvania trilogy, Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory, and The Powerpuff Girls, spent years working on a Popeye movie for Sony Pictures Animation, but that version ultimately fell apart back in 2015. Now a new report says Tart...
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Ride Along’s Kevin Hart & Tim Story Re-Team for Night Wolf

Ride Along’s Kevin Hart & Tim Story Re-Team for Night Wolf STXfilms, a division of Robert Simonds’ STX Entertainment, is in final talks for Tim Story to direct and produce Night Wolf, a high concept comic twist on the superhero genre, to star Kevin Hart. Hart will also produce through his HartBeat Productions. The announcement was made today by Adam Fogelson, Chairman of STXfilms Motion Picture Group. RELATED: Die Hart: Kevin Hart and John Travolta to Star in New Quibi Series Night Wolf, writ...
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’13 Reasons Why’ Says Goodbye With a Teaser for its Final Season

Eventually, all things must come to an end, even 13 Reasons Why. The Netflix series will drop its fourth and final season next month, and to get fans ready, there’s a new teaser that goes behind-the-scenes with the cast and crew. If you’re a fan of this show, this is the type of video made to get you weepy and emotional, so jump on in below! 13 Reasons Why Final Season Teaser I have yet to watch a single season of 13 Reasons Why, but the show obviously has fans, and those fans will no d...
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New ‘Tiger King’ Episode in the Works at Netflix, Will Focus on Siegfried & Roy

Netflix is more than happy to turn Tiger King into a brand name. So much so that they’re already working on a new episode of the series that will focus on a completely different topic. Rather than touch on the strange story of Joe Exotic, this new Tiger King episode will focus on the 2003 tiger mauling attack during a Siegfried & Roy show. You want more Tiger King? You’ve got it. But it won’t be what you expect. THR says they received a call from someone who worked on the docuseries, and tha...
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Ani-Gamers Podcast Special Episode: Anime Lockdown with Daryl Surat

Anime World Order's Daryl Surat joins Evan and Ink for a discussion of Anime Lockdown, the virtual anime convention held via Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Discord the weekend of May 1–3, 2020. We talk about the panels presented on the stream, the technical details of how to present a panel at one of these events, the community in the con's Discord, and where we see virtual cons going in the future as the COVID-19 pandemic wears on. Thank you to Patrick Sutton from The Cockpit Podcast for edit...
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‘Dune’ Photo: Timothée Chalamet and Josh Brolin Take to the Skies

Director Denis Villeneuve‘s two-movie adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal science fiction novel Dune kicks off this December. While we haven’t seen a trailer for the film yet, we’re slowly getting glimpses of Villeneuve’s take on this notoriously difficult-to-adapt material, and the latest Dune photo highlights one of the movie’s action scenes. Read on to see Timothée Chalamet and Josh Brolin‘s characters making a daring escape above the desert planet of Arrakis. Dune Photo Empire Magazi...
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Ryuusei Pendulum Heart Saves the World

Eroge players hoping to witness erotic happenings within the confines of a space setting can play through Ryuusei Pendulum Heart, since the visual novel is a romance-centric title that involves the decimation of a space station that triggers a war against earthlings. What was supposed to be a day of celebration has turned into a […]
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Should Airbnb owners sell or wait for a rebound? Agents weigh in

Three real estate agents in California, Utah, and Florida share how they're helping investors decide whether to sell or keep their rental properties amid the pandemic.
Tags: Florida, Radio, Airbnb, Rentals, Property Owners, California Utah, Select, Home Prices, Investment Properties, Short-term Rental, Property Portfolio, Coronavirus, Short-term Vacation Rental, Short-term Rental Market, Homeselling

Theme Park Bits: New Reservation Dates for Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Disney Springs Reopening, and More

In this edition of Theme Park Bits: Disneyland and Walt Disney World reservations are pushed back to July 1. Disney Springs reopens on May 20. A man was arrested for squatting at Disney World. And more! Whether or not you listened in on Disney’s latest earnings call – normally, who among us would, but you probably have some time on your hands – you may well want to know when exactly the Disney theme parks are reopening, no matter what part of the world you live in. Well, if you’re in main...
Tags: Movies, China, Disney, Alabama, Paris, Theme Parks, States, Disneyland, Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Disneyland Paris, Disney World, Disney Springs, Walt Disney World Resort, Shanghai Disneyland

CS Unboxed: Diamond Select Godzilla 1991 PVC Statue

CS Unboxed: Diamond Select Godzilla 1991 PVC Statue Welcome to another edition of CS Unboxed -ComingSoon.net’s premium unboxing show- where today we’ve got a really fun PVC statue from Diamond Select Toys depicting the title monster from the 1991 Japanese kaiju classic Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (“Gojira tai Kingu Gidora”)! Check it out in the video below! Click here to order the Godzilla Gallery: Godzilla 1991 Deluxe PVC Figure today! RELATED: CS Unboxed: Diamond Select’s Rocketeer Statues! ...
Tags: Toys, Japan, Movies, Horror, Godzilla, Collectibles, Extras, Ghidorah, Diamond Select Toys, CS Unboxed, Joe Allard, CS Unboxed ComingSoon, Kingu Gidora Check, Jorge Santos Souza Written, Kazuki Ohmori Godzilla, Kōsuke Toyohara Anna Nakagawa

Contact-Free Movie Theaters Being Tested in South Korea

South Korea is hoping to combat coronavirus fears with contact-free movie theaters, because this is the world we live in now. Last month, the country’s number one exhibitor CJ-CGV tested AI robots, automated kiosks, and LED-controlled food delivery boxes. Other theaters followed in their footsteps, all with the hope of revitalizing the box office. Variety is reporting that South Korea is testing contact-free movie theaters to reduce physical contact with strangers. They’re calling it “untact...
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Daily Podcast: The Mandalorian, Movie Theaters, Comic-Con, National Treasure, Community, Scream 5, The Batman & Stephen King

On the May 11, 2020 Episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film weekend editor Brad Oman , and writer Chris Evangelista to discuss the latest film and tv news, including The Mandalorian, Movie Theaters, Comic-Con, National Treasure, Community, Scream 5, The Batman and Stephen King . In The News: Brad (og Jacob): Boba Fett Survived! Will Appear In ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 Played By Temuera Morrison Chris: Contact-Free Movie Theaters...
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Future of Homeownership Virtual Workgroup – May 13

Wednesday (May 13th) at 1:30 pst, Geek Estate is conducting a virtual discussion on the future of homeownership — facilitated by David Steckel from Setter. It is a discussion, not a webinar…. so limited to 15-20 participants. If you are a founder/operator working on a related product/service, we have a few open slots. There is an agenda outline included below to give you a better sense of what will be covered. If interested in joining, please shoot me a note (drew at geekestatelabs dot com)...
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